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  1. Beefy added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    In b4 a lot of people really do praise San Junipero for featuring a lesbian couple. 
    Hope other people would also look at it from another perspective. What made it wonderful was how it touched on different aspects of a relationship in general, dealing with the past (former family etc) and future- as far as actually passing on. And it wasn't too cliche. The bittersweet ending was a good touch. I suppose including a lesbian couple was part of the appeal to attract the audience and to add more flavor to Yorkie's backstory. Either way, it really was a great ep. 
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  2. Beefy added a post in a topic Venus Angelics Videos   

    Love how she casually calls Manaki's mom as her mom.
    My kokoro man.
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  3. Beefy added a post in a topic Yumi King Videos   

    Same disorder as Yumi here. The surgery is meant for patients with such severe cases that the pain and gap (in the jaw joint) cant be easily treated with constant physical therapy. I was given that option but I still chose continuing therapy to avoid losing 6 months of work. (3 months recovery, 3 months rehab) Progress is very gradual but it works. Braces come in after the pain has subsided to correct the overbite. (Fyi I had a chin even with my overbite. Cant guarantee treatment will work wonders for yumi's face) 
    What Im wondering here is why only now for Yumi? Wasnt she already diagnosed of TMJ sometime ago? I recall there was a video. Wasn't she given splints/whatever to wear? Did she not undergo treatment/wear splints often that it ended up getting worse to the point of surgery? Was it Yumi, the doctor or both in error? 
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  4. Beefy added a post in a topic Yumi King Videos   

    A decent eyelid tape can withstand sweating and even washing. Dumi either got good eyelid tape... or bad eyelid surgery. My friends who had them don't have marks like that on their lids. Her nostrils are definitely fishy though. If not rhinoplasty, maybe she's wearing those small nose inserts to push up the tip? Some cosplayers' nostrils looks weird af because of those.
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  5. Beefy added a post in a topic Yumi King Videos   

    It looks more like eyelid tape in this one. But maybe that's just me. 
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  6. Beefy added a post in a topic Unpopular Opinions (K-POP Edition)   

    Produce 101 s1 song (Pick Me) kinda sucks. Sure it's the classic and all that but- naw thanks. It also reminds me of an old Chinese song I used to hear in markets... 
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  7. Beefy added a post in a topic Splenda Daddy   

    I finally logged in again after a long time to find this hot tea. It would be great if there is some way to verify the credibility and identity of the Irene person. 
    Also read mapetu's posts in Dumi's voice. It matches her typical sentence pattern when she speaks- from the grammar to where would be the pauses. 
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  8. Beefy added a post in a topic Name a good/high quality Youtube Channel and Or/Youtuber   

    Food Wishes - Various recipes of different origins. Tends to alter the procedure to make it more practical for his viewers. Chef John also does great puns. MosoGourmet- Recipes for yo kawaii food needs. Pearypie- MUA from Thailand. Her videos are aesthetically pleasing, well-done and gives good vibes. She seems like a happy person overall and it's delightful to watch her.Yuuri Fukuse- Beauty/lifestyle youtuber from Japan. She's done a couple of collabs and has appeared on television. Fun and humorous. Hopefully somebody would provide english subtitles for her in the future. Solfa- Hilarious content featuring Koreans trying challenges, answering questions, etc. My personal favorite is the video on guys getting a brazilian wax. VanillaHamHam- Vanilla is a hamster who is probably living a better life than most of us. Channel includes hamster care, DIYs and even hamster-safe recipes. No, I don't own a hamster. I just found this interesting and darn cute. 
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  9. Beefy added a post in a topic Yumi King Videos   

    Lighting has also improved a lot since she moved in with Splenda.  
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  10. Beefy added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    Ya'll don't have to pay that price for good customer service in Japan. I've stayed in lower rated hotels and the experience was equally wonderful. The rooms and facilities just aren't as luxurious as Mandarin Oriental. If they can afford that, good for them then. 
    Tbh I found her recent vlog more interesting (and a bit nostalgic) than the previous ones when she actually resided there. Maybe it's because those were pretty normal things to do, not some Youtuber going nuts, prancing around wearing weird fashion. Checking out seasonal exclusives, walking around in the city at night, looking for certain vendos... lame but it's kinda fun when you try it. Relaxing too. It's mainly a vlog of their daily happenings after all, not a video showcase of sights and places.
    Edit: I just noticed Elbow-san in the intro animation. Dang it's adorable how he was included in that bit! 
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  11. Beefy added a post in a topic what are your worst skincare sins?   

    What I did:
    Used St. Ives facial scrub for my sensitive allergy-prone face. No moisturizer up until I reached my early 20's. No sunblock up until... just a few months ago. I noticed that my face and neck were pretty tanned compared to my immaculately covered up body LOL. What I still do: 
    Touch/scratch my faceScratch/rub my eyesNot changing my pillow case frequentlyUsing whatever products are available at hotels whenever I travel. I'm lazy af when it comes to packing skincare, etc. 
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  12. Beefy added a post in a topic Rocksy.chan   

    She started showing up in my IG's explore tab.
    She's doing that same duck pose that every other IG girl does to show their hips and asses. Plus, she looks friggin unhealthy. You can see her ribs and hip crevices when her skin isn't overly blurred. She also has that same "skinny fat" thing as Yumi going on with her arms.  
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  13. Beefy added a post in a topic 0   

    Etude House has the double sided type. If you apply it correctly, the tape wouldn't be visible at all because skin covers it when it creates the fold. (idk how to explain it im sorry  ) Some daiso branches also have the tape that you stretch out **before** you apply them to your lid. The daiso stretchy tapes are wonderful but hella tricky to apply.  You could also try clear band aids and just cut it as thin as possible.  
    I heard the koji eye talk glues are great. Haven't tried them though. Not a fan of glues. They drag/pull my skin. I don't have that problem with tape. Depends on the person I suppose. In my case, I do have double lids... they're just uneven and make eye makeup look awkward lol. 
    Plastic surgery would be a better option if eyelid tape is a daily thing for you.  It'll save you time and money from frequent use of eyelid tape/glue. If it's just for occasions, might as well just invest in better products.
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  14. Beefy added a post in a topic Yumi King General Thread #2   

    There were some shoops of Yumi with different hairstyles sometime ago. She looks great with either shorter, layered or textured hair. Just anything that could frame her face, especially her cheeks, with or without bangs.
    She has a lot of potential. Problem is, she likes enforcing the idea that she's some sort of innocent hanfu princess to the point of fetishism in her videos. She isn't an idiot, as demonstrated in one of her academic papers before. She knows what she's doing and is just monetizing the opportunity. Yumi can greatly expand her market if she could just tone that down and explore a few other avenues. Then again, she's aware that if she weren't some azn waifu, she doesn't have much to offer considering how lazy and bland she can be. Hanfu princess is the easy route to go. 
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  15. Beefy added a post in a topic ChoNunMigookSaram/Megan Bowen