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  1. tiahia added a post in a topic lordcreepypeepee   

    Honestly I agree, she makes a really good Tracer
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  2. tiahia added a post in a topic lordcreepypeepee   

    do u ever just have a cringe seizure lmao
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  3. tiahia added a post in a topic lordcreepypeepee   

    "people" "y'all"

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  4. tiahia added a post in a topic lordcreepypeepee   

    I saw this! She was so pompous in all of her replies, like her followers owed her art. Ellis was quick to pull an Ethan and attack the person who first brought it up that maybe artists don't always want to work for free. 
    Her entitlement is disgusting. Trashy, trashy person. 
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  5. tiahia added a post in a topic lordcreepypeepee   

    What finally made me unfollow her is her almost ironic love of Overwatch. Every fucking cosplay she's been shitting out has been some goofy rendition of a "casual" version of one of the female characters and selfies of her talking about twitch and her status and blah blah blah. Like we get it, you're a s00per kool [email protected] g!rl and not like those other girls. Now please shut the hell up and go back to making quality costumes.
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  6. tiahia added a post in a topic ItsBlackFriday   

    You don't "know" him, you had a brief interaction with him at a club. And to be honest you assuming he knew you from alternative modeling is kind of a stretch. Sounds like you're a bit full of yourself and assumptions.
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  7. tiahia added a topic in Online Personalities   

    Allison Eckfeldt / the_goblin_queen
    Allison Paige Eckfeldt is a goth YouTuber who is also in a band called Esoterik. She got her start on YouTube by making dance videos to various goth bands, doing goth DIYs and talking about the goth subculture in general. Nowadays she's mainly doing hauls, vlogs and paranormal-centric videos. Her style is pretty awesome, in my opinion.
    YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/kazlovesbats
    Music: http://www.esoterikmusic.com/
    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/the_goblin_queen/?hl=en
    She can be a little eccentric to the point of being annoying and a bit of an ego-stroker but overall she's a very positive, enjoyable person to watch and follow. (Minus her band. I can't really stomach her singing.) 
    What do you all think?
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  8. tiahia added a topic in Online Personalities   

    xhee-heex & HopieChan
    xhee-heex and HopieChan are 27-year-old fraternal twin sisters who are mostly known for their cosplays. Their cosplay page is Twinzik Cosplay. 
    They haven't done anything bad, really. Heehee is definitely the more talented cosplayer and seems to have a more modest approach to social media. Here are some examples of how she uses prosthetics and wig styling and makeup to make her cosplays A+++:
     Hopie has some really good cosplays as well, but tries to act like a kawaii 16-year-old on instagram. 
    Bonus! Typical pictures they take together:
    I had to unfollow Hopie because of the ridiculous selfies and faces she makes so I'm only following heehee now. 
    What do you all think? 
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