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  1. brigette added a post in a topic E-girls   

    Whats your guys' opinions on belle delphine? 
    Blew up on instagram because of this ahegao video. 
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  2. brigette added a post in a topic Shane Dawson   

    Your average professionally produced documentary is usually an hour long. Your average movie is anywhere from an hr and a half to 2 hrs. His Jake Paul documentary series alone is 8-9 hours worth of content. 
    He complains about his work load but he literally did them to himself? Not to mention 4-5 hours of the Jake Paul series probably couldve just been cut out because it was all just FUCKING FILLER. Like honestly, you could delete half of those videos and the documentary would still make sense. Definitely the first 2 parts aren't even necessary to watch. 
    He's just such a mess?? Like he's 30 years old and still has no idea how to organize and manage his time and plan shit out. And he does this all under the guise of 'Haha my life's such a mess, im so depressed! I wanna die HAHA! Im so relatable, right kids?'
    I just wish he'd go back to skits. I know thats an unpopular opinion but I actually really enjoyed the vast majority of those videos, excluding the black face/racist ones of course. Shane Dawson post 2015 is just a money hungry manipulator who will jump on any trend he can under the guise of being empathatic and sweet and innocent. 
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  3. brigette added a post in a topic E-girls   

    Okay Im sorry guys but 20 is not old at all. 30 isnt even old. People are living longer and longer lives, people are living to 100 now, like 20 isnt old at all. Using age as a way to criticize someone is really nitpicky and honestly immature.
    Im not even 20 yet and I can acknowledge that 20 is not old.
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  4. brigette added a post in a topic E-girls   

    I feel like shes trying hard to homewreck boxbox's relationship
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  5. brigette added a post in a topic E-girls   

    Its because straight men, especially unattractive straight men, are legit slaves to women. Women really do rule the world. Men pursue, men ask the girl out, men propose, men have to try so hard to get a woman. And if they're not attractive or if they dont have alot of money or if they dont have another useful/attractive skill(being artistically, musically, theatrically talented, etc), or just a good fun to be around personality, then theres not really a big chance of them getting a girl at all.
    And thats what these guys don't get, they dont get why they cant get a girl because 'huehue iM nIcE' and 'itS tHe FrIEndZonE ruining my life!'. You have to be more than nice, you have to HAVE A PERSONALITY, you need to be interesting to be around, you need to have something cool or something that makes you attractive to girls. 
    And so because most of these men can't and don't get girls, they flock to the internet and worship emiru, worship pokimane, worship amouranth, igumdrop, xchocobars, all these egirls who more than half the time have a boyfriend, but still flaunt and show themselves off because thats what gets them views and thats what rakes in the cash. These girls dont even have to try, just sit and be pretty and bait guys into thinking they have a chance with you. Even if youre average looking, its so easy to just put on a few layers of makeup and suddenly you go from a 6 to an 8. 
    This isn't just a culture, its a business. This is how all these egirls make their lively hoods, by basically being sugar babies online. Stream 5-8 hours a day, rake in donations, and then get big enough to get noticed by an esports player or just a big streamer, date them and get taken care of while getting more exposure and make more money. 
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  6. brigette added a post in a topic E-girls 
    THIS WAS SOO FUCKING FUNNY. It really just shows how entitled these egirls are. 
    Amouranth genuinely had no clue why she was being kicked out of the gym.
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  7. brigette added a post in a topic tearzah/dollieguts/faedoll   

    god her art is so ugly im sorry not sorry tho.
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  8. brigette added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    "A league expert" I, bro what the fuck LOL. Is this really how diamond players view themselves? I've never cringed so hard reading a post on this website.
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  9. brigette added a post in a topic E-girls   

    Theres nothing really wrong w cross dressing honestly. And he's definitely into it... he literally accidentally exposed a niche porn tumblr he was on when he was about to watch a video on his stream. Noone would pretend to like a fetish for clout/money, especially when they're already successful. Especially something as niche and odd as being into crossdressing and your girlfriend domming you when your crossdressed. 
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  10. brigette added a post in a topic E-girls   

    These are things you can change though. I only watched like 2 minutes in but the entire time she was just acting like a complete child, like she dead ass had the mental compacity of a fucking 5 year old. She was talking like one too. That's annoying to some people, and she can change that lol. She can change it by acting her age since she is like 20 and not 5. 
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  11. brigette added a post in a topic Emiru (Dyrus' GF/"Not Another Gamer Girl!")   

    Shes probably making a joke/reference to how everyone claims that Russia hacked the 2016 election to get Trump into office
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  12. brigette added a post in a topic Emiru (Dyrus' GF/"Not Another Gamer Girl!")   

    She looks exactly like Emily, I wonder if the artist used her as a reference lol.
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  13. brigette added a post in a topic E-girls   

    Jaime thinks that because she makes crude sexual jokes and she submerses herself in a male dominated industry that she's different and one of the guys and honestly its really annoying. Crude jokes are not a guys only thing, video games are not a guys only thing, playing sports is not a guys only thing.
    Its 2018 and people still have this sort of mentality. Anyone can do anything they want. Most activities/behavioral types are not gender specific anymore.
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  14. brigette added a post in a topic E-girls   

    That's just the gaming community tbh, not her just her viewers. There's an extreme thirst/fetishization of asian women in the gaming community lol. 
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  15. brigette added a post in a topic Emiru (Dyrus' GF/"Not Another Gamer Girl!")   

    Yeah, she commented on this thread like 3 months ago.
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