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  1. CalypsoFlo added a post in a topic Alida Simone   

    she’s shown Luna all the time, she did it just a few hours ago today
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  2. CalypsoFlo added a post in a topic Melanie Martinez   

    It’s weird how for different musicians, them making music and sticking with their theme can be either a hit or a miss.
    for Melanie it’s a total miss, yeah she has those fans that are still obsessed with her, but people grow. The main people still up her ass are children or pre-teens, hell my 7 year old niece likes her because that’s all she hears on her roblox videos.
    this won’t do her good, not like how she first came out. She could have done this a long time ago and shit have and it would have been relevant, but it seems like she doesn’t have any passion in any of this, it’s more like she profiting off of the only thing she knows, sexualizing children and babies, speaking on mental illness that she doesn’t have and portraying it as a “I’m quirky for it” type of thing, even at time body shaming or showing misogyny in her songs towards other women because of her insecurities, most of her songs speak on other women and about either trying to take her man, making fun of them for not being “special” like she is, or just shaming them for their bodies or even operations they get. She’s going to continue milking her hatred for her fellow gender, misunderstanding of mental illness and portraying it as a quirky trait to the point that every single one of her fans somehow has some type of mental illness, and just keep sexualizing children stuff.
    she could have easily took a more mature turn
    in fact it looked like she was at first considering her whole aesthetic changed.
    She could have still done her “dark” topics but could have 100% steered away from the children/underaged perspectives considering most of her fans from back then are currently adults now and it would have opened up to an audience that didn’t need to
    beg their parents to purchase merch.
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  3. CalypsoFlo added a post in a topic babygirl0   

    did you read the whole thread?
    because there are most definitely post that showed her private anti Muslim and Arab rants as well as screenshots of her stories, she also stated white skin was better but when she was confronted she changed her statement. 
    But it seems that you’ve been posting about politics in more than one topic, so it seems like your point here is to speak on Alt Right stuff and that you have no interest is the actual  person this topic speaks on.
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  4. CalypsoFlo added a post in a topic Alida Simone   

    this reeks of a self post tbh 
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  5. CalypsoFlo added a post in a topic Alida Simone   

    “I look up to her therefore you guys can talk about her”
    is basically what you’re saying.
    now you might be trying to get points with Simone probably even told her “look I defended you uwuwuwuwu” 
    doesn't make this thread invalid nor does it erase all of the shit she’s done and the possible things of the future. 
    Now nobody has even spoken about her in a while so I’m wondering; just how desperate are you to get into her clique that you decided to post on here whitenighting just to make the thread active again. 
    Which one of the nymphet Lana Del Rey wannabes are you? 
    If you want to get in good with Simone how about instead of making a thread she’s been trying to kill active again, how about doing what all the other fan girls that kiss her ass do? Send her money and enable her! 
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  6. CalypsoFlo added a post in a topic Melanie Martinez   

    I hate when people think they can Gatekeep something. Everyone has to have the same reaction and also same symptoms when they’re assaulted? Literally it’s even psychologically known that different symptoms and outcomes happen to each person. It’s not a guideline. There’s no such thing as you HAVE to react a certain way when assaulted. You know the exact dates and details? Great you can make a good id and solid base. Not everyone is like that, which is why police ask to come sooner because many victims can’t remember certain dates, every detail, all that because they suppress it. 
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  7. CalypsoFlo added a post in a topic babygirl0   

    Mish is apparently going to stop posting now on YouTube because of “the haters” but really it’s about the fact that she doesn’t have the engagement she wants from her audience.
    Mish most of us don’t care about you posting; it would just be better to have mire original content, something different, that’s why your viewer count is so low compared to before. 
    You built a certain audience on a trend that died out, you continued to abuse the trend long after it was dead and lost a lot of viewers that are no longer interested. 
    The haters aren’t the issue Mish, they don’t even speak on your videos or anything; it’s just that your content is boring and when you do finally change it you throw a tantrum that it’s not getting the ratings you want because you expect a new start to start off 100% booming.
    ill even give some suggestions; give your viewers and future ones some story times.
    interesting ones like about when you were in school, childhood events, etc so people can get to know you on a deeper level rather than a physical image. Your friend videos did good too, people like to see that and clearly Miranda and you had a falling out but new friends can always be made. Do different stuff like go to different places, hiking, show the audience more than your home, you could even do reviews.
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  8. CalypsoFlo added a post in a topic Alida Simone   

    Gotta get the creep money 

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  9. CalypsoFlo added a post in a topic Alida Simone   

    Ohhh suddenly she’s graduated and going to start college, and suddenly she’s making bikinis again and selling them. Hey Simone nice to see that you’re lurking.
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  10. CalypsoFlo added a post in a topic Alida Simone   

    On time with the 60s aesthetic right after it’s pointed out she only focuses on nymphet era Lana 

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  11. CalypsoFlo added a post in a topic Alida Simone   

    she’s probably seen Simone on the same expose pages as herself. 
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  12. CalypsoFlo added a post in a topic babygirl0   

    aw she’s having a tantrum about her videos flopping. She knew they would though because when asking for feed back on what to post she got upset when people weren’t interested in the exact videos she posted.
    nymphet trend is old and tired and honestly not even the nymphet wannabes want to spend all day watching about that topic.
    needs new content
    organic and creative stuff
    because if not she needs to stop complaining about not getting the views she wants.
    she needs to get a job too because clearly YouTube isn’t doing it for her 
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  13. CalypsoFlo added a post in a topic Alida Simone   

    Bisexuality is like an aesthetic for them
    trauma is their aesthetic as well 
    Two things that should be taken seriously and never romanticized they just do it.
    Someone’s sexuality is not your token for attention, Trauma is not your token for attention. Daddy issues are not your token for attention. 
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  14. CalypsoFlo added a post in a topic Alida Simone   

    Hey Simone since you can mention your bikini line how about you talk about your home schooling? 
    What happened with that?
    what about all that money your fans gave you to move out that you spent on clothing that you end up reselling because you wear them one time?
    what about clearing up how many “daddies” you have?
    also why don’t you talk about how that expose page has all your pre lip filler photos yet you were “born” with full lips?
    Can you explain why your lip size balloons and decreases so significantly?
    can you also explain why you have a reacurring bump on the top of your lip each time you lips look freshly plumped? You know the one that every other person gets when they get lip injections?
    Can you also explain why you haven’t gotten a job yet since you’re always begging for money to move out?
    explain why you keep buying expensive clothing and junk like swords and knives from amazon?
    You’re 18, imagine if your dad found out all the shit you’ve been saying about him online?
    Do you know how many people wish they were in your position to be able to stay at home with their parents when they turn legal age and be able to work make money and be stable enough to move? A lot don’t have that, a lot had to grow up before hand and work as a teen in order to survive when they turnt 18. You live in Miami, a VERY expensive place to live, but also a very easy place to find a job. Maybe nothing luxurious because you have no prior experience but just a part time job as a fast food place is a good start. Save up for a GED test so you can be done with schooling, Save up for your permit testing and for the permit in general, save up for a car, start spending your money in a smart way only necessities and every now and than something nice for yourself. Simone a lot of people want to see you grow up and not turn into a caricature in a Lana Del Rey song. Don’t want you to end up like Anna Nicole Smith either, you wont be able to live this life for much longer Simone you should have finished school already you’d have been a senior last year if you were in regular school and you’d have been free this year with a diploma and all, get a job, you know the bikini money isn’t lasting you anymore it’s no longer appealing to the masses, people aren’t going to be paying for shout outs much longer, and people are gonna start catching on to your whole “I need to move give me money and I’ll use it to buy clothes” scheme. Those men you’re with? They’re not gonna support you for long either, most of them can hardly pay for themselves and clearly have issues if no women their age are attracted to them, they won’t be able to fund for you, Luna, or any other baggage. You’ll lost your youth, you won’t be appealing to them anymore, especially with the road you’re going with drugs. Start now, grow up and do something with your life before you’re so deep in there’s no fixing it. 
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  15. CalypsoFlo added a post in a topic Alida Simone   

    Yep she’s clearly taking drugs again.
    her dark circles are coming back and her skin quality is depleting. 
    Shes starting to look like her meth days
    a few months later she’s gonna say “I’ve never done ketamine those are rumors!”
    just like she did with the meth.
    she forgets what she post, she tries to put on a new persona but evidence will always pile up.
    with all her drug use she won’t be able to find a job especially when they look up her name and find all the shit she’s been involved with and further more.
    She just seems to tumble down and break herself more and more.
    she seemed to be doing better and getting her shit together but that stopped maybe it never even started.
    all I see now is her trying to do that whole Bonnie and Clyde shit and end up killing her “abusive” father and going on the run
    It’s the same shit as other stories similar to this.
    Teen girl doing drugs, older men, victim complex, ends up having the boyfriend kill the parent or guardian for a thrill because “bad azz “
    gets caught and plays victim.
    Also notice how Simone calls herself a virgin but back in the day said her ex raped her when he kidnapped her? 
    The one where she had a news story and everything?
    with how quick she is to be a victim and call her own father abusive, and how her stories change all the time I’m questioning if her kidnapping story was true and if it went down the way she said it did. He forced her into his car and stuff.
    when the ex’s new girlfriend came on here mentioned that Simone kept trying to keep in contact with him well this is proven that she does do this behavior with Ripper_to_shreds and Angelina that one time when she cut her off and than forced her friendship back.
    shes known for hitchhiking for fun, for spending time with drug addicts, Nazis, gang bangers, and pedophiles, all very her victim complex and damsel in distress complex.
    She changes her stories to be a victim
    she was a Neo Nazi and when she got cornered for it?
    ”My ex was a neo Nazi and forced me to be with him and his friends!”
    that didn’t explain why she posted the racist shit on her account and spent time personally with Brooke another neo Nazi. It also doesn’t explain why she keeps dating neo Nazis and Nazi sympathizers. 
    She is clearly a drug addict and associates with drug addicts.
    gets confronted?
    yet so much evidence that’s SHE posted herself on her account before her new persona of her being in methlabs and now doing ketamine and continues doing cigarettes and probably more.
    she bragged about taking lewd Polaroid photos with hitchhikers in that motel where she has the cash and guns.
    the fact that she has a gun in general is crazy with how unstable and narcissistic she is.
    she lies about her relationships.
    she did the lesbian angle to appeal to her old pervert audience and still does that angle any time she gets, she doesn’t show photos of her boyfriend because there’s too many to count and she knows she couldn’t pass on that innocent persona anymore if she did that.
    she bounces from being a virgin to being a sexual being and constantly making videos pulling her skirts up and dancing provocatively.
    I can’t helo but question everything she does and says now because it’ll always change.
    notice she will speak on anything we say here but she never spoke on her exes gf exposing her in the thread before, or ripper to shreds. 
    She will speak on any and everything but not when someone who personally spoke to her and possibly has a bunch of receipts on her comes out and down talks her. She goes quiet.
    it makes me wonder if they have more than what they say on her and if they’ll ever release stuff on her. I could only imagine what she says or does outside her “pure” personality on Instagram. Remember when she tried to sell those Native American spirit animal anklets? Also when she chastised natives for eating and hunting and basically dismissed them and called them horrible people? Shocking how she’s now dating a Native American huh?
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