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  1. CalypsoFlo added a post in a topic Alida Simone   

    Honestly her stans are so annoying, they’re grown women calling themselves nymphs and baby dolls
    Imagine being so insecure within your own age that you have to call yourself everything related to disgusting pedophilic relationship tropes
    Like at this point I don’t have qualms with Simone it’s her fans that are the idiots here.
    Im okay with her scamming and taking their coin, let’s be honest here during pandemic barely any little girls are gonna get their parents to buy Simone’s overpriced cheap shit, it’s the grown ass adults I’m okay with them wasting their rent/mortgage on that shit, I’m okay with them working shit hours to come home and throw it at Simone, at that point it’s not her fault they’re that desperate to be picked by her and get access to her sugar baby lifestyle.
    She’s not getting money from the males that orbited her we all know how they act once a girl gets into a relationship, her income is 100% from those desperate grown women that want to be picked so bad.
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  2. CalypsoFlo added a post in a topic Alida Simone   

    She has unblocked Simone again, but hasn’t followed her back. 

    If anyone has been keeping track of her account, did she post anything before she purged the account, it seems like there’s not much activity from her account other than unblocking Simone
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  3. CalypsoFlo added a post in a topic Alida Simone   

    It seems either Betsy is an avid lurker or user on here, or someone told her about this thread and she deleted everything, even her bio.  

    She also unfollowed all of Simone’s accounts and might have blocked her since Simone was following her on her 2nd account and now she isn’t. 

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  4. CalypsoFlo added a post in a topic Alida Simone   

    Simone definitely shouldn’t be accepting the gifts either, which makes me wonder if Betsy has Simone’s address to send these gifts to. It makes me wonder if she has declined before but got sent things anyways especially with the fact that Simone has been distancing herself away from Betsy. This is also what I mean by Betsy trying to get close with her, she seems to not understand boundaries when it comes to spamming, getting super personal, etc and seems to go on a spiral when Simone starts ignoring her, when the comment spams don’t work anymore she seems to turn to buying stuff, and honestly it’s worrisome that Simone gives her address so freely.
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  5. CalypsoFlo added a post in a topic Alida Simone   

    It’s perfectly fine for people to have fault in my opinion, that’s what this site it for, I personally feel like if Betsy was a man doing the exact same thing we would all be calling her creepy and obsessive and trying to get closer to her, but because she’s female we tend to take a more sympathetic approach to her. I’ve seen priscillas page and have interacted with her as well in the past, so my experiences with her can just as easily be 100% different than anyone else’s but I’ve noticed she has certain tendencies from MY experience with her.
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  6. CalypsoFlo added a post in a topic Alida Simone   

    It’s the same way some people think befriending someone will give you the secrets to becoming said person. Betsy wishes she was Simone, she’s obsessed with her because she wants to be her and gain knowledge on how to succeed. So in order to do that you need to be able to be on her good side and ask her personal questions, most people won’t want that right? Unless you’re sweetening the deal by buying expensive stuff. Each time Betsy does buy her things and bombards her comments it’s when Simone is ignoring her, perhaps annoyed or weirded out by something Betsy did or said and lures her back in with things that Simone would find irresistible. It’s the same way that Simone would spend piles of cash in order to either copy Angelina Jolie, Lana Del Rey, or anyone else at the time, the only difference is that she has no real contact with these women (obviously) so it just become her aesthetic and then she’d move on. Betsy built up communication though, so it turned from aesthetic, to wanting to learn more about Simone, to wanting to know everything about her, to wanting to become her, and now she’s obsessed and following her and each time she crosses the line and loses that communication she thrives for she empties her pockets.
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  7. CalypsoFlo added a post in a topic Alida Simone   

    this was discussed previously in the thread, the Nazis that Simone WAS following were the people that were posting Riley on Instagram that supported antisemetic beliefs as well as calling her sister a “Coal Burner” for having a black child. Simone contacted the page, thanked them and agreed and supported what they were doing to someone they assumed was 12 because grown men got catfished. As proof that Simone reads her threads it was pointed out that Simone proceeded to untag herself from the post, unfollowed the accounts, and tried to erase everything related to that page. That’s why you can’t find her following the Nazis anymore. 
    besides any of that, Riley bringing up Simone’s ex is probably because she didn’t read back into the thread, the same way multiple people don’t read back into the thread either.
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  8. CalypsoFlo added a post in a topic Alida Simone   

    I’ve always preferred her more natural look when she first made key west kitten, it had the least amount of editing and was probably the only time she was genuinely communicating, laughing, and having fun with her followers. She’s a genuinely beautiful girl and I hope she knows that, I hope she realizes she’s her own person and that no man is ever going to be worth sacrificing her sense of self. She was so focused on being a “boss” and having an empire. It’s not too late to put effort back into her business.
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  9. CalypsoFlo added a post in a topic Alida Simone   

    This is just a bunch of fighting in the thread, people can be uncomfortable with the insult or things said on this thread but at the same time, anyone can say what they want it’s an open thread. This is a drama site, we all come here to gawk and read about people, nobody Is better than the other when we ALL contribute to this thread. Instead of fighting with each other over who right or wrong stick to the topic and realize nobodies going to be contributing to this thread and exposing Alida if the place to do it is full of arguments with each other. If you personally don’t like what someone says it’s your right, but it’s the others persons right to say what they want as well until mods or admins say otherwise. 
    Stop mini modding and actually contact or report this thread to an admin and they’ll decide if this content is acceptable or not instead of fighting over someone’s content being offensive or fighting over someone being offended by said content. 
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  10. CalypsoFlo added a post in a topic Alida Simone   

    I like that she ask her fans what they wish to see, she’s starting to realize that she needs to be more engaging with them in order to get any support on her Patreon. Kind of wish She made more of an effort with editing, being social, and not trying to play off as a character. I feel if she actually had a heart to heart and took it more seriously she’d find herself having genuine supporters instead of people trying to learn to blend into the same aesthetic as her. 
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  11. CalypsoFlo added a post in a topic Alida Simone   

    I have to agree there is a lot of hypocrisy in this thread, we all basically said the same stuff as sugarbowl just in a more mild manner without calling her certain names. We can’t complain about misogyny when plenty of us have been calling out her sexual behavior, from the sexual dances, the flashing of her underwear or butt, her dancing for her boyfriend, we’ve been complaining and shaming her for it and the underwear photos, Majority of this thread has been sex shaming/ slut shaming her. On top of that there have been plenty of jabs at her physical appearance, at one point her weight was being made fun of for a time period. We’ve called her out on how many men she’s been seeing in short periods of time. 
    Although speaking on her mother was unnecessary could have easily brought up her father instead considering he is the one who houses her and pays for a lot of her stuff when she’s not at her boyfriends and follows her Instagram.
    point is, we can’t complain about someone doing the exact same thing we do just because they use certain keywords.
    either we shame her for her appearance/sex life/clothing choices or we don’t.
    Right now her scamming, her treatment of others, and her constant association and approval of anti Semitic, racist, and doxxing from her fans is an issue, it’s concerning that she’s going down the camwork/sugar baby path because it’s clear she does it to fit in with her much older friends (it’s strange that they’ve all been hanging out with her and influencing her since she was young) but also because she wants “quick” money, she doesn’t know about the burn out, she thinks it’s fun and quirky and cute, and thinks she’s gonna make loads of cash but she doesn’t realize the effort it takes, she doesn’t want to have to be responsible, she claimed she wanted a career and to go to college but I’m unsure she even graduated even though she says she did via online but let’s be honest, how did she ever finish any assignments when she was busy going on live, hitch  hiking, running away from home (during her motel/trailer hopping days) and following her older friends around Like a puppy. 

    She’s not gonna take this seriously, she’s not going to want to continue camming or being a sugar baby when she realizes she can’t just dress nice and spin around and act like she’s Lana Del Rey and actually make decent money/a living. 
    She’s destroying herself because she goes into things without thinking, she doesn’t think about consequences, she doesn’t consider her future, she wants everything to be a fairytale.
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  12. CalypsoFlo added a post in a topic Alida Simone   

    She makes it very obvious that she watches this forum, she posted a timeline of what her Patreon has, is clearly embarrassed by how many people actually subscribed to her (she can barely get a comment or two) and wants to get people to follow by lowering prices, majority of her fans are underaged or old perverts or grown women into her aesthetic, her underaged fans won’t have the funds or even debit cards to subscribe and will lose interest by the time they are old enough, the grown women subscribe to try and get close and get clout, and the old perverts don’t want to watch her do her hair or talk about her pseudo bull, they want her to continue to do sexual behavior. She thinks she’s gonna make a living online like she used to, but honestly she’s a has been, and she’s either gonna start doing porn/cam work (which is very hard work and draining and she doesn’t like working hard for anything) or have to actually get up her ass and work a minimum wage job because she isn’t working on furthering her education or developing a trade/skill that will get her a career that makes decent cash.
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  13. CalypsoFlo added a post in a topic Alida Simone   

    She deleted everything from her tags about that account trying to harass Riley, she’s trying to cover her tracks.
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  14. CalypsoFlo added a post in a topic Alida Simone   

    this post shows that Simone is lurking she posted it an hour after Riley’s post
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  15. CalypsoFlo added a post in a topic Alida Simone   

    Yes everyone here wants their own Balding, wears hats 24/7 because he’s ashamed of his patches, young girl chasing, disgusting pervert, you’re so right  we all want to be Alida, someone who doesn’t have her own mind or a creative bone in her body that she has to lie about making her own dress and delete evidence, base her aesthetic on who she’s dating and who she’s friends with, harass and dox a supposed 12 year old, and always chasing after some neo nazi. A girl who once found it fun to hitch hike with strangers get naked for them and take pictures while doing drugs and printing the photos out at CVS. We all want that life you’re so right.
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