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  1. WhyYouSoSalty added a post in a topic Rant Thread   

    Story time because I'm steaming. 
    Recently, a friend of mine's boyfriend just announced that he had to leave the country for good due to his family's financial problems back home. He told this to her on Friday and insinuated they break up (key word on insinuated. He didn't directly say it). 
    Alright, so this leaves her in absolute pieces like you would expect. They've been together for nearly six years. She drives by my house because we're supposed to meet up with several friends, and he was supposed to be there with her. Like any friend would do, we were there consoling her and everything until we were at the mall (where we were supposed to be) and guess who's sitting there, pretending to act fucking dumbfounded with his Starbucks?
    So I'm slightly aggravated because he decided to show up. This makes my friend a bit wheezy, so we try to confront him, but he quickly walks away. I'm shouting his name, and he pretends as if he doesn't hear me. It's like we're fucking fifth graders trying to wheel bitter friends together.
    We give up and throw the cold shoulder at him for the next hour or so, until he suddenly sends her (my friend) his live location. My friend, pretty desparate for closure at this moment, moves us into a wild goose chase around the mall, trying to figure out where he is. He texts that he has to go, and pretty much all of us except her are just pissed at him already. Who even does this? He literally could've just said where he was instead of giving her random signals. This isn't a chick flick.
    Anyways, we head on out to watch a movie to get her mind off of it, and she's starting to catch on to how we felt about him at that moment. When we're out and already at her place, one of his college friends text her, saying he's crying. We all know that when he's having a melt down, he goes pretty out of hand; and of course, this worries my friend and she goes on a freak out spree to make sure he was okay. She was on the verge of having a panic attack and I was attempting to hurriedly console her (with half-hearted avail, but she calmed down in the end). 
    Half an hour later, they're calling each other and laughing, so I assume they've got some closure. I was still confused on why they had to make such a big spectacle out of it, but at that point I thought– eh, whatever. They're not going to see each other for a while. Let them be happy.
    Until not until around 10pm, when I'm about to put her to sleep, when he texts that he was kidding.
    He wasn't leaving, and this was all a joke.
    Fucking. Hell. 
    Who goes this far for a prank on his girlfriend, and one he has been with for a while? All his friends confirmed that he was leaving. He even showed her farewell banners and dear god, all the intensity he knowingly put her through throughout the day – and for a laugh? 
    My friend did as expected. She was just relieved he wasn't actually leaving, while the rest of us practically wanted to disown him.
    Conclusion: he has done these types of things before, but he nearly put her into a panic attack, knowingly made her cry and added on grievances. He hasn't even explained why. And we obviously can't force her to break up with him, but he's honestly! So! Fucking! Immature! It's a wonder how she forgives him almost all the time. 
    End scene. 
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  2. WhyYouSoSalty added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    Feet are....no.I actually loved Raoul from Phantom Of The Opera and rooted for him from the beginning. Erik/The Phantom is, of course, the Phantom, and is an amazing character in his own way who deserves sympathy and love and all that (disregarding his murder) but seriously. He's manipulated, kidnapped, sabotaged and threatened to kill someone just to have Christine. He might've loved her and didn't know how to, but that does not excuse the fact that he was obsessive. She didn't love him in the way he wanted her to. Raoul, although not that much, genuinely loved her and she did him. I really don't understand why people hate him so much. This is not a very unpopular opinion but...Marius is the worst character in LesMis in terms of character development and character in general. All he does is whine because he has generic rebellion syndrome and mope because Cosette won't acknowledge his existence, then proceeds to stalk her for several months. He did not any strong political motives when he agreed to join Les Amis De L'ABC, and simply did it because Couferyac said he'd help him with his love life. In the novel, he gave zero shits about Eponine's death. Like he just goes "Oh, man, RIP. Well, she brought me a letter from Cosette so I guess she wasn't that useless." Bananas are fucking revolting. I have never liked bananas, never will- with the exception of suman malagkit and banana chips.Same goes with fish. Ew. What is the damn point of pulped juice if 90% of it is the fruit?? What is the point of making the juice???Someone said this previously, but though Kpop has good music, I don't understand the massive hype. 
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  3. WhyYouSoSalty added a post in a topic Dodie Clark ( DoddleOddle)   

    This thread is quite dead, but has anyone seen this video of hers from April?
    As you can tell from the title, she basically talks about her singing voice. The main factor of this video is how she wishes to belt (i.e "sound loud.") and how she found her mixed voice (which is the in between of a chest and head voice. It's quite hard to find quickly without a vocal coach.)
    The thing that made this video interesting was how she played a clip from the first video she posted on YouTube, of her singing an original song- "Rain." Her singing voice in that song is so different in comparison to her softer, lowish tone she has now. I suppose she was straining or pushing her chest voice, but her teenage voice is kind of cute lol.
    She then proceeds to play clips of her singing to present her types of voices. First, there was her doing a belt in her mixed chest voice in a cover of She Looks So Perfect. Although she doesn't sound "quiet" per se (but that's because the song is generally upbeat) her voice sounds more "sweet" and partially weak, but actually somewhat impressive since she-at some point- reaches a G6-ish note in "She looks so perfect standing there, in my American apparel underwear, and I know now..." Yet for some reason she still sounds as if she's straining it despite it not being that "loud"? That really depends on the voice though, so this can be understandable since she really is trying to belt more.
    In the second clip, she shows her bridge in "In The Middle" (a song of hers.) It's pretty much the same thing. 
    Then in the third clip, her cover of Baby, It's Cold Outside- now this is probably bias since I generally like these kind of tunes- but I liked the bounciness her voice does in balance when the softness that occurs at the end of her sentences. ("My MOther will start to worry...my FATHer will be PACing the floor.."). This is her mixed voice leaning towards her chest voice, which is basically how she sings normally because it has that higher tone mixed with the really low, soft A4s/F3s which is common with Dodie.
    In the fourth clip, her cover of Even If It's Lie; it's an example of her doing her usual tone that goes to A4-F3 at it's lowest, but very weak altogether because she reaches off into that area where it's too low for her, so she sounds like she's just whispering. She says this is her favorite voice to do (Obviously, Dodes) but it really needs more work instead of her belting range if that's what she likes doing the most. It has definitely improved however, so I'll give her that.
    She also mentions that she's working on her vibrato, which is genuinely impressive (but really gentle, so I think is what she's working on). Vibratos are also quite difficult to do if you don't have a "loud" voice. There are certainly different techniques to make it easier for you to sound louder, but she said she's done the research, so I hope she does it justice.
    In general, it's nice to see how she acknowledges her weak tone and is trying to improve. If you refer to her cover of On My Own in 2014, the beginning is really weak. I understand she's going for a more "defeated" twist to Eponine's character, but it doesn't work with the context at all. Towards the climax, she starts belting her chest voice, which in all honesty, is very mediocre. The point of this is that she's definitely improved, though she won't be joining musical theatre any time soon (and she acknowledges this). 
    Though she doesn't seem to want to use that voice for her music, I hope she'll be able to train her voice to reach that point since her state now is a bit far from that. I also hope she can train herself to use a mixed voice leaning towards her head voice, which would be nice to see. 
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  4. WhyYouSoSalty added a post in a topic Husbandos   

    I cheated. I used the walkthrough...you gotta know when the chatrooms open, so you make alarms every hour or so. But I did their routes in order.
    Never thought I'd be getting angsty over an otome games' VNs at 4am, thanks Seven HAHA. If you've also played through the DLCs, the Christmas and Valentines one had me squealing. 

    The Choi brothers, honestly! 
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  5. WhyYouSoSalty added a post in a topic Who Do You Think Should Have A Thread On PULL That Doesn’t Already?   

    Ryan McCartan. (I always wanted to make a thread about him.)
    Lost Pause/Noble.
    Hyojin Choi/squizxy. 

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  6. WhyYouSoSalty added a post in a topic Using Filipino as an insult?   

    Damn this is an old thread. But I'll just add a comment in here too.
    I suppose, due to recent politics, Philippines doesn't have much of a good reputation. Though it's not new, here in the Middle East (which is unsafe for OFWs in general) there will always be people looking down on you for your nationality simply because they feel superior to you due to the fact that a lot of caretakers and workers are Filipino (The "Lower Class," basically.) I know a few people online who will worship halfs if a celebrity has a drop of Filipino blood on them; the usual "HUY!! PROUD TO BE PINOY!! TANGINA SARAP MAGING PINOY LET'S GO PHILIPPINES!!" is very common. Yet they will completely ignore local talent unless they're half white. 
    Then, as previously mentioned in the beginning of the thread, we have Rodrigo Duterte who is...Rodrigo Duterte. (If anyone has caught up with his most recent antic, and what his comments were afterwards... he is an absolute bigot.) Anyway. If you try talking sense into those fans of his, they just provide you ad hominem responses. 
    But appearance-wise, Filipinos are as beautiful as they are. But if there's one thing I'm very aware not a lot of Pinoys like...it's our nose. Everyone who is fully Pinoy and has not had plastic surgery has a squashed nose, unless you've been gifted by the Gods. (There was that myth every adult told me about; the one how God dropped some noses on the ground and it was a catch-and-snatch deal. There was only one left for us, one that was stepped on lmao.)
    Agreeing with polvorongirl here (I can't quote for some reason?). And not just skin. There are Filipinos who look every bit a stereotypical Asian (monolids and all) and some who look Hispanic, and there's both. There isn't a stereotype in the looks department (unless we're talking about ancestry).
    I also agree with this since Malay are the roots of the Philippines, yet people who are Malay now are looked down on for their skin color. "Negra" as some would say. Chinita and Mestiza are really beautiful as well. It's honestly just how we're Westernizing everything now.
    P.S - Liza Soberano is, indeed, really pretty. But the prettiest? There's a lot of really pretty Pinays. You haven't seen nothin' yet!  
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  7. WhyYouSoSalty added a post in a topic Husbandos   

    Ah, man. Lemme post! 
    I think it's a common occurrence that I really love the "tsundere" or "serious" trope when balanced just right, so these guys are pretty much that (to me, perhaps):
    Daiki Mamura (Hirunaka No Ryuusei) - My #1 Husbando Of Choice.
    Yamagauchi "Yamaken" Kenji (Tonari no kaibutsu-kun) - I don't know, he's a jerk but I really like his character.
    Shin (Amnesia) - The only one from the harem that was desirable. (Fight me.)
    Hiroomi Nase (Kyoukai No Kanata) - I love his older sister Izumi though. 
    Luciel Choi/707 (Mystic Messenger) - Every MM fangirl's favorite. The only character I actually stayed up for without hesitation. (And it wasn't just for the HG.)
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  8. WhyYouSoSalty added a post in a topic Akidearest and The Anime Man   

    Can we talk about that "I'm unsure about telling this to you guys" pose he makes in the thumbnail that I've seen nearly every vlogger on the planet do? Apologies, it's just really fucking hilarious to me. More so since the video is about nightcore. 
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  9. WhyYouSoSalty added a post in a topic Dove Cameron   

    OT but when she plays as Ruby Hale on Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D, her lips look so awkward. I don't know if that's supposed to be an effect or detail on Ruby as a whole (since I understand it's "plain" and "dry" as in most scenes, she's having a breakdown) but:
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  10. WhyYouSoSalty added a post in a topic Akidearest and The Anime Man   

    The water emoji. The water emoji.
    And meanwhile...

    Agnes is on it again with the Kpop thing. I'm not even going to bet on it being cringeworthy. It's not even worth it. 
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  11. WhyYouSoSalty added a post in a topic Akidearest and The Anime Man   

    Right? I would be forever embarrassed if some internet famous person ridiculed me with a provided photo on their social platforms, even if there wasnt any specification on who I was. If he just tweeted about it– i.e. just say "I saw someone" instead...but I suppose that reduces the joke factor on his part. 
    Still. He is such an arrogant asshole. 

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  12. WhyYouSoSalty added a post in a topic Akidearest and The Anime Man   

    this view is really attractive jobo thanks
    Nothing really big happened in the live stream. Just some random "banter" with Misty, Aki, Gaijin, etc. + him going on about how many people were in his live stream. I dunno. Didn't stay long enough to know if there was anything too big to note. 
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  13. WhyYouSoSalty added a post in a topic Confessional   

    1.  I am forever hopelessly in love with my childhood friend's boyfriend. I'm actually proud that I've kept it in complete secrecy so far...well, until now lol. 
    2. If dying meant I could live another life in which I looked and thought and lived differently, I would. I absolutely hate the choices I made growing up– to do things I wanted to do but didn't do it, like take martial arts or learn how to play the piano. I have no time for those things now– and I absolutely hate the choices I make now.
    3. I strive to be this perfect "Ravenclaw"-esque person for no other reason than the fact that throughout my entire life, intellect and wit is the most important thing to me. When I say something that's considered "dumb" or "unironically cringy" I forever hate myself for it.
    4. This is inexplicably bitchy, but I have a love-hate relationship with my current friend group in uni. I just don't want to go through my college years alone;; and I'm not the most extroverted person in the universe at all. Though I do have friends I merely tolerate and some I adore. I know it's not easy to GET friends, so I'm trying my best to appreciate them. 
    5. My ex (who moved away in high school) used to be my partner in doing duets at the theatre club...yeah, now I just miss doing Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better from Annie 'Get Your Gun' with him or those fun songs with great choreography that made us faint,, like We Both Reached For The Gun from Chicago. I don't miss our relationship, which is funny, but I just miss our singing duo. And occasionally acting. 
    6. No matter how much I despise my stepfather with every fibre of my being, I can never ever hate my half brother or regret him being born, even if he's a spoilt brat. I just. Love him to bits. 
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  14. WhyYouSoSalty added a post in a topic Akidearest and The Anime Man   

    If she's trying to jump on the K-pop train like every Youtuber is now...she's calling out just the BTS fanbase. 
    Aki, no. 
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  15. WhyYouSoSalty added a post in a topic Akidearest and The Anime Man   

    Oh boy.
    (hidden content option isn't working so)

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