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  1. summerpeach added a post in a topic whats.mean / ov.nx / catvixn   

    guys this girl has 10000 other insta accounts lmao and im pretty sure that vo.xn acc is her too lol.. i feel like such a stalker rn but OH WELL
    one of her other accounts' profile pic, idk if it's her but it's HELLA SHOOPED:
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  2. summerpeach added a post in a topic zo0k   

    she looks very weird in this pic?? 
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  3. summerpeach added a post in a topic Sofia Ramazanova   

    she does look very plastic??  her eyes look way too big and idk looks like she had something done to her jaw
    it's a no from me, i don't think this is right. she's not asian or even half asian..why doesn't she just debut in her own country...? tf
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  4. summerpeach added a post in a topic whats.mean / ov.nx / catvixn   

    omg i didn't even notice her boobstheyre completely gone lmaomaybe she decided to stop shooping them
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  5. summerpeach added a post in a topic whats.mean / ov.nx / catvixn   

    ik this thread is dead but i'm screaming, it looks like she stuffed her pants with something to make her butt look biggeror maybe butt pads? it looks so weird

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  6. summerpeach added a post in a topic whats.mean / ov.nx / catvixn   

    she keeps lurking pull lmao does she care about people's opinions so muchlaughable
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  7. summerpeach added a post in a topic zo0k   

    typical gangnam unni lol
    she's ugly as fuck in her videos tho if i gotta be honest...

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  8. summerpeach added a post in a topic whats.mean / ov.nx / catvixn   

    when you try to photoshop your hips but forget to do it on the other side 
    also yes i'm pretty sure she used some kind of filter, she said she uses pitu, so..
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  9. summerpeach added a post in a topic whats.mean / ov.nx / catvixn   

    i don't know what looks worse -- her tiny head or that photoshopped waist
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  10. summerpeach added a post in a topic whats.mean / ov.nx / catvixn   

    sigh. her self esteem is too high tbh there's nothing wrong with loving yourself, you know but..?? okay girl, i'd understand it if you're natural butshe literally photoshops everything so like why is she so full of herself lmao  and the funniest thing is that all these korean guys fall for iti wonder what her bf thinks of that, obviously she seeks attention and validation from guys
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  11. summerpeach added a post in a topic whats.mean / ov.nx / catvixn   

    loool look at that boob shoop
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  12. summerpeach added a topic in Online Personalities   

    whats.mean / ov.nx / catvixn
    whats.mean / Catvixn / ov.nx
    Possibly self posted on PULLAccount that made the first post and posted about her was from TurkeyMysteriously seems to change her Instagram name whenever PULL writes her new usernames in the titleSerial photoshopper who photoshops her boobs, skin, and face to inhuman proportionsPossibly white pretending to be Asian (Thought to be Turkish)People have asked for proof if she's mixed, but she just never respondsHas been posted on "Koreaboo Cringe comp" InstagramsTopic was locked to prevent further discussion about this girl because she clearly wants attention, regardless of it being negative or positiveOld description from possible self-poster:
    Instagram Pictures:
    Trying to appeal to the Korean audience with Korean tags:
    Messages when asked if she's mixed:
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  13. summerpeach added a topic in Online Personalities   

    I dislike this girl so much...oh god. A little info about her -- apparently she lives in Korea, works there as a model, her name is Miranda and..that's it. I have no idea where she's from. Now let's get to the important part -- this girl is a liar..she wears blue contacts and pretends they're her real eyes..it really irks me. I've seen people telling her stuff like "are these your real eyes?? so pretty bla bla" and she always replies yes thank you, like theyre real..ugh so annoying. She reminds me of Krotchy😂😂 I told her to just be herself and stop lying to her followers but she said that i am jealous of her natural blue eyes, deleted my comment and blocked me😂 All of her korean followers think they're her real eyes, it's funny. If they weren't contacts, she'd have a limbal ring but she doesn't..anyone who has used contacts before can tell she's faking. I think her followers find her exotic looking because of her contacts, they'll be disappointed when they find out the truth lol. She's problematic too, she has used the N word in one of her posts🤢 One more thing, she flirted with my korean friend's boyfriend (he had his gf's name and anniversary date in his bio but she still decided to flirt with him, smh). Idk she kinda seems like an attention whore.

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  14. summerpeach added a topic in Online Personalities   

    I just stumbled upon this girl with 45k followers and something about her seems really..off?? Not sure what it is but I noticed her attempt to look like Megan Fox and it's a disaster lol. And she uses a makeup app..that photoshopped makeup is so obvious. Her body also looks kind of weird and photoshopped, especially her butt. Opinions?

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  15. summerpeach added a topic in Online Personalities   

    Hi guys! This is my first time posting here, nice to meet u all ! I used to lurk aaaall the time here but I finally registered hehe
    So.. this girl...idk something about her just irks me. I don't really know what it is. Obviously she's a huge koreaboo - look at those tags  and I wonder why she also uses the tag #japanesegirl she's 100% romanian as far as I know. Not mixed or anything. She also has a korean boyfriend.
    She looks kinda creepy in some of her photos. I think she photoshops (not sure about that) and she tries so hard to make herself look korean with that makeup. She actually looks like a creepy haunted doll with those big eyes and red lips ughh. 
    I think she buys her followers and likes. I mean she receives 150+ likes under 5 minutes when she posts. Kinda fishy..also i'm laughing at the comments on her posts. Theyre all from gross asian men who have a white girl fetish. 

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