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  1. omori added a post in a topic A basic hello   


    yayyyyyyyyyyy newbie newbie neWBIEEEE !!
    so yumi king was your procastinator ill tell to the lord gang here ! (really what stuff happened to her husband that lovely male to sweet for such a cutie watermelon?????) imo what to say welcome to the fam ! *says that even having zero posts and so much hate on his shoulders*
    see ya! 
    x  x  x
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  2. omori added a post in a topic Margaret Palermo   

    I remember her currently seeing and comenting kanadanjin-s profile a couple months ago, taking off their own assignements against her just for upcoming to a more mediatic and lurked profile so dont take care so much about this, just advicing  w w w
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  3. omori added a post in a topic What Is An Armchair Diagnosis?   

    kinda aliceholic profile could be updated as this moment but
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  4. omori added a post in a topic General Kanadajin3 thread   

    i watch her vids everynight  b e f o r e  gonna sleep
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  5. omori added a post in a topic Hello!?   

    wherever girlrlrlrlrl you look pretty nice with that avatar why are you nicknamed nozomi????? i luv that one since i watched precure series lol
    here a non.native.english speaker too hope to get along! have fun all the cringe blends us here together 💗💗💔✝💔💗🐰🍙
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  6. omori added a post in a topic Documentaries thread   

    dress & shoes hauls could be raised as documentaries too right
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  7. omori added a post in a topic japanese youtubers similar to....   

    as I saw you're still active on here but this topic s quite aged  id fancy to ask how did you go with your search I mean I ve been into online japanese (and chinese) languages online for quite in a while and just passing here to check and ask you , yay  
    telling for me best one is 日本語の森  pretty similar to those korean subtitled teachers u mentioned lolo
    I currently check this blog too <33 my dear ma ggggggs
     I'm sure I know more abt but just wait for me  (another seven months minimum lololol) 
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  8. omori added a post in a topic A lurker no more!   

    so oooooo o  o oo o identified with ur situation I swear 
    welkloom ! which little liars do you enjoy/usually watch the most ??? 
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