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  1. leila added a post in a topic Fujoshis, yaoi and fetishization   

    The only true cure in my opinion is withdrawal. No boyxboy shipping, no BL manga reading, ZILCH until you fully disown that mindset and have the experiences with real gay/bi men to know the complexities of gay relationships that go beyond seme and uke roles. 
    Hahahha, I'm not sure if the concern is that I used to write it or that I've stopped writing it, but same either way.
    I never read or watched Junjou 
    I guess I was just a massive pervert then  Which makes sense since my older neighbour used to make me watch porn with her when I was 8.
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  2. leila added a post in a topic Fujoshis, yaoi and fetishization   

    So, confession, I was a 'fujoshi' once, even though I never encountered that label. It didn't go past the age of 13 at which point I started to move on (and am now thoroughly disgusted by my past behaviour). It wouldn't just be manga (can't believe I ever thought Sekaiichi Hatsukoi was cute) but cartoons and stuff where I'd heavily ship two male characters and reduce them to roles - you know, top and bottom, uke and I think seme?? Even like a year ago, I realised I was still being a bit icky about gay male ships and that reflected in my writing, so I've since stopped writing slash fanfiction between boys.
    It's weird. When I was eleven, my gay awakening came. I had my first crush on a girl but didn't want to accept it, so maybe pouring all my time into boyxboy was my way of coming to accept myself? I did also read a bunch of yuri, mind.
    I don't know... not sure where I'm going with this! But really, I was 12 at the peak of my fujoshiness, and there was an entire culture of young fangirls being little sinners shipping their precious gaybies (still is) so no one ever told me it was wrong for quite some time. And for 12 year old girls, it's a time that not only are they beginning to mature, but they still have no real life experiences of relationships and particularily, gay relationships. It's a time when they're just discovering their own sexuality.
    So, I don't begrudge any young 'straight' fangirl who does this because they will grow from it once they get more in touch with reality and escape that toxic fujoshi culture (mostly on Tumblr tbh). But I understand that gay/bisexual boys might view that differently. Personally, I think what's more gross, are the people sexualising the young girls and going "I bet those 11 year olds are gonna flick their bean to this". Like, ew, please don't talk about their genitals like that. They don't mean to hurt people. 
    Also, the guys who sexualise lesbians are typically a bit older, like 16 and over. So they can be held more accountable, just as fujoshis past the age of 16 can. 
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  3. leila added a post in a topic What makeup style do you prefer?   

    I'm the worst at makeup, honestly... I can never find a good look. As in, I'll have natural brows and then dramatic everything else. Or I'll nail it all only to have muddy eyeshadow. I also can't do contour and eyeliner as I don't really have the time to practise - I only do my makeup when I'm going out, and I'm defo not going out with unblended contour streaks and wonky cat wings, you know?
    So right now, I've decided to make it very minimal; colour correcting (my eyebags are really bad, and I'm sure I have mild rosacea or smth like that), foundation, concealer, highlight (not sparkly, just on the tip of my nose to emphasise how its button like), mascara, filled in but barely shaped eyebrows, blush, pink or nude (light light brown) eyeshadow.... Huh, maybe not so minimal. But I think it works! 
    I really would love to have the confidence to be barefaced, but I have quite visible blackheads/sebaceous filaments on my nose. And I quite like the shape of my nose so that sucks  Any ideas on what to do? I'm at college now so I can have my own outfits and stuff. 
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  4. leila added a post in a topic Anyone here try to mend a broken friendship b4??   

    People mend things with friends all the time, but you have to think about it whether it's worth the effort or if you should just try and get some more friends. Because the way it is.... it sounds toxic and I would know. Do what will make you smile every morning.
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  5. leila added a post in a topic simply_kenna   

    Oh, I have no idea but it was actually his (Olli's) idea to message ghost anyway. Besides, knowing kenna, she didn't ask for permission.
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  6. leila added a post in a topic simply_kenna   

    He's also now messaging ghost (the LVSGHTmusic guy) for me (I couldn't for some reason despite the button being there) which hopefully means copyright strike no.2 as she used his music for an intro. 
    Huh, the downfall of kenna is fun. 
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  7. leila added a post in a topic simply_kenna   

    I messaged Olli over DM and he said he'd strike the crap out of her (well, just strike).
    Now, we only need two more artists but with the amount of people Kenna has ripped off, they won't be hard to find. 
    (New to site so don't know how to attach screenshots!)
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