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  1. MissShady added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    Well ehem 

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  2. MissShady added a post in a topic Emiru (Dyrus' GF/"Not Another Gamer Girl!")   

    O RLY?
    she has a 47 % winrate while playing 38 games..did she have trolls and feeders each time, in each game of these 38 games ? Lol that is impossible =) 
    If it was really trolls/ feeders fault, you'd think at least her kda are good because she is doing her best but yeah haha trolls and feeders making her lose.
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  3. MissShady added a post in a topic Emiru (Dyrus' GF/"Not Another Gamer Girl!")   

    If she was a real d5 player, she woukd have no problem ranking up to at least p1 like most average d5 players i see .
    HOW CAN SHE CALL HERSELF A DIAMOND PLAYER WITH A LOW AF WINRATE LIKE THAT IN P5, girl you should have no problemo against p5 players if you were really diamond .
    but whatever, let her keep lying to herself. I don't understand how people can be proud of an achievement they didnt get themselves.

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  4. MissShady added a post in a topic Emiru (Dyrus' GF/"Not Another Gamer Girl!")   

    those winrates spill the truth lol.
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  5. MissShady added a post in a topic Tsunaina   

    If she is tall enough, she would make an amazing high fashion model.
    Her face is perfect for beauty campagnes and she would look amazing in editorials .
    She is definitely 7382929292 times better than any of these nepo models we see these days .. 
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  6. MissShady added a post in a topic Emiru (Dyrus' GF/"Not Another Gamer Girl!")   

     Back to the forum and sweet jesus what a thread .
    i actually never thought these lol female streamers were in so much shit because they seemed so loved whenever i check their streams and ytb videos . Especially pokimane since she is concidered to be the ultimate girl streamer out there . 
    what an eye opening thread .
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  7. MissShady added a post in a topic Jennifer: Sasha Vladimirovna / cremijeur   

    I'm finally back here thinking that probably she gave up that fake ass look but damn, this will never stop from what it seems.
    Girl, are you not bored? 
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  8. MissShady added a post in a topic Jennifer: Sasha Vladimirovna / cremijeur   

    classy. Nice goal jen, good luck in becoming a jerk off material to grandpas.  ( if that's even your real ass) 
    I see now that she's trying to become like a basic insta gurl : " heavy make up + da booty "
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  9. MissShady added a post in a topic Acacia Brinley   

    This thread was actually dead until you had this super smart idea to bring it back again ..basically it's you who is bothered by her seeing how you responded to a dead thread  
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  10. MissShady added a post in a topic Eugenia Cooney aka Skeleton Queen   

    I bring the fact that there are some overweight people who are anorexic because you say that Eugenia is anorexic due to her super skinny look.  You really should read my posts well instead of trying to put me in the wrong every time.
    Anyway, chill a little bit. I don't know why you seem to "dislike" Eugenia ( if that's the word that should be used?) But if she "triggers" you, or anything related to this "thinspo" thing , you just better get off the net a little bit for your good (I hope I'm not too meddlesome) .
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  11. MissShady added a post in a topic Eugenia Cooney aka Skeleton Queen   

    Being concerned about someone is something and assuming is something else  . I totally get what you're saying , I just disliked it when some members here started diagnosing her in a whime and accusing her of triggering people because it's pretty hurtful. 
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  12. MissShady added a post in a topic Eugenia Cooney aka Skeleton Queen   

    Another person assuming and diagnosing her with a mental disorder with no proof.
    My aunt is in her 50s , and she is almost as skinny as Eugenia, I can notice muscle wastage on her, bones poking everywhere,  gaunt face, yet she is healthy and happy ? How do I know she is healthy and happy?  She is my aunt and she just never cares much for food, her intake is so little yet she doesn't even know,  she just eats when she needs to eat and nobody in the family or outside the family is like " let diagnose her with an eating disorder" .. she may look super skinny but her mental health is stable.
    Again I say..a person can be overweight and be anorexic ...it's a mental illness .
    Nobody knows whether Eugenia is sick or not,  except herself. 
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  13. MissShady added a post in a topic Onision   

    he isn't a man, more like a kid, that's why.
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  14. MissShady added a post in a topic Eugenia Cooney aka Skeleton Queen   

    Gurl, please show me where I said : she doesn't have an ED . 
    For real, this comment of yours is pointless, I said that assuming that she got an ED is pretty hurtful,  if you really read what I wrote well, you'd understand that I'm saying that nobody knows whether she is sick or not, except her self.
    A million time this. Trigger?  What trigger?  Nobody is being forced to watch her videos, if they don't want to be triggered, they should get away from her videos. Everyone is responsible for their action, you see a teenager browsing with her freewill in proana websites, then they are like " oh my eating disorder was due to this" " oh this trigger me ", C'mon, nobody told you to go there ? This just proves how weak minded are people these days. Or like seeing a skinny girl and saying " I've become sick because of her" , so are you suggesting we kill the girl or put her in an isolated place?  She is a human being ffs.
    Nobody's triggering anyone, it's just people nowadays are too spoiled and weak.
    I'd have up voted this post 16363829201 time if I could.
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