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  1. ripper-roo added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna/Cozykitsune [Thread 7]   

    lol @ her claiming she doesn't want so much attention focused on her. If she didn't want the attention, she wouldn't have chosen to pursue being an Instagram and YouTube personality as a job (which, don't forget, is something she herself has claimed).
    She can leave social media any time she pleases. She's still young. She could go out and learn a skill, get a normal offline job, and keep a low profile. But she doesn't, because she wants the attention, she just doesn't want the responsibility.
    Also she is almost certainly the reason friends may have chosen to distance themselves from her. Just a few months ago she was constantly whining on social media about how she has "no true friends" and nobody really cares about her because they aren't at her beck and call 24/7, acting like a straight up incel but with friendship instead of romantic relationships. I wouldn't blame anyone for choosing to walk away from that. It sounds exhausting.
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  2. ripper-roo added a post in a topic Shane Dawson   

    I can see that happening. He's certainly done it before after he got called out on his shit. But this time might be different depending on whether YouTube decides to keep his channel demonetized or just temporarily demonetize it like they did with Logan Paul after the whole Japan debacle. If it stays demonetized and he's been smart about the boatloads of money he earned from the J* collab, then I could see him walking away from YouTube and just retiring.
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  3. ripper-roo added a post in a topic Shane Dawson   

    This. People have had problems with him and been criticizing his use of blackface, racism, and inappropriate behavior towards children and animals for years. Before, people would get ripped to shreds by his fans for doing anything other than praising him. Now even his fans are wising up and realizing that yeah, what he's done and is continuing to do is not okay. So maybe more folks feel comfortable voicing their opinions on him and his actions.
    Additionally, his popularity has had ebbs and flows over the years, but I'd say it reached its peak in the past few years, ESPECIALLY when he started working with Jeffree, so naturally there's an even larger spotlight on him and his toxic behavior now than there was say, ten years ago. And it helps that even mainstream celebrities are calling him out.
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  4. ripper-roo added a post in a topic Shane Dawson   

    Here's the thing. I don't know if Shane is a pedo, but those posts are concerning as fuck. I don't care who your are or what year it is, there is NEVER an excuse to sexualize children or treat pedophilia as a punchline. Though my gut is telling me those 'jokes' are indicative of a greater problem, even if they are jokes, it's still absolutely putrid.
    Also the fuck is with all of Shane's white fans 'accepting' his apology for blackface and defending him. The apology isn't for you, sit down.
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  5. ripper-roo added a post in a topic Albinwonderland   

    She's still around on YouTube, but she only posts on her ASMR channel. I originally discovered her because of her 'fake geek girls' rant video, so kind of sad she doesn't do those types of videos anymore, but her ASMR videos are quite relaxing.
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  6. ripper-roo added a post in a topic Shane Dawson   

    Same. I initially believed the claims because Tati seemed to be a credible person and James is/was egotistical enough to make it believable. But he cleared his name. Jeffree took it WAY too far (especially when he tried to involve James' little brother which was just... wtf) and Shane chose to stand with someone who accused James of very serious crimes without evidence. I still don't care for James as a person, but he didn't deserve to be treated like he was.
    Also, for Shane to claim this was James being "served a slice of humble pie"? Falsely accusing someone of crimes they did not commit and trying to ruin someone's life/career over fucking vitamins is not "humbling" someone. It's just being malicious and downright cruel.
    At the end of the day, Shane is the one who needs to be humbled. He claims he doesn't want to get involved in drama, but he continues to do/say problematic things and surround himself with incredibly toxic people. He is hypocritical, arrogant, absorbed in his "uwu poor widdle empath me" narrative, and no less toxic than Jeffree. I'm glad people are finally seeing him for what he is, and hopefully he is finally held accountable.
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  7. ripper-roo added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna/Cozykitsune [Thread 7]   

    Funny she says that when she's posted countless times about how strangers have (allegedly) complimented her outward appearance out of the blue.
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  8. ripper-roo added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna/Cozykitsune [Thread 7]   

    Wtf Kenna, can we not romanticize self harm? As someone who struggles with skin picking, it is nothing to be proud of. It’s not aesthetic. It fucking hurts.
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  9. ripper-roo added a post in a topic Myka and James Stauffer   

    I dislike family vloggers as it is. They're incredibly exploitative and honestly shouldn't be allowed to be monetized on YouTube, especially if the kids are too young to consent to being vlogged and aren't old enough to understand the potential repercussions of having their whole lives on camera for the internet to see.
    That being said, this family takes the cake. They wanted the white savior narrative of adopting a little Chinese boy with a disability (preferably one that's easy to deal with), exploited him for financial gain, obviously didn't spend that money that HE earned them on proper treatment for his conditions, and then dumped him. Hopefully they do not get to adopt another child, ESPECIALLY another disabled child, as they're clearly in it for the money as opposed to wanting to give an orphan a loving home.
    I am glad that he's not with them anymore, though. He deserves so much better, and hopefully his new family can give him that.
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  10. ripper-roo added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna/Cozykitsune [Thread 7]   

    Honestly not surprised that Bree has turned out to be such a hypocritical, manipulative liar. Birds of a feather do, in fact, flock together.
    Don't talk about standing up to racists in your circle unless you're willing to do it yourself.
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  11. ripper-roo added a post in a topic Norm - Tokyo Lens   

    This dude was an English teacher? And he's going after people's English abilities? Dude. Yikes.
    Their English wasn't even bad. I've seen less intelligible English from native speakers, so he can pipe the fuck down.
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  12. ripper-roo added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna/Cozykitsune [Thread 7]   

    yep, I feel like that’s the bare minimum she could do. A lot of influencers and YouTubers I follow are promoting Black-owned businesses that people can support. There are ABSOLUTELY things she could be posting that are actually productive but nope, she’s gotta do as little as humanly possible because she can’t stand anything being not about her. 
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  13. ripper-roo added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna/Cozykitsune [Thread 7]   

    Wow I don't think I've ever seen such a tone deaf response to current events.
    Like it reads as if she's blaming the protests (NOT violent uprising despite what certain media outlets and politicians would like us to all believe) on some pseudoscience 200-some year cycle, as if the protests are destined to happen because it just so happens to be the year 2020, and not a direct response to unpunished, unchecked police brutality and the murder of innocent Black people. It's reducing the centuries of violence and oppression that people are speaking out against to some Mayan Doomsday Calendar-esque cycle and I'm not here for it at all.
    If she doesn't want to be an ally in the protests, if she doesn't want to educate herself, check her own white privilege (which she ABSOLUTELY has despite her claims to the contrary. Privilege enjoyed by being white passing is still white privilege), and elevate Black voices, then that's one thing. But to detract from and diminish the cause of the protests, the anger, the hurt because of some random correlation (and newsflash, Kenna, correlation does not equal causation)? That's just downright horrible.
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  14. ripper-roo added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    Found this girl recently and holy shit, I can't believe the audacity she has to throw the US education system under the bus for her ignorance, ESPECIALLY since from what I've gathered, she had the privilege to go to some damn good schools.
    For comparison, I went to public school in a relatively small city in a very conservative/republican, almost entirely white, mostly rural state. The kind of place where you WOULD expect such history to be glossed over. Nope. Our teachers didn't gloss over the struggles that came after the Civil War and act like everything was fine and dandy after slavery was abolished. In US history class, we learned about indentured servitude, about the Jim Crow laws, about the civil rights movement. Hell, our English teacher had us, an almost entirely white class, read and discuss literature like Native Son so we could better understand the uphill battle black Americans face in both the justice system and society at large. And you mean to tell me this woman, who has educators for parents and went to fucking UCLA, at no point throughout her entire education learned about what black Americans went through and continue to struggle against? Or even watched a movie or TV show that touched on the subject?
    The US education system has its faults, I will not deny that. But I do not believe for a second that someone as privileged as Ashley went to a school that did not teach these parts of US history.
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  15. ripper-roo added a post in a topic Creepshow Art   

    Yea she handled it very very messily. I understand her wanting to spread the awareness that hey, there's a person out here making disturbing and likely illegal content. Like I have no doubt she was trying to do the right thing, but the best way to handle accounts like that is to just report them to the platform(s) they use and/or the proper authorities so they can (hopefully) handle it the right way. What she potentially did was unintentionally distribute CP.
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