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  1. Fawn added a post in a topic Yungelita   

    Okay so I completely underestimated how brainwashed Emma Harvey’s followers are. On instagram, I made a post yesterday explaining how gross and problematic her behavior is with screenshots from this thread because so many people I know on there follow her and I wanted to get the truth out.... and let me tell you guys.... The amount of people not only CONDONING her behavior but also JUSTIFYING IT is absolutely disgusting. I’m genuinely sick to my stomach. And most of these people defending her were 14-16. 
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  2. Fawn added a post in a topic Yungelita   

    I had to make an account to thank you guys for exposing her. I never knew how sleazy she was a few months ago (outside of being creeped out by her fascination with murder) but this thread opened my eyes like no other. I never look at her stories so I never saw the pictures with the baby bottle or the other disgusting stuff until I looked through this thread, and all of it has changed my complete opinion about her. As someone who suffered through years of child abuse and is still fighting through the psychological effects, the fact that she's fetishizing little kids disgusts me. Her fascination with children is sick. This goes way past the whole DD/LG thing, because she's just another another girl using baby objects as a fucking aesthetic to fit her sick sexual fantasies. What the actual fuck??
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