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  1. icehalo added a post in a topic simply_kenna   

    How she manages to constantly make worse and worse content is beyond me... Sure, throw in some haul/monthly favorite videos or these quiz videos every now and then, but where the hell is the actual creative content?  There has been none in a long time.  Brainstorming interesting and challenging ideas for YouTube videos would be so much fun to me. After all, I've had a normal job, so... I'd appreciate the opportunity.
    I mean, if you were ignoring her now-mediocre YouTube, saying a "hallelujah" for the deceased Twitter account, and overlooking her asshole personality, you could generally rely on Kenna to have an aesthetically pleasing Instagram feed, but she has finally ruined that, too.  I don't follow Lunestelle, but even just a quick glance at her IG shows how much better she is at the "autumn" or "pixie fairy good vibes" aesthetics now.  
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  2. icehalo added a post in a topic simply_kenna   

    If there is one joke I don't want to forget from 2017, it's this "neutral" emotion goldmine.  
    "You guiiiise, stop hating.  She was NEUTRAL excited about Peter Pan winking at her.  She is feeling excitement, but because someone [likely an 8-year-old girl] theoretically may have felt more excited than Kenna did in this situation, she is neutral excited, you see?  You know?"  Do they not see the inherent contradictions?
    Bitch, I've been called "emotionally unreactive" (wtf) to my face, but it's not because I lack emotions; I'm just a private and introverted person who usually does not express or share my emotions openly.  You could even say I appear NEUTRAL.  But I'm not.  I'm just not showing my emotions on my face or through body language or my tone of voice (unlike the screaming, giddy Kenna).
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  3. icehalo added a post in a topic simply_kenna   

    I decided to finally watch her latest video because I am a tool, and I have 2 serious questions:
    1)  Can you really consider yourself "original" if everything you buy is from Michael's craft store?  (Don't get me wrong; I also like Michael's, but I wouldn't be surprised if a million other people also had the same items in their homes...)
    2)  How can someone who considers herself to be so creative have the least creative word choices at all times?
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  4. icehalo added a post in a topic simply_kenna   

    Kenna is confused. She doesn't lack emotions.  She lacks perspective--on anything.  She keeps herself so sheltered in her Disneyland/anime binge-watching bubble with very little exposure to anyone other than apparently ice-skating children that inevitably her world is ME-ME-ME with no insight or compassion or empathy for any other walk of life.
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  5. icehalo added a post in a topic simply_kenna   

    i guess I'm just old, but I don't understand why almost every one of Kenna's IG fans talks like this:  "omg bb kenna u r the best, u r my spirit animal, I never felt joy in my life b4 this post. i hope to god one day i can be as spoopy as u, ily so much. plz film a video of u watching anime all day. i'd def watch that bc u inspire me 2 be a better person."
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  6. icehalo added a post in a topic simply_kenna   

    She's out of her effing mind if she thinks she can adopt and raise a kid--unless she makes some MAJOR personality, priority, and lifestyle changes by age 29. I am 27 (am I too old to be here? lol) and I have an almost 7-month-old baby girl. Shit, I thought I was a good person before; having a kid makes you realize actually how selfish you were. I am someone who is nurturing, in a good position to care for a child, and really wanted a child to pour myself into, and I still have struggled with learning to put away my own interests and desires in order to give my baby the care she needs. I can't imagine someone as immature, self-centered, aesthetic-obsessed (guess what, that baby's gonna literally poop or spit up on your aesthetic), living paycheck to paycheck, etc. as Kenna taking care of a child. My baby has a rare condition and thus is "special needs," but damn, she is happy and sweet and nothing like Kenna THANK THE LORD JEZUZ HALLELUJAH. 
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  7. icehalo added a post in a topic simply_kenna   

    Just like the Kenna's "I'm an Olympics-level ice skater [after 1 week of skating]" BS annoys ice skaters and "I'm an original artist [except I plagiarize]" BS annoys artists on this forum, Kenna's "I'm a poet" BS annoys me. My undergraduate degree was in writing; at the time, I was a college-level writing tutor, and I was the editor of a literary magazine. My scholarly work has been published in a text book on writing. Ideally I'd be a recognized poet one day, but reality is I'm probably not that good at it, and I need to make money. Hence, I am a writer for a law firm. I understand that it is difficult to hear even constructive criticism of your work--I didn't even like receiving negative feedback in legal writing, which is way less personal to me than my poetry--but that's the risk anyone takes when presenting their works to the public (or an employer). If she can't handle a few anonymous Instagram comments offering criticism, how the hell would she handle actual feedback (whether in the form of an editor's response, Amazon reviews, etc.)?  The frustrating thing is knowing that she probably would make some money--not because her poetry is at all unique and enjoyable, but because she has a "pretty face" and hence fans who will blindly support her in any way. Hell, she could make a poop Emoji out of brown clay (well, let's get real--she'd buy white clay from Michael's Craft Store and then paint it brown for some reason) topped with sprinkle-looking pieces of tape (from Michael's Craft Store) and call it a symbol of aro-ace friend-zoning the world, and she'd still make money from it. 
    Damn, if only I was prettier and more self-centered, I could be a YouTube Poet, too!
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  8. icehalo added a post in a topic simply_kenna   

    I think it's fine for her to be over the top excited about her vacation, and I think if she wanted to go to Disney and Starbucks instead of totally unique places in Japan, that's her choice (personally think it is a waste).  The real issue IMO is that, unlike her heavily edited photos, she has NO filter for her thoughts, and she is constantly making hypocritical, often offensive statements and then backpedaling when people don't take her BS.  [I can imagine her smugly talking about having no filter as a good thing, but if she worships Japanese people so much, then she could take a lesson or two from their social norm of constant filtering, from my limited understanding.]  She is allowed to think that Japan is actually better than the U.S. and that Americans are ugly and that their loud complaints on the phone are annoying--she can think whatever the hell she wants--but for the love of Career Sustainability, don't SAY those things.  For someone who thinks she is INTJ and Sherlock Holmes and whoever else, she rarely thinks before she speaks. 
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  9. icehalo added a post in a topic simply_kenna   

    Yeah, if it's a "joke" that pretty much no one gets, then that should tell you something...
    I just cannot get over how badly she handles these situations and the dumb things she says that get her into trouble in the first place.  She desperately needs an agency or some kind of PR because she has serious "foot in mouth disease."  The only "smart" thing she's done is not reactivate her Twitter.  I would call her Icarus for flying too close to the sun because of her own damn hubris, but with her record of trying to claim every character is her, she'd probably say, "oMG, I am totally the first and only Icarus and that's pretty neat because he has like wings and was basically a rebel, and people like Daedalus need to EFFING let me live my LIFE and enjoy a CounTRy desu, and also daedalus is ugly."
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  10. icehalo added a post in a topic simply_kenna   

    When I first saw the ears, I thought, "Please God, no, don't ruin my beloved Hobbit/LotR for me," so I was very relieved when in the comments of her IG she stated the ears were for a Peter Pan costume.  For someone who cares so much about her aesthetic, I felt her heavily applied "autumn elf" aesthetic clashed with the content of the video.  Sure, play it up for some super autumn-themed videos like the lookbook, DIY, and makeup tutorial we get every season, but IMO it would've been more aesthetically pleasing to tone it down for this very functional video.
    Although I thought the 9/11 comment was a bit odd (and yes I'm an American), I don't think it's actually that out of line with the rest of the content considering how anxious (or "paranoid," using her own word choice) this travel journal made her seem.  Maybe a lot of people do make such extensive travel journals and crammed itineraries? but seemed a bit overkill to me.  I like to make lists and do some planning, but damn, don't forget to enjoy the moment...
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  11. icehalo added a post in a topic simply_kenna   

    ^^^ Can someone please explain to me why the "triggered" bit was so offensive?  I thought it was uncharacteristically funny for Kenna...  I know it is a word often used online in relation to mental illnesses like anorexia, which are not funny, but I guess I've never solely associated that word with those issues.  To me, it is not on par with, say, a racial slur or when Kenna used the "R" word (which was once clinical, now derogatory).  A racial slur such as the "N" word was once used maliciously and now is reclaimed by the community for empowerment, and same goes for the "R" word now.  The word "triggered" to me does not belong to any one community; it is not a noun describing a type of person.  I don't think anyone negatively characterizes people suffering from mental illnesses as wholly "triggered."  It is a verb describing a sensation.  When my dog is barking nonstop because a person walked in front of my house, I think it is reasonable to say he triggers a bit of rage in me.
    But maybe I'm missing something, so I'd appreciate the education.
    It almost seems like people are now going to start demanding Kenna apologize for every single thing possible, like "Hey, I am a person with freckles, and it offends me that you paint fake freckles on your face.  APOLOGIZE TO ALL FRECKLED PEOPLE."  While you may not like her choice of wearing fake freckles for various reasons, I do not think it is offensive, perhaps just annoying.
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  12. icehalo added a post in a topic simply_kenna   

    Well, on her latest Instagram post, she claims in the comments that she will be posting another apology video that she hopes people can be proud of.  It will be interesting to see how that unfolds.  Maybe she will take into account many of the things that have been said here (e.g., don't put in sappy music, don't focus on aesthetics, specifically and clearly address each of the wrongdoings, don't make excuses for yourself, don't use self-victimizing rhetoric, etc.).
    I don't know why I am still hoping she will learn and grow from this experience and ACTUALLY be a better person (and not just appear to be better for the sake of $$$)?  
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  13. icehalo added a post in a topic simply_kenna   

    I want to give her credit for trying to provide a public apology because I want her to learn and grow and succeed, but this???  WHAT?
    "I hope you'll hear these words
    I hope they mean something"
    Good God, I hope they mean something, too; that's what words usually do. This poem is the definition of meaninglessness. A theatrical, scripted "apology" that still contains self-victimizing rhetoric by which she essentially blames her audience for discovering her mistakes and being angry when she 1) first avoids admitting any mistake, 2) attacks anyone who comments anything remotely dissatisfying to her, 3) disables all the comments with very little and delayed explanation, etc.?  She basically said all of her mistakes were because of "others' assumptions" and their failure to listen rather than, I don't know, her own actions and statements.  Making her apology "aesthetic" was the worst thing she could have done; it just emphasizes how much she cares about how things look rather than any substance.
    "Am I human or a monster? Or am I just a living thing?"  Um, humans and monsters are also living things, and humans and monsters are not necessarily a dichotomy of good vs. evil, so that doesn't really work...  All of your viewers are living, too, not to mention the artists who have not been credited appropriately...  Being alive and/or human is not an excuse for bad choices.
    The witch reference was in bad taste.  Maybe she should have said, "Now I know what it's like to be / a Buddhist offended at the sight of pottery / I once had in the backdrop of my show / and I told everyone to just let it go."
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  14. icehalo added a post in a topic simply_kenna   

    I had been wondering about this because they had said they've been friends since birth because their moms were friends. If you've been friends with someone that long, and your family members are friends as well, I imagine it'd be difficult to end that friendship even though you may be going in different directions. You may feel a sense of obligation to them, even though under different circumstance you would've not been friends anymore.
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  15. icehalo added a post in a topic simply_kenna   

    I'm sure some people are being negative just for the drama, but I think some people are also just pushed over the edge because they liked Kenna and can't believe what has unfolded.  I've been following this thread since the beginning; even though I liked Kenna and her content, I thought it was interesting to see others' perspectives.  Even when I realized how immature she can be via her Twitter, I thought, "Well, I'm sure some people would find me annoying if I was a YouTuber.  No one's perfect.  I'll just watch the content of hers that I enjoy and ignore the rest."  I was willing to overlook a lot of "problematic" things she had said because I thought she would grow from it, but the current situation is the breaking point.  I think that's one reason why people aren't holding back anymore (although I'm not saying it's beneficial to criticize her appearance, etc.).
    Kenna is a lesson in what NOT to do if you are ever going to pursue being a YouTuber/social media influencer.  Kenna so-called "accidentally" plagiarizes a piece of art.  Because she has been caught, she gives a very lame apology (especially in the beginning where she wrote "Katie Greff I believe?" - omFg), one that is rife with self-victimizing rhetoric.  Then further evidence is discovered showing that either her photos or videos displaying pieces of art/tattoos, with sources undisclosed (except the occasional useless citation to Tumblr) and with direct comments from Kenna stating things like "I am the artist," are identical or nearly identical to art easily found through Google search.  It is thus revealed that she is not as "original" and "unique" as she portrays herself but actually is the ultimate copycat.  This fact is made even worse by her previous witch hunt of other girls who she thought copied her.  Instead of providing a sincere apology and using this as an opportunity to be the better person/be humble/show her fans how much she respects them/create a more positive online community, she acts rude and defensive, shuts down and pushes out her fans in YouTube/IG comments just to avoid a lesser number of critical comments, destroys Twitter because she can't control the comments, and continues to act like the victim who never did anything wrong.
    In the midst of all of this, she then has the audacity to publish a video using music for which she did not ask permission until AFTER the fact she already published the video and then--lo and behold--wasn't getting that $$$, so expects the musician to just give her the music because she is uwu kawaii desu with 800k subscribers.  In other words, she would have happily used stolen music indefinitely if she wasn't prevented from raking in that cash.
    How?  HOW??????  How can someone be so opposite of everything they preach?  And how can other content creators stand up for her?  
    The crazy thing is she could still 100% come back from this, with even disappointed and disillusioned audience members like me, if she actually took responsibility for her actions, made the appropriate SINCERE apologies after spending some serious time in self-reflection, and changed the way she interacts with her "haterzzzz."
    Here's my poem for her; plz don't plagiarize it, Kenna
    "Always, always, always I wonder
    Am I someone you could write stories about?"
    My dear,
    You are asking the wrong question;
    Not every story is written
    In favor of the subject
    You should be asking,
    "What can I do to be a better person?
    Am I doing the right thing?
    Does this help others?"
    Even a poet knows
    Words are meaningless
    Without action
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