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  1. icehalo added a post in a topic simply_kenna [Thread 2]   

    What is she on about?  Yeah, each of us are better or worse at some things than other people. Each of us has strengths and weaknesses.  Newsflash.  Groundbreaking.
    This seems so pointless.  I guess when you have nothing better to do than dress up for Disneyland, this is what happens to your brain...
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  2. icehalo added a post in a topic simply_kenna [Thread 2]   

  3. icehalo added a post in a topic simply_kenna [Thread 2]   

    Unless Grace was held back, I don't see how.  I had to move between states during high school after 9th grade; in my first state, you took biology in 10th grade, but in my second state, you took biology in 9th grade.  So I ended up being a sophomore in a freshman class.  Even then, I would've only been like 1 year older than the other kids.  Some classes can have a mixture of grade levels, but I don't think basic biology is one of them.  
    Seeing some of you call her a "fake" fan for ice skating, it reminded me of one of her earlier videos where she said something like, "A lot of people think I'm fake, but XXX."  The funny thing is that you would think with almost everyone thinking she is 'fake' about her interests, she might do some self-reflection, ask herself why, ask her friends why, come to a realization about it, and try changing her behavior.  Sure, sometimes people think and say incorrect things about us; when I was still in high school, someone I knew started a mean and untrue rumor about me.  Shit like that happens.  However, that was ONE person; most of the other people I encountered would have a generally positive or neutral impression of me.  If a LOT of people have an impression of you that you are fake, maybe that should tell you something about your behavior.  I'm a quiet person; some people interpret that as shy (positive), some as antisocial (negative).  If in addition to being quiet I was also rude, and more people began to describe me as "antisocial," I'd have to take a hard look at myself and acknowledge, hey, I am not being that nice of a person, so it makes sense that people think negatively of me.  Then I'd have to make a choice about my behavior. 
    Why do you think people think you are so fake, Kenna?  I'd love to hear you think that out...
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  4. icehalo added a post in a topic simply_kenna [Thread 2]   

    This is not significant, but: Kenna, please stop writing dumb middle-school odes to coffee, which, by the way, I don't think you actually like that much.  Considering the amount of sugar you have told your viewers you add to coffee (why, Kenna?  To make it palatable?  Because you hate the way coffee tastes??), maybe stop pretending you love coffee so much and just admit you are like any average person who will only drink coffee if it tastes like a Starbucks frappuccino.
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  5. icehalo added a post in a topic simply_kenna [Thread 2]   

    Even then, I always thought she finally admitted she abandoned minimalism because she was backed into a corner, so to speak, just like when she finally made her apology video.  She didn't address it for a long time, probably because it helps get more views when people are looking up "minimalism" and stumbling upon her channel, and it was something positive with which she was associated.  I think only after a lot of people in the comments were like "But wait a second..." and pushing her to talk about it, she was finally like, "GoD!!!! PeopLe ChAnGe!!!"  Classic Kendra.
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  6. icehalo added a post in a topic simply_kenna [Thread 2]   

    Yeah, my baby has hypotonia (low muscle tone) & mobility issues, and when we hold her in standing position, she tends to turn at least one of her feet more inward.  She does this in sitting, too, and her physical therapist has emphasized that we always need to correct her position so that her foot is either pointing straight or slightly outward, but never inward.
    Why the actual f*** a grown woman with no physical disability is purposely turning her toes inward is beyond me...  It's just another dumb thing she chooses to do I guess.  
    I'm sad she is trying to ruin BB8 for the rest of us.   
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  7. icehalo added a post in a topic simply_kenna [Thread 2]   

    Most people go to college or trade school or get some type of job that requires going to a location, working with other people, etc.  Through these experiences, they learn more about themselves and how to interact with others effectively, build their skill set and hone their talent(s), and experience criticism and failure but grow from it.  They become a contributing member of society in some small way, and they develop a positive sense of self over time.
    I can't help but think: Damn, Kenna just walks circles around Disneyland all day and watches anime in her bed all night while eating garbage and wearing a full face of badly done makeup.  For her "job" (aka Instagram and occasional now-shitty sponsored YouTube videos), she applies filters and edits the hell out of her image, responds rudely to comments, and makes semi-frequent posts about how she is a victim because she does bad things (or doesn't do the things she says she will do, like fan-requested videos or publish a poetry book) and then people say, more or less, that they don't like what she did (or what she failed to do).
    It's really sad.  Please, Kenna, don't be as delusional as some of your 10-year-old fans who think you could just waltz into Japan and become a model because you have successfully warped your face on a digital platform into a white-washing Koreaboo's dream.  Even just starting small with 1 class or a part-time job (preferably NOT at Disneyland) would be beneficial.
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  8. icehalo added a post in a topic simply_kenna [Thread 2]   

    I remember when she first mentioned she was going to be in that music video.  I thought that was going to be 'the beginning' of her career blossoming, like she was going to start having a ton of creative opportunities and take an interesting route by not going to college & getting a traditional job yet still becoming successful in her own way.
    but NOPE.
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  9. icehalo added a post in a topic simply_kenna [Thread 2]   

    Why does she make her face so fake-pale with that app???  WHY?  To me, it really screams "I hate myself and my skin color."  That's the only way I would put so much effort into changing the way my skin looks color-wise, whether with products, strict avoidance of the sun, or apps.  Maybe it's similar to wanting to be tan--I wouldn't know, I think trying to get a tan is very boring--but it seems a lot better to just accept your skin for whatever shade it naturally is and put your effort into taking good care of your skin (e.g., drinking lots of water, eating healthy, getting a little sun for vitamin D but also wearing sunscreen, having a nice skincare routine).
    I also thought that Disney patch of hers had a Hitler mustache... 
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  10. icehalo added a post in a topic simply_kenna [Thread 2]   

    I wonder if she ever feels bad about that?  I know that if I say I'm going to do something, whether it be personal or professional, I would feel really bad if I didn't follow through and deliver, even if it is a project I don't like doing.  It's understandable sometimes--we are all late or fail at some point--but when you continually fail to meet the deadline (and hers are self-imposed, so... c'mon) whilst having zero responsibilities in any other way, I just don't see how you wouldn't feel really bad about yourself.  Yet I get the impression she doesn't care because, somehow, she is able to deliver the sponsored content on time... and if it's not sponsored content, she never delivers on time and we know she's just going to Disneyland, playing Breath of the Wild, ruining her friend's hair, or watching anime. 
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  11. icehalo added a post in a topic simply_kenna [Thread 2]   

    Kenna's behavior reminds me of this bizarre person my husband and I met at an event once.  We were having lunch, and the man said he was allergic to chocolate.  My husband said, "Ah, that's too bad."  The man flipped out and very vehemently repeated, "NO!  It's GREAT!  It's ACTUALLY gReAt!  I LOVE being allergic to chocolate."  [The only difference was I didn't see this man's Instagram story later saying, "goD, u guyz don't unDerStAnD my HuMoUR!!!!!" in an effort to backpedal after fans criticized his defensiveness...]
    Why does she want to be like this?  In the beginning, even if it was all fake, it seemed like she was trying to become a better person (e.g., learning about Buddhism, promoting cruelty-free lifestyle, discussing the value of minimalism, etc.).  Now it's like she actively wants to prove she can become the shittiest person (except she confuses being shitty with being an interesting "villain").  
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  12. icehalo added a post in a topic @bonjourmoon | kerrie moon   

    My issue with this kind of rhetoric is not so much that Kerrie writes about how she is going to miss this fleeting moment; I have felt the same way many times with my ~ 10-month-old daughter.  For the first couple of months, every time my baby sneezed she said, "Aroooo!" in a tiny voice.  She had little hairs on the back of her ears like a hobbit.  She had an Epstein pearl under her tongue.  She always wanted to be held a certain way.  She looked so different than she does now.  I cherish all of these odd details, and they are gone forever after such a short time span.  The hair and Epstein pearl disappeared, she stopped sneezing "aroooo," etc.  Sure, now there are many more things to cherish, and there will continue to be, but that doesn't mean we can't cherish the minute details that are special to us as mothers.
    That said, I find the rhetoric employed by Kerrie and other mommy bloggers to be quite frustrating because they almost only focus on the positive in a dramatized way and never truly the negative.  Even if they speak in passing about the "sleepless nights," they do so romantically.  I promise you that it is NOT romantic.  I will not miss never sleeping a full night's sleep, or my baby crying inconsolably, or her throwing up all the time (bad reflux), or the smell of milk everywhere, or the gross parts of pregnancy (yes, I said GROSS -- not some empowering goddess BS).  I get that Kerrie is probably just trying to present her "highlight reel" like everyone else, but I personally find it a little damaging to the presentation of motherhood when people are not realistic about its good AND bad aspects.  These sort of posts are always a little more fiction than nonfiction IMO... trying to recreate our narrative to sound better than sometimes it honestly is.
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  13. icehalo added a post in a topic Lunestelle   

    It seems Kenna and now Lunestelle (and I'm sure many others of this niche) are following a certain recipe.  First, you present yourself as sweet, caring, environmentally friendly, cruelty free, spiritual and a little shy.  You keep a distance between yourself and your small number of viewers, which keeps your persona better intact and makes you seem more appealing in an unrealistic way to your audience, which sees themselves as very "normal" and not "fairy-like" enough.  As you garner more subscribers and "fans," you feel emboldened to lash out a bit more at any hint of criticism because you now have enough dedicated fans to back you up.  The original persona begins to melt a little bit, but most viewers are willing to overlook this because they want to believe in the allure of this character that they in some way aspire to be.  Gradually, the numbers (and maybe sponsorships) begin to go to your head, and the inconsistencies in your words and behaviors become more apparent to more viewers.  The viewers become confused, start to question you.  What once was 'sweet' is now actually 'passive-aggressive.'  "Try being kind, fam.  I don't care what you think, hun.  Words don't hurt me, love.  Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, bitch sweetie."  The more questions being asked, the more excuses you give.  "I'm just human. Don't bring that toxicity to my totally public page!  No one should ever be negative ever!  No one should criticize anything because it might hurt someone's feelings!"  (e.g., Don't criticize the parent for abusing his/her child; you might hurt the parent's feelings!!!!  You don't know what that parent is going through!!! They're only human!!!! i.e., criticism is sometimes a means to a positive outcome...)  Eventually, the original persona can no longer be maintained, and changes must be made under the guise of either "Everyone grows and changes, god!!!!" or "You guys act like you know me just cuz you view my content BuT U DoN'T!!!!" (see:  Kenna changing into the "I'm the salty villain" persona because it became very clear she was either never or no longer that sweet, caring, peace-loving Buddhist fairy.)  
    Lunestelle hasn't totally reached the point that Kenna has (e.g., she has actually said "I'm sorry about XXX" instead of totally blaming the viewers "I'm sorry you feel that way"), but hopefully she can reconsider some choices before she ends up there.  I was someone who would've defended her back when Kenna was harassing her about the copying.  I didn't care for the "Sweet baby fae" commentary because that's not my thing, and I personally don't trust anyone who presents themselves in a very sugary-sweet manner, but I just chose not to read her captions too much and instead admired the photos from time to time.  She seemed harmless, just a girl trying to make an appealing image of herself online like so many of us do. 
    I think it would be good for her to really think about what she is trying to achieve online with her presentation of herself, or else she might end up digging herself a hole she can't get out of like Kenna, who has become such a self-centered asshole that it is really hard to imagine her ever coming back from that to her initial "sweet Buddhist fairy" persona.
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  14. icehalo added a post in a topic simply_kenna [Thread 2]   

    It's amazing how she turns everything into "me me me" and is never, ever humble and only made an appreciative post of her fans that one time after PULL criticized her for never doing that.  She could've mentioned how great her teammates were, highlighting their contributions and not just hers, and how she enjoyed the camaraderie or spending time with her sister.  She could've been more humble instead of "yeah I'm practically a genius on Sherlock Holmes-level; without me, no one can solve these puzzles" (jk, I doubt she knows how to use a semicolon -- keep your eyes out for her future attempt to use one based on this post).  She could've interacted more directly with her fans, such as, "Hey, if you've been wanting to try an escape room but are anxious about it, I understand, but just give yourself a chance.  Don't let anxiety hold you back from trying new things."
    Also, you're not a rare, out-of-this-world gem for playing video games JFC.  Many females play video games.  Many older people play video games, and they don't self-identify as 8-year-olds.  Playing video games is the main hobby my husband and I like to share together.  As much as I hate that she is going to ruin this new niche (unless she totally surprises me with interesting, original video game DIYs, lookbooks and makeup tutorials), I'm sure it will be hilariously entertaining for those of us who don't only play Zelda because he looks like an uwu prepubescent/feminine desu boiii.  
    Edit:  Also, just looked at her older sister's IG, and it's so nice to see how fun, free-spirited, and unscripted she seems. 
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  15. icehalo added a post in a topic simply_kenna [Thread 2]   

    Maybe her "bored" expression was her trying to be "sultry" like the music?  I have no clue.  
    I didn't dislike all of the outfits, just some, and especially her presentation.  I'm not going to bother looking around the yesstyle website, but it occurred to me that maybe some of those shapeless dresses are from the kids' section?  I am smol (sorry, Kenna, not unique) at 5'1" and I sometimes buy in the kids' section because my measurements are the equivalent of like the 12-14 year old size some stores carry like Zara.  The advantages of this is A) the price is cheaper than a women's dress and B) the length of the dress might actually be good for me.  However, the disadvantage is a kids' dress is inevitably "boxy" or "shapeless."  This is OK if you can find a more mature-looking dress and you want to hide your shape, maybe for work, but otherwise it's not that great.  It can really make you look much wider than you are (unless you style it with a waist-cinching belt or something).  It wouldn't surprise me if Kenna did get some of those dresses from the kids' section and, of course, is very proud of that sMoLness (despite its unattractive aspects).
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