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  1. icehalo added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna [Thread 3]   

    People at my law firm have been fired simply for showing up late a few times.  My employer was displeased by the tardiness, but it was NOT my employer's job to "communicate why and how it can be solved."  The solution:  don't be fucking late to work without good reason.  If you can't figure that out on your own, then you deserve to be fired for your incompetence.  That's the real world, fam.  
    I wonder what would happen if tomorrow ALL of Kenna's viewers decided they were no longer going to view any of her content anymore.  No more views --> no more money.  Would she still say, "Oh well, I am just a human and I happen to be documenting my life and things I enjoy for the world to see"?  Or would she say "Oh shiiiittt.... I have no prospects for anything but a basic minimum-wage job; YouTube/Instagram is all I have, how do I get the views back?"  (Hint:  Making videos with content that you viewers ask for and appreciate because they, more or less, function as your  "employer...")
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  2. icehalo added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna [Thread 3]   

    I have to give it to her:  Kenna is pretty good at manipulating her audience to feel sorry for her.  Hell, even I felt sorry for her because I know that if I was posting photos of myself online and people were talking about how ugly or stupid I was or other generally pointless mean comments, I would feel bad, too.  (Hence, I am not a public persona because I, unlike Kenna apparently, know that it would be stressful to me and thus chose a different career.)  Obviously, she conflates her hate/troll comments (e.g. "kill yourself") from pathetic, bored, and/or insecure people with legitimate criticism, often from people who enjoyed some of her content, so that makes it more difficult to continue to empathize with her.
    What Kenna is NOT good at, is handling her PR problems.  For some reason, she thinks making these posts will... solve her problems?  For some reason, she thinks an apology video means she can never do any wrong again?  Unfortunately, if you have a public persona on the Internet, then at some point that public persona is going to be criticized, made fun of, or straight-up trolled.  No "end game" poetry is going to solve that problem.  You cannot control what is said on the Internet; you can control how you react to it.  Instead of wasting your time deleting comments and blocking people, it would be much better to ignore those comments, let your fans deal with them if they wish, and instead focus on 1) appreciating the praise from your fans and cultivating an interactive, positive fan base; 2) working on interesting, creative content; and 3) finding the joy in your day-to-day life, especially if you are lucky enough to travel to another country for a month...  
    Let's say Kenna stops deleting comments and blocking people, and suddenly the comment sections of her posts are littered with "hate" comments.  Let's say she stops making self-victimizing, woe-is-me posts (but also, chill fam, I ain't got eggshell skin like the rest of the world because SuperiorTM).  Guess what?  She will look even better at least in the eyes of her main subscriber base.  Why?  Because it will look like she "rose above the haters" by not engaging with them AND continuing to make the content they enjoy.  Wow, revelatory...
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  3. icehalo added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna [Thread 3]   

    "nah too toxic."
    I think what she really meant is:  "That would be too difficult because the majority of the criticism regarding my past and current actions is simply_valid, and I would fail to construct an argument that would rationally disprove every claim against me.  Hence, I would prefer to pull the 'that's toxic' card, as it is generally viewed as an acceptable scapegoat by the masses on social media."***
    ***taken the liberty of using my own vocabulary; please note that this is NOT a reflection of Kenna's vocabulary skills, fam.  Hi hi, hello, and a thank you.

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  4. icehalo added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna [Thread 3]   

    So she's been to Starbucks (but didn't even seem to order one of the uniquely for-Japan items); Claire's (that one killed me lmfao); a burrito place (much Japanese); a pizza place (for normal pizza, not even a uniquely Japanese-take on pizza like that which I saw on a food documentary); and cafes where she can get Western-style pancakes and milk...
    I can only pray [sorry, she's Atheist amirite]* hope that she goes to Forever 21 next.  
    Also on the post above showing her commenting on Marzia's "warehouse" photo, I saw Felix's IG stories about that warehouse and it looked really cool.  If Kenna really went there, why hasn't she posted a single pic (or at least an IG story of if it doesn't match her feed enough)?  I mean, that place seemed really unique.
    *not making fun of actual atheists, just Kenna's response
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  5. icehalo added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna [Thread 3]   

    @kamineko hope you don't mind me joining the haiku train... just for fun.  Forgive me, Richard Wright.
    ~*~ my jOuRneY abRoaD ~*~
    hi hi hello yes
    TSA, can't pass the test
    aro-ace? your guess!
    a simmering cup
    oh? it's not japanese tea
    just starbucks for me!
    sensei mckenna 
    nihongo, duolingo
    that's me bilingualTM
    icehalo est. 1990 // the kawaii life
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  6. icehalo added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna [Thread 3]   

    At this point I think Kenna must either like having 'drama' around her all the time from which she must ~*~ defend ~*~ herself because she is the hero I mean villain of her own story (see: her stupid poem about it); she is actually just unintelligent; OR she doesn't think before she speaks (despite her emphasis on being Miss INTJ), is intelligent enough to realize her contradictions when viewers point them out to her, but is way too insecure about ever being "wrong" that she must be overly defensive at all costs rather than admit she made a mistake.
    She chose to present herself as vegetarian, Buddhist, minimalist, moving toward cruelty-free, etc. She chose to bring up her trust fund, to say she lives "paycheck to paycheck" in the Peter Monn video comment so that she could monetize her apology video, etc.  She chose to endlessly change her 'aesthetic' and fry her hair and filter her face into oblivion. She chose to emphasize how aro-ace, smol and pale but also POC she is. She chooses to do all of these things PUBLICLY.  And she's surprised when people question her on these matters?  And it's all "I never said that, I don't recall saying that"?  Really?  It's the fucking Internet, and the Internet remembers.  You're either attention-hungry, dumb, or too proud and egocentric to admit your faults and learn from them.
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  7. icehalo added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna [Thread 3]   

    I just don't understand how she is in so much denial... of EVERYTHING. I don't understand how she can possibly enjoy living her life constantly trying to defend herself because she thinks even the slightest hint of dissent/disagreement/criticism in a comment is an "insult" worth "standing up against," as if she's undergoing some noble crusade.  She acts like she is a POC and someone just said the N-word to her, or she has a disability and someone told her disability makes her worthless--she reacts to it like it's THAT level of hurtfulness and immorality, all while claiming she is "rational" and "mature" (and, of course, ~*~ neutral emotionz ~*~ so "chill, fam").  whAt???  No, you fool, out of the hundreds of ass-kissing comments, someone just questioned your god damn height, the health of your hair post-bleaching, the unnatural skin tone and shape of your face because of the filters you apply, or your increasing lack of YouTube content.
    She acts like she thinks she's some kind of misunderstood genius, with a highly intelligent version of humor, but in reality she barely graduated high school and brags about a shitty 1-paragraph "essay" she wrote back in the day ("lulz I want to watch Netflix"); writes like a middle schooler ("i am deep, you see; therefore, i drink coffee"); and makes "jokes" like a middle schooler ("no, UR face looks like a halloween mask!!!").  She apparently hasn't learned anything other than how to fake an apology and monetize it because she continues to do everything she was supposed to have learned not to do...
    Please, find some self-awareness in Japan.
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  8. icehalo added a post in a topic simply_kenna [Thread 2]   

    This thread is quickly becoming fodder for my nightmares lol.
    KENNA, IT'S.    TIME.   TO.   STOP. 
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  9. icehalo added a post in a topic simply_kenna [Thread 2]   

    I agree that her post can be relateable, as many people go through the stress of not really knowing if they're doing the "right" thing with their life, going in the "right" direction, whatever that may mean to each individual.  Speaking as someone who's on the other side of that now, it's totally understandable and normal to feel that way.  (Sorry if you thought these feelings were unique, Kenna.)
    However, I can muster only a few pity points for Kenna, the braggadocious, "I don't listen to anyone about [writing, art, etc.] because it will change my StYLe and I must maintain my delusion of being UnIQuE at the cost of actually improving upon anything."  I can't blame her for how she feels because when I was her age, I, too, was more privileged than average and only responsible for myself, and I think this leads to a very narrow world lens through which to see your life.  Your 'problems' feel worse than they are because you don't know any better.  You may be familiar with the tough ideas of poverty, discrimination, terminal illness, etc., but it doesn't really mean anything to you because you are truly unaffected by it.  Now that I have entered the unseen, often heartbreaking world of "special needs" with my child, and learned so much more about what other families go through in this regard, in retrospect I can see how naive, how foolish I was to have worried about all the things I worried about, how trivial my 'problems' actually were.  I would be surprised if Kenna's presentation and personality vastly improved without having something "big" happen in order to change her perspective.  As long as she's in her familiar bubble, with her echo chamber of friends and fans not confronting her... well, you see how that goes.
    I also can barely feel sorry for her because many people continue through college and/or work even when they become unsure if they will enjoy that career path--why?  because they have to, because they are responsible.  Going to Disneyland regularly, taking ice skating lessons, paying for lengthy trips abroad, making 2-minute lookbooks and Q&As talking about things you like to talk about--NOT THE SAME, NOT EVEN CLOSE.
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  10. icehalo added a post in a topic simply_kenna [Thread 2]   

    I can only hope for a new post where she creatively victimizes herself for being flexible.  "In high school, it was really hard for aro-ace me because all the boys would bring me flowers on Valentine's Day and tell me how flexible I am.  All the gym teachers said I was so flexible that I could be an Olympic-level gymnast, and it was a lot of pressure on me that I didn't ask for!  They made me stand out in the cold and write essays on responsibility flexibility when I just wanted to watch Netflix and eat sugar-covered peanut butter bagels!!!  I was just born flexible OK!!!  Be proud of being flexible even tho society tells you flexible people are as ROTTEN as PaLe PPL are CORPSE-like!!!  #flexibleasyuri #flexibledesune"
    Make sure to credit me for the idea, Kenna.
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  11. icehalo added a post in a topic simply_kenna [Thread 2]   

    "I'm in the Pale NationTM, but I'm also a POC.  I'm aro-ace, but I also obsess over boys with the prepubescent look as if I have romantic or sexual crushes on them.  I don't care what people think of me, but I constantly talk about what people think of me."
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  12. icehalo added a post in a topic simply_kenna [Thread 2]   

    What is she on about?  Yeah, each of us are better or worse at some things than other people. Each of us has strengths and weaknesses.  Newsflash.  Groundbreaking.
    This seems so pointless.  I guess when you have nothing better to do than dress up for Disneyland, this is what happens to your brain...
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  13. icehalo added a post in a topic simply_kenna [Thread 2]   

  14. icehalo added a post in a topic simply_kenna [Thread 2]   

    Unless Grace was held back, I don't see how.  I had to move between states during high school after 9th grade; in my first state, you took biology in 10th grade, but in my second state, you took biology in 9th grade.  So I ended up being a sophomore in a freshman class.  Even then, I would've only been like 1 year older than the other kids.  Some classes can have a mixture of grade levels, but I don't think basic biology is one of them.  
    Seeing some of you call her a "fake" fan for ice skating, it reminded me of one of her earlier videos where she said something like, "A lot of people think I'm fake, but XXX."  The funny thing is that you would think with almost everyone thinking she is 'fake' about her interests, she might do some self-reflection, ask herself why, ask her friends why, come to a realization about it, and try changing her behavior.  Sure, sometimes people think and say incorrect things about us; when I was still in high school, someone I knew started a mean and untrue rumor about me.  Shit like that happens.  However, that was ONE person; most of the other people I encountered would have a generally positive or neutral impression of me.  If a LOT of people have an impression of you that you are fake, maybe that should tell you something about your behavior.  I'm a quiet person; some people interpret that as shy (positive), some as antisocial (negative).  If in addition to being quiet I was also rude, and more people began to describe me as "antisocial," I'd have to take a hard look at myself and acknowledge, hey, I am not being that nice of a person, so it makes sense that people think negatively of me.  Then I'd have to make a choice about my behavior. 
    Why do you think people think you are so fake, Kenna?  I'd love to hear you think that out...
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  15. icehalo added a post in a topic simply_kenna [Thread 2]   

    This is not significant, but: Kenna, please stop writing dumb middle-school odes to coffee, which, by the way, I don't think you actually like that much.  Considering the amount of sugar you have told your viewers you add to coffee (why, Kenna?  To make it palatable?  Because you hate the way coffee tastes??), maybe stop pretending you love coffee so much and just admit you are like any average person who will only drink coffee if it tastes like a Starbucks frappuccino.
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