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  1. icehalo added a post in a topic @bonjourmoon | kerrie moon   

    Two cents from a mom:  To be fair, you can't always "follow the books" because they often provide conflicting information about what is "best" for a child's development.  Hell, I see a ton of specialists and therapists for my 9-month-old daughter, and even THEY end up giving me conflicting information because a physical therapist has different priorities for the child than the speech pathologist, etc.  Before you have kids, you think, "I would never do X and I will definitely do Z," but then you have kids and you're like oh shit, guess I was wrong.  I also think it's important to give someone the benefit of the doubt about their kids in areas like "playdates" because you never really know if there is something going on.  From an outsider's perspective, my baby at first glance looks pretty normal, but if you pay attention to her in a room full of other babies, you will notice she can't do what other babies do (her chromosome deletion causes developmental delay).  Aside from my social anxiety, it's very hard on me to take her to social events because everyone's babies seem to do things effortlessly (and I grieve for my baby's challenges), people seem to eye me out of their corner of their eyes, and sometimes I get comments that imply it must be my fault she fails to do things.  Maybe it shouldn't be about "me" as the mom, and my baby does come first (that's why I'm at those events in the first place), but I'm still a person, and it's still upsetting.
    So, I don't think bonjourmoon "not following the books" matters too much, and I wouldn't judge her for saying she doesn't keep playdates on the calendar.  There could be serious reasons why, or there could just be other things she does that allow her kids to socialize.  I don't think you can assume someone is a bad mom for these things, or because they seem immature "for a mom."  Believe me, I wish my daughter had a more fit mother than me, but I love her so much, and I hope my love can make up for all my failings.  I think bonjourmoon meant to express something like that.  [Sorry if this was too long of an explanation.]
    I promise I'm not WKing though lol.  Her run-on captions can be hard to take and remind me of Kendra being like "This is just my style so no I will never change my writing in any positive way," and her friendship with Kendra is bizarre, as it's hard to respect someone becoming friends with such a publicly awful person.
    Someone mentioned above that she doesn't seem to have trolls, but she does supposedly attract haters, as one of her posts is about how she has received so many 'hateful messages' who criticized the old 'dirty' grout in her bathroom, and that hurt her feelings (really??  sounds like something not to care about....).  I find it interesting that she is a self-proclaimed sensitive soul yet puts herself so much online.  Seems like a recipe for disaster.
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  2. icehalo added a post in a topic simply_kenna [Thread 2]   

    My guess is that because Kenna seems to have the mental age of a teenager and has seemingly made very little growth since that age (perhaps because her family/friends enable her, perhaps because she chose not to go to college or get a job that exposes her to people in the 'real world,' etc.), she may just see herself as "one of them," these kids.  I could see hanging out with some younger people who call you "mom" because you are like the mom, the adult who acts more like a chaperone, offers advice/guidance, always takes the mature route (e.g., ignoring the dumb sexual jokes teens make or otherwise discouraging 'bad behavior'), and otherwise tries to be a good example of an adult while humoring the kids a bit.  We know that Kenna is immature AF and would not really act as this "mom" (or "dad").  She's no role model (she loves to remind her subscribers of this when her behavior is being questioned, as if this justifies her actions).  So I'm hoping her interaction/focus on children/teens is JUST because she doesn't want to grow up and sees herself as still being this young, even though she's not, rather than some bizarre hebephilia situation.  (I may just be optimistic, despite her obvious shipping focus on prepubescent boy types.)
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  3. icehalo added a post in a topic simply_kenna [Thread 2]   

    I'm a "grown ass woman" with a child following McKendra... so I'm not going to fault bonjourmoon for that haha (although I'm not weirdly ass-kissing McKendra with pseudo-poetry and C'MON, you know Kenna can't cook for shit; that lunch box is going to be nasty).  I like following Kenna because A) it's entertaining and B) it's like a fascinating study in sociology/psychology/rhetoric.
    I think it's very amusing how Kenna presents herself as unique for being short, childish-looking, wearing clothes from the kids' section, etc.  GUESS WHAT, YOU GOON, THERE ARE MANY SHORT, PETITE PEOPLE IN THE WORLD.  I am one of them.  I look like a child, which can be really frustrating because people don't take me seriously even though I have a master's degree and had a professional job, which I have given up temporarily to take care of my 'special needs' (hate this term but don't know what else to use right now) baby.  I'm not a total asshole so I didn't do it, but I can guarantee that the the only reason I would've emphasized my petite stature/shopping in kids' clothes section [when I was an immature teen] was -- you guessed it -- to make myself feel better than other girls knowing that "smallness" is prized in society, as if being a "smol faerie" really means anything.  There is literally no other reason to bring it up UNLESS, as a small person, you are recommending to other small people, "Hey check out this store, they actually have pants that aren't too long for short people," etc.
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  4. icehalo added a post in a topic simply_kenna [Thread 2]   

    Oh my god, aside from the fact that "your mom" jokes are basically never funny to anyone with any degree of maturity, it's certainly not an example of amazingly dry, witty humor.  Actually, a "your mom" joke seems to be the epitome of the opposite of this dry, witty humor of which she believes herself to be the ultimate master.
    I'm pretty confident that if someone invented the perfect test to determine one's intelligence in all aspects (e.g. mental, social, emotional, etc.), and Kenna got a horrible score on this test, AND people with the best scores on this test informed her very politely that she appears to be one of the least intelligent, least humorous people alive, she would still be convinced that they were wrong, she is right, and the test just "didn't understand her humor" despite insurmountable evidence indicating otherwise.
    Her "joke" was shit.  Her "apology" was shit.  If she insists on presenting herself as this can't-touch-me, "I'm basically Sherlock Holmes INTJ IRL," "I have very dry, blunt, misunderstood humor," "my sister's nickname for me is Satan," etc. etc. --- if this is who she sees herself as and who she wants to present herself as (AKA an asshole), then she should just make a PSA that the previous Buddhist-faerie-peaceful-vegetarian BS persona she originally displayed was not real or at least is not real anymore and fully EMBRACE she is an asshole and never give half-assed apologies, etc.  I mean, at least you could give her the credit for no longer being a hypocrite, and everyone would actually know what to expect from her content instead of being constantly disappointed.
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  5. icehalo added a post in a topic simply_kenna [Thread 2]   

    I guess she's trying to be funny in that video, but I'm pretty sure nobody wants their nose to "look like they have a cold" and their eyes to "look like they've been crying."  (It's more likely that people would use makeup to hide those problems...)  If she had a history of being clever, then I would've considered this to be a bit of self-deprecating humor implying she knows how unattractive this makeup look is, but I still wouldn't understand why she would be promoting the look in the first place.  It would only make sense if the entire video was a parody of other makeup videos.
    RIP 2014-2015 Kenna, especially your hair.  
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  6. icehalo added a post in a topic simply_kenna [Thread 2]   

    Really?  I'm pretty sure anyone who looked at her and had a momentary thought about her would either be "Why is she wearing those Christmas pajamas when it's so hot outside" or "Why did she paint her face that way."
    I'm so perplexed.  I was originally attracted to Kenna's channel because I thought her makeup tutorials and lookbooks presented a cute style for everyday wear with easily accessible products/clothes.  Nothing extraordinary, but I wasn't looking for extraordinary; I was looking for simple, little ways to enhance my current features.  I thought she was good at that.  This evolution has been truly... transformative.
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  7. icehalo added a post in a topic simply_kenna [Thread 2]   

    I'm thinking that bonjourmoon person wrote such a comment because I recently started following her and noticed Kenna writes 'swooning' comments on her IG, and bonjourmoon seemingly responds to a lot of her comments in general (hence, responding to Kenna, too).  Kenna probably follows her because A) she has beautiful children and a romantic/vintage aesthetic, which of course Kenna plans to have by age 29 or whatever with her trust funded house and "easily" adopted kids, and B) she presents herself as a poet/writes 'poetic' captions.
    Who knows, maybe Kenna will start to plagiarize her, and a lot of her young fans probably wouldn't realize it because they probably don't follow older women with children.  :-P
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  8. icehalo added a post in a topic simply_kenna [Thread 2]   

    I don't think anyone is "bashing" Christmas because it is related to Christianity; people are just speculating on Kenna's Christmas #aesthetic like we do with every other aesthetic she displays because her whole channel is about aesthetics.  I think what you are really arguing about is semantics.  While your meaning of the word "Christmas" is Jesus's birth, for many people the meaning of the word "Christmas" is more like the original pagan holiday, which was having a celebration in the winter time to make the harsh winter more bearable (very generally speaking).  Maybe you would prefer the rest of us to stop using the word "Christmas" and start using some other word or phrase like "Super Fun Merry-making Festivities in the Winter," but just like people say "Bless you" when someone sneezes because it has become a polite habit (and NOT because they are actually talking about a religious blessing), people say the word "Christmas" because we have been raised our whole lives to refer to this holiday as "Christmas."
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  9. icehalo added a post in a topic simply_kenna [Thread 2]   

    Re: Christmas, I don't think it is inherently "weird" to be super excited about the Christmas season just because you are not Christian.  I grew up in an atheist household, but we still celebrated 'Christmas' as a special holiday during which you spend more time together, see relatives you don't get to see very often, playing board games and baking cookies together, etc.  Christmas is still my favorite time of year.  That said, Kenna doesn't seem very close with her family, so it doesn't seem like a family-oriented holiday for her, more aesthetic/commercial.  Plus, sometimes I think when you have very little going on in your life or you are unhappy with your life generally speaking, you tend to cling to things like this to preoccupy yourself (e.g., being nostalgic about the innocence of past Christmases, putting a lot of thought and energy into Christmas-themed activities, shopping for and surrounding yourself with decor---and then just hopping to whatever the next 'theme' is like Kenna does).
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  10. icehalo added a post in a topic simply_kenna [Thread 2]   

    Maybe I don't "get" it because I've only been to Disneyland once in my life (and when I go to theme parks, I go for the rides), but the way she wants so many photos while holding hands and acting like "pals" with the characters is so bizarre to me.  How many photos upon photos upon photos does she have of her posing with people paid to wear costumes?  Does she frame them in her room, add them to a photo album?  Does she think, "Ah, the Christmas season of 2017, when I was best friends with Minnie Mouse... I'll always cherish that moment we held hands for a few minutes"?  At this point, I wonder if the 'characters' ever try to avoid her.  I agree that it is also strange she never takes photos with the princesses.  As a kid, I was afraid of the fur characters when I went to Disney World once because I knew they weren't really my beloved cartoons; they were just fake strangers.  However, I feel like I would've been more open to meeting the princesses because they are more believable (and of course pretty, which would've enchanted me).  If she's trying to control the photos her sister posts of her, then it seems likely she wouldn't want a photo of her with the princesses because they would definitely outshine her.  (Watch her try to prove the 'haterz' wrong by posting a photo with a princess.)
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  11. icehalo added a post in a topic simply_kenna [Thread 2]   

    LOL y'all called it.  She just posted about BTS.
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  12. icehalo added a post in a topic simply_kenna [Thread 2]   

    This is all so nuts.  When she made that apology video (WHICH WAS NOT THAT LONG AGO, HELLOOOOO KENNA), I'd say the majority of people even on PULL were rooting for her and looked forward to "the new leaf" because we were previously subscribers/viewers, or at the very least we accepted the apology.  (I know some people were always suspicious--and rightfully so, it turns out.)  I do think sometimes on here there is commentary on things she does/says that is pointless and not really worth ragging on her, but alas it's a gossip site.  She's acting like no criticism is ever valid and there is no possible way her own actions and statements have led to continuous negative feedback (which is probably mostly posted on here and not even in her comment sections, full of blindly adoring preteen or teenage fans who don't understand that Disneyland is not actually the Garden of Eden or something). 
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  13. icehalo added a post in a topic simply_kenna [Thread 2]   

    It's kinda funny that a lot of her new content isn't even "her" content, if you get me.  Filming the parades at Disneyland.  Disneyland made that content lol, not Kenna.  She just filmed it and then applied slow-mo.  A step up from plagiarism, I guess.
    I noticed she is holding a churro or something in the video, which reminded me of how she always says she can't be vegan because of some health condition.  She never specifies said health condition.  I can understand wanting privacy about it, but in that case, I would have never emphasized so much about vegan/vegetarianism and kept it to myself in the first place if I didn't want to peak anyone's curiosity by being vague.  If she really has a health condition that prevents her from being vegan, wouldn't that be a great video to educate us on why veganism isn't for everyone?  There is a lot of "vegan is the only right way to go" content, so that type of video would definitely get a lot of views. 
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  14. icehalo added a post in a topic simply_kenna [Thread 2]   

    I was thinking about how Kenna could have so little drive to produce good content when she has so many advantages to do so (e.g., an established platform and subscriber base, routine access to content fodder like Disneyland, essentially unlimited free time and no other responsibilities such as school, work or family obligations), and it seems it all comes down to her not caring for anyone other than herself (and perhaps Grace and her sisters).
    Kenna is always saying things like "I'm my own boss" and "I don't owe [subscribers/viewers] anything" and "I got to where I am because of ME ME ME."  Of course, we are all motivated by our own interests and to do things for ourselves, but I'd say generally most of us are also motivated to do things because we care about others.  We do things, sometimes even things we dislike, because we know it will help or otherwise add value to the lives of our families, friends, pets, teachers, coworkers, even strangers, and--if you are a YouTuber--subscribers.  Wouldn't you feel good knowing you made content that your fans loved, looked forward to, were inspired by?  Wouldn't that motivate you to think of new and creative ways to make content your fans would enjoy, or at least take in fans' suggestions for content and follow through?  But the only time she really acknowledges her fans is when one of the crazier ones is rabidly defending her against some likely innocuous constructive criticism--because she only cares that her image is being defended.  I think the only times she otherwise positively, specifically acknowledged her fans is when she posted some fan art and her recent Instagram story someone already posted--both of which happened right after people on PULL mentioned she should do that.
    If you are making YouTube videos only for your own enjoyment, that's fine, but don't expect to make a career out of it.  Just like other relationships that die off when one person is not willing to invest themselves, the fans will become disillusioned when the content creator puts no effort into meeting their interests (and especially when the content creator puts on a "sassy, edgy, can't touch me" attitude and repeatedly states she doesn't give a shit about her subscribers because she achieved everything on her own, without them).*
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  15. icehalo added a post in a topic simply_kenna [Thread 2]   

    I wouldn't describe her humor as "weird."   She's not Rick and Morty, or idubbbz catching squirrels.  I think a lot of her 'jokes' are simply_bad and juvenile, or aren't actually jokes but just her backpedaling in the heat of the negative feedback (as someone previously mentioned).  We make jokes to make other people laugh.  If every time you make a joke you receive a lot of negative or at least confused feedback, maybe you should reconsider your joke-telling abilities...  
    Fan:  "Oh are you sick princess Kenna???  I hope you did not get the illness going around at Disneyland!"
    Kenna:  "yeah I'm simpy_walking-pneumonia" [what a clever joke I told hyohyohyo]
    Fan:  "Please don't be mad, i luv u so much, but u shouldn't be walking around Disneyand potentially getting others sick.  this is not hate, i promise, i luv u please don't be mad"
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