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  1. AK47 added a post in a topic Catherine Chi @catherine_chi   

    I can understand the argument she's making, and there's nothing exactly wrong with editing here and there just like how there's no issue with Snow or facetune - I use it, my friends use it, heck a lot of people online do, but it's an issue of people abusing the apps and getting surprised when people see them irl and how different they look. I slim my face down too, but if i'm liquifying my face to the point my own earrings are getting warped like hers are then maybe it's tad bit too much. 
    some people don't care about editing no matter what degree it is, but others do care. And when you have almost 11K followers on IG you have to be ready and expect different opinions 
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  2. AK47 added a post in a topic Emily Mei / emilythemermaid   

    totally agree. i feel like she has some kind of identity crisis with her edits because sometimes she edits to look more korean but other times she goes more extreme with the nose shoop to look almost eurasian (like the pic i attached where she has a super thin, prominent nose) if that makes any sense.
    if she was more consistent and stuck to one style (and was more open about it instead of lying) i personally wouldn't have a problem with her editing, it looks nice overall in my opinion. I just really don't know why she tries so hard to deny it because denying shoops is just scummy tbh. 
    I get insecurity over having a round, wider face and it's something i relate to  - but asian people in general like myself just have wider temples and there are many models like liu wen and xiao wen ju who are proud of having a face shape similar to hers and still look gorgeous and unique. it's an ethnic feature that she tries so unbelievably hard to erase and idk that just rubs me the wrong way.
    i always thought she looked so pretty and more feminine and softer in her candids + unedited photos than the ones she puts up on ig. 

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  3. AK47 added a post in a topic KinaShen   

    There's probably a slight filter on that video. Because this video on her ig that's for a professional shoot shows that her face is still very different, even from far away.You can look at the difference with the photo she posts.
    Either way she's one of the few living dolls I still like a lot because of her great makeup skills and her outfits with high quality content! 

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  4. AK47 added a post in a topic hxneul   

    it's disappointing to see her claim that she just prefers korean inspired makeup because there are so many makeup artists who aren't even asian that do so many k-beauty inspired looks and STILL look their own race without going as far to literally transforms themselves into another race via editing to rid of their own features entirely. 
    Ironically, in her Q&A highlights she makes points about the oppression of black and asian people with the stigmas they have to go through and even acknowledges the prejudice they face because of their own race and the stereotypes that exist in history, yet still continues this fetish driven koreaboo behaviour.
    Honestly she's no different from extreme ABG's who try so hard to fit in with "white culture" by extreme lengths to look more western or even white passing to the point they erase their own ethnic features to opt for Eurocentric ones (for example Lily Maymac). 
    She doesn't even realize that she herself has become a caricature of the Korean gangnam unnie stereotype.
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  5. AK47 added a post in a topic hxneul   

    she seems to be very open about her cosmetic surgeries/procedures which is nice; but her nose is extremely sus because she never mentioned getting work done it despite it looking so different.
    She's always had a relatively smaller nose even in her old pics and vids,  but even with contouring you cannot lift the tip your nose like that, not even makeup artists can do that. It's almost been pinched in and upwards. Look at the difference. 

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  6. AK47 added a post in a topic softcozywitch (Serena Lin)   

    I'm honestly cool with her editing and i think it suits her feed but why does she have to lie about it? how hard is it to say that she edits here and there for instagram to look a certain way that she prefers? honestly no one would care if she just openly admitted to it because the editing enhances her photos. 
    instead, she looks ridiculous and scummy trying to "prove" she's 100% with videos when they all look so different from what she looks like.
    it always these instagram girls with the more "natural" aesthetic feeds because they're always the ones that seem to lie the most about editing "and get away with it because of their "natural dewy lewks"
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  7. AK47 added a post in a topic hxneul   

    i have some mutuals with her that only followed her within the recent months and they all thought she was some asian abg living in canada because of her excessive use of hangul hashtags. 
    in terms of editing: 
    I'm just not surprised she's gone to the extreme side of dorito chin shooping on top of the badly facetuned highlight around her browbone and nose, it was going to happen sooner or later. also can't help but take note of the inconsistent sizes in her nose that goes from super tiny to normal in pics taken by her vs by others.
    she's lost quite a lot of weight but her nose has shrunken down significantly in size recently and it looks like an entirely different shape now even from her shooped pics from 2 years ago. i was reading some health articles from nutritionist and even people on quora who have gone through dramatic weight loss but they all say that while losing weight can make your nose more prominent , it doesn't change the structure because the nose is comprised mainly of cartilage not just fat and flesh. 
    Here's some photos that show a more prominent nose after weightloss but it's still the same shape and size: 

    but here's what i mean by how drastically her nose has changed, it's almost non-existent in her selfies and her weightloss isn't nearly as dramatic as the guy above who still has his same nose 

    BUT she still wanna say she doesn't edit drastically 
    "sometimes i fix eyebags or acne, in the last year I have stopped caring about my cheek and jaw shape editing but I haven't edited my face to an extreme since I was 18/19 although a lot of people like to pretend I still do! Thats okay tho my bf thinks im pretty" 

    you can go to her procedures highlights and you'll see that she's been getting some work done and it seems like she's going for the korean gangnam unnie look with more korean orientated procedures. so far she's gotten belkyra for fat removal around the chin area and lip fillers! she never stated she got a nose job or any sort so i can't help but think it's her extreme editing that just got more drastic over time contrary to her "no drastic editing" claim.

    gangnam unnie or not I'm glad she's getting surgery that makes her more confident in her face but I can't help but feel like she STILL wanna keep up the lies about editing herself into a koreaboo mess.
    On top of that it's been proven in this thread both her parents are white but i get the feeling she still wants to come off as a mixed Korean girl with this photo posted in her "A bit of me" highlights (that has selfies and baby/toddler photos as well as family members). I feel like she tries to imply this elderly asian man is also a relative or even grandparent (feel free to correct me if I'm reaching!) 

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  8. AK47 added a post in a topic @annhxy (instagram) @asiandevine (twitter)   

    I used to love her look because i have a similar face shape to hers and it made me super happy seeing a more rounder faced beauty getting lots of traction, but she's been looking hella different lately (@ that nose and sharper jaw - i tried contouring and liquifying in facetune on top of a selfie of mine and the effect is pretty much the same, so i believe she just edits + does her makeup differently now). 
    also anyone notice that her ig and twitter accounts are all about asian representation yet she's always giving shoutouts almost exclusively to asian girls who fit a certain "look" (like cowsel or kneewah, "aesthetically pleasing" type asian girls with a sharp face and eyes, and pouty lips)? 
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  9. AK47 added a post in a topic Belle Delphine (Mary-Belle Kirschner)   

    on a side note i see a rise of so many e-girls commenting on belle's photos so their comments get featured or get lots of likes (especially if they're a verified account) because they're aware of belle's very active fanbase of preteen boys and old men and hope to grab attention from her audience.
    that user myahalanna (who probably deserves her own thread tbh) has been commenting under almost every single one of belle's pics after belle blew up on instagram and has been called out for trying to ride the coat tails of belle's whatever "clout" 
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  10. AK47 added a post in a topic Gangnam Unnie   

    stumbled upon this girl on explore and even though I'm aware it's plastic surgery, I'm still in awe and almost sad at the process of just how much pain they go through to achieve a look that maybe won't be popular in a few years. 
    i mean just look at her lips after surgery, i'm assuming its before her lip fillers.

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  11. AK47 added a post in a topic Gangnam Unnie   

    @s.xub on instagram has really been popping up on my explore recently, and each time i see her she's looking drastically different; especially her nose seems to be getting pointier with an everchanging face shape. 
    I first thought it could be surgery but I have a video screenshot of her from April 15, 2018. Im pretty much convinced this is her actual face until now. 
    April 15, 2018: Video Screenshot (now deleted)

    compare that with her more recent pictures from August 2018 until now. 

    Here's how she looked in 2017 with a more rounded and wider nose like her video (picture deleted, taken from a hair stylist @dao_lim)

    And then again, this is her around 5 days ago. 

    I really don't think its purely surgery because that video was among all her photos with a pointy nose and sky high cheek bones, but rather just some really good shoop job. 
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  12. AK47 added a post in a topic General "non Asians pretending to be Asian" thread   

    My correction as it was a clarification instead of apology. I understand because I do feel it is extremely unfair on her part she's been getting overboard harassment and I've been following her for a bit before this started because I truly did admire her appearance, style etc. 
    However if she wants to make it as clear as possible I feel like she should've stated in her clarification the first time that she is 1/4 Mongolian.
    Mongolia isn't strictly East Asian territory (as she claims to have East Asian genes), it's mainly considered to be part of Central Asia too and I feel like that is what caused a lot of misinformation with her tweet of her EAST ASIAN GENES and shady behaviour of mentioning shes MIXED RACED!!!1!1!1! but STILL not bothering re-iterate the fact a quarter mongolian or whatever she's mix with just to be a bit more transparent and get this out of the way because she doesn't want to provide proof of her parents (and isn't obliged to if she's being honest about her Mongolian heritage right away). 
    The video proof posted on her instagram (https://www.instagram.com/p/BqC-XQAHC4R/) clearly says even in the caption 
    "again this isnt me trying to prove i have monolids which obviously I don’t. i’m proving that my eyelids are authentic and i dont edit them." 
    it's not a proof for her race or heritage it's just a proof that she does actually have those eyelids which is fine.
    She has to realize the reason why people were demanding for photos for ongoing days like that is because she didn't clarify right off the bat she's part East-Central Asian which is Mongolian and was very loose with her answers. Her clarification was open-ended and mainly denials of her of actions; and maybe I'm reaching but it did seem like even though she never claimed to be Japanese or Korean, she was playing up the East Asian part in that one tweet when Mongolia is so diverse with ties to both Central and East Asia and can easily be misunderstood for the more larger East Asia of China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan etc. 
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  13. AK47 added a post in a topic General "non Asians pretending to be Asian" thread   

    this is about @cherrrydreamz on instagram
    i've followed her for a bit now but her apology that she started around 3 days ago has kind of blown up. It seemed pretty genuine at first but there are tons of questionable things. First she posts proof (pic and video on her acc) of her eyelids being the way they are - okay fine. Then she goes onto to say she never claimed to be half Korean/Japanese or whatever - Okay great.

    Also look at the two stories I attached that are posted today. She can post a baby photo but not a picture with her parents all of a sudden due to the fact that "not everyone knows their parents" and "not everyone has parents" so therefore she can't clarify her half asian part yet she herself knows she's half asian???? Why is it that every "race faker" conveniently doesn't know their parents or doesn't have any for that matter? 
    also what's with the whole borderline snowflakery "I'm feelin suicidal!11!!" guilt trip card? 

    Weird part is: she claims she's mixed race so if shes "not fully asian and "white passing" then what's her other half? she complains about the kpop stan attacks which I understand completely, but if she wants to clear up this misunderstanding and so sick of getting accused then why not clarify her EXACT roots and get this over with, just prove everyone wrong? 

    Her apology has spanned for 3 days now and its nothing but redundant "Im the victim here" type thing.
    She never once clarified anything about that tweet about her so called EAST ASIAN GENES (WHICH EAST ASIA = CHINA, JAPAN, KOREA).  Her first clarification is so hypocritical considering this tweet is fairly recent too. She may have never claimed directly to be Japanese/Korean mixed but East Asia does exclusively count those two countries

    ALSO: my correction people pointed out it was more a clarification than an apology! 
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  14. AK47 added a post in a topic Gangnam Unnie   

    I used to follow her because I was huge fan of her style. I remember how she never posted any videos except ones with both of her hands covering everything but her eyes.
    It took me ages to find a fan taken photo but if you look at this, you can clearly see the extreme editing: Mouth, jaw, eye distance and nose is all different. She changes her entire facial structure. I know there’s speculation she got surgery but looking at this fan photo I think it’s all purely photoshop and extreme makeup. 
    I like her fashion taste but I’m just shocked at how well can she edit without distorting other people around her though! 

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  15. AK47 added a post in a topic sayathefox   

    IM LAUGHING - is she trying to pull a wylona hayashi by posting shooped baby photos too? even if both pics are taken at different angles at the face you can see the nose inconsistencies between both pics and the incredible loss of detail around the nostril and nose tip in the second pic while everything else is sharp and clear. 
    there is nothing wrong with photoshopping or surgery like in this day and age EVERYONE does it. thats why its so disgusting she tries so hard to deny it. she was most likely insecure enough to get all those surgeries AND photoshop on top of it, so why does she want to make her young impressionable fans feel bad themselves by denying it and playing the victim? 
    but WOW, hats off to her to stooping even to even lower levels of being a liar by going as far as editing her baby pics
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