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  1. Toriko added a post in a topic Rowan Blanchard   

    There hasn’t been an update to this thread in over a year but I have some things to say so... let’s get into it! 
    First: She’s pretty much retired from any ~*activism*~ she’s done in the past because she couldn’t handle being called out. Fine. That’s fine. Feminism isn’t for everyone. But let’s stop pretending she did all the faux positivity for anything other than clout online. Okay? Ok. I’m sure she’s a sweet girl otherwise or whatever. 
    Second: Recently Miss. Blanchard has been trying to rebrand as a Fashionista.  right. Problem is: she just can’t dress. There is no color coordination or color blocking or concept or any other fashion terms involved in her outfits. I feel like she walks through her wardrobe every morning and puts on anything that falls on the ground + a thong. I mean I get it. The 2000s are in right now. But whatever she’s doing ..... not exactly excellent. Wait to downvote me until you see what’s under the spoiler...
    Honestly something about her face throws some of the looks off... I feel like the whole y2k thing doesn’t suit her at all. *shrug* then again, she can dress however she wants. I just wish she would pull it off better.... oh well. 
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  2. Toriko added a post in a topic Celia Leslie / Sonia Leslie   

    Someone was lurking again 

    Plus her brain dead followers to the rescue. Poor baby 

    Then she got dangerously close to realizing how much self hatred she has. Please Sonia think a little harder and you’ll understand that, yes, you are a koreaboo if you go to Korea to have surgery that is only common in Korea. The nose job was just cause you hate being black 

    (Do you think she donated her jawbones to science 🤔)
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  3. Toriko added a post in a topic Violet Verdandi   

    for the sake of everyone’s sanity, I hope it’s real but the amount of info blacked out and the way she’s been dodging the age questions for so long is so weird. It makes no sense for someone 19 years old to still call themselves a teenager as if they’re at the same level as a sixteen year old. And she was talking about high school last year in 2018. Plus with this info none of the tweets about her mother make sense. You’re 20 years old wtf is she gonna do? Ground you? I want to believe it but the twitter history is working against her. 
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  4. Toriko added a topic in Online Personalities   

    Digibro/Digibrony/Digibrah is a moderately popular anime YouTuber and self described “journalist” and “otaku” known mostly for his videos in bad anime, such as SAO, and his strong opinions on the anime industry. He’s a petty typical pseudo intellectual anime critic in the same vein as Gigguk. He’s actually friends with most of the other big names on that side of YouTube, he’s been mentioned a few times on the Akidearest thread too. 
    Social Media:
    My Anime List
    Recently he’s gotten into a crontreversy on his opinion about new patrean content rules, specifically the ones on unacceptable fetish art. His stance is that patreon is acting as a moral police over fetish artists. Screenshots of the whole thing: 
    More screenshots of an alleged cousin who shares his last name on past behavior: 
    Personally, I think that it’s weird as fuck stand up for people who draw things that are illegal to act out in real life. In my opinion, people who enjoy lolicon are pedophiles, and just because there is no victim right now, doesn’t mean that there won’t be one down the line. 
    I’m sure there’s been other drama in the past, probably with other animetubers, but I’m not really involved in that community, so please add as much information as you can to the thread!
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  5. Toriko added a post in a topic Urbandoll   

    Beauty Truth Slueth’s vidéo on the topic [ft a lot of stuff from this thread too!!]:
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  6. Toriko added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    Anime needs to include more gay relationships, and not in just the yaoi/yuri way, but in an authentic emotional way and other genres to. Not just anime I guess but cartoons in general sense as well, just to normalize things.
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  7. Toriko added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    I don't give a single f*ck about what anyone says, makeup is not art, even if you consider the face a canvas. People who say that makeup is art are always the ones either just straight up drawing on their face, like facepaint, or just following instagram and twitter's latest trends. Not to say that makeup can't be creative, it's just not art.
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  8. Toriko added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    kpop is the most boring kind of foreign music and it just sounds like western pop if western pop was created through a computer algorithm, it's all kind of the same. I hate that kpop gets so much more recognition over other more unique and ethically produced foreign kinds of music. Veganism is stupid because there is no ethical consumption under late capitalism The "cruelty free" makeup you bought was probably made in some factory where employees work 12 hours a day, 7 days a week. All farms run off of exploitation of the poor. People have always eaten meat and will always continue oo even if other products gain/lose popularity Non GMO vs  GMO doesn't matter because they each have their pros/cons and you end up with a net negative because of how it was produced. People have always eaten meat and will always continue oo even if other products gain/lose popularity Horseshoe theory is bad and if you use it you're a bad personSteven Universe is a mediocre show with a horrible production schedule. Crewniverse need to figure out a way to streamline shit because they're only hurting themselves and the show with these long breaks.Long political opinions:
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  9. Toriko added a post in a topic Permanent Toenail Removal   

    lol your avi is perfect
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  10. Toriko added a post in a topic Rant Thread   

    Don't open the spoiler if you're not into politics or current news  but this video just perfectly sums up everything I wanted to rant about modern journalism and politics. Even if you aren't into politics please research the past because it goes a very long way into understanding the atmosphere of the present. Don't come for me unless you've seen all 23 minutes.
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  11. Toriko added a post in a topic Rant Thread   

    All caps and big font because she deserves it. Gave the gays the greatest modern 80s pop album of all time and the still let her flop smh.
     Listen to Emotion and Emotion The B Sides on your favorite streaming platform.
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  12. Toriko added a post in a topic Xxxtentacion   

    You know those art haus type kids in film and fine arts school with their heads so far up their ass they think every idea they have is genius? That's xxx and everyone who produced this video are a bunch of yes-men swayed by popularity . This really could've been fine if anyone had bothered to look twice and now he's getting threats from the KKK  
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  13. Toriko added a post in a topic Koreaboos   

    pretty dead thread but just wanted to post some gems from the comments on this video about K street fashion
    tl;dr This guy speaks on the pervasive culture of hypebeast brand fakes and the general korean culture of going along with any new trend and being superficial. He has several korean commentators and a NPR news correspondent for Korea.
    Boy are the kboos riled up that someone said something negative about their precious homeland 

    - white girl w/ an asian bf who lives in korea 

    Timestamp 10:05 there's a side by side comparison of fashion from Vetements and Balenciaga copied by kbrands 

      If you can look me in the eye and tell me this outfit looks good then i'll eat my hat
    And finally

    A lot of the other comments have good reasons on why the video is bs but the dislike ratios is a little inflated by koreaboos imo

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  14. Toriko added a post in a topic Yungelita   

     She sounds like an edgy ass highschooler  
     I saw the story too and she has laugh lines all over her face whenever she talk
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  15. Toriko added a post in a topic Xxxtentacion   

    If there was any doubt that X was a loser and an abuser there isn't now. Here's a summary on the January despositon in his abuse trial and 3 other people corroborate Genevas story. This man is disgusting and doesn't even deserve the title 'artist' i hope he goes to jail for a long time and the $$$ from the album goes to anyone but him.  
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