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  1. mcddude added a post in a topic Vegan Gains   

     All these Raw vegan foodist are scam, Everyone would do well on vegan diet and we should support Richard for debunking everyone since he was highly intelligent in speaking facts.
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  2. mcddude added a post in a topic Vegan Gains   

     Lmao, this sv3rige dude is a joke, he will justify anything and claim its 'nAtuRaL" and calls everyone who arent in his ways of life mentally ill. I watch his videos for comedy purpose, while i watch reasonable nutrition youtubers like Frank Tufano. Even the carnivore diet community knows sv3rige actually runs a CULT! when it comes to debate Vegan gains made sv3rige look like Dunce but VG denied humans donot need some vital nutrition as argued by Sv3rige.  actually both VG & sv3rige are mentally crazy 
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  3. mcddude added a post in a topic Vegan Gains   

    IMO Vegan gains is no longer relevant after being debunked by Sv3rige on how veganism isn't a healthy diet
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  4. mcddude added a post in a topic Awkarin/ karin novilda   

    Hey sorry for bringing up this thread, i dont wanna come off rude but do you all think her charitable work and whatsoever was a publicity stunt? 
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  5. mcddude added a post in a topic Lily Maymac   

    probably she didn't know anything abt lilys scandal
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  6. mcddude added a post in a topic @Roastkardashian   

    Basically she said their outfits and all of them look like dykes and talked shit with disgust reaction about BTS doing a feminine dance cover. also she pointed that BTS appropriated Black dance culture and doesn't work hard.
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  7. mcddude added a post in a topic @Roastkardashian   

    did u guys actually see roastkardashians talking shit about BTS and all kpop are crap to them??? days later the page is gone 
    i think roastkardashian is homophobic cause they made fun of BTS doing a cover dance and pinpointing their outfits
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  8. mcddude added a post in a topic Han Yoo Ra   

    Yea i can agree that koreaboos will be her loyal targets keeping her relevant, cause until now shes doing big gigs and is getting attention from other segments other than koreaboos by doing collabs with indo celebgrams and vloggers to attain attention 
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  9. mcddude added a post in a topic Han Yoo Ra   

    Imo idk why whenever she speaks i find her kinda funny even whens shes not trying hard to crack a joke. 
    also yea she does have big endorsement gigs from companies like Lotte & elevenia
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  10. mcddude added a post in a topic Awkarin/ karin novilda   

    it is Because she post her activities online and is able to gather fans from it, whats more concerning is that her fans happen to contain underage kids starting at the age of 6.
    i agree tho, well awkarin basically hit the jackspot and im actually considering to collab with awkarin 
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  11. mcddude added a topic in Online Personalities   

    Gian Maria Sainato
    So some of you might have heard of this Italian Male fashion & lifestyle blogger Gian Maria Sainato on instagram.

    He has over 600k followers and notable grey eyes, But his modelling management stated it was blue http://www.menmoments.com/web/flash-interview-with-gian/ 
    but whats bugging me is His eyes seems to be fake
    it looks like some contacts but in anyway he might look great in brown rather than piercing grey but thats what makes him Popular tho, He might be included in circle of famous blogger Consisting of Mariano Divaio & Chiara Ferragni.
    oh i forgot to mention! Back then 2-3 years ago Mariano divaio was rumoured to be Gay and Gian maria was the speculated Partner of mariano.
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  12. mcddude added a post in a topic Awkarin/ karin novilda   

    and she still pretends as if it was Oka who ripped awkarins profits 
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  13. mcddude added a post in a topic Lily Maymac   

    companies are more interested investing on "influencers" rather than people with soo much experience but no followers and physical appearances also played a part
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  14. mcddude added a topic in Online Personalities   

    Mario Adrion/Itsameemarioo
    So What do you guys feel about Mario Adrion?

    Mario is a supermodel & youtuber who happens to Post beneficial contents in youtube like how to model etc but idk something about him is peculiar because it looks like he is trying hard to show his big personality to look more fun and radiant whenever hes discussing or explaining in his videos & instagram
    notably he greets with "Itsameeemariooo!"
    this is his closeup  all au naturel 
    i think hes really cute
    his height is 6'2 as stated in his wilhelmina agency http://www.wilhelmina.com/los-angeles/models/mainboard/men/1165978/mario-adrion
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  15. mcddude added a post in a topic Awkarin/ karin novilda   

    this Thot however had no remorse for Okas Death and further using this opportunity to earn more money, she knew shes guilty so thats why she hired a couple of bodyguards

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