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  1. patrickstar added a post in a topic Coco Lee / Rilaccoco   

    She's maybe a 6 to me. She's uglier than Sori but she's still prettier than many other average looking Korean girls. 
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  2. patrickstar added a post in a topic JESSICA VU AKA JESSYLUXE   

    I watched her new videos and noticed how small her face. It seems to be getting smaller, maybe she had more shots recently. I went back to her first few videos and there is such an obvious difference! Her cheeks used to be sagging quite a bit and her face wasn't that small but now it's almost as if she doesn't has any fats around her jaw line. I went to that Instagram page and saw that she had a touch up recently, I wonder how long she's going to do this since there will be side effects if you do it for the long term and it bothers me so much that she's still so young. If I'm not wrong, what she's getting is botox and it's so bizarre to me that a 20 year old is getting botox to slim her face. 
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  3. patrickstar added a post in a topic Jenn Im | imjennim | clothesencounters   

    Jenn brought a few of her friends to Palm Springs for a "girls getaway", although Ben went as a free videographer most likely, and to have massages for Eggie's festival launch and I'm just confused. How will this trip benefit Eggie or its consumers? It just seems like an excuse to go to fancy villas and pamper themselves. Maybe they shot some advertorial content for Eggie there, but all those unnecessary massages and expensive looking meals? It's all so weird that she's enjoying even more now with Eggie when she should be hustling to grow her business. She could've put the money to better use like hiring a better designer or expanding her team. I hope her sales goes down because the high price is obviously not due to the high quality of her clothing, her buyers are just funding her massages and fanciful meals.
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  4. patrickstar added a post in a topic Joankeem / Joanday   

    She's always touching her chin for no reason at all. I was watching one of her Instagram stories when she was at Hourglass and she was just saying "I'm here at Hourglass..." but her hand kept touching her chin. Maybe she thinks she looks cute while doing that? Maybe it is to hide her uneven jaw? Not sure, but I never ever touch my face when I'm outside when I know that I don't have clean hands.
    I agree, she has one of the worst routines on Youtube. Seeing all those comments praising her just makes me wonder if these people even watch other Youtubers... She said again in her new vlog that those Vitamin C products she was actively promoting "helped her skin" but they were not quick enough to fade away those acne scars. What she doesn't realize is that all these skin problems (acne scars, freckles, spots) can be avoided if she had a proper routine in the first place.
    Why are her acne scars so bad to begin with? There are many possible reasons to that... 1. she's using the wrong products 2. she picks them 3. she's too rough with her skin 4. not enough sunscreen which darkens the scars, also a good reason to why she has freckles and spots 5. not exfoliating enough 6. not exfoliating with a gentle product 7. bad habits like touching her face, moreover she vlogs, I bet her camera is filled with bacteria looking at the amount of times she puts her camera everywhere to film herself walk past it in public, 8. bad diet, and so much more, but that boils down to one simple reason. She's not taking good care of her skin.
    I hope the doctor tells her that she has oily skin. I'm so tired of hearing her say that she has dry skin but constantly needs to powder or blot her face throughout the day.
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  5. patrickstar added a post in a topic Joankeem / Joanday   

    For Joan's skin, she might need to go for a few sessions to see the results. It's $3000 because she did so many lasers at once. Mole removals, freckles removals, facial hair removal, acne scar removals and more to tackle her bad skin. 
    It's not about being a Youtuber, a Youtuber is still a human who can have bad skin. The difference is how she sells all these products from Cosrx, InnisFree, Neogen, Troiareuke, Drunk Elephant, to her viewers who trusts her words, by saying that all these *free* products made a big difference to her skin and it all helped her skin improved when in actual fact, those products probably did nothing to her skin. She said she has been suffering from acne for a long time and from what she mentioned, it sounds bad. Did she really expect those $10 - $20 products from Cosrx, Neogen to make a big difference? 
    The problem with Joan is that she only uses products that are sent to her. It's also really funny how she whines about how hard she takes care of her skin because she still has her bad habits of touching her face, washing her face vigorously, eating bread. There are Youtubers who has had bad skin (eg. Ivan, Hana) and none of them uploads a different skincare routine every 2 months featuring new products all the time. 
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  6. patrickstar added a post in a topic Joankeem / Joanday   

    Sunny wasn't really annoyed by it, you could tell that she didn't mind although it was tiring to search for the jacket at many outlets. Joan on the other hand kept making these shady remarks like "I don't even shop at H&M". For the record, that jacket is cute but Joan will not be able to pull it off. Remember the time Coco wanted to buy a make up brush set and it wasn't even that expensive tbh (good make up brushes are actually very expensive, a single foundation brush from brands like Tarte, Fenty Beauty, Make Up Forever can cost $50 and above) and Joan said "is it made of gold"? Like her Burberry, Gucci T-shirts are made of gold. 
    She doesn't have self-awareness, is prideful and egoistic. It sucks to get cheated on but she straight up dragged the girl whom her ex cheated on with, indirectly saying that the girl is ugly and she'll accept it more if the girl was a celeb (? I can't remember which celebrity she mentioned was it Lee Hyori?!). Jfc... It's like saying it's ok to cheat on her if the other girl is someone as good and hot as Lee Hyori. And remember, she talked about it in front of a camera, edited it, and uploaded it. I could see myself maybe sub-consciously drag the girl's looks out of anger but to edit it and upload it to show thousands of subscribers? No. That's a horrible thing to do. Her lack of self-awareness is even more evident by the way she assumed that everyone is only hating her because everyone else is worse off and jealous of her. Even in her crying vlogs, she didn't reflect on herself and instead, start talking about how pitiful her past was, hoping to gain sympathy after people called her out on her hypocrisy in the reformation vlog. 
    Who else thinks Joan has self-esteem and insecurity issues? Hence all the copying and trying hard to look cool and trendy. It's difficult to find original influencers these days because everyone influences one another, but at least when other people copies, it's still somewhat natural and they don't just ride on every single trend that ever existed, unlike Joan whose style obviously isn't all that Hypebae, Supreme shit. Just few months ago her style was Blackpink wasn't it? Then when it was convenient, she listed Jessica Jung who is totally not Hypebae material, as her fashion inspiration... I also think she has self-esteem issues because of the way she puts everyone down, Kim, Coco, everyone in this forum, like it somehow makes her feel better if she convince herself that we are all jobless? Idk but it feels that way. 
    She knows, she told her viewers in that video that people here were "making things up about her". 
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  7. patrickstar added a post in a topic Joankeem / Joanday   

    It's so sad that her subscribers are unable to see that and thinks that everyone is just picking on Joan and hating on her. Even when people let her know their feedback such as the repetitive content, her subscribers are quick to defend her. 
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  8. patrickstar added a post in a topic Joankeem / Joanday   

    I'm guessing her skin has become sensitive after the laser treatment and her product, containing lavender, isn't the best for sensitive skin despite all the claims she made regarding it. 
    Also lol @ her viewers noticing that she deleted a comment! That was epic. 
    Someone, most likely a Kboo, commented that she looks like IU. Poor IU, she don't deserve to get insulted that. 
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  9. patrickstar added a post in a topic Joankeem / Joanday   

    She pretends as if she...
    Reads many books. (but can't form full sentences without interrupting herself with "yeah")Is concerned about the environment. (owns 47 hoodies)Is the type of girl who brews coffee or tea every morning. (pretty obvious she's not someone like that, even pretentious LA Youtubers like Jenn Im don't film herself brewing coffee)Goes to the gym every morning. (stops going immediately after she uploaded her workout routine video)Trendy, fashionista, stylish. (we all know she has the worst style and is nothing more than just a trend-rider and copycat)Is knowledgeable about skincare. (got roasted by a skin doctor and only really comment on the appearance of products) Is nice. (admits herself that she's a different person in real life, dragged the girl whom her ex cheated with, says that everyone who comments on her videos should go study or get a second job) Cares about her channel and Instagram page. (but constantly uploads the same repetitive, boring content, only buys the new camera to take mirror selfies so you can actually see her expensive camera)
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  10. patrickstar added a post in a topic Joankeem / Joanday   

    Most of the time I notice she doesn't have her own opinions especially when she does videos with her friend. It's always her friends who are talking and she just agrees (without any substantial or meaningful comment) with everything they say. Like how she asked Moma about make up artists in Korea using a lighter shade and immediately believed his poorly made excuse.
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  11. patrickstar added a post in a topic JESSICA VU AKA JESSYLUXE   

    Her jawline is more defined and less "chubby" after the procedure. The before photo looked like her cheeks were sagging down but the after photo looked more lifted. 
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  12. patrickstar added a post in a topic JESSICA VU AKA JESSYLUXE   

    The jawline reduction one is pretty obvious imo. 
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  13. patrickstar added a post in a topic Joankeem / Joanday   

    She's just going to sit there, nod, agree and say "ahh yeah..." to everything her featured friend says. What an easy way to make money!
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  14. patrickstar added a post in a topic Joankeem / Joanday   

    Yikes, maybe she requested him to make her lips look smaller because of the "negativity" regarding her "getting fillers". That title is so thirsty and embarrassing especially when I think it's pretty obvious that Joan wants to be more than friends. When I read that title I immediately felt embarrassed for her it's almost like she's desperate to call him her boyfriend. She could've named it "Moma does my make up" or "MUA does my make up". 
    I thought she looked quite nice in her thumbnail for her January favorites but in the video itself her extensions look so unnatural and fake. Whether it's free or not, it looks ugly and imagine needing to wash and style all that extra hair when it looks like clip-on extensions. 
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  15. patrickstar added a post in a topic Joankeem / Joanday   

    She did a few simple Korean food cooking videos in the past. 
    This video just looks like a second attempt to copy Claire Marshall, only thing is we all know she's not the type who brews coffee/tea every morning so it feels fake. 
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