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  1. BlondeBabe added a post in a topic Alida Simone   

    look at her past photos and come back to me hun🌸
    that's true I'll shut up about that. But I think we should consider the fact that she's scamming people with this store she opened
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  2. BlondeBabe added a post in a topic Alida Simone   

    Basically Darko dipshit is a walking lie, here's how.
    Real vs. Fake lips, how to tell if they're real.
    1. If the skin doesn't morph into the face, they are fake. Like if the lip makes a curve at the top. It's clearly seen that hers does that. I compared her lips with Kylie Jenners to put an image of false lips and what they look like without product on.
    2. If the lips are the same size as the bottom ones, they are deemed fake. 
    3. She claimed awhile ago in a live Instagram vid that she uses Too Faced Lip Injections to make her lips fuller. I've inserted some pictures of real reviews to prove it doesn't work wonders. It's just a basic gloss that stings and only plums a tad bit. Her lips couldn't be huge by just a $20 product.
    4. Her "age" isn't true. To get injections, you have to be 18 or 17. She lied about her age and she still is. In 2016, when she was found, she said she was 16. Although she claims that they got the information false is a petty excuse . Police have to get correct information for cases, especially one this serious. Just like how doctors assign meds to patients. It's important. And she lied
    5. There's already evidence around. Tons of pictures of her at 12-14 of her with small lips. It's not a secret. She has injections.


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  3. BlondeBabe added a post in a topic melbdun/60speach/brooke   

    Anyone know if melbdun got work done on her face?
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