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  1. maryslamb added a post in a topic Onision   

    Apparently he closed the gofundme at $143, was poor onion boy getting too much backlash? 
    (sorry for the German screenshot, it says the campaign is finished and not active anymore)

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  2. maryslamb added a post in a topic Spookylilpeach   

    She posted this on her insta story on Wednesday I think, “explaining” the situation with Zack: 

    She also changed her ig handle recently: 

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  3. maryslamb added a post in a topic Yungelita   

    besides her tumblr returning, i really love me a good crustation and i’m sure flamingos do too lol

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  4. maryslamb added a post in a topic Jeffree Star   

    @TeeAviwecht thank you for gathering all that information! I wondered about the trademark thing but couldn’t be bothered to put time in reasearching it further than to who he was talking about lol 
    Interesting to see what kind of stuff he has trademarked so far though, I have no idea how the whole copyright and trademark thing works but is “serving face” only prohibited from using for beauty related stuff or do drag queens need to be careful not to say it anymore now as well? 😂

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  5. maryslamb added a post in a topic Melanie Martinez   

    I imagine it’s more about why Timothy didn’t call out her first rapist as well during the #metoo movement, probably implicating that she only ever called out Melanie to get some  of the *~clout~*
    *It’s very stupid either way so.. yeah idk if I added much to the conversation here lol 
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  6. maryslamb added a post in a topic Sarah Marie Karda/ Jude Karda   

    excuse me, but what is this? 
    Why the tongue? The hairchoice is questionable at best, I very randomly skipped through the live but I didn’t notice anyone in the comments mentioning it being problematic? Are they such hardcore fans they’d let her do anything or just too young to be a bit educated..?
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  7. maryslamb added a post in a topic Yungelita   

    I don’t check her tumblr so I can only speak for what I see on Instagram, she probably thinks she can get away with more on tumblr because the audience is more anonymous I guess. 
    Ahh I see, thanks for letting me know!
    I knew she had a sister but I couldn’t remember what she looked like.
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  8. maryslamb added a post in a topic Yungelita   

    I can’t believe my eyes, Emma left the house and went outside with a friend (I assume) and they also took a normal, I’d even dare saying nice/cute photo 
    I wonder what ultimately made her change the way she’s presenting herself online, but as others already said I’m also glad she’s calming down with this tumblr serial killer nymphette bs. 

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  9. maryslamb added a post in a topic Yungelita   

    Did we already talk about that?

    What do you guys think?
    I kinda wanna believe she’s genuine with that because.. why not? It would take a very special kind of person to be this disgustingly pretentious, if that’s the right word. I hope you get what I mean. 
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  10. maryslamb added a post in a topic lilmiquela   

    I don’t know if anyone even cares but Miquela just posted this on Instagram:

    So apparently she’s a robot? Haven’t read it completely yet but yeah, that’s what caught my eye. 
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  11. maryslamb added a post in a topic lilmiquela   

    What do we think about the recent events?
    That AI-chick ”Bermuda” apparently hacked Miquela’s ig threatening to “expose” her. She deleted all of Miquela’s pictures and uploaded some new ones talking about an apparently Trump-supporting AI-company that probably is as real as Miquela and Bermuda. 
    Bermuda said she’s gonna leak all the information later today. 
    I wonder what they’ll use this as promo for. Also kinda strange coincidence that it’s one day before this whole creepy “they’re coming 418” phone call.
    What’s happening?! 

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  12. maryslamb added a post in a topic Sarah Marie Karda/ Jude Karda   

    To get back to the weight thing, Jude just posted a photo of their torso that looks very concerning to me. 
    Now i know that when lying down your stomach sinks in and you look thinner than you actually are, but this pic seems very creepy to me:

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  13. maryslamb added a post in a topic Yungelita   

    look who listed something ~new~ on depop

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  14. maryslamb added a post in a topic Sarah Marie Karda/ Jude Karda   

    Okay, thanks for clearing that up! I'm glad they got their stuff back, that's one of the things that suck about break ups.
    As I said, I might have just read into it too much and autocorrect can definitely be a bitch
    On another note, I just watched Jude's tattoo vlog and skimmed through the comments.
    In case anyone is still interested in the Brad-situation, Jude commented on that:

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  15. maryslamb added a post in a topic Sarah Marie Karda/ Jude Karda   

    The way they emphasise on the EX really doesn’t help with the speculations that Cody has been shitty... does it?
    It could be interpreted like Cody took them away to hurt them (Jude) knowingly, but it could also mean that Jude left them at Cody’s place before the break up and he’s just sending them back out of.. kindness? But why would Jude need to post it like this then?
    Or am I just reading into this too much? 😅 

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