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  1. --- added a post in a topic Unpopular Opinons (Anime Edition)   

     Hoo boy. I have a lot. I honestly do enjoy Anime for what it is, but I like complaining about the stuff portrayed that really annoys me. Lol
    - I actually like BNHA, it's just the over-the-top hype that ruins it for me. Plus episodes dedicated to random characters I don't give a crap about. Also, I want more violence lol.
    - Yaoi and Yuri are trash. They focus far too much on the sexuality rather than genuine love. There's always a premise of a grown ass adult pining over a child. They sexually harass them, stalk them, and leave them confused and fucked up in the head, ultimately resulting in the kid falling for/depending on them. And if they are the same age, it still has that seme/uke formula of the dominant one playing around with the submissive ones head along with the sexual harassment. TLDR;  It's rushed love, creepy, and being gay apparently means you're horny 24/7.
    - Don't like FMA, DBZ, Fairy Tale, One Piece or Bleach. I tried, I just can't.
    - Don't like Tsunderes. I can't sympathize with beating the shit out of, or talking down to someone I care about.
    - I know, I know, Japanese mannerisms are different and a lot of Anime would be over hella quick-- But misunderstanding is such a cliche and overused way of causing drama for plot. The 5 episodes they take to clear up a misunderstanding would literally take 2 minutes if they just friggin' spoke to each other. The viewer already knows the problem and how to fix it, they're just waiting for the characters to catch the hell up.
    - Obligatory beach scenes are trash and completely pointless. It's all about eye-candy.
    - Fuck harem Anime. Just fuck it. Especially ones with some ugly ass nerd boy with no personality or depth surrounded by horny big tit bitches who also have no personality. Also ones where you think they have a set clear love interest and then a bunch of other girls start popping up out of nowhere.
    - I HATE Anime like Maid Sama, Wolf Girl & Black Prince, Diabolik Lovers etc. Why? Because the main girl is always a brain-dead neanderthal with no personality who let's some random guy(s) treat her like shit, talk down to her, pull that "over-protective" controlling BS, and sometimes sexually harass her. But it's totally cool because he's nice sometimes and he's attractive paired with a tragic backstory. TLDR; Bland bimbo with Stockholm Syndrome always falls for emotionally inept asshole because he's cute and "damaged". 
    - Yona of The Dawn was a cringey snooze-fest. She didn't do anything. She didn't develop as a character. She was still weak and whiny. Her 7 animal boyfriends did everything for her. She would just stare at the enemy, they'd get scared for a split second because "wow how out of character for a perky lil princess", and then she still got her ass beat lmao. (I dunno if that's even unpopular or if anyone has even seen it, I just had to say it because my god it was bad)
    - Hate when a bunch of characters sit around and praise the main character (while main-senpai isn't there, of course) for doing something good/impressive when all they did was bitch and moan or do absolutely nothing significant. TLDR; stop praising mediocrity.
    - Hate cliche fake-out deaths. Yeah, you got me. I have no idea who's going to make it out except for all of them.
    - All Shounen Anime openings are boring and sound the same. 
    - I actually don't care if the childhood friend doesn't get the guy. She's usually bland as shit and her only reason for existing is to come between the protag and the new girl he likes because plot. I'd trade that vanilla bitch for a magical girl too if I were him.
    - It's not funny when a guy falls on his lady friend and cops a feel on accident or walks in on her nude only for her to beat the shit out of him because HENTAI DESU. Stop it.
    - Strong female characters don't have to be stoic emotionless a-holes just to be considered strong. Also don't like that they immediately become weak and can't fight once they get a love interest.
    - Please decrease the amount of annoying people who see the main character as a rival. They get shoved to the side and forgotten or become the main's best friend later anyway.
    - The main character not dying when killed and unlocking their "true potential" when staggering around with a damn hole in their stomach. Stop that. 
    - The villain hesitating. Stop that too. Enough with the whole master manipulator pretending to be intelligent and complex by "toying" with the protag. Either kill the bitch or don't. Also, no more backstory monologues during fights.
    That's all I can think of for now.
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    I-- I don't know why I have these.

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    In case anyone wants to know the actual quality of Dolls Kill clothes, the tongue in one of my shoes fell right off when I was adjusting it due to cheap stitching. And this is my first time wearing them lol. 
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