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  1. cherryshoko added a post in a topic mikan.mandarin   

    Was it really necessary to say that the restaurant was close to her place...? 
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  2. cherryshoko added a post in a topic Sharla in Japan   

    I agree with you man... the videos that Tokyo Creative made with Chris for his trip on bicycle across Japan, I hated them cause they just didn't feel right... I like Chris's own style and Tokyo Creative just feels like a cheap imitation. I still enjoy Tokidoki's videos for now she didn't 'sell out' yet. 
    I personally only enjoy Sharla's more informative videos and I kinda would hate it if Tokyo Creative started to put their influences on their own videos.
    Also advice from Jobo? No thank you. Advice from Aki who had Jobo to live with and help her with guarantees and shit? No... and seriously won't they run out of ideas and topics to teach? Making it a monthly subscription is kind of a bad format in my opinion...
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  3. cherryshoko added a post in a topic 88rising   

    yeah now that i think about it, i kinda only have the image of her and white guy in terms of love interest. but i just checked her MVs, and its only happened for the I like you MV, and thats like in her early days and nowadays her MVs are more focused on her. 
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  4. cherryshoko added a post in a topic 88rising   

    what video is this from? and are they talking about Niki?
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  5. cherryshoko added a post in a topic Brianna Slaughter / holyterrainbri   

    sonny seems to be the kind of loser who's so insecure they care about every single opinion that's about him, in my opinion. there's a reason they found each other. also i think he's worried cause Brianna has a substantial following online, it looks like he also wanna be 'famous' so its possible hes trying to look like ''he don't need no bitches''
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  6. cherryshoko added a post in a topic Menclub - Tom Lip's controversial online magazine   

    If MenClub didn't have pictures of underage girls, we'd just be all shocked by the fact that its a bit more sleazy than we once thought. Then we'd just move on and we wouldn't give a shit about where the money came from. But they have pictures of underages models with suggestive captions on the same website where you can find this: [NSFW]
    Also this is an event which seems to be by MenClub, probably a fan-meeting with the former SKE48 member Mikami Yua (the banana deepthroat competition thing). If someone could download it , it would be good. 

    I don't think remember everything that Taylor said, but if she said that there's no porn or no dates, she's either lying or doesn't know about it since she doesn't know the language. 
    Seriously, I would not give so much shit about this website if they didn't have articles sexualizing underaged girls. Everytime I see the articles or a screenshot of the articles about the younger girls, I just get "Hey look at her, she's young af, but shes gonna be 18 one day. Here's her name and her Instagram."
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  7. cherryshoko added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    this is the kind of thing that really infuriates me. Blame the system? No you should be blaming the people who are taking advantage of the system and the people who are allowing this exploitation. Sure there's always gonna be someone who's gonna try and cheat, that's why if you see something morally wrong, you say something. Calling them out, raising awareness and educating people about what's morally right or wrong is all most people can do since we have our own survival to take care of. I wish I could just dump everything and just pursue activism and fight for all the unfortunates and exploited, but I have 3 little siblings I have to raise and save money for their education. The most I can do is tell my friends about problematic people they shouldn't support, and siting here and complain on PULL cause this site has a wider reach than I have. Even if I can just warn one person, I'm good with that. 
    But yeah like you said, at the end of the day they are still rich and don't have to be bothered by troubles everyday people have to go through, that doesn't mean we should just accept it and move on. By your logic, we should just ignore thieves and let them rob us cause someone's always gonna rob someone else.
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  8. cherryshoko added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    They actually got their hands on the actual school uniforms for the shoot? I find that really disturbing...
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  9. cherryshoko added a post in a topic Brianna Slaughter / holyterrainbri   

    i skimmed through till page 16 and it just looks like a wattpad fiction...
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  10. cherryshoko added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    I really agree with what honey said (I put it in bold and underlined it). She's making this about people hating her and trying to find fault in things that 'aren't a big deal". But we are disgusted with the kind of post that MENCLUB published and with how the CEO is handling things. The guy legit stated that he doesn't see anything wrong with having pictures of a 13 year old in swimsuit on a website where "men" can find softcore porno pictures of Miss Noir, etc and Japanese gravure photos. If anyone knows about gravure, its that its a disgusting disguise for soft porn, passing as 'modelling'. 
    This just proves what kind of morals his business is founded on. It's fine if MENCLUB is a men's magazine, posting photos of beautiful girls, semi nude or not is how they make money. But ANY magazine, online or offline will called out if they publish or promote suggestive photos of comments about an underage kid. 
    There's a whole other debate about who's to take responsibility for kids modelling swimsuit underage, but that's a whole other issue in my opinion and derive too much from the point we're trying to make. It's not okay for a kid to be there on the same website where people go to find gravure pictures, modelling or not. 
    I really agree with this, it would be great where we just get all the facts and screenshots to have a clear image of all the MC stuff.
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  11. cherryshoko added a post in a topic Brianna Slaughter / holyterrainbri   

    The thing is that as a student, you are not allowed to sell sex, and if she sold nudes or even offered, its a pretty good basis for her to get strikes. Its pretty much up to the immigration to hold it against her or not tho, and goddamn I want them to be secretly working on her case right now...
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  12. cherryshoko added a post in a topic Brianna Slaughter / holyterrainbri   

    can the fucking immigration just deport her and ban her already? she wants to stay in japan for a long time and i seriously don't want that to happen. shes just fucking toxic
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  13. cherryshoko added a post in a topic JESSICA VU AKA JESSYLUXE   

    ikr? i was really impressed cause apparently its non invasive? i dont know much about it tho, but if it is, damn...
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  14. cherryshoko added a post in a topic Akidearest and The Anime Man   

    how does he look in the mirror right now and actually think he looks good...
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  15. cherryshoko added a post in a topic Taylor and Elbow-san’s "relationship"   

    Yeah I agree, I think in Asia, in general, there's a lot of household help. I always thought that Taylor would either slightly controlling of her kid, making them do whatever she wanted them to do, but she'd probably get help around the house when in Hong Kong. Like, I don't see them not going out as a couple, whether its a date or work related events and stuff. It must be pretty nice tho, not everyone could get help.
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