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  1. Ōkami 狼 added a post in a topic Kanadajin3 Videos   

    I think she's running out of ideas with out people to do video's with
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  2. Ōkami 狼 added a post in a topic Kanadajin3 Videos   

    Her new Video
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  3. Ōkami 狼 added a post in a topic Kanadajin3 Videos   

    But who fully knows he could think Incest is best and he's just not telling us
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  4. Ōkami 狼 added a post in a topic Kanadajin3 Videos   

    I think the person in this video is the guy Victor was talking about well here we go to ass holes togeather
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  5. Ōkami 狼 added a post in a topic General Kanadajin3 thread   

  6. Ōkami 狼 added a post in a topic Kanadajin3 Twitter   

    Just saw this on her twitter idk if it was shared
    ★KANADAJIN3 (Mira) ‏@kanadajin3  Jan 31I may be small,but takes a bigger man to walk away from people who enjoy attacking.Then watch it eat away at their soles that I still exist
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  7. Ōkami 狼 added a post in a topic SHIT MIRA SAYS   

    This is what I want to say to Mira

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  8. Ōkami 狼 added a post in a topic Kanadajin3 Videos   

    You and me both
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  9. Ōkami 狼 added a post in a topic Kanadajin3 Videos   

    Seriously so meany of these comments on the Video are stupid 
      Quack Dragon29 minutes agoHow many persistant/ activly goes out the way to cause trouble haters does mira have roughly?Reply     Philippe Parle Peu29 minutes agoSomeone's probably gonna comment that intent doesn't matter, but I think it does. From what you say, Mira, it seems there wasn't any malicious intent in what you did.Reply6     lala campbell31 minutes agoKana-chan Thank you so much ...we overcome so much through learning...this is what I can clearly tell you ( fyi I am born a black woman in this lifetime thank you universe,so I am an expert somewhat) you on a soul level are not racist, and thank you for your experience with the experiment. How people feel towards what you produced(negatively) is about them...and how you react to their comments is about you..so thank you for having such a beautiful way of explaining. .thank you for your courage...and ichinen...Read moreReply1     Indra Guillory30 minutes agonot racistReply2     faerywillowtree20 minutes agoEveryone is curious how others live! Sorry that you're going through this. Hopefully this will be over soon! Thanks for being so honest with your subs!Reply     stefanie must8 minutes agoI don't think you're racist.Reply     Wendi Zuccaro28 minutes agoHaters have nothing better to do. It just shoes how immature they actually are. As for the pic, you were doing a serious docu about how it could be. I've seen shows like that, and I think they are very educational. It's sad that you have to address such issues. Here in the US, people are way too serious about the whole "black lives matter" thing. Shouldn't ALL lives matter? People here are also too self involved these days and only look up from their devices long enough to start trouble. I enjoy your videos, and keep smiling and all your amazing work. XoxoRead moreReply     Rodney J10 minutes agoHmm, well I've seen the picture and I've also heard your side of things and I don't think you intended to portray a black face image. after watching a few of your videos it does seem like you get annoyed quickly though. I think your just an intellectual person who likes to conduct research to understand things better. even though it wasn't exactly your best and brightest idea, so far, it doesn't appear that it was done maliciously. I'm currently trying to figure things out because I did subscribe to you so I have to be sure of the whole truth before settling.Read moreReply     Imamura Yusuke35 minutes agoあなたが有名になればなるほど、haterが増える。そしてhaterは色んな事をする。It's like a jealousy...それは仕方がないけど、ミラさんはそれを気にする必要は無いよ。ミラさんのsubscriberはミラさんがracistとかじゃないって知ってるから大丈夫です。あなたを応援している人は沢山いますから^^Reply     Ssudden Ddeath22 minutes agodear kanadajin: you just gave attention to the hater by making this video. just ignore the haters! this is what they want. stop worrying so much about what negative people say, this is the second video you made about a hater. just stop making hater videos!Reply     shedding love32 minutes agoi really don't care if you do it you wanted to know what it was like being a black person so its ok.Reply1     Arthur Rock30 minutes agoYou have to sue. Face the facts.Reply     Tameka Ann-Marie7 minutes agoDon't worry Mira, I think you're a great Youtuber and I'm glad you got your point across. I'm not offended at all by this, these haters should grow up and leave you alone, they're very nasty people and you don't deserve that, you're an awesome girl and I enjoy watching your videos ♡ (^ω^)Reply     Virtual0Vomit34 seconds agoWhat were your experiences when you went through that social experiment? I thought that was very interesting because I have heard of something similar like that and I would like to know your experiences with itReply     Karen Gray14 minutes agoI enjoy your videos & your perspectives. I appreciate the explanation (though didn't see the photo). Don't give the hater more time nor attention. Know many of us enjoy what you share.Reply     Melissa “EccentricAfroDiamond” Diamond29 minutes agoso basically u tried to live as an African American female to see how us black folks are treated vs how Caucasian or white skinned people are treated and some folks are or was upset about it bc they only saw a picture & not ur 48hour undercover project. black face Is offensive to some black people but for others its more of a WTF were they thinking kind of reaction. I laugh bc to me yes they are trying to offend those who do black face with racist intentions but what they fail to realize is that they are showing their True Colors when they do that type of mess and it let's me know what I've been known which is that African Americans are Americas #1 most hated & emulated people on this planet. all I do is shake my head. I just say next time u or another person of not color wants to do a project like changing ur gender or race Try to include people that ur going to emulateRead moreReply2     bacongirl alice42 minutes agoFirst, great videoReply1     yerochan17 minutes agoHope you're doing okay. I know I wouldn't be able to make a video about a stalker spreading malicious things about me and keep calm.Reply     Alexandre Auberger31 minutes agoDon't worry Mira, now that people know why you did this video, it's not like you had any racist intents so it's fine. :)Reply1     Mark Bell55 seconds agoYou invent alot of drama by talking about this stuff. I was never going to find out about this picture... but I did because you need to address the haters.Reply     Island Beauty 8087 minutes agoClearly, racist behavior does not fit your character. :) You're very sweet, polite, entertaining and informative. Don't stress, you're good...keep up with the great videos!Reply     Sztermel15 minutes agoCute hair 😘Reply     Amun-Ra16 minutes agoSJW are cancers of today society.Reply     BleachFriend Reviewer36 minutes agoYou don't have too feel badReply1     simeon jones36 minutes agoI've hit a cognitive stump on the purpose of this video :/ did you mean black as in fashion or as in skin colourReply1  View all 4 replies   yerochan27 minutes agoShe means skin colour.Reply    Rodney J26 minutes ago+Isabella Calcagno I said I think, honesty I didn't finish watching it, which I'm doing now. we'll at the moment I'm replying to you.Reply    Christmas Levishka5 minutes agoI understand kanadajin3Reply     Ocean Marino8 minutes agoYou're right. Racism is not good. Whether or not it was a social experiment, it WAS racist. The people who did (and still do...) practice blackface, cover themselves in black/brown makeup to imitate POC. It doesn't matter if you were doing it to "change the perspective" or "prove" levels of racism, this specific act was offensive. Afterwards, you got to go home, look in the mirror, and wash your face with soap and water... When I go home, I have to battle (and love) my skin colour and wonder why millions of people hate me because of it. I cannot change. I don't have the privilege of painting my face white and hopefully move through the world hoping to acquire a different sense of living. I'm glad you abandoned this ignorant experiment, and are using your platform to explain why you did what you did. As a person who enjoys your videos, and your respect for people, I just hope one day you see how truly hurtful this was.Read moreReply     Princess Reaver41 minutes agoYour blush suits you like that :)Reply1     Melissa “EccentricAfroDiamond” Diamond22 minutes agoBTW I love ur videos & have been following ur vids for about 2years now. I'm from Los Angeles California born and raised & have been around people frm all walks of life. black people are the main people who get hated on for everything while those who hate on us love our culture & dislike us at the same time. BTW Japanese people forget that they are apart of Africa there are black Japanese people. I've also seen on YouTube before finding ur videos how Japanese people like to dress up as black folks. tanning to look darker, perming their hair to get African American hair texture and or wearing what are called individual braids & our dancing styleRead moreReply     Ariel Giove31 minutes agoI understand that you didn't mean to and this was just a "social experiment" but once you hurt a large amount of people then that's when you say "I'm Sorry". That's just what someone does. It's like Saying something racist and not knowing then a person sadly says you offended them...even if someone else spreads this to everyone and you didn't know. Just say "I'm sorry, I didn't know" then end it there. That's all you can do. I'm Sorry this happened to you ;-;Reply2     alexis brooks58 seconds agoEven if ur intentions weren't intended to be harmful, u should have thought more about what you were doing tbh. And doing blackface is unnecessary for your research or entertainment purposes in my opinion.Reply     Kathy Gallegos16 minutes agoKanada Chan, sorry you have to go through so much with these haters. to think there is enough of this hate in this world and to add more hate on top of that. You keep going GAMBATE ne Kanadachan! you r very special and loving person for the Japanese and other race and nationalities. Love your posts!Reply1     Kan38 minutes agothese haters, they seen to have a lot of spare timeReply3     Manga Zeichnen42 minutes agoGREAT VIDEO!!!!Reply2  
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  10. Ōkami 狼 added a post in a topic Kanadajin3 Videos   

    Why should we let her do it and soon enough she will be gone
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  11. Ōkami 狼 added a post in a topic Kanadajin3 Videos   

    If you watch the Video she tries explain why she did it and as always it's a very sad excuse as to why she did it and is just another notch in her ass hole belt and she wants people like Victor to stop well maybe she should stop doing stupid things like this like going out in black face and being a bitch Cee U Next Tuseday (if you cant tell I am trying to be nice with trying to say she a Cunt)
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  12. Ōkami 狼 added a post in a topic Kanadajin3 Videos   

    Ok she is most def trying to be like Sharla look at the back of her sofa
    OMFG she is such a poser
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  13. Ōkami 狼 added a post in a topic SHIT MIRA SAYS   

    Also what she doesn't seem to get is by Olympic Bylaws things are put in 2 3 other languages I beleave it's English French and Spanish as well as the Home country's tong That 's just how the Olympics are and will always be Hell I wish I could be there in 2020 
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  14. Ōkami 狼 added a post in a topic Kanadajin3 Twitter   

    I just saw this on my Twitter feed from her 
    And i'm just like relay  Also the Hash tag says "I missed my Class so I eat in paradice now" WTF 
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  15. Ōkami 狼 added a post in a topic Kanadajin3 Videos   

    Also I had a thought is it just me or is Mira now trying to copy Sharla with the Stuffies I guess we will have to see reason I say that is Sharla has all her Stuffies on display for her video's and now like Magic stuffies show up in Mira's videos   
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