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  1. lol added a post in a topic Twitch egirls (and eboys)   

    yikessss the replies 

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  2. lol added a post in a topic OfficialNuehleVang   

    nuehle is a hmong name though? they just spelled it differently from the actual translation. it literally translates to “day late”
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  3. lol added a post in a topic General Koreaboo Thread   

    now that we’re talking about age; there’s this girl that is kinda popular who i’ve been concerned about dating this guy @hyun.li on ig (ponders to kboos) who also happens to have a thread.  her ig:
    she actually revealed her age on ig last week on her story to be either 15 or 16? i can’t remember. i wish i had taken a screenshot lol. i’m not sure how old he is but i assume he’s around 20-23 because of the whole problem regarding him/chloe/kevin in kevin’s thread. but i’m pretty sure.. their relationship isn’t legal either. i personally just got out of a long relationship that started when i was 16 with someone much older than me that i regret; and i think the whole “a grown man only dates minors because he can’t find someone his age” is really true. i just hope she’s not going to regret this later in life lol. there’s such a huge amount of pedophiles on ig
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  4. lol added a post in a topic Kyurin // Pandabearly   

    that’s impossible lol. she’d have to be extremely petite for that height which she isn’t based on pictures. i’m 152cm and 40kg; most korean clothes in size small are still too big for me; if she was really 48kg for her height; she’d have to be physically look more petite than me and that’d be like.. stick skinny lmao. i’m not calling her fat but idk why she keeps trying to trick people into thinking she’s a perfectly slim/skinny petite girl. 
    here’s a pic of her from 2016:

    and a screenshot of her from a few months ago:

    there’s not much of a difference which is why i always doubt it when she flexes her post workout photos lol.
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  5. lol added a post in a topic joanneneko/smallicecoffee   

    if i’m correct, she broke up with her squidward looking model bf a few days/weeks after halloween so i think she’s talking about the guy she hooked up with afterwards, pictured here: 

    honestly i‘m suprised she even considered the new guy to be a relationship because she moved on so quick from her 3-4 months squidward loookin bf lmao. and also, isn’t she a self proclaimed bitch that says men ain’t shit? how does a bitch willingly open her door to someone abusive they’ve dated for less than a month? lol?? doesnt make sense to me but ok. do whatever you gotta do to seem relatable and woke i guess; the one and only, wise and very experienced,  joanne uchiha
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  6. lol added a post in a topic Catherine Chi @catherine_chi   

    am i the only one who thinks she comes off rather more conceited/stuck up than confident? lol. and it’s kinda embarrassing how much effort she put into this because honestly she’s... not attractive IMO and not even great as a person. (not saying you need to be attractive to be posted but her personality makes her so ugly lmao.) her ex’s testimonial had no purpose whatsoever because it sounds so forced and half assed. also, she sounds sOoo selective to be asking for 4 photos loool. just because you take photoshoots does not mean you’re a model and desirable smh. whether the whole post is a joke or not, her bragging about herself as if she’s a special snowflake is such a mess.
    “baby face when not wearing making” - u literally look ur age or even older without that snow filter.. plz stop.
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  7. lol added a post in a topic Twitch egirls (and eboys)   

    its kinda obnoxious how she excessively credits herself in every post including her self timed bedroom shoots lol. it’s also sad if she’s actually proud of her ‘work’/ trying to leech off of sneaky’s fans. 
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  8. lol added a post in a topic Twitch egirls (and eboys)   

    has she claimed to make his cosplays? because all of the lingeries i’ve seen on sneaky/her can be easily bought on taobao for $3-$15 USD and cosplays are easily custom made on taobao for $20-$60 usd now. the characters he/she cosplays are very mainstream in the chinese cosplay community too so the cosplays tend to go cheaper. wigs are pretty cheap too; you can get a decent one for only $5. and imo, her makeup skills are ok. she always looks the same and so does sneaky lol. i’m sure esther does all the shopping but that benefits her more than sneaky since they’re clothes for women.
    tbh i don’t think much effort is actually going into their lewds; so they’re profitting a LOT. any issues with photography can be easily fixed with photoshop too. 
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  9. lol added a post in a topic hyulari   

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  10. lol added a post in a topic hyulari   

    i never liked her but wow lol. she just made herself look really pathetic and dislikeable. isn’t she a kboo? she literally follows korean makeup/hair/clothing/accessories trends and hangs out with only kboo/korean youtubers. heck, you can even check what kind of clothes she ordered from aliexpress/yesstyle/chuu/stylenanda and resold on her depop under the sold section lol. also, didn’t she get popular because kpop stans were spreading her pics to use as icons? i HIGHLY doubt her youtube videos is what got her popular because they’re so boring and bland lol. and her ig username probably misleaded a lot of kboos into thinking she’s korean and following her because of the “hyu” in it.
    tbh it’s probably not that hard for any pale asian decent looking human to get a big following in any platform like twitch, ig, etc lol. you can literally bring up kpop once and kpop stans will swoon to you, something fei does a good job at.
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  11. lol added a post in a topic joanneneko/smallicecoffee   

    LOOOOOOL this is so embarrassing. her boobs are too stiff when she moves because it’s either extremely stuffed or extremely padded. it’s not too hard to find bras that turn A cups to DD cups nowadays. let’s not forget the joanne from earlier this year:

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  12. lol added a post in a topic Fruitypoppin   

    idk i mean, if her boobs really are THAT naturally big and lifted without a bra, she looks suspiciously and extremely flat in oversized clothing in her lazy videos.

    but let’s say she REalLy is naturally a D+ cup 4”11 petite girl. i dont know or think any naturally big breasted women would actually like to wear uncomfortable pushup bras almost on the daily with a super fitted shirt as much as karen does lol. if she really had big boobs, she should really think about investing in slightly padded bras or just pasties because her pushup bra makes her boobs look rlly.. embarassing 
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  13. lol added a post in a topic Gangnam Unnie   

    so this girl has already been posted but she she reposted a photo of her modeling earrings:
    and i found more photos:

    i actually find her to be really pretty— her facial features give her a sultry look and she looks so much more refreshing compared the look she presents on IG
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  14. lol added a post in a topic Gangnam Unnie   

    a little OT but there’s currently a protest going on in korea right now about the high standards for women there. they’re cutting their hair shorter, throwing away makeup, etc. and not so long ago, two protesters were actually beated up by a group of angry men and the men still threatened the women infront of the police. you’d be suprised at how much men are actually bothered by women “becoming less feminine” smh. the movement is called “Escape the Corset” if you want to look more into it.

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  15. lol added a post in a topic General "non Asians pretending to be Asian" thread   

    i’ve been watching all the dramas surrounding kpop stans calling out a bunch of these girls and ngl but some people do go overboard with fake DM’s and stuff just to send people to attack the suspects. i’m not trying to defend her or anything but there could be a small chance she was adopted/her parents passed away/her parent’s lost authority, etc.. which a lot of these racefakers make up some kind of bs about but cherrydreamz has yet to tell her story.
    she did post her baby pictures a few days ago on her IG story and currently has a video posted yesterday of her face close up to show her eyelids on her feed.
    i’m personally not going to look further into her situation until there’s IRL evidence from people that actually know them like what happened to scarebrat and monotonesora. 
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