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  1. MarieLaveau added a post in a topic Brianna Slaughter / Morena In Japan   

    Question cause I no longer follow her anywhere. But has sh made any content in a while? What is the point of donating to her? Even if you're one of the idiots who idolizes her all she does is post ads. 
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  2. MarieLaveau added a post in a topic Brianna Slaughter / Morena In Japan   

    Jesus fuck the one time I think maybe she has a point she has to be a money hungry whore. I'll bet one guy made a creepy comment so now a death is all about Bri. 
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  3. MarieLaveau added a post in a topic General Nigri thread   

    She had to wait on this for the location? The one that is completely blurred out??? Just admit that you only wanted to do it for the meme but weren't that motivated to do it fast. 
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  4. MarieLaveau added a post in a topic Rachel and Jun   

    That's kinda the thing. Where do they get money for rent and stuff? The prefecture they moved to isn't cheap and they only do YT. What is their income stream if/when their channel dries up due to their inactivity? Rachel was military so I guess she could go back to that? But there are no bases around them. 
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  5. MarieLaveau added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    Yeah I'm about to be out of college and IDK what I'm gonna do but I'd rather be here than living in her state of mind. Like the money is awesome but if you have no drive what's the point. I would use that money and time to learn things constantly. Hell one of the first things I want to do when I get a post college job is learn an instrument because I'll have the cash for it. She just accepts doing nothing and it kills me. 
    She had her agency manager, and a YT manager is something everyone over 1 mill gets automatically. They aren't hands on and don't really work for you, they're assigned by YT to tell you little insider things like tips about when to post or trends on the platform, sometimes things like what your ratings are and to loop you in with sponsors. Maybe they help with getting money to the creators. They don't have much to do with the creation of process and seem to be pretty hands off from everything I've heard. I think they're more like minders, to make sure that someone with a super massive audience doesn't post something horrific. Like you get to 5 mill and post a snuff film. 
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  6. MarieLaveau added a post in a topic Yumi King Videos   

    Hey Yumi. Look. I can't say I like you. I find you lazy and overall objectionable. But I would hate for you to undervalue yourself and stay with this smuck. Any man who places a nonconsensual rough hand on you and does not immediately apologize, no matter the circumstance, does not care about you. You don't deserve to be scolded like a dog or a small child. That is not how a man speaks to another adult. Even an inferior at work, or someone with the mentality or mental ability of a child. An adult, or teen or child in grade school, deserves more respect. No one should be treated like an object to be used to feel better after a long day, to be someones always happy sweet bunny wife. You deserve more respect from him, from your mother, from your fans, and from yourself. You need to take time to be self-sufficient. To work and earn your living honestly so you can in someway understand your worth as an adult and partner.
    Al that aside, you cannot bring children into what ever the hell your life is. You are irresponsible, immature, unrealistic, and do not have the work ethic to be a role model. Much less a mother. That old bag you're married to is shooting out dust if he hasn't already got the snip but the idea that you would lay under and push out children for a man who has so little to do with his existing children is not only lowly, but delusional, and proof of how poorly raised your child would be at this point in your life. You aren't a left over, you aren't an incubator, your aren't old at 30, and your aren't deserving of a child. 
    If this is Scott trying to gaslight a bunch of grown ass women on the internet who can't stand you less than we like your wife though the voice of a yours woman on the internet. Fuck off you disgusting pathetic little man. You took advantage of Yumi's desperation and general idiocy to get off. And you are delusional and racist enough to think you married some fetish object and that no one would judge your behavior. You shouldn't be commenting on internet forum. Your old ass should be looking into retirement plans. You've only got what.. 3-4 years?
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  7. MarieLaveau added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    It has to be motivation.
    She used to have Elbow to show off for, and she does not have to really impress him now that they're married. Plus I think in general she just used to have more reason to go out and want to make real content the kind that took more effort than sending someone to CVS. She used to leave the house regularly to do shoots, meet friends, go see her manager, and was a bit of a weeb so Japan was just exciting. I think she liked it better because she never even tried to learn Chinese really but did at least take classes in Japan, even if she was no good at it. Now she's in Hong Kong, which I'm sure she's excited about but she doesn't really seem to like it as much, she's just there for Tom. Didn't she straight up say she moved for him and the business? She doesn't do any kind of work now, probably dosn't really get dressed most days because she doesn't go anywhere. She has no one to meet or talk to that isn't thousands of miles away, her husband in the few hours he's home before bed, and people she pays. She seems uninspired in HK and not going out or having people to have fun with defiantly won't help with a creative block. Plus the baby stress. Her house is so monotone and and hard concrete (which I can't say I associate with any of the styles she's done so far) which can't be inspiring, she isn't going out to see art like she used to, she isn't working with designers to seen different styles like she did through work so now the best she gets is magazines. She probably sits around and watches reality TV and maybe YT all day.
    If I didn't feel like Taylor is so invested in remaining married I could see things going the way of Sharla's marriage over where they're living. I don't know much about Sharla's situation I just remember people saying it had to do with the husband wanting to be in Korea and her wanting to be in Japan. So forgive me if this is off. It feels like she only does any YT because there is nothing else in her life but YT, trying to get pregnant, and going to the doctor and being told she isn't pregnant. Taylor needs to pick up a hobby, learn an instrument, take an art class. She liked dancing she should take a class or join a non-professional studio. She has the money and the time do enrich herself, I really think being busy helps deal with depression symptoms and when she has things in her life that are actually for her again she may feel inspired. 
    God this is long considering I rarely comment on her anymore. Sorry for the novel but it bums me out a bit to see her like this. I initially looked up to Taylor before I notices some fishy stuff and found PULL. She has a lovely personality but it just seems so dulled now. I want her to feel like her old self. Or at least re-find some energy even if it's a new energy. Even if she just becomes an IG influencer it feels like she compromised for Tom. Not to make him a villein even if I have bad vibes. It feels like Taylor thought she had to concede to things and she's less happy for it. 
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  8. MarieLaveau added a post in a topic Brianna Slaughter / Morena In Japan   

    She's so gross yall. Like there are still mad inequalities due to the past. It is something that needs to be acknowledged more than it is, and I am saying this as a black woman who lives in the south. But those reparations are not to individuals, nothing was done to you personally because of who you are but to everyone like us because we exist. Reparations belong to the community and collective, donations should be for overall betterment, they should be to parks in POC communities and donations to underprivileged schools that tend to be overwhelmingly black. Reparations should be social awareness of how black people are treated in society and to boost the voices of people speaking out about their experiences. People like Bri fuel the fire of racists who say "everything was fixed with the Emancipation Proclamation and desegregation" and that "black people just take it too far" the very people who Juneteenth is meant to remind that changes in Washington do not equally effect all people and may not trickle down to the most oppressed masses. This is not a joke and joking about it isn't cute, its ignorant is disgustingly privileged. A school in Mississippi had their first desegregated prom in 2014. There are till segregated proms and pseudo segregated everything, from towns to communities, to schools, within a few hours of where I am. Juneteenth is for the people who are forced to live that everyday in the age of the internet. Not for a spoiled little bitch fooling around in Japan on her mama's money. Complaining that Japanese women won't come out of the closet before they are ready, both personally and culturally, so she can fuck them. 
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  9. MarieLaveau added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    Agreed, her hair was absolutely gorgeous but it must have giving her headaches, when your hair is that long the pressure is pretty bad. Plus there was no volume to it because of the weight. It was beautiful though. 
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  10. MarieLaveau added a post in a topic Brianna Slaughter / Morena In Japan   

    True but it's all just so angry. Like what's the point of making multiple accounts to harass someone on twitter that you don't even know. But be too lazy to make a Pull account and just talk shit here where her finding it is on her. Hate her all you want, but why put so much effort in to her? I'm more likely to believe drama queen bri or one of her friends is the harasser than some causal pull lurker who will make 5 twitters. 
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  11. MarieLaveau added a post in a topic Wylona Social Media Updates   

    I swear her reflection is also looking at the camera. Also did Whylo do the shitty photoshop for her?
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  12. MarieLaveau added a post in a topic Rachel and Jun   

    Hope not, her face is is like her second best feature, next to all of that gorgeous hair it would be a shame to fuck it up with fillers. I think its a lack of makeup and swelling from being tired or something.
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  13. MarieLaveau added a post in a topic Wylona Social Media Updates   

    She probably tags him in everything just to remind everyone that "shes worth something because she has a boyfriends" But the nerve of her to publicly turn him down. Girl he's the last man in Singapore with an internet who will fuck you. Behave.
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  14. MarieLaveau added a post in a topic Belle Kirschtein/Belle Delphine   

    I think its a bit more that your can't pedobate as well with a noticable chest. It's not only that she shops her self flat chested, she flattens her chest, does doll makeup, and takes sexual pictures in children's clothes. The bit about her changing her chest is more about the effort she puts in to erase her secondary sex characteristics to sell the fantasy of a sexual yet innocent child. There is undoubtable a difference between a willowy thin or a petite woman with a-cups and a woman who is wearing kid's bathing suits, sucking on lollipops, and editing their body to remove curves.
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  15. MarieLaveau added a post in a topic Rachel and Jun   

    I don't get why she went for them, especially when one of her specific complaints was dust. The plastic fabric that makes up the leaves is a dust magnet and are so hard to dust. They should have just used removable or tacked on wall panels to do accent walls. Like a cute forest green accent wall would give the forest feel she wants but wouldn't need to be cleaned regularly. And fake leaves fade and fray, a wall panel wouldn't. But the house was so big! I bit monochrome for my tastes but I really do like their entertainment center, if she dropped a like I would have looked at their stuff. 
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