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  1. baka inu added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    Never thought i'd become a taylor subscriber again after i stopped watching her during the clickbait drama, but here we are. I think hong kong will do her very well. The nostalgia from her model days there and being near her bf's family instead of just being them two living in a bubble in japan...i hope it will bring out the best in her. She already seems way happier and "at home". Sooo excited to see hong kong, an unusual place for a youtuber in comparison to japan. 
    Like others have pointed out, it does seem very wasteful to buy sooo much news things. I have never personally moved, so i cant even imagine how exhausting it must be to move country. But it seems like they left so much basic things behind. Idk maybe its just the massive hoarder in me that is just horrifed by it lol
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  2. baka inu added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    Haven't watched taylor in ages but skipped through the vlog with her brothers bedroom tour and oh lord that was such an awkward and boring video. Not to sound weird but they looked like an awkward teen couple where the girlfriend gets to see the guys room for the first time lol. I guess a family members room tour could be relevant content if it was something reeeally special worthy of showing off. But that was probably the most tragic man cave i have ever seen. Dark, empty, nothing that matches, and not even a window. Almost gave me a headache just by looking at it.
    On another note, her cheeks looked so much worse than i remembered, wow. She looks like a chipmunk with their mouth full of food. It's like her face doesnt even move anymore. Her face was fine before idgi
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  3. baka inu added a post in a topic simply_kenna   

    I lose more and more respect for her every time i go on this forum lol. She really is a straight girl hiding behind an aro-ace label. It's like she cant admit that she doesnt want/cant get a relationship or something? It's fine to be straight/gay etc and be happily single? I'm kennas age and i am still nowhere near mentally ready for a relationship, but that doesnt mean that i am asexual...i am very much heterosexual lol
    Her behaviour makes me wonder what went down in her school days. She was a popular cheerleader, plenty of boys wanted to date her, she turned them down (well, according to her words), there was a real/fake screenshot on here a while ago of her bragging about stealing boyfriends on an old facebook... things just dont add up with her asexual story  There must've been some nasty catfights going on to make her become like this
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  4. baka inu added a post in a topic simply_kenna   

    That apology was as basic as it can get. I'm innocent i didnt know bla bla explanations bla bla my mental health bla bla im deactivating comments and staying away from social media bla bla. I'm sorry but if you start a youtube channel, then you are putting yourself out there and you will get hate and criticism and you have to be able to mentally handle it to some extent. Just like an actor, a singer, a movie director etc. Being a youtuber is not some special happy bubble where that is not allowed to happen. That's just how it is. Youtube is full of creators who do not have people around them to tell them what to do and not to do to start a shitstorm, unlike a proper celebrity. The viewers do that job for a youtuber. She's not one of those first generation youtubers who have been making videos since like 2009. Those people couldn't have known what youtube would become. Kenna knew what she got herself into. Clearly tried to make "quality" videos from the start to get attention. If you're gonna delete your mistakes and play the victim card then you're not fit for youtube
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  5. baka inu added a post in a topic simply_kenna   

    Aaah that makes sense, i always found it a bit strange how kenna suddenly went from that minimalistic tumblr boho style to this vintage thing. So mrs everyone-is-stealing-my-aesthetic did the same thing to her own friend then lol. Nothing wrong with being inspired by people, we all do it, but its amusing since kenna is always so against it. I'm gonna have to check out grace because i know pretty much nothing about her
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  6. baka inu added a post in a topic simply_kenna   

    It's always funny how the right angles and light and surrounding can make something look aesthetic, but when you see it in it's natural state it's...it's a mess. Like this. From behind, she actually looks like a little grandma with an unflattering old dress, who went wild and dyed their hair pink, and their grandchild doodled on their arm...
    Also, i assume thats their livingroom? It is very kenna aesthetic with the vintage shabby chic style (well, her current aesthetic). Does grace really share that aesthetic or did she just let princess kenna take over their shared rooms with her aesthetic hmmm
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  7. baka inu added a post in a topic simply_kenna   

    I dont understand her logic at all. It makes no sense to decide to not mention a featured person, when you're so new to kpop that you dont even know who these people are and cant even judge if they are "worthy" of mentioning or not. It's really disrespectful to the artist, doesnt matter that they will never know her tweets and videos exist, she has a big following of people who may also be new to kpop.
    Also i looked it up and crush name is literally written before deans in the mv title 
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  8. baka inu added a post in a topic simply_kenna   

    Lmao she didnt mention that yoo jae suk was featured on exos dancing king? I know she doesnt watch variety shows and has no clue how famous he is but like, did she not notice the 40 yearold man in the middle of exo?? Or maybe she just listened to it and didnt watch the mv but i'm sure his name would still be mentioned in the title? And she would believe he was an actual singer
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  9. baka inu added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    I havent really watched any of her videos after the whole clickbait drama which made me finally unsub. But i skipped through this video and the cringe was real. One of the many reasons i unsubbed is because i cant stand her awkward humor. Theres not even anything special about it and i cant put my finger on whats so bad about it...it just is. So bad. This skit reminded me of awkward skits from early youtube. Its a video concept that hasnt aged well at all, atleast imo. Yet she throws that type of comedy into her videos all the time (or atleast used to). Its her channel she can do whatever she wants. But if you ask me...she should stay away from comedy 
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  10. baka inu added a post in a topic simply_kenna   

    For some reason i started thinking that the pink dots next to the fox looks like nipples and now i cant unsee a fox in the middle of two wonky boobs  Well if she ever wants to cover her avatar tattoo this is it
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  11. baka inu added a post in a topic simply_kenna   

    When will she stop it with those weird makeup freckles? They are so unflattering and unnatural and i seriously dont understand them. Are they supposed to make her look like a magical fairy? Well they dont. It looks like someone dropped glitter eyeshadow on her nose, or like she's trying to hide some skin disease. I literally have no idea whats popular in western makeup anymore, i just assume everyone is copying kylie jenner, but i havent seen this makeup anywhere? I have seen drawn on more natural looking freckles in korean magazine photoshoots once or twice, but they look nothing like kennas? Idk where she got the idea that they look cute
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  12. baka inu added a post in a topic simply_kenna   

    For a second i thought that she had already gone out and bought a mask and the "kpop cap" but then i saw that its just a snow filter lol. Look forward to the next DIY guys, how to make your own kpop mask and how to stab some metal rings into a cap!  
    I shouldnt judge since i made my own mask after only like a month in the fandom. But i wear mine sometimes when i clean my room because of my dust sensitivity (or else i kinda sneeze non stop). Kenna would totally wear it outside to be a special snowflake. Let's hope she stays away from kdramas, or else we might see her sport the classic i-am-an-action-protagonist-with-all-black-clothes-and-black-cap-and-mask look. Perfect for the summer season, she can be relatable and complain about how warm it is to wear all black in summer, but how she must do it for the protagonist a e s t h e t i c
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  13. baka inu added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    Trigger warnings are the most stupid thing ever. Yes, they are great as a warning on a video or photos if theres gore and extreme violence. But all these food, rape, etc trigger warnings on twitter are sooo pointless. If someone writes " tw r*pe " then 1, the person reading it has to figure out that the word you just censored, is rape, so they know if the trigger warning is for them or not. And 2, the person reading it will now be thinking about rape because you just made them think of the word. So WHATS the point??? And dont even get me started on food. Even people with eating disorders DO actually eat. Or else they would be dead. Writing " tw food " will make them think about food anyways. It is POINTLESS. I cant bloody wait for this childish trend to die. I see so many people with NSFR in their names and bios atm and i just

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  14. baka inu added a post in a topic One makeup product that you can't live without   

    Foundation. Anyone will look more alive with some foundation on to even out the skintone. I'd feel naked without it when i'm out. I'm pretty addicted to my eye pen/eyeliner too though. I have barely gone outside without a bit of eyeliner on in almost a decade now.
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  15. baka inu added a post in a topic Languages   

    I'm swedish and my native language is swedish. Also fluent in english ofc. Took 3 years of spanish in highschool, learned nothing. Can understand some norwegian and danish, but cant speak it.
    I have been trying to learn korean and japanese by myself for over a year now. I dont think my brain can handle more than 2 languages bc its not going very well lol 
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