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  1. castleinthesky added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna [Thread 3]   

    This girl is almost 23... how tf is she so damn immature? Her replying as if her eyebrows were talking is not fun or witty, it's cringy and embarrassing. I can't believe she has so many followers still.
    That one comment about creating content for her YT and her saying it's multitasking... yeah no wonder her videos have been so shitty lately.
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  2. castleinthesky added a post in a topic Jbunzie /Jessica Vill   

    I used to be a huge fan of hers, but some attitudes of hers as of lately have made me annoyed... and this is #1 on my list.  Graves is a hormonal imbalance. She says it was caused because of stress but as far as I know stress can make it happen faster, not cause it out of nothing... and it may be serious. Hyperthyroidism affects pretty much everything, from metabolism other bodily functions and homeopathy is not medicine. I understand some doctors may be more efficient than others but she should listen to what hers has said and follow his instructions, not ignore it completely and decide that 'natural remedies' are the way to go as if... doctors studied years and years to treat illnesses like this.She also gives me condescending vibes sometimes, which is a shame because she is very talented and works hard to put out high quality videos.
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  3. castleinthesky added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna [Thread 3]   

    She's literally the embodiment of everything I can hate in a person. She is rude, lazy, emotionally manipulative and entitled. I still to this day, for the life of me, do not undeerstand how the people who contribute less to society are the ones who feel they have the right to do whatever they please without consequences. I can't believe she still has fans, because she deserves none of them.
    Two things I'd like to comment on; first of all, I think it is SO sad how she has let aesthetics run her life. She basically seems to live through social media and everything she does has to fit her pale/pink feed or it is not worth her time (re: the kawaii museums she was asking about a couple of weeks ago. So, "normal" museums are automatically removed from her list of things to see if she can't post a picture on her IG? It's ridiculous).
    And secondly... her diet is absolutely disgusting. She may be eating super healthily and not posting it on the internet but I personally doubt it and... gurl. You can't live off sugar, hamburgers and chips. That's not healthy and eventually your body will show that to you. We need vitamins, we need proteins and we need "good sugars" (like the ones found in fruit rather than sweets) and we need WATER. Our bodies are 60% water. We need it to function properly. She may not know it but fast-food sodas are not actual sodas like the ones we drink when we buy a can. They are literally carbonated water with flavoured powders (still not as healthy as plain water, I am just saying her water allergy claims are bs)
    (Sorry if I'm bringing up older topics but I tend to bite my tongue until I explode and her ig stories made it for me😂)
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  4. castleinthesky added a post in a topic simply_kenna [Thread 2]   

    I can't add the video here cause I am on mobile but she was in a music video! Back during her boho era she and her sister were extras in the MV for Shaky Ground by Freedom Fry! Kenna would use the song in every other video and I think it was one of her faves.
    It's a really nice song, so I do recommend giving it a listen, plus Kenna still had a pretty cool sense of style back then😊
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  5. castleinthesky added a post in a topic Ruby Granger   

    The first thought that came to mind is that I absolutely love her accent😌 I wish mine was like hers!
    As for the video itself, I've seen bits because it is quite long and it is 2am so I can't comment on much... I think all the presents combined are worth a lot of money but it seems to me that they come from many different people. If I remember correctly, she got something from her best friend's mum? So at least is not like her parents spent that much...
    I don't know... I don't want to say she's spoiled because she seems quite grateful. May just be me though!
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  6. castleinthesky added a post in a topic Ruby Granger   

    Ah, Ruby! I started watching her videos last summer and I still don't know what to think about her.
    She's a sweet girl, that's for sure and I would say the fact that she's such an anti-bullying advocate shows she has her heart in the right place.
    However, her attitude when it comes to studying worries me, so I don't feel I can fully support her.
    I am currently in university and to get in (and now keep up with all the things I have to do) I have always needed to be responsible and serious with my studies. That's why I can tell that studying 14 hours is not only not healthy, but probably won't be beneficial in a few years time. The brain is kinda like a muscle, and sure, you need to train it for it to work better; but, like muscles, it also needs to rest and has its limits. I remember last june, during finals, how mentally exhausted me and my classmates were and how I only wanted to sleep and 'turn off' my brain for a while. She's not in college yet, and maybe she will be able to keep on doing this her first year there, but I'm quite sure as things get harder, it will also get harder for her to spend 14 hours a day studying.
    I'm also lowkey worried about her obsession over being 11-years-old Hermione. I love HP and I LOVE Hermione, she definitely was one of my influences as a child, but Ruby is 17. When you're a teenager I feel it's time to find yourself, discover what the world is about and, to some extent, experience new things (I mean, in the books/movies, Hermione grows up, relaxes a bit, dates boys and behaves and feels like a 15/16/17 year-old would). I don't think it is bad to look up to Hermione and be inspired by her to work hard and be kind, but I am not quite sure it is normal to behave exactly like book 1 Hermione would do at 17 😕
    I think overall I can't not like Ruby cause she just seems naive to me, and to be honest, I prefer to hear about books and study marathons than to hear about 'that time when I got so high I was arrested' other YouTubers post about.
    (I'm sorry for the rant AND I'm sorry if I made any mistakes, English is not my first language)
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  7. castleinthesky added a post in a topic simply_kenna [Thread 2]   

    Apparently, Bree is 5'9", or 1.75m.
    I'm by no means good at measuring and guessing distances BUT my boyfriend is 1.75m and I'm 1.59/5'2" and our height difference is around the same as the girls (ignoring Kenna's heels, I guess her head would be around the height of Bree's shoulder) or maybe a bit less, so if Kenna is lying I'd say she's 5'1" or so tops...

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  8. castleinthesky added a post in a topic simply_kenna [Thread 2]   

    You guys maybe right about the body image issues, but I wanna add that this is what happens when everything you do revolves around aesthetics.
    I understand liking a certain style or colour scheme or season or whatever, but the moment it controls your life like this, you're fucked. Like... she likes Disney and Christmas so much she's dressing like a child from a Christmas movie while living in freaking California. Because you can't be a ~winter Disney faery princess~ if you wear normal clothes.😧
    I just... I don't know, I am seeing too many YouTubers lately that focus so much on keeping up with their 'aesthetic' of choice it's getting ridiculous.
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  9. castleinthesky added a post in a topic simply_kenna   

    I honestly don't understand how she's content with her lifestyle -or how any of her followers consider it "goals".
    She literally does nothing productive for society at all. I'm going to quote the amazing Marina and the Diamonds and ask you, Kenna, are you satisfied with an average life? 
    Her days consist on getting up late, watching anime until late night and procrastinating her "book" and her freaking YouTube channel, which is her job, and which she needs because she "lives paycheck to paycheck". Don't you think sometimes I don't feel like going to class? But I go because I need to so I can graduate and work in my dream job. Don't you think people who work from 9-5 or even more sometimes would rather stay in bed? But they get up because they need the money to live and eat.
    Maybe I misunderstood the meaning of 'living paycheck to paycheck' but I'd say if I were in that situation and my job was YouTube, I'd be recording and editing and posting non stop. I get it's hard to come up with ideas, find the materials and all... but that's a job. I can't take her job seriously when she can't do it herself.
    Maybe it's my upbringing, but it baffles me how someone can put so little effort into everything she does and be okay with it.
    Her overall bratty, unapologetically privileged and entitled attitude gets on my nerves
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  10. castleinthesky added a post in a topic simply_kenna   

    But why is nobody talking about the red makeup she put on her nose? Like I'm sure she put it there to look like when a cartoon character is sick, with a red nose... that can't possibly be an actual makeup trend right?

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  11. castleinthesky added a post in a topic simply_kenna   

    I'd like to give my opinion on some things that are really' bothering' me about her right now. (Also, sorry if I make any mistakes!)
    I think she sees herself as this amazing writer/painter/artist and literally nothing anyone can tell her will make her think otherwise. Like, It's awesome if you love painting, or writing, or making music, even if you're not good at it! But unless you're some kind of genius, at 22 you still have a long way to go. To be a writer, I've always seen the same pieces of advice: to read and read and read some more, then write and then also re-read what you've written to change things and correct mistakes. I think we all know here that Kenna reads little to none and I really don't think any of her 'poems' have been worked on? I don't want to be to mean by saying this but I'd bet she just writes them and leaves them like that. And of course a young, amateur author should accept constructive criticism, be aware of their own mistakes and work to improve. I'm sure Kenna can accept some sugestions and keep her 'style'.
    Also, and I want to add right here: I'm by no means saying that a person is only worth respect if they have studied, or that a job should only be considered 'good' if you need to study in order to get it. But, I am someone who values education a lot, and I appreciate the oportunity that I have, to study what I love. And I'm sure Kenna has the means to study if she wanted to. Not even college, but she lives in California, I'm sure there are 'short' or even online creative writing courses that she could take up. Or hell, even an English degree, she would learn how to find her own voice and style in a proper way! I remember when she started YT, she said her dream was to have a home decor store or something like that. What ever happened to that dream? There has to be some kind of preparation for that. Design, maybe? I really do not know heh
    And finally, it really really bugs me how sure she id of her 'career' as a youtuber (mind you, I still to this day don't understand how being a 'youtuber' went from a hobbie to a full time job that allows you to live fairly well, travel and get deals for things otherwise you wouldn't get, like Sasha and her book deal lol). Like, I'm sure only HUGE youtubers like PewDiePie could afford living for a few months/years after this whole influencer trend has died down. Sure, Kenna is big but not as big as some other people out there. She does nothing special: you can find makeup tutorials and lookbooks everywhere and there are some people who are way more creative AND talented than her so if you like writing there are also better options. I feel she lost her spark, what really made her interesting for me. I do not understand how she feels accomplished at the end of the day. She does literally nothing but lying in bed watching anime and going to Disneyland/ice skating from time to time. Is she not bored? Does she not want to try new things? A painting course, a writing one. Cooking classes! There must be so many options around her, to spend some time outside her room, with people and actually gaining something from them... sigh.
    (I really hope I didn't bore you or came off as to mean, if so I really didn't mean to )
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  12. castleinthesky added a post in a topic simply_kenna   

    Here where I'm from August is also the main summer month, and since I love summer I could never call it pre-autumn.
    If I were her, I would go by the usual autumn start (late September), call September the 'pre-autumn' month and enjoy autumn all the way until late december. If your autumn starts in September you will only enjoy "brown leaves and chill weather" in October and November for the most part, and she lives in California so I doubt September is a particularly cold month.
    And also, I don't think wearing autumn-y clothes in summer is not socially acceptable as she says, it is just weird to wear tights and scarves if it's boiling hot outside 😂
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  13. castleinthesky added a post in a topic simply_kenna   

    I hadn't thought of it like that lol. Definitely could be that yeah😂 I see what you mean, yes, focusing on aesthetics isn't something you should do when apologising. (And agree on the improvement part too. Again I hadn't thought of it like that.)
    I tried to quote you @oppsididitagain but for some reasong I can't, sorry 😦
    But I hope she starts again and for real now. I think apologising publicly has been hard for her, she's definitely proud when it comes to owning up to her mistakes and if she lurks in and sees everyone tearing her attempt apart it may make her decide it's not worth it to ever bother again and maybe continue doing what we have all criticised so let's cross our fingers and see.
    Or maybe I'm just too innocent and believe the most blatant of lies which can be
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  14. castleinthesky added a post in a topic simply_kenna   

    I agree.
    I know that I am on the naive side when it comes to trusting people, but I'm willing to accept the apology.
    She mentions it herself in the poem, it is hard for her to apologise. I understand where you all come from when you say writing a poem is not the rawest version of her, but honestly, even if she's not as good as she may think she is, I believe poetry is important to her. She took the time to write it (though I agree the witches part was unnecessary) and she took the time to write the video caption.
    I think we should wait and see what she does now. Even if this video were 100% fake, which my heart wants to believe it is not and she truly wants to leave this behind, we should wait to see what happens next. If the plagarising problem happens again, let's ignore this apology; but maybe she truly will change her ways from now on.
    Maybe it is because I once was a fan and I loved her and want to like her again but I'm willing to give her the benefit of the doubt and give her a new chance.
    (Sorry if it is too long, I'm on mobile and don't know how to put it under spoiler)
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  15. castleinthesky added a post in a topic simply_kenna   

    I agree. It's sad that we've come to a point where social media and image mean so much. 
    Kenna can still have a pink feed with brown and healthy hair. She used to have a white theme going on and her hair wasn't white, no? She has a naturally beautiful hair and the dye job really killed it, she can go for a chocolaty brown tone and keep pink accessories and backgrounds so the theme is still there.. 
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