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  1. gwiyomi added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    I KNOW! Like dude, come on do you know fashion history AT ALL? Alexander McQueen anyone? John Galliano? MOTHERF*CKING VIVIENNE WESTWOOD??? this kid is so dense I’m about to throw some fashion books in her face....
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  2. gwiyomi added a post in a topic General Koreaboo Thread   

    i call that look «i shat my pants but we gonna act cool about it. Ugh it stinks» definitely anything BUT sexy lol
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  3. gwiyomi added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    her cons are just so....childish. Honestly she just seems negative about everything. My mom always said, it’s what YOU make it to be. If you go around being negative all the time and hate a city you will be miserable. Your attitude needs to change. Maybe she should try to expand the location, if these three cities are not good for her. 
    on another note, NYC «easy to socialize»??? Hahaha child you’re in for a treat😂
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  4. gwiyomi added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    Now I respect people having opinions but honestly "I'm not the one to slut-shame"....? then don't. Just because this isn't part of your value, doesn't give you the right to call a girl a slut just because she has consensually been with multiple of guys (healthy or not is discussable). People like you are why girls still have issues with being honest about their sex life (albeit Ashley is a tad TMI sometimes), or why some girls who are sexually active don't get taken seriously when they report rape. 
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  5. gwiyomi added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    lol honestly if she thinks LA and its influencers are sh*tty then she will have a huge slap in the face once she goes to NY. Then again she has been drooling over NY (for what reason I dunno, the city is nice but the people living there are snarky and just rude) I bet she will love it no matter how the city treats her.
    big difference between LA and NY is the way of dressing. LA is definitely more casual yet cool girl, while in NY it's more "put together" like you said. I personally prefer LA, even though I've never been there. But that girl is gonna have the shock of her life if she dresses LA style in NY. March-April weather will kill you.
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  6. gwiyomi added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    omg she's actually moving away from LA....I was right about her trying to escape from her issues. Also this video  is just so awkward. Especially when she's butthurt over not being invited to an event but tries to act cool like "but that's ok because influencer events are overrated". Like damn Ashley, grow up..She's still a child y'all.
    PS: I am starting to cringe at her intros and her "soothing voice" emotional talks. Like girl, just give me the content I signed up for, I don't always need that emotional talk....HASHTAGRELATABLEHASHTAG
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  7. gwiyomi added a post in a topic WWWengie   

    also not sure if discussed but went on her IG and saw a clip of the performance of «mr nice guy». Anyone else thinks the beginning at least sounds SO MUCH ALIKE Chanmina’s «I’m a pop»? 
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  8. gwiyomi added a post in a topic Sissel AB   

     what the? Like who actually made this list? Lol
    oh honey...oh sweetie....no. just....no
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  9. gwiyomi added a post in a topic Sissel AB   

    my bad, thought she was on working holiday visa. LOL ENTERTAINMENT VISA I'm laughing....
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  10. gwiyomi added a post in a topic Sissel AB   

    Well she didn't NOT claim to be good either...she's really trying to show off with few sentences in Korean in her Q&A IG stories. however I have never seen her speak Korean with her Korean "friends" in her videos...
    also I think her working holiday visa is expiring soon so her kboo ass is trying probably everything to stay in Korea.
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  11. gwiyomi added a post in a topic General Koreaboo Thread   

    Been following a few veteran kpop idols on YT and the tea they have spilled, I would NEVER want to be a kpop idol. But like you said, I feel most westerners who want to become an idol are chasing the fame and the designer clothes etc. and get so blinded by that that they can't see the reality. Basically everyone wants to be the next bts but honestly the struggle they had to go through to be where they are, I don't think anyone wants to work that hard these days.

    she looks cuter with the cut and the makeup suits her features. I don't see what makes her a kboo. I follow a lot of Korean IG-ers myself but that doesn't make me a kboo either lol You honestly should google kboo then get back to us.
    Sissel is a target for a VERY good reason, stop being so delulu.
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  12. gwiyomi added a post in a topic Sissel AB   

    lol based on what exactly? that she said herself her Korean is good? I watched one of the Q&A questions and she got a korean question, my ass is betting she papago'ed that sh*t. Her Korean is sooooo basic for someone living in Korea. Like I always say, these kboo b*tches are lucky to be living in Korea and get to practice Korean every day, I would kill to be able to do that
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  13. gwiyomi added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    mmm never been a content creator on YT or lived in LA but honestly living in NY was really fun and made my creativity spark even more (I do marketing/advertising). Also should you feel alone it’s so easy to find spots to hang out at, since everything’s close by. Now I did have friends I met through gym I could hang with should I ever feel super lonely. However I’m also pretty comfortable being by myself. I personally think NY isn’t for everyone. If you can’t handle being by your lonesome (like Ashley seems to struggle these days with) then I’d suggest you stick to smaller city. If she does end up moving to nyc after the announcement, that to me will only seem like she’s trying to escape from things without dealing with it like an adult:/
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  14. gwiyomi added a post in a topic General Koreaboo Thread   

    I hope they do so I can watch from sideline and be like «that’s what your kboo ass deservers» 
    Eddie (not Avila) has always been a huge kboo and I hate how he acts like a fu*king diva. Sis not even Beyonce who IS A DIVA, acts like one. Take a seat. He is sticking his kboo nose everywhere. I know he was on that one korean show with other guys, and tbh he sticks out like a sore thumb, in all kinds of ways. Maybe learn Korean before you apply for a KOREAN show. Now miss thinks he’s all that lol
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  15. gwiyomi added a post in a topic Q2Han / Qjin & Qwon   

    daaamn thanks for the inside scoop and good summary! Their answer for the fashion college was really weird. I mean EVERYONE thought they took fashion degree and just recently they told the truth. That’s shady imo, they acted like they were these insiders in the fashion world however they’re just like any other person who loves fashion. Lol I mean we all knew something was up the moment those ugly ass tees came out.
    And based on IG story and who buys their sh*t it’s easy to see how old their audience is.
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