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  1. Idc0494 added a post in a topic General Koreaboo Thread   

    You put people in your video who are clearly just trolling or joking... and why are Megan Bowen and Whitneybae in there? It disgusts me that you are not only a hypocrite, but also including people who aren't even koreaboos. 
    edit; People who are downvoting this, do you care to explain? Is it because you think the people I mentioned are in fact k-boos? Orrr because you think the people who are just trolling and making fun of k-boos should still be included in the video? 
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  2. Idc0494 added a post in a topic cowsel / josie   

    If you're not defending Taeklor then I'm not even addressing you though?? I really don't want that to happen to anyone here, and that's partly why I made the post  And I never disagreed with anything that has been said about Jo.
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  3. Idc0494 added a post in a topic cowsel / josie   

    This is what I have been trying to say this whole time.
    I have no feelings towards this cowsel girl-- don't like her, don't hate her, I just read this thread for entertainment.
    But it almost kind of pisses me off how taeklor keeps being defended as a poor soft boy who got his heart broken?? 
    I don't think you guys have been in an abusive relationship before. 
    Let me give you an example-- Taylor's tweet "if they really loved you like they said theyll be there for you in the hardest times but you need to reciprocate it to get it back" sounds like my abusive ex who told me "if you really loved me you wouldn't have even thought about calling the police on me" [when he dragged me into his car drunk and drove drunk, almost killing us] 
    I know this sounds dramatic and I'm not saying that I think Taeklor was abusive, I'm just saying that it's POSSIBLE that maybe he isn't an angel underneath the surface.
    I'm honestly concerned for you guys because if you're this naive, it will be easy for you to fall victim to an abusive guy. 
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  4. Idc0494 added a post in a topic About Insecurities   

    I wish that I could have a smaller waist. It's hard looking at all this tiny ant waists in k-pop and comparing yourself to them. Even if you lose weight on your waist, it can only get so small depending on your bone structure. 
    Also, having broad shoulders. It sucks having to write off all these cute off-the-shoulder tops because they just draw attention to my shoulders. 
    Some online advice says that V-necks de-emphasize broad shoulders, but I don't like how they look on me. I stick to mostly round-neck tops that don't scoop too low. If anyone has advice on what to wear, please let me know. 
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  5. Idc0494 added a post in a topic cowsel / josie   

    I dunno, while I do feel that Taeklor liked her more than she liked him, I’m not sure if he’s all that innocent. Words are just words, and we don’t know if he’s always sweet and nice like he comes across on social media. I feel like the purpose of his “advice column” is not to actually help people, but to show Jo that he’s changed as a person or trying to be a better person. Why else would he tweet about it like that, relating it to Jo? I mean if his advice actually helps some people then that’s great— I just feel like there’s an ulterior motive of getting back with Jo. 
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  6. Idc0494 added a post in a topic Sissel AB   

    This is just downright creepy. You sound like a sexist male negging his girlfriend on every little aspect of her appearance. 
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  7. Idc0494 added a post in a topic cowsel / josie   

    Looks to me like an April Fool's joke...
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  8. Idc0494 added a post in a topic cowsel / josie   

    Wasn't trying to nit-pick; I just think they come off as a bit narcissistic and show-offy, and the caption reflects that. I don't think that anyone in a relationship would say that, but that's just me. /shrug 
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  9. Idc0494 added a post in a topic cowsel / josie   

    low key glad they broke up the way that guy was bragging about it 
    "name a duo more legendary than us"... please. 
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  10. Idc0494 added a post in a topic General "non Asians pretending to be Asian" thread   

    Please tell me that's not actually surgery. His family would be horrified. 
    He also looked perfectly cute before, I'm sure Asians would find him attractive. Why would he do that to himself..?
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  11. Idc0494 added a post in a topic General Koreaboo Thread   

    wtf.. I wish I could unsee this...
    She's saying phrases in different Korean dialects (사투리)... all while trying wayyy too hard to act cute and bubbly so... she honestly looks high... I'm disturbed 
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  12. Idc0494 added a post in a topic The Got7 Twins (Ana and Alex)   

    Actually it's kind of an insult to Got7 to have their name associated with them like that, don't you think? They probably love being called "The Got7 Twins"
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  13. Idc0494 added a post in a topic cowsel / josie   

    She left her job according to her insta stories, and might now have found a new one yet so maybe it's because she's desperate for money
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  14. Idc0494 added a post in a topic joanneneko/smallicecoffee   

    Hot damn, this girl has the most rotten personality. Even if the girl did misread her post, maybe she should consider that her wording was vague enough for misinterpretation, and should consider being more careful with her words. Especially for someone who hasn't followed her very long, how would they know that she regularly jokes by calling herself a hoe? Also she seems extremely triggered for needing to put the girl on blast in her insta-story.
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  15. Idc0494 added a post in a topic Jasmine Sean   

    oh dayum anyone got screenshots from that thread?
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