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  1. EvelynSalt added a post in a topic Why is Everyone Obsessed with Japan?   

    I agree with everyone's responses, but definitely this. I prefer the countryside to the city in any place, so yes, Japan has some cool nature spots, but I have felt just as entranced by natural wonders in America as well.
    All countries have their own charm I suppose. And I guess the less someone knows about a culture (reading about it and experiencing it are two very different things) the more they can fantasize about it to fit their image of utopia. 
    I also don't get why people go nuts for Tokyo or New York. I have been to both but I am not rich, so without glorious shopping sprees there isn't much to do. 
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  2. EvelynSalt added a post in a topic Kanadajin's visa status   

    She deleted the post off facebook, but she had posted about trying for naturalization recently (in the last month or so) and failing to get it because she had to quit her job. She mentioned she still has her "PR visa" (I think it is probably a marriage visa) so she will still be in Japan. 
    She didn't delete a post dated May 1st about why she had to quit her job. She claims people were leaking information about her job and threatening her. She also posted a video recently about "who she would marry". ...But I think this is to throw people off because she is likely married. Who knows. 
    What confuses me is she wouldn't need a job for a real PR visa or naturalization visa if her household's income (her spouse's income) were decent. (PR requires 4 million yen a year for a childless income (about $35,000 USD at current exchange rates, and naturalization probably requires more.)

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  3. EvelynSalt added a post in a topic Bad Teeth? Or Didn't get braces growing up?   

    I have the big front teeth like she does but my teeth are straight because I had braces as a teen. The front teeth looking big, at least in my case, is due to my teeth being average-sized, but my mouth is small and my upper lip sits high due to my philtrum being a bit short. 
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  4. EvelynSalt added a topic in Introduce Yourself   

    Why is Everyone Obsessed with Japan?
    Seriously? Maybe if I introduce myself my question will make sense. (Nice to meet everyone!)
    In university, I got a scholarship to study abroad in the Japanese countryside by surprise (I was trying to minor in history and my Japanese History professor offered me it), realized post-graduation my degree in "English, Writing Specialization" was mostly useless in the States, and moved abroad three years ago. 
    I work at an English school for kids, I am married to a strict but caring husband, studying for JLPT N2 (I translate as a hobby but would like to get N1 and do it as a side job), just bought a house, paying on student loans... and tbh, for the most part living in Japan is just like living in the States, except since things are a little more strict, it is a bit harder, in my opinion, at least to live here properly.
    Outside of Tokyo, most everyone and everything is actually more conservative and seems like the opposite of what these people actually would like in their lives. Unless they all want to work in entertainment (which I wouldn't recommend; just like anywhere else it is closely linked to the sex industry)... 
    So yeah, why are so many of these people so obsessed with Japan? I don't get it... 
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