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  1. tacos added a post in a topic basic   

    guys i think i may have found good replacements for basic. logical explains things in a, well, logical way. i added the links of logical and some other fun channels i found. they don't produce the same exact content but it's still similar and they're less whiny and annoying imo
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  2. tacos added a post in a topic Sarah McDaniel   

    ngl that shoot w the sarah k name wasn't as cringe as her usual ones. the bun is actually cute on her and she's not shaking her padded boobs into the camera as usual.
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  3. tacos added a post in a topic Jbunzie /Jessica Vill   

    her transformations are crazy! she has a lot of skill and her videos are really calming to watch. i love her voice it's just really soft and relaxing lol
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  4. tacos added a post in a topic Alexis Ren   

    Her brand just recently launched, the clothes were being sold individually and not in the boxes. it's a collab with revolve which def helps. here are some of her tweets regarding advertising and an article that elle wrote abt her which i found funny bc she's promoted things like that before. the post is deleted though and she hasn't advertised since so maybe she's sticking to her words. perhaps on her feed and general posts she's not 100 percent authentic (especially w the butt arch) but she does show personality on her lives and stories and she actually smiles at least.

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  5. tacos added a post in a topic Sarah McDaniel   

    she says it so monotone oh my god the cringe.
    in my opinion. consciousness. is a universe. observing. itself
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  6. tacos added a post in a topic Sarah McDaniel   

    this is gonna sound nasty but a thing that happens to me when i get sunburnt is i get a bunch of whiteheads on most of my face except the outer area of the cheek and my nose. it takes a few days for my skin to go back to normal but she does look irritated and red so maybe she has the same thing. probably explains the difference in her skin in her unedited hd pics. she probably going thru a breakout rn of whiteheads. if she wasn't such an idiot i'd sympathize w her bc it's not smth u can control but 
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  7. tacos added a post in a topic Sarah McDaniel   

    i wonder what's gonna happen once she hits 30, will she still be photoshopping her pictures? will she be forgotten by then?
    conspiracy theory: sarah will become irrelevant, but at the sudden age of 37, she will come back w a droopier eye than ever! she'll be on the news as the girl with a botched eye implant who lost her eyesight bc she wanted to fake heterochromia
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  8. tacos added a post in a topic Sarah McDaniel   

    our boy andre back @ it again! what a legend. anyways, sarah's manager's stans get more wild and immature by the minute yikes. birds of a feather flock together. sarah and her whole group of friends make me lose my brain cells. 
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  9. tacos added a post in a topic Jay Alvarezz   

    so ethan is still in social media even though a lot of people remember he kinda disappeared, i crossed out his name out of respect bc he's on private and idk if he's okay w it but here's an old pic of jay 💀 

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  10. tacos added a post in a topic Fatherkels   

    i think kelsey is going back to her roots. no crazy overdone fillers. look @ how cute her smile is

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  11. tacos added a post in a topic basic   

    we're giving our honest opinion on her, as we do w all the other online personalities on pull. no one is attacking her but merely giving their opinion on her and her content. just like she's saying her honest opinion, we're saying ours. it ain't that deep.
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  12. tacos added a post in a topic Kooter's IG (koti.rose)   

    i really don't think she's as heavy as people make her out to be tbh. she's around the same size as the other girls and they all seem to be pretty slender. she may not be stick skinny but it's not like she's going after any high fashion modeling (especially w those shoops). u could say that in her prime days w the ~forbidden interview~ she was fat but she doesn't have a double chin anymore

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  13. tacos added a post in a topic Sarah McDaniel   

    her acting on 10:38  do you guys think she's blacklisted now? after the agency, the callouts by not just the charity partner but the real models as well? she really dug herself a hole and she'll never get out of it after that 
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  14. tacos added a post in a topic Fatherkels   

    there's nothing wrong w plastic surgery, if it makes someone happy then great. but lying about it isnt cool. sahar's always been pretty, it's sad she's so insecure and has to lie about it  her nostrils look so elongated 

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  15. tacos added a post in a topic basic   

    i loved her call outs but once she started getting political she began getting extremely annoying. i found the whole black girl not supporting black lives matter really strange and her reasoning for it was kind of dumb imo. a lot of people were calling her out for it in the comments too. she really does have this holier than thou attitude which makes it even worse lmao
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