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  1. tacos added a post in a topic @nxshaya   

    she's really honest about her shooping. i enjoy seeing her pics on my feed bc she actually has talked about the shooping multiple times both on her story and her captions. she's open abt the facetune, spandex that make ur butt bigger, etc. as long as she doesn't lie abt it there shouldn't be any harm. i remember seeing her on live and her cheekbones were  but that's just me ig, she's one of the few ig models i can tolerate.

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  2. tacos added a post in a topic Wolfiecindy / Cindykimberlys   

    apparently her and neels broke up? idk i feel like they're doing it out of publicity bc neels tweeted last night abt how much he loved her
    but who knows🤷🏽‍♀️maybe it doesn't mean anything 
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  3. tacos added a post in a topic @svetabily / Sveta Bilyalova   

    hmmm, that's very sus. i found her birthday from these 2 websites https://www.famousbirthdays.com/people/svetlana-bilyalova.html
    i think you might be right about the age thing, since famousbirthdays is pretty popular i assumed that was probably it. 
    I found there's a lot of rumors surrounding her as well. i found this comment on instagram on @celebface's post. idk if this is true or not, but it's pretty interesting

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  4. tacos added a post in a topic 2insoo   

    don't disrespect joanne like this😂
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  5. tacos added a topic in Online Personalities   

    @svetabily / Sveta Bilyalova
    @svetabily (Sveta Bilyalova) is a Russian fitness model on Instagram. She's mostly known for her sex appeal. A while back she actually received a LOT of backlash for posing with captive tigers. She also seems to have had work done. Thoughts?
    instagram: http://instagram.com/svetabily 
    youtube: https://m.youtube.com/#/svetabily?uid=o8vvh_MMQRB6-0Edu3zfTg
    - She was born in January 13th, 1992 suggesting she's 25 years old
    - Appears to have had surgical work done
    - Received backlash for posing with alleged captive tigers
    - Russian born but moved to L.A to expand her modeling career
    - You can also find her in Future's music video for Low Life ft. The Weeknd
    Other Pictures: 
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  6. tacos added a post in a topic Alexis Ren   

    (Ik this thread is dead but bare with me) I guess i have a soft spot for those dealing w an ed since i myself went through it so i might be a little biased. I remember when an old friend of theirs basically exposed their relationship and talked about how jay played a role in it (i think the screenshots were posted here). She did state in an article that she was recovering so good for her. It looks like she's recovering & i wish her the best. Here's her weight loss & how her body progressed over time, u can see in the last pic she looks healthier than she was before even though the implants definitely help. I can somewhat understand y ppl don't like her. As long as she doesn't ever deny it things should go smoothly:

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  7. tacos added a post in a topic Sarah McDaniel   

    i still can't fathom how she's so cool with all her lies. does she not get embarrassed around clients? doesn't she worry that they'll stare at her in her blue lifeless implant? seriously if i were here i'd have constant anxiety and panic attacks. how can you lie to so many people and not care at all like wow... this girl is really something. she really dug herself a hole💀
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  8. tacos added a post in a topic Wolfiecindy / Cindykimberlys   

    does the way she acts on camera remind anyone else of marzia (cutiepiemarzia) or is it just me
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  9. tacos added a post in a topic Asiangirlsunited on instagram   

    so a big acct i follow was doing an activist acct cross out (don't know the word for it but u comment who you choose to remove from the list until there's one acct left and that acct is the one that wins) and i found this in the comment section (not sure how true this is, do what you want w this). i follow a lot of activist accts and i loved the idea of seeing people discussing issues that affect the asian community. however, as time went by i noticed how much claira promoted herself. aside from that, a lot of the things she said were sometimes hypocritical and ignorant which made me finally wanna decide to unfollow. being half chineses and dealing w constant mocking and taunting over something as stupid as the shape of my eyes, seeing people come together and speak out on the issues that affects us and those of asian descent was kinda like a support group but claira's constant promoting and "go like this photo of mine!" rubbed me off the wrong way. these type of accts are the ones that give activists a bad name which sucks

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  10. tacos added a post in a topic Madison Beer   

    my apologies for dragging this thread on so much but...wow💀 now i'm always as open-minded as i can be when it comes to the ppl PULL posts and try to reason without attacking but wow. so the dozens of other pictures were fan edits too? and to think that at one point i actually defended her. this is such snowflakey behavior tbfh. she's always commenting dumb stuff on expose pages it's like she spends the whole night lurking. and she says who cares? the dozens of young impressionable kids who comment "i wish i had ur waist" on a daily basis! she says she doesn't care but lurks every single day trying to defend herself which i find so ironic. aside from being manipulative, she's gonna continue denying it. i used to love her, defended tf out of her when she had the whole photoshopped bikini arm "controversy" bc she really was that thin but now... ridiculous. such awful behavior from someone i used to love, i was really rooting for her too

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  11. tacos added a post in a topic Rowan Blanchard   

    she seems like a sweet girl. i love how she's using her platform to stand up for the things she believes in. she's not really problematic and she really does look like she genuinely cares abt the things she posts abt🤷🏽‍♀️. i don't really like some of her makeup looks, they're not to my taste however if she feels confident and good in them then good for her. i think that for her age she's really informed and socially aware which i think is great. 
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  12. tacos added a post in a topic Heroinkids / kaiserengel_heroinkids   

    this picture that they posted made me so uncomfortable.... how can people glorify something as horrible as that? for the sake of an aesthetic? this is absolutely disgusting. i reported the brand from all my accts, let's just hope instagram can take care of it ig. i'm still failing to comprehend what went through their heads when they made this.

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  13. tacos added a post in a topic Fruitypoppin   

    at first i thought this girl was really cute and quirky, she seemed funny and sweet but in this thread people are saying she used to call other females names bc of her boyfriend or whatever which now makes me feel iffy about her. personally for me i don't like to call people out on the physical appearance they were born w bc beauty is in the eye of the beholder anyway and people will say things regardless (yano the whole if ur natural ur ugly but if ur plastic then ur fake). however, if she did do the things some ppl mentioned on this thread, then physical appearance does not matter. it's really all abt attitude. she has a cute personality BUT a try hard attitude. 
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  14. tacos added a post in a topic @gorillaagirll   

    just look at the difference between her feeds. she knows her body is what gets her all the clout and she uses that to her advantage. majority of her newer posts are of her body.

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  15. tacos added a post in a topic Eleanor Barnes   

    i adore her! i actually found her ages ago back on twitter when she wasn't "ig famous". her makeup looks are really creative and really refreshing as opposed to the whole ig eyebrow cutcrease and matte lipstick (even tho she does do this, she combines it w other looks). she does edit her pictures but it's pretty obvious, i think she does it for artistic reasons (blending the color of her wigs to the background, etc.) the reason why she looks so different is bc of the different makeup styles, wigs, contacts. this probably sounds like a wk but she's always been so sweet and humble and unproblematic i guess i'm so used to all the snowflakes that look completely different irl that eleanor just looks normal to me lmao. i mean she probably uses professional lights and stuff + blurred skin but i don't think it changes how she looks completely.

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