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  1. Meron added a post in a topic Rocksy.chan   

    I think she just wants attention, you know ppl that likes" her (the feeling of ppl that likes you, that you please them, that makes you like yourself too).
    Maybe her bf doenst care, if you see the comments of the pic where she says that she has a bf and that she's been with him for 7 years, some of the men that follow her are jealous. Maybe he sees her as a beautiful trophy that he can show to others, so they're jealous. (Hope you all understand what I mean, sorry)
    Her relationship with that man is really umh weird idk, like, she said that she has been with him for 7 years or smth like that, but, if I loved someone I woudn't let that person become anorexic, I woudn't let the girl I love destroy her. I Know as a partner sometimes you can't do much, but idk it's weird
    Basicly in one of her pics she said that she won a natation contest and in another pic she said that "honestly" she doesn't know how to swimm
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  2. Meron added a post in a topic mikan.mandarin   

    " Haha west side right guys (I don't know what it means)"
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  3. Meron added a post in a topic Rocksy.chan   

    The comment of Sodapop was everything, I mean, if she was that skinny bc of an illness she woudn't have measured herself and posted pics of her measurements, of herself showing how skinny she is, smiling. Just, no. + now she's like an idol/she's like, being adored by lots of people she doesn't really care of ppl saying she's skinny

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  4. Meron added a post in a topic mikan.mandarin   

    Well idk but in her latest pics her skin looks whiter + you cant see the thing" in the chin   Its like
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  5. Meron added a post in a topic sayathefox   

    I'll just let this here
    (she's tagged)
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  6. Meron added a post in a topic mikan.mandarin   

    She acts like a weaboo lol😂
    I think she's just a rich gurl that buys everything she wants, she also does photoshoots every 2 seconds. I know that she edits lots her pics.
    Look at the skin colour difference

    You can even see it here

    + She isn't original At All
    "senpai notice me"
    and when she tries to be original it ends up like this
    She delteted these pics bc she improved a bit lol
    Also she edits the thing in the chin (sorry idk what is the name of it):

    Oh well I think she's popular bc she's skinny, buys lots of things and sponsors lots of shops. 
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  7. Meron added a post in a topic Rocksy.chan   

    Just read the captions, you'll understand 

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  8. Meron added a post in a topic Rocksy.chan   

    She just had an ED and used a corset.
    Skinny -> ED   Small waist -> Corset
    That's all.
    ED: Someone made an account in instagram called @rocksy.chan_the_truth (or something like that) and basicly started posting the pics you can found at the start of this topic (where you can clearly see she's extremly skinny). She posted a screenshot of that acc (in her stories) and said something like: "what a terrible person, shaming poor girls with EDs, pls if you see report" and all that stuff. Sho she said she had and ED.  I think that now she does cosplay she tries to not show that much how skinny she is bc men (followers and patrons) (Patrons: people that pay for hot pics of her in her Patreon account, link is in her bio) don't really like that (they like (basicly): thin legs, small waist, cute face), so she has to please them if she wants more money and popularity. I think now she's still only eating a bit and she does a bit of sport bc she wants to have a good butt:
    Corset: I know some people have natural curves but when you're that skinny you shoudn't have natural curves. I've been researching lots about her in the lasts months. I know she followed an acc of a corsets shop (and I did screenshots of it but sadly I had problems with my phone and I lost my photos and had to delete my instagram acc too (I post anything anyways but I lost my saved pics and thats ) ) I really don't think she had a sugery for it since she lives with her boyfriend (I think) in an ugly appartement (she just has a mattress as bed, you can see it in the pic above and in some of her outfit pics in her acc @/rocksy.day) So I don't think she had the money for it and dont wanted to. Now I think she spends all her money in lolita clothing and cosplay and doesn't even care about her house. Here's a pic of her with a corset, the only one she posted:It's not that difficult to wear a corset, it's not expensive and you can see results in a short time.
    History: She wanted to become a doll, she knew she had a cute face but she needed to be really skinny and to be curvy. So the solutions (for her) were anorexia and a corset. She does it and becomes an idol.
    As you can see there wasn't too much secret.
    (Sorry if I wrote something wrong, hope you understand everything))
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