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  1. winesparkle added a post in a topic Hudabeauty / Huda Kattan   

    Her "DIY skincare hacks" make my blood boil. She's showing kids how to fuck up their skin at makes a shit ton of money off it. 
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  2. winesparkle added a post in a topic Jackie Aina   

    I tried to give her another chance but after that fiasco with the owner of IT cosmetics I just can't. She went on a snapchat rant for over 15 minutes (!) because they don't offer enough deep shades. I agree. It cosmetics complexion products have a pretty weak shade range. She's absolutely correct. 
    However, the way she delivers her messages is atrocious. The constant finger snapping, screaming, the aggressive wording...she could've done so much better and showed so much more class. Especially when the owner of the brand gave a speech on how she started this brand especially for women with skin issues and how she founded it by herself and built it to what it is now. Although Jackie was right she was being so insensitive and just flat out rude.
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  3. winesparkle added a post in a topic Madison Beer   

    Her nose is too small for her face. She looks scary. 
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  4. winesparkle added a post in a topic @nxshaya   

    I appreciate that she's honest but why photoshop in the first place? And why continue? It doesn't make any sense 
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  5. winesparkle added a topic in Skincare   

    Mixing Sunscreens?
    For a long time now, I've been using the ThinkSport everyday face tinted sunscreen.
    Unfortunately, the color is a tad bit too dark for my skin, so I've decided to mix a small, pea sized amount of another sunscreen from the same brand into it when I use it. The second one has a significant white cast and therefore lightens my regular sunscreen. 
    My regular sunscreen contains 20% zinc oxide and has an SPF of 30. The white one also contains 20% zinc oxide but has an SPF of 50. The other ingredients are similar as well.
    Does anyone know if this is okay to do? Will it disturb the protection?
    I still use the same amount of product as I did before, the second sunscreen is just for aesthetic purposes. Thanks for your help in advance! 
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  6. winesparkle added a post in a topic Madison Beer   

    This girl is out of her damn mind
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  7. winesparkle added a post in a topic Lauren Southern   

    In my opinion, Lauren is not anti feminism, she is anti female. I get the impression that she doesn't like to see women being successful in general. Maybe I'm going too far with this statement but her constant "married stay at home wifes with a dozen children are proven to be the happiest!!!" attitude is really fishy. 
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  8. winesparkle added a post in a topic ja.dey // jade anh   

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  9. winesparkle added a post in a topic Okmalissa / malissa   

    That post is so weird 
    Like I get she's mad that her messed up 4chan fanboys are attacking her but 
    What she wrote just makes no sense lmao
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  10. winesparkle added a post in a topic Wolfiecindy / Cindykimberlys   

    She looks so old. Can't believe we're about the same age.
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  11. winesparkle added a post in a topic Sahar Luna   

    ^ but still, Moroccan people can have small button noses and light colored eyes naturally. I mean just look at nisrina sbia. That 'european beauty standard' schtick doesn't work here.
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  12. winesparkle added a post in a topic Sahar Luna   

    oh my god not this again. 
    Sahar is white, she's like a fourth morroccan, her nose was literally everything but 'ethnic' before, brown eyes are common among whites and small button noses are not a  'typical european feature'. Next. 
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  13. winesparkle added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    I feel like this is super unpopular, but imo people need to stop idolizing naomi Campbell. She comes off as an awful person....spoiled, bratty, selfish.Ive watched a couple videos with her in them and I'm genuinely shocked. I see so many girls commenting things like "iconic" "queen" and "my idol" on that lawsuit she went through because she hit her maid with a phone. If you consider her your idol, you really need to think about yourself, lol.
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  14. winesparkle added a post in a topic JESSICA VU AKA JESSYLUXE   

    She looks masculine after the jaw surgery. 
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  15. winesparkle added a post in a topic TheBLACKHannahMontana pics going viral for looking like a " doll   

    I agree. As a European person, I think the idea of this "european beauty standard" is very america-centric idea. A small nose is not a typical "european" feature. Larger and defined, sharp noses are quite common. Tiny IG button noses are Plus, most regions/countries have their very own beauty ideals anyways. (sorry for ot) 
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