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  1. jorts added a post in a topic Xxxtentacion   

    well at least for me I was just comparing them because (from what I see) a lot of Tyler fans are also (or become) X fans, so really just comparing the vibes and not actual music. In retrospect tho they are really two different people with different backgrounds so there's that. To be honest I do like some of x's music bc of that "grimey" sound but I'm not an actual fan. He doesn't have that much out anyway.
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  2. jorts added a post in a topic Xxxtentacion   

    I think for X, he seems more likely to stab someone in the face
    so yeah edgier because he seems more on edge...
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  3. jorts added a post in a topic simply_kenna   

    I was always wondering why some of her posts looked familiar, and this one made me realize that we live in the same town lmfao. Nice to know she was 5 minutes away from me??
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  4. jorts added a post in a topic Xxxtentacion   

    I do like some of his music but he has such a weird presence I feel. I can't tell if he's saying this to helpful, or to put himself on a pedestal. Feels like a god-complex or something. (Although there is a video of him meeting a fan where he wasn't like this and actually very engaging. So idk!! I can't tell!!)
    lol @auron I feel you... but some recent pictures of him make him look really crusty if that makes you feel any better haha

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  5. jorts added a post in a topic Beauty trends you wish didn't exist   

    they are like precursors to mullets...
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  6. jorts added a post in a topic Amy Schumer   

    that was just SO DISGUSTING of her. Her "comedy" is based on shock value and I guess this was no different. She's such a try hard. she also gives me really bad white feminist™ vibes, which would explain the vulgar unfunny jokes.
    also remember how she stole one of Ellen's jokes and did it on Ellen's show? To Ellen?!
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  7. jorts added a post in a topic What are your musical tastes ?   

    If anyone has Apple Music, the Chill playlist by Victoria's Secret is reeeeaaallly nice if you like some downtempo music. I started listening to Mabel, Cailin Russo, and ABRA. I also like trap (lil uzi in my avi lol), hip hop, rap, jazz (I started to like Ella Fitzgerald). Also just overall pop.
    i still have soft spots for vocaloid, paramore, fall out boy, exo, and f(x)
    (also does anyone else find that metal helps them sleep? Sometimes I put on instrumentals to calm me down)
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  8. jorts added a post in a topic Beauty trends you wish didn't exist   

     I'm getting butt hurt because i love baddie makeup because it fits me more than the more common asian makeup styles. Also it's just so pretty
    Ok here goes
    -gradient lips when the outside is skin colored. It makes you look barely alive! Just blend it to the edges of ur lips instead of concealing the edges.
    -light skin. I feel like most poc will understand this.
    -people wearing non lace front wigs like lace front wigs. Don't do that to yourself.
    -big sweaters with short skirts
    -overly shimmery makeup
    -the shirt under the cami/dress thing?
    -SOMETIMES kbeauty looks. Like... u spent so much money to look like ur not wearing anything... otherwise I usually like Ponys or Somevelys (except sometimes it looks like the same thing but different colors) looks.
    -tsubasa masuwaka (sp?) style makeup.
    i don't think there's an actual name for it but whenever I see her pics I always think about kooters. I guess that also fits in with the young face/adult body thing which freaks me out...
    -these kinda outfits (these are all from the same place because they're the only brand I can think of when it comes to these clothes. It's by MUJI if anyone is interested)

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  9. jorts added a topic in Introduce Yourself   

    I love reading everything here so I finally made an account to keep track lol hey what's up
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