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  1. What's the point added a post in a topic Delete account   

    Two reasons, I am not really enjoying YT videos anymore since coming here and I am wasting too much time here that I could use more productively. 
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  2. What's the point added a topic in Make Your Voice Heard!   

    Delete account
    I've read that in 2016 it was no longer possible to delete accounts, is it possible now? I really want to let go off this account and not be tempted to come back.
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  3. What's the point added a post in a topic Sharla in Japan   

    Maybe I didn't express it in an understandable way, but it is not about the miso per se, the miso is pretty unimportant here, it is about principles. This is more like an indicator for two possible bigger problems:
    • Her not being that knowledgable about Japanese (cooking) culture, despite living there for 10+ years
    • Her pretending to be something she is not, instead of being 100% honest. (It's totally fine to sometimes eat vegan for her own reasons) It's not about veganism it's about honesty. 
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  4. What's the point added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    • People who talk about all their hardships or mental illnesses on social media. If it is really that bad you don't go on social media and pose, you get away from the internet and try to find better ways to deal with it. 
    • The Kardashians and stuff like Drag Race are the essence of everything that is wrong in society. Very wealthy uneducated people talking and doing purposeless things the whole day. No wonder people are getting dumber and less educated if they idolise these people. 
    • Countries that purposely do not show or do censor TV shows/movies that fetishise the "drugs, sex and money" lifestyle instead of "working hard, being honest and having morals" are doing everything right. Modern pop culture has been drastically going down hill and it has normalised behaving like an asshole and looking for instant gratification instead of being useful for society. 
    • Having to read Russian authors should be essential basic knowledge in every country, they dissect the human condition in a way that no other authors can. They make you see the world in a totally new light.  
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  5. What's the point added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    Haha probably because it didn't work when Sharla and Mira did the same video a while back  but I wouldn't have been surprised to see her use that.
    After all: Taylor, queen of click bait 
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  6. What's the point added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    I'm also glad we had this exchange, we come from different corners but realised that our opinions are actually closer than we thought  
    That is quite a brilliant observation you have made! She changed her thumbnails so often for her last couple of videos. Wanting to go viral is highly likely.
    And I think that this is the reason why a lot of her videos don't sit well with us. She alienates her regular viewers with weird/out of place trend videos just to go viral while totally neglecting to produce quality content. She doesn't focus on one or a couple of important things, she is just all over the place and that never works.
    Ever since her going back I Canada her videos have gone down hill in terms of content, quality and viewing pleasure. 
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  7. What's the point added a post in a topic Sharla in Japan   

    That would the white/light coloured miso paste, this is literally the difference between the two types of miso.  Dark miso always has bonito flakes as an ingredient. This drove me nuts when I tried to buy miso paste because the light one is very bland and needs much more seasoning. 
    So I guess that brings us back to the two options:
    1. She doesn't know bonito flakes, a very basic Japanese cooking ingredient. (Not actually being very knowledgable about Japanese culture  )
    2. She portrays herself to be something she is not. (Being dishonest)
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  8. What's the point added a post in a topic Margaret Palermo   

    Hm to me it sounds like she used the wrong word, that she maybe wanted to use "to exploit" but confused the words in her head.
    Well, at least I hope for that because I would never wish something horrible like that upon anyone and this explaination makes a lot of sense regarding her English. 
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  9. What's the point added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    Don't assume something if you haven't read the posts fully. There was no argument, just a civil discussion. The posts were maybe 10% soziopolitical theories and we then applied these to Taylor, everything was about her latest video, not off topic. Sometimes things need more context  
    Anyway, I am surprised she changed the thumbnail and video title, again? Why? Did somebody say "things got wild" and the thumbnail were inappropriate?

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  10. What's the point added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    No, actually I'd upvote that (but reached my limit already) because you pointed out what bothered you in a clear, logical and most of all understandable way that let's me understand why you see this as problematic. That is the kind of discussion that is helpful!  The term "cultural appropriation" just annoys me to now end because of its inflationary use and people using it in so many semantically wrong situations according to its definition. 
    Well I think the problem mostly lies in her super sheltered upbringing/life and not questioning things or beating really empathetic towards others apart from some shallow remarks. She is dull and culturally unaware/insensitive of other people and their lives, but she does not do mean or offensive things on purpose. She is just really immature and dumb in a lot of situations and has a very childish humor. I think we all were like that at some point in our lives, but we matured, she however didn't grow up experience wise.
    Her lack of language knowledge, lack of appreciation for hard work are clear indicators. She chooses what is easy (Kardashians = "opium of the masses"  ) not what needs hard work (=empathy, ethics and questioning things).
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  11. What's the point added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    You do know that "cultural appropriation" is an idea rooted in critical theory and that is a very dark/dangerous road to go down! Very destructive ideology!
    Criticising people who use foreign culture in a disrespectful way is totally fine. But I don't see them doing anything wrong, cultures spread. Today every single country has rap (which was developed by Americans) and every single country has classical music (developed by Europeans), do Euopeans scream cultural appropriation? Yet Americans love to call white Americans and Europeans (lot of non Europeans people just see Europeans and white Americans as one monolithic entity. Europeans =/= white Americans) out for the "crime of cultural appropriation" or even call them Nazis just to shut down the conversation (that is not helping to develope discourse and understanding). And before you ask I am an Asian from Europe. Here in Europe we don't want those shitty "ethnic relations" the USA has! We don't look for "oppression" (trust me there are a lot of inequalities between people here too ) we are busy working for a better life. 
    Cultural exchange =/= "stealing" from a different culture! We as the human race wouldn't have made all the progress we can look back on if we only stay within our curtural group and never have exchange with others.
    There is nothing wrong with them ddancing or behaving that. (Do you maybe have prejudice toward black Americans and how the "should act"?) It may be bad dancing and stuff but that is not an offence to any group of people, it is cringeworthy at most. 
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  12. What's the point added a post in a topic Sharla in Japan   

    The thing is, I hate labels because they group people together and a lot of people judge a whole groupie based on the action of one or a few people. My diet consists of ~95% vegan food, but I wouldn't call myself vegan because there is enough stigma already and there are a lot of people so triggered by the term vegan that they jump on every mishap and tell vegans that they are hypocrites, so I don't want to give those negative people an opportunity for that.
    Taylor has been criticised for a lot of things but I totally respect that she clearly stated that she prefers vegan food while not being a vegan. Sharla should do the same. After all they both do not seem to be in it for ethical reasons, neither animal nor human rights in that aspect (Tays merch is probably from a sweat shop = not vegan either). Especially for Sharla it seems to be diet to lose weight only. And some people who are very serious about veganism also don't want wrong recipes.
    Sharla, all in all, don't pretend to be something you're not, this will give off a wrong impression about yourself and about the (stupid) label. Just be honest, I find that honesty deserves so much more respect than pretending. And even if you are only eating vegan 50% off the time, this still means you're putting in effort. Don't ever forget that!
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  13. What's the point added a post in a topic Sharla in Japan   

    Sharla and Taylor used dark miso paste in their ramen cooking video, but dark miso paste contains bonito flakes.
    Bonito = fish = not vegan
    I mean it could be that they don't k ow what bonito is, but then they are really uncultured in Japanese cooking and food culture. Also, the live in Japan, why would they use an English recipe instead an original Japanese vegan recipe from the web or some Japanese cook book? Ffs…
    So much for the "fake vegan friends" that Duncan mentioned.
    And I cannot comprehend why they are so bad at cooking? I know that some people are not good at it, but they are actually really bad at it. Almost every non premade/processed meal they cook turns out average at best. Is this maybe a North American problem that people don't know how to cook? (Serious question!)

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  14. What's the point added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    Ok I just got around to watching the last two videos. Judging from the comments on here I thought it was lazy work etc. But se actually went through different sellers, different materials etc. so she definitely spent some time and thought on it. The only thing I find really problematic is the pattern, maybe te image is cute but it is not something I'd put on clothes. It is too silly and people won't get it. No offence to the creator, but this just doesn't work on clothes.
    There was fan art she posted recently, that would have been perfect for the t-shirt and a phone case. About the leggings idk, I don't think that leggings are the best merch items to be honest, maybe swap them out for phone cases.
    And the name is so not fitting, as it was an "insult" regarding her appearance. Also it implies that everything for now on will have some connection to tater tots (isn't it just a different name for croquettes?), it leaves no room for growth or change. 

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  15. What's the point added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    Hahahaha so basically her merch line is called after an insult  She could have just called it "Filler Face" then
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