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  1. chicken added a post in a topic Sahar Luna   

    only a fourth? her mom and sister look very moroccan. esp her mom 

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  2. chicken added a post in a topic Lilangelnita / crybabynita   

    im from finland and have never heard about her and no one has ever talked about her, im guessing most of her followers are american. and if she lives in helsinki it's a little bit easier to dress and be yourself, smaller cities in finland are very judgemental if you don't fit into the small box of black jeans and plain shirts. 
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  3. chicken added a post in a topic Internet girl   

    i think it is very problematic to resell thrifted items for a looot of money. you bought it from a thrift store for a couple of dollars and are selling it for 40 dollars for example? thats not cool
    and also people shop at thrift stores bc they can't afford to shop anywhere else, people who obviously get a lot of money from their grams shouldn't be shopping at thrift stores when they can afford to shop at places like unif and pay 100$ for a pair of pants
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  4. chicken added a post in a topic Megfeather   

    idk why im shocked when ig models get exposed for being racist, it seems like every single one of them is and when they appologize it's always half assed and never an actual meaningful appology and then they just continue being racist. 
    and about her make up personally i love everything about it, i love the brows and the highlight and the big lashes and ahh i just love her make up so much im a slut for well done pretty make up! i think it's all about what you like etc and some people love that kind of make up and some people don't. every prefrence is ok. in my country you can come to school wearing whatever you want and however much make up you want and no one will say anything about it, that's why im so surprised about people saying they're shocked she can get away with it bc here you can wear anything you want lol i guess my country realizes what you look like has nothing to do with your academic success? wearing make up/revealing clothes has nothing to do with how much you're learning in school etc. 
    and her skin without make up looks really good so i doubt the amount of make up she wears effects it
    um ignore these pics i cant get them off even if i delete them lol 

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  5. chicken added a post in a topic babymeia   

    yes im annoyed by the fact that they seem to do nothing expect are on ig all day and listen to akon lol 
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  6. chicken added a post in a topic babymeia   

    if you look at her pics she has freckles yes but they're never really in the same place. i know freckles are effected by the sun but still... i think she has some real freckles but adds more and nothing wrong with that obviously it just seems like she's trying to pass herself off as all natural. freckles are obviously something she's proud about and seem to be her "claim to fame" as to say
    i saw this first in an exposing page and didn't believe it at first but then i started looking at her pics and got suspicous.. looks like the freckles i draw on myself

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  7. chicken added a post in a topic Toopoor / layla shapiro   

    i love toopoor i think she's 100% her messy self. obviously she has a lot of problems and she's very vocal about them which is a nice change from all the ig baddies pretending to be perfect. i think she's a rlly smart girl if she's getting people to buy her used cigarettes lol 
    i was confused about all the louis vuitton too if she's as poor as she says. she actually djs tho and sells stuff on depop and on her site so she is probably getting some coin nowadays not to mention she has a lot of followers
    anyway i think she's a rlly sweet girl and seems like she's enjoying her life while she's young! it's rude to say to someone that they will regret their tattoos lol just let people do what they want to their body 
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  8. chicken added a post in a topic Jenn Im | imjennim | clothesencounters   

    a lot of people have never been to korea and she knows this and is trying to get some coin out of people not knowing that a shirt she is selling for 100 dollars can be found very cheap in the markets
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  9. chicken added a post in a topic Sarah McDaniel   

    model/scientist/dog treat maker/investigatejournalist
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  10. chicken added a post in a topic Jenn Im | imjennim | clothesencounters   

    yeah lol i wouldve never have guessed it means baby, so im guessing she wanted to appeal to people who know korean? bc at least in my case i dont like buying stuff with words i cant read, seems a bit silly for example buying a shirt that has something in french and not being able to understand what it actually says. im not saying she shouldnt do it it's just a lot of people won't get the refrence and just think you have eggy on it and think why would you buy something like that do they love eggs😂 
    but obviously she has a lot of fans that do understand it 
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  11. chicken added a post in a topic Sahar Luna   

    there are old snapchat videos of her from a year ago but she looked completely different then. there are none from now but there are some fan pictures and no one photoshops themself in fan pics lol so here's what i found. old and new pics. to anyone interested go look at saharsluna on ig there are old videos and pics

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  12. chicken added a post in a topic Sahar Luna   

    yeah i get what you're saying but being a "normal" school student if you stay up and watch cartoons you're gonna feel terrible at school where you have to concentrate for 8 hours. and ive been following her for like 2 years and her and kelsey have always been posting late etc like at 3am they'd be watching shrek lol. but obviously i dont know anything about their lives and maybe they have lessons in the afternoon or something lol but yeah they're always posting pics on their stories about being in restaurants/cafes/dog parks so it feels like they're just having fun everyday. maybe she's an einstein and has already finished and is in college lol.
    being homeschooled is better in the sense that you get one on one teaching and you can learn a lot but then again school teaches you important stuff like working with other people
    didn't someone once say sahars family is really poor so maybe she's the main provider bc she gets so much money? you can get thousands from one post. not making asumptions just a thought from what someone else once posted on the kelsey thread
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  13. chicken added a post in a topic Sahar Luna   

    she said she uses her phone as little as possible so posting pictures every week is as little as possible? as little as possible means texting your mom lol and again she posts stuff at 2am on weekdays that speaks volumes on her school life normal people don't watch cartoons at 2 am on school nights because of the fact that they have school. and again if she hates using her phone and hates social media and everything about it why is she accepting clothes and money from brands? obviously she cares enough to keep the brands happy so they can sponser more. that's why for example some youtubers don't do sponserships etc because they actually don't care and do youtube for fun. she's contradicting herself and pretending to be deep. when you don't care about social media you don't use it, simple as that. 
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  14. chicken added a post in a topic Sahar Luna   

    i like how she says she's rlly not interested in anything that has to do with social media but she still uses her insta? posts regularly and gets money and clothes from it. and if she doesn't want to be a model why isn't she in school like properly? like she's always posting pics like in the middle of the day when she's at a cafe or posting at 2am watching cartoons with her boyfriend. that screams that you don't want a conventional career and you don't want to for example be a lawyer teacher doctor etc
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  15. chicken added a post in a topic leulahleaf / cleoleaf   

    i know i remember that too youtube is rlly putting urself out there to the world and to judgment (i should know i make videos lol) but maybe her boyfriend helped her get confidence that sometimes happens like people realize their worth
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