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  1. defiantlyU added a post in a topic This little fake vegan is pissing me off.   

    lolll or maybe im a local troll.
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  2. defiantlyU added a post in a topic This little fake vegan is pissing me off.   

    It had everything to do that the entire adult word understands that younger people are still developing until they reach the age of 25 (this is just science) and they just want to let you notice on your own where you're not understanding the world. This is why people respond better to validating how they FEEL because its very important to give validation to emotions, but also inform them that they're not always going to be around people who agree with them, but thats ok because their feelings are valid as well. 
    Fine just continue to talk about something that doesn't matter then. *shrugs* You're the ones who have been here for prolonged period of time. I stopped by for two days and you guys here more truth than whats been slowly collected over the course of several years on this website. 
    -she's not rich
    -she's not an asshole
    -but yes, she's living in the past
    Also people who only have good things to say about someone don't spend time on these websites. So like I said, I don't know why shade is being thrown when each and every single on of you has said something ill researched and flimsy.
    I'd also like to see what rhetoric classes you've taken and aced. So please don't critique my arguing skills. Perhaps critique my language skills instead of picking apart at things that are irrelivent in order to look like the bigger person (yes I picked appart irrelivent things too but at the beginning of thread while I was trying to get attention and people to read it. You really think all the people actively targeting taylor are going to click on a thread advertised " all of you are wrong, she's not rich " Like cmon, I had to appeal to what I thought this website was about based on what i've heard other people say about it in order to get anyone to even read the title. And just because I didn't stalk every single post made on Taylor does'nt mean i lying just because I had no idea about what had been previously discussed. Yes I got what you guys are talkin about wrong, but all of what is touched on is fancifull. She's never been vindictive, she's never lied about her earnings that was an assumption made by you all. And before you bring up me saying "implying she's rich" "making implications of luxury" I was only reffering to that while yes she does seem rich she isn't. I was validating what you guys were saying about her income by trying to understand that yes she is a bit flashy with what she does have, but no she's not rich. I was also trying to sympathize with you guys by agreeing that is very decieving. I don't know why I'm being bullied. I'll explain myself until my face turns blue because you guys are quick to judge, impossible to reason with, and beyond extreme.
    I still think all of this was an over reaction.
    You're right I don't complain about click bait.
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  3. defiantlyU added a post in a topic This little fake vegan is pissing me off.   

    what I did is not what rapists do btw, rapists rape people and blame it on clothes, when they should be blaming it on their minds because if you rape someone and don't feel remorse that mental illness, not their humanity being faulty. They go to jail, serve their punishment, all whlie being psychoanalyzed I'm sure even rapists don't deserve to be dehumanized and unvalidated.
    I wanted to leave it at my opinion being changed, but people didn't care and still wanted to argue with me.
    When I gave them what they wanted they ran with it. My bad. And I can hide behind my language skills all I want, because language is a mix of body language, words, tone of voice, facial expression,and the receiving persons outlook on life, and it can very well be misleading especially when you're dealing with someone who is still learning how to effectively communicate in person. (oh look I pointed out more ignorance)
    (cough thats something you also learn with age and why my using age as a trump was not discriminatory because I didn't question your intelligence just your life experience)
    And I don't know how I could possibly be narcissistic when I'm admitting i'm wrong as I go along, and It's you who refuses to understand me at all, and call me names because its easier.
    If they haven't experienced being proven wrong and learning that its important to admit that your wrong in every single confrontation (because it takes two to fight) then yes it would be directly related to them not living long enough to experience it yet. It has nothing to do with them being good people and everyone seeing that so it's ok for them to throw insults at someone else over that other persons experiences.
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  4. defiantlyU added a post in a topic This little fake vegan is pissing me off.   

    I''m not twisting dude, I'm french. Clarify yourself if I misunderstood you before getting salty.
    I ignored your accusation because I already gave my explination, you're selectively reading. I just told you, that no one was vindictive towards her, though I do understand why at the time she would have been hurt.
    need I copy and paste you calling me an ageist,
    I literally said that I wasn't challenging anyones intelligence and that I was challenging their life experience and wisdom.
    i only ever used names in retaliation to name calling. Ironically people got offended by it. They can dish it but can't take it.
    BY THE WAY, I hope you know responding to only one sentance of an entire paragraph proves you got angry at one instance of what I said and ignored the rest, and just choosing to opt out of sumpathy to prove you're right and I'm a terrible person. When I'm sitting here trying to prove that none of us where terrible people just misinformed, and then I get someone bringing up the way I talk and taking personal offence on a topic that isn't even about them.
    I'm french guys like stop getting angry about my communication skills. I speak 3 languages and I'd appreciate it if you'd stop talking to me as if the way you're taking what I say is exactly as I meant it to be.
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  5. defiantlyU added a post in a topic This little fake vegan is pissing me off.   

    I made a post about it because instead of talking to me about it she went to a plethora of fans who don't even know both sides of the story, just the one she lamented in her mind over and over again without outside help, and then spewed it all to the internet. Also I don't know how me saying she just didn't handle the situation well means I'm saying she's a bad person. Because I didn't say that. (And don't bring up receipts from the beginning of the thread because they've already been addressed, my opinion has already changed and it's null. )
    I was literally compared to a rapist when I've been raped in my life. I'm not an ageist. I didn't question anyones intelligence based on their age I questioned their life experience and wisdom (because that isn't learned from a textbook and reliable sources online) I'm talking about real life and not some delusion you're obsessed with. I obviously didn't do my research on her fanbase, but I don't know why you guys are so obsessed with titles rather than just accepting people as they are improving yourself. 
    The responses people have given me are cruel when I've done nothing but try to be understanding about the big important things, and you guys are concerned about WHY I came here rather than the outcome of the conversation which should have ended once I admitted to being mistaken about the vegan things, and the other buzz hype that floats around the internet that I implemented in the beginning of my post. The only thing I wanted people to truly believe was that her family isn't rich. I defended what I said about the bullying because someone literally compared me to a rapist when all I was doing was speaking common sense (but hey, kids and young adult are extremely hormonal and take everything personally and get passionate about other people's lives even though it's not their business (not that its important information what I shared because it really isn't) it just seems like you guys are trying to discredit my point about the money so you can continue to rant about her being rich, because it was proven several times through responses form even others who were even on your side for the rest of the information i spilled all over this website irrelivent or otherwise who were thankful I cleared the air up on their fan accused "fortune" questioning her morals when they aren't even her actual flaws (which are for her to see on her own and fix not for us to bash and call out online) The bullying thing is obviously you guys just being butt hurt because I already validated her feelings, and i do empathize with her because the same as happened to me too. I was "bullied" too. But even today as a near 30 year old woman I don't sit here and feel about something that was far from vindictive that happened 15 years ago. I'm only even recalling it because it was talked about on the website. 
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  6. defiantlyU added a post in a topic This little fake vegan is pissing me off.   

    Just be thankful you have no identity on this site, and thus no one can point you out on your inevitable hypocrisy. I'd love to have a list of the things you've said that hurt someone unintentionally that you never even knew hurt them. I hope you don't open that mouth of yours to the wrong person because there are people out there who have life much worse than you do that wouldn't hesitate to slap the ignorance out of that mind of yours. I suggest personal intervention, an honest self evaluation of your life, and the things wrong YOU'VE  done in you life, then take a look at the world, all of it. Come back to me after that little self journey and tell me again how wrong it is to change your opinion and better it as you go, and how irritating it is to have a conversation that goes around in circles. (which is what you guys did because I already said my opinion changed and every comment I posted after that I find is reserved, respectful, and only trying to stop people from thinking she's rich and picking her apart that way when it's not even the reason people back here weren't extremely close with her. If you read everything in chronological order, and take into account that until a lot of the teenagers on here I quickly check and read things and only respond to the things relevant to discussing taylor because if I wanted to talk about myself I would have gone to a therapist. There should be a certain level of respect because I actually know these people, ive been face to face with them on a daily basis for a large part of my life, I sure as hell know her more than any crazy fan who only knows what she shared on YT, media interviews, and Instagram. Come back to reality a bit. 
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  7. defiantlyU added a post in a topic This little fake vegan is pissing me off.   

    Whats actually weird is people who aren't even a part of her life AT ALL, living on the opposite side of the world and do not know her family and associate with them in day to day life in society, are so obsessed with this girl that they've been picking her apart for years. I wen't to school, I'm pursuing a career with my own life, I don't need to be compared to a rapist based on nothing but the fact that I'm pointing out what happened to her wasn't so much a personal attack on her, but a misunderstanding mixed with her being too quiet to stand up. (which is sad but it not anyone elses fault, and people shouldn't be guilted unless they were abusing her and out to get her WHICH MAY I SAY ONCE MORE, no one was.) Also I think you've seem to have forgotten that you cannot judge ANYONE unless you've gone through exactly the same things that they have. Just because someone commited a guilty action doesn't mean they have the guilty conscience to match. Thats why people plead guilty in court, the only people who get butt hurt about this are the people who are so hurt and down on themselves that they take all of the ration and logic people try to share with them, yet stick to the whole "woe is me the world hates me personally more than everyone else)... which is a bit self centred and ignorant. So grow up, go to college, get a job, live your god damn life and everyone under the age of 25 who's spewing nonsense can expect me to report your comments for harrassment. I've given my opnion, explnation, and while I don't agree with everything everyone on this forum has said I've yet to call anyone any discriminatory names, I've only pointed out legitimate character flaws to those responding back angrilly and running with complete BS yet I'm called a bully and compared to a rapist. I've been raped and abused and it all happened when I was 5 years old, but yknow what? My rapist was raped and abused himself his whole life too, he had no escape and the only time he was able to excape his upbringing was when he was arrested. Thats sad, and while he did a lot of damage to me that I'm still trying to work out myself I still feel terrible for his life and instead of being bitter and harvesting this hate in me for the rest of my life I forgave, and understood why he did what he did. It wasn't right but people don't have the right to slash and dehuminize him because while he did a terrible thing he's seen more hardship in his life than you or the majority of us will ever know with mental illness, his upbringing, and the lack of support there is for mental illness in society even though mental illness is a manageable condition no matter what illness, people just get lazy and would rather worry about themselves than create a system to prevent things like rape from happening. Thats the hate I live with.
    2When people insult, and dehumanize this man because he raped me I just ignore, or calmly correct them and move on. Because you want to know why? It's called empathy, drama starts when a group of reasonable people become unreasonable because of personal bias and instead of trying to see whats happening, they take every bit of evidence they can find (and trust me it's only the evidence they agree with too) and they build this case ignoring key facts and happenings also related to the story that if analyzed by someone who is unbiased would make the argument seem ridiculous and crazy. So if you want to sit here and insult me for doing exactly what it is every single god damn person on this website is doing then you can kindly back off, and have a wonderful day and log off of the website if someone being honest about their life experiences is too much for you to handle
    i'M NOT BEING VINDICTIVE, its just the small details don't matter sorry I'm a it wishy washy. But like I already stated many times my opinion is changing as I go along. It's you guys who are so concrete on your opinion of a girl you've never even met to the point where you don't care if she has reason for the way she acts, you're still going to sit here and take her videos personally.
    which is ignoranceeeeee. *insert celebratory music here" just admit to what you've said wrong the same way I did and move on. People word things in ways different people with different thought processes take the wrong way all the time. The whole is not going to cater to your way of thinking, and it doesn't make them bad people. What makes someone is bad person is when you explain why you are the way you are and someone else insults you as if they themselves have never in the lives said something that could have very well have been taken extremely offensive by other from yourself so...
    Again I'm French and don't do well with english conversation, and the translation of context, but people don't care about that they just want to be able to have a license to insult others. Thats cool though, it's the stubborn ones who wont succeed in life until they open their minds instead of living their lives butt hurt as if everyones an asshole, and everything anyone says is personally to hurt you or someone else. Get over it. You got your explination. Thats the end of it. Anything past either agreeing or disagreeing, and sharing insight (ie. getting salty and quippy publicly to embarrass me even though I'm not trying to be a bad person is called influen through shame (and unless the person is trying to hurt to someone Shame is also a form of bullyin, you don't have to make people feel like sacks of shit because they're different than you)
    The people who "make up their minds" bout the opinions of other people they're far off from understanding are the ones who are hindering society from thriving, not those who take things in stride and try to be optimistic knowing that change comes from within and not from people yelling at you online.
    You obviously don't understand if what I'm telling paired with my comments are being returned to me with an inaccurate message. The  yes, you're clearly not understanding me.
    If you don't understand something and feel the need to bully that person into feeling wrong, chances are you just don't have the life experience to relate to that person, and you should probably keep you mouth shut, because speaking negatively of a situation you havent a clue of is just immature and I'l say it again IGNORANT.
    The need to use insulting words comes from a person feeling and trigger because you at one time were insulted and embarrassed over an opinion you formed because (shocker) you live life differently than a lot of other people, but I'm sorry you can't go around doing it to others just because its what you experienced, you won't receive any empathy until you admit why you relentlessly pick apart people who correct themselves and are just trying to be fair.
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  8. defiantlyU added a post in a topic This little fake vegan is pissing me off.   

    maybe! I'm not entirely suer if its out there it could be true! I'm not entirely sure though, last I heard of blake he was a sales manager for a car dealership. He might be doing it on the side though. :3
    No I think you're just someone who'd rather blame others why they're not happy instead of moving on with your life. The same thing happens to everyone you can't just be bitter the rest of your life because you decided to be upset and sad because the others around you were immature. Not to mention this happened more than a decade ago. Also, no one was trying to hurt her feeling, if she was too shy to to talk to people and try to get people to understand her (like more optimistic people do) she would have had a far more enjoyable time as a young teen. I'm not telling her to take the video down or saying she shouldn't fell upset by it, but in the long run what she experienced was day to day ignorance, not someone targeting her purposely trying to make her day shitty. I'm sure people are hurt when someone else who doesn't understand what they're saying and doing, and instead of questioning and talking it out keeps to themselves until 14 years later they get called a bully for something they didn't even know was wrong at the time because they're like what... 13 years old? Taylor was mid-late twenties when the video was published to relate to demographic of people who are beat up, and told to go kill themselves based off of er elementary school experience and I don't really think she's looking at it the right way. 
    BUT AGAIN THATS MY OPINION I'm not calling her a bad person because she thinks differently on the subject, but you comparing me to a rapist is hillariously rude so way to look like an ass, and being an extremist. Misunderstanding social ques, and going through a time of anxiety and over analysing the reason for every little thing happens is not being a victim of bullying (unless she tried to address the issue and got made fun of, but she seemed to always be content and minding her own business so why would anyone thing anything was wrong?) You CANNOT pretend to be okay with something and then turn around and pull the victim card, then have people talking about one side of a storry, I'm sorry but unless we're talking about something thats actually detrimental I don't think you can sit there and call me a bully (which is an insult last I checked)
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  9. defiantlyU added a post in a topic This little fake vegan is pissing me off.   

    I still don't get why no one reads my comments and tries to understand what I say before shading me.
    i didn't take her bullying away from her I just said that it wasn't so so bad and it's not relevant to talk about. Everyone has their issues and she was rude too without realizing it, I don't think what happened to her was what you would consider malicious actions from one person to another it was simply kids misunderstanding each other and being immature. Not anyone being purposefully hurtful. That's why I don't know why she made a big video about it. 
    But then again guy I don't follow her brand I just did som evidence watching because I found this website and remembered her from school
    I didn't say there was anything wrong with it I was just telling people what's up.
    people were literally ripping on her for being "rich " and she wasn't even rich.
    i commented on topics earlier on the thread that I didn't fully understand and I already cleared that stuff up so if the trolls could stop blowing up my notifications just to re-preach at me something I've already admitted to understanding that'd be awesome
    her dad gets payed to promote the cars for the dealerships he's the president of. It's not him buying expensive cars. Yes they live luxuriously but they're just lucky to be in their current situation. They work hard but they're not millionaires like people are making her out.
    also her brother isn't a model lol, he's working towards a similar career path to his father.
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  10. defiantlyU added a post in a topic This little fake vegan is pissing me off.   

    I dont know why that went into an edit to your response rather than responding to the commnt but you can get rid of that sorry  I dont know how.  Any way yeah I just wanted to get a point across. This site has had pretty bad backlash for being a hub for people who are keen on critising her and I thought it'd be an extreme, but effective way to get people to listen to me without having to give my name and proof of association directly because (as we all know) as harmless as the information is about her fathers income and the way they support themselves, she still didn't want us knowing so I don't really want to publicly expose her. Although I think this will save her more grief than just continuing to hide her lifestyle from everyone.
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  11. defiantlyU added a post in a topic This little fake vegan is pissing me off.   

    I came in with biased but I do think I was clear in separating my personal issues with the ones on this site. 
    I only really brought them to validate why I felt strongly about her in the first place not to publically make a spectacle as well.
    now that things have been cleared up I think she'll feel a bit better about not having as much buzz about her personal life everywhere she looks.
    i know we shouldn't be forcing her to be honest because that's a personal choice, but at the same time it's only causing her frustration so there it is. 
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  12. defiantlyU added a post in a topic This little fake vegan is pissing me off.   

    yes that's why I chose the vegan discussion to boot it off, but once the point was proven invalid we continued. 
    You have to humour the initial discussion otherwise people just flock off because it's not "juicy enough" even though everyone needed to see a clear image of who she is not just assumptions made online.
    exposing is not synonymous with bullying, and people need to learn that right fighting hurts people and just leaves issues unresolved.
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  13. defiantlyU added a post in a topic This little fake vegan is pissing me off.   

    Two people who speak English as a second language discussed the veganism dispute and it was dismissed, we segwayed into something else. 
    Now if people would stop nit picking irrelevant things like my language style and choice of discussion in order to make it look like you know what you're talking about when you don't even know the girl, or her family.
    I do, and quite frankly the only person I was willing to remotely listen to was the other local who actually knew about her life somewhat.
    the rest of the snappy bias can just continue their day please and stop putting your nose where it doesn't belong. 
    It barely has anything to do with me let alone people from entirely different walks of life. 
    The discussion was nice while it lasted though ✌️️
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  14. defiantlyU added a post in a topic This little fake vegan is pissing me off.   

    PEACE investigation I think you'll find is far more affective. 
    But you should know that right?
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  15. defiantlyU added a post in a topic This little fake vegan is pissing me off.   

    Yes saying something and shoving it down people's throats is bullying, people educated me and swayed my opinion through reasoning. I don't know how that has anything to do with "trying to hard to attract controversy" 
    And why me agreeing with logic makes means I'm contradicting myself. 
    For the third time as well English is my second language, I'm FRENCH 
    take it easy on the quick assumptions and then getting snappy with me when I've been nothing but respectful to everyone speaking and conversing with me.
    well my definition of quiet is just not obnoxious. 
    She wasn't a shut in or anything. Just a normal girl .
    I love how the psych student just selectively responded to a single thought within a larger topic so people would  instantly agree with your dry response without feeling like they actually have to understand what I was saying 😀
    I think you guys are just mad I made most of the people on this website look like jealous arses who didn't even have a clue of her personal situation, and then have the audacity to contradict my legitimate genuine opinion of a person I grew up next to. 
    But like I didn't throw the shade first, you kind of asked for it getting snappy instead of trying to understand me. ✌️️✌️️
    (By "guys" I mean one or two people lol)
    Research Reid interrogation and apply some of that scholastic knowledge to your every day life the way it's supposed to. 
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