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  1. CatCatCat added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    I don't think Taylor auditioned for the Volkswagen commercial but was preselected due to her YouTube channel and/or connections. The profile of Taylor on the official webpage for the commercial both highlights Taylor's YouTube career and provides links to her channel and Instagram, but not her model webpage or official Line blog. Oddly, on the same page, the two other models in that version of the commercial (Emellyn Yamamoto and Moctar D) have no proper descriptions nor links to their social media accounts or model agencies. What is especially interesting is that the woman who plays Taylor's role in the first version (Japanese version) of the commercial is not just any model but a reality TV star and the other models are not even named. The concept for both versions of the commercial is that Taylor and the reality TV star are documenting their little road trip through social media, such as Line or Instagram. At the end of the website, it mentions that you can enter a drawing for a Herschel backpack if you follow and retweet Volkswagen's twitter. I would like to know which ad agency was behind the commercial. 
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  2. CatCatCat added a post in a topic Mimei and Duncan (PDR-san)   

    The distinctions (especially linguistic, ethnic and religious) between Asian nations vs European are far more pronounced (though I would argue people are far more likely to generalize Asia and the other continents over Europe). Europe is also less than half the size of the US. Not to say that each European country isn't unique, but from a non-eurocentric perspective, Europe can seem small and homogenous. Also, both Mimei and Duncan are from island nations somewhat removed from their neighbors and were visiting Europe for the first time. We know Mimei visited at least three different countries during her trip and it's far easier to say "Europe" than "England, Germany and Czech Republic."
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  3. CatCatCat added a post in a topic Sharla in Japan   

    You're not WKing, you are correct. The color comes from the fermentation process and miso paste does not usually contain bonito or any kind of fish stock. The commentor may have been thinking of miso soup, which is usually made with fish stock (such as bonito) but can be made with vegan-friendly soup stock or no stock at all. Supermarkets also sell "dashi iri miso," which is miso paste that already contains soup stock so you do not have to purchase soup stock separately when making miso soup, but it's not as common as regular miso paste and will say "だし入り" (dashi iri) in large letters on the  front of the container. So it is highly unlikely Sharla used or would use miso with bonito, even by accident. Whether she is an ethical vegan is another matter.
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  4. CatCatCat added a post in a topic Taylor and Friends   

    This was discussed in the jvlogging thread a while ago, but most of the vloggers came on working holiday visas which only last 1-2 years. They will either need to become full-time students or find a full-time job willing to sponsor their time in Japan in order to stay longer in the country.
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  5. CatCatCat added a post in a topic Mimei and Duncan (PDR-san)   

    The tweet didn't say that. The phrase was 「あの人無理、絶対相手にしない」. There is no exact English equivalent but あの人無理 basically means, "I can't stand to be around that person. They are impossible." 絶対相手にしない can be "I don't interact with them" or "don't talk to that person" and "don't interact with them anymore."
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  6. CatCatCat added a post in a topic Mimei and Duncan (PDR-san)   

    Littleghosts may have been referring to the fact that some of the criticisms and suggestions are incorrect, and PULL users overestimate their own knowledge of Japanese in general. As just one example, Mimei was criticized for イギリスでビックリしたこと. 「~こと。」(○○koto) is a commonly used expression that you will frequently encounter if you regularly read Japanese. Though there are problems with Mimei's tweet, you have to be careful and make sure your own Japanese is on point if you are going to correct her and make suggestions.
    My rough translation of Mimei's tweet:
    "What surprised me while I was in England: I met my friend's boyfriend and we went on a fun double date. It was my first time on a double date and I had a really great time. But after I got home, I received a message from my friend. She said her boyfriend had told her that I'm an impossible person and she shouldn't talk to me anymore, and after watching my "The REAL Reason I love Japan," he also said that people shouldn't make videos that advertise Japan.
    And the guy isn't even English. He's an exchange student. People (relationships) are hard. I just want to shut myself away."
    Due to the sheer number of エセ関西人 and the popularity of using ~アカン and other kansai expressions in Japan these days, it's possible the exchange student isn't actually from Kansai. "日本を宣伝する動画アカン" could have even been Mimei paraphrasing what he said in another language and she did not say that he was Japanese. If the boyfriend is Japanese, however, it's possible he doesn't like Mimei's video because he does not want more foreigners to move to Japan. It would explain why she brought up the fact that he is an exchange student in England, as it would be incredibly hypocritical to criticize someone for making videos that might entice others to move to your home country, while you are living in a foreign country yourself.
    Her friend should have kept the boyfriend's opinions to herself, but as you have all said, Mimei is only aggravating the issue by publicly tweeting about it. Her hypersensitivity and reactionary attitude is going to be her undoing. If she really wants to get her revenge, she should channel her frustration into making some excellent videos that showcase Japan.
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  7. CatCatCat added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    I think you all mean Elbow-san's money, not Taylor's money.
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  8. CatCatCat added a post in a topic Mimei and Duncan (PDR-san)   

    I think you are confused about how business trips and sponsorship works. She is not being paid to stay and vlog in the UK right now. Mimei's business/work is during August 4-6. Attending the convention is not the bare minimum but the maximum she can do for Summer in the City. The convention and business trip would only cover travel between Tokyo and London, and general expenses (such as hotel, food, transportation to/from the convention) during convention time. Anything she does before and after is in her own time at her own expense. She is not cheating or swindling anyone, nor even being unprofessional as her work period has yet to begin.
    Keep in mind, Duncan will be joining her in London and they may stay on to see more of the UK. In case you do not remember, Mimei is not even a full-time youtuber and has an outside job.
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  9. CatCatCat added a post in a topic Jvloggers general discussion thread   

    Her channel has been mentioned a few times on this thread, but internationally ME's videos are quite informative. If you're going to be in the Tokyo/Kanto area in autumn, I highly recommend visiting Nikko. It's super popular among domestic and international tourists, but the foliage is very beautiful that time of year and the Tosho-gu shrine complex is quite amazing. Kamakura makes a great day trip, as well. Hakone is popular among locals and not far from Tokyo. Surprisingly, few jvloggers have talked about it but Tokyo has a number of excellent museums and many are located in Ueno. The Tokyo National Museum is a must if you are interested in Japanese art and archaeology, but there are many great contemporary museums and galleries in the metro area, too. You should definitely try to visit at least one garden. Koishikawa Korakuen and Rikugien should be nice. If you are pressed for time and happen to be in the area, the Chinzanso garden at the Four Seasons is also pretty.
    Time Out Tokyo is pretty up-to-date when it comes to upcoming events in Tokyo.
    I second this. It's incredibly crowded during the day but deserted at night, save for the local joggers.
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  10. CatCatCat added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    It could also be that this is her sister's wedding and the focus should be on the sister, not Taylor. The family is probably very busy and stressed out with the wedding preparations right now. Hopefully, Taylor will put the camera down and concentrate on helping out. The groom's side and guests may not care for the vlogging either and her behavior could reflect poorly on the family. She can always make a video about the wedding after it's taken place and with her sister's approval.
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  11. CatCatCat added a post in a topic Mimei and Duncan (PDR-san)   

    Summer in the City is next month, August 4th - 6th. Mimei and Duncan have a have a meet and greet that Sunday at 15:00.
    She probably went early to meet friends or family in Germany. It's unlikely that Summer in the City is covering any hotel fees outside convention time.
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  12. CatCatCat added a post in a topic Rosie!   

    I thought Elbow-san might have chosen the breeder due to language reasons or business connections. Taylor's lack of research for her Pokemon ice cream and matsuri video was bad, but if you are right, that is an entirely different level of irresponsibility.
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  13. CatCatCat added a post in a topic Rosie!   

    Adopting from shelters in Japan is a thing, although it is probably difficult to find a young teacup poodle at these places. It is strange that Rosie was purchased and shipped from a breeder in Taiwan when it would have been safer and maybe even cheaper to go with a local breeder. I assume it was Elbow-san's idea to go with the Taiwanese breeder since he likely paid for Rosie. I cannot think of a reason why Taylor would choose that particular breeder when they aren't even located in Japan or Hong Kong.
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  14. CatCatCat added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    $80 is on the low end for dress shoes or even work shoes for a 28-year-old in North America, Western Europe and Japan. You also have to remember that this is Taylor's sister's wedding, a once-in-a-lifetime special event.
    If she really was looking for dress shoes, I don't understand why she didn't go to a proper department store like Isetan, Seibu or Tobu, where they have more appropriate and extensive collections, or even Lumine or Marui.  Shibuya 109 is geared toward teenagers and isn't an ideal place to shop for grown-up event wear. Hikarie is also in Shibuya and probably has a decent shoe department. If she does not feel comfortable visiting these department stores on her own or with Elbow-san, she can always ask one of her Japanese model friends to accompany her. They might have some good suggestions as well.
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  15. CatCatCat added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    Unfortunately, birth control is not insured in Japan, so you do have to pay the full fee for a consult. However, $90 for birth control consult is very expensive, even for a private clinic in Japan. But Taylor's clinic (Kishi Clinica Femina) is a women's only English-speaking clinic in Ginza that also happens to specialize in anti-aging and aromatherapy, so $90 might even be on the cheap end for a swanky place like that. Taking into account her spending habits, the consults and pill fees are really nothing, but she might have been thinking about the prices in terms of a layperson or as a Canadian where birth control is insured. (I personally think birth control and related consults should be free.)
    I do find it a little suspicious that she so willingly revealed the name and location of the clinic, and am starting to question whether her birth control and gynecological-related videos are partially sponsored. The clinic has only be around for a couple of years and has sponsored at least one article in a beauty/culture English-language blog ( I don't think it's a big problem considering the importance of gynecological health, but doubt many of Taylor's viewers could afford to go to Kishi Clinica.
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