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  1. Cpta added a post in a topic Dove Cameron   

    Maybe a reach but it looks to me like she is trying to look like Sasha luss who is a model who recently moved into acting. She has an alien look to her that I love and was platinum blonde for most of her career in modeling. Her first big movie was valerian and the city of a thousand planets. She was never on screen but the modeled the alien princess after her facially and she did the motion capture acting for the character.

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  2. Cpta added a post in a topic Ariana Grande   

    Her skin looks like it's stretched too tight because of how shiny it is. Usually she looks glowy from her makeup contouring but not shiny. Maybe she's trying the Korean shiny face look (which is on it's way out soon anyway) because she recently got into  blackpink. 
    She's also squinting her eyes more so they look narrow.....another k-boo influence? She used to like opening her eyes super wide and round like Japanese idols and models. 
    In the mv she's using light eyeshadow that hides  her crease and not emphasizing it like she normally does by shading the crease. In the shot with the camera she's using an Asian style eye makeup shadow placement where mid to slightly darker makeup iS hugging the lashline but they ignore the crease because usually Asian crease is either not there or really close to the lashline. A lighter color is used to blend out the color and to emphasize the puffy fat deposit around Asian eyes. Western smokey eye will apply darkest Color around lashline but blend further out into crease as well so it works for western eyes with more apparent and deeper crease. 
    I'm unsure if she did anything different to her face filler wise than what she's already been doing. Her cheekbones look higher but she's been getting cheekbones fillers and removed her  buccal fat a long time ago. 
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  3. Cpta added a post in a topic Blackpink (formerly Jennie Kim thread)   

    THis is really irrelevant to Jennie tbh. People are upset that she got a prestigious position but they don't even know what Couture vs ready-to-wear vs luxury brand vs premier brands are because they didn't bother learning about it before they get upset and comparing things. Let's just calm down and be ok that Jennie was chosen by Chanel. Maybe YG did push her and only wants to promote her but why does it matter that other gg dont have the same contract.
    In the end i think it sucks that other members in BP dont get the same attn from YG but i really don't think it's completely up to Jennie If Chanel is unhappy with their spokesperson then they will not hire her again. I think Jennie should work harder but i'm not going to make it her fault that she is treated differently.
    The following is just to clarify what people keep talking about even though it is irrelevant to Jennie Kim.
    Most people will never ever wear couture but if you don't care enough to know what it is compared to high-end/luxury or premium then you don't. But if you don't know the difference why argue about it giving these examples. TBF Jennie wears Chanel luxury brand not Chanel couture (within the concept of low end middle range and high end of course luxury is considered high end but some ppl even label it ultra high end so it really depends who is talking). However Michael Kors which is the company you gave as an example of high end is not a luxury brand (not anymore though he still has a luxury line. The bags and shoes you see everywhere are not luxury items).Dior makeup is affordable by teenagers who work so yes high end makeup and considered luxury even but it is still not the same as a $5000 jacket or $8000 dress. 
    Either way the thing is the price point doesnt matter. In the end the brand image does and it's ok that a specific group concept or person does not fit a brand image. That;s the same reason some models make it big and some don't. Lots of beautiful girls never become models even though they try because they don;t carry off the image well. Does it make them less beautiful or talented in other areas?
    Also don't confuse moments of cuteness with the groups overall concept. Sure the idols in the group can pull off different concepts but we are talking about Twice as a group vs BP as a group and why a CHanel ambassador would mesh better with one group concept vs the other.
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  4. Cpta added a post in a topic Blackpink (formerly Jennie Kim thread)   

    SNSD never represented a couture brand. The high end (i know you used high class but i assume you meant high end because they represented michael kors at some point) market and couture market are two different things. Couture houses must be acknowledged as such by some committee in Paris (yes there are non French brands that are couture). High end market refers to ready made but higher quality. The difference doesnt matter so much in terms of who these brands choose to represent them because each brand has their own criteria but i would say couture has always been connected more to art and artistic value while high-end marketing is more about just making the sales. In the last decade or so this strategy hasn't been that favorable to couture houses because they can't make money this way. These days couture houses rely on makeup, accessory (eyewear, jewelry), fragrance and mass-market collab or sister brands to bring in the money. However the idea of fashion being art is still a huge part of couture because that's what it was about at the heart of it and couture has a very specific feel in how it's marketed.
    TDLR: people don't understand the difference between couture and high end. Here's some info and SNSD never repped couture.
    Chanel has some "cute" accessories but if you watch the runway you never see anything cutesy and it;s never marketed as such. The barbie-esque and pastel pieces are still not really cutesy. It doesn't make sense for a fashion brand to bend over and make adjustments in order to fit their brand amabassador's concept. It makes more sense to pick someone who already fit's the concept.
    Really i'm not a Jennie fan. I prefer all the other members before her. I think Jisoo is pretty but she's so dorky and has an older sister/motherly vibe that even if she looks beautiful in Chanel i don't think she's a good fit as an ambassador. Lisa is good on stage but off stage she isn't a chic girl because she prefers street style (and i like her the most in the group). She could pull it off because she has a strong personality but she doesnt fit it the way Jennie does. Rose i think would be ok but because she wasn't as popular in Korea she wasn't given the chance. .I think she really bloomed and stood out during the international tour along with Lisa. In the end it would have been nice for Chanel to pick them as a group. I'm unsure as to why that didn't happen. Possibly it woudln't have been feasible to have four brand ambassadors at one time. There's also no telling how they chose Jennie and i don't want to hold it against Jennie because i think it has more to do with YG's decision.
    THanks for understanding! I feel like people get upset when someone says oh their favorite group's concept doesnt fit this image when it isn't even a statement on anything about the artist. NO one is saying the members of Twice aren't pretty or etc. 
    I think Yeji would be a good choice. She really stands out to me. It's hard to tell with ITZY since they;re so new but they do read young concept wise so while they do a girl crush concept it's like a teenage girl crush and i don't mean the girl's ages. 
    My bias in BP is also Lisa so i hate to see how she isn't treated as well. However i think due to the international love she's getting YG might try to exploit that. And i'll be honest and say even though my bias is Lisa i do think that Jennie does fit Chanel more. Lisa fit's a wilder look more. 
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  5. Cpta added a post in a topic Blackpink (formerly Jennie Kim thread)   

    the issue is that TWICE does not have a chic image so it doesn't make sense for any member in the group to be a couture ambassador. It would look weird if one member wears chanel and everyone else looks cutesy.
    I'm not a fan of  Jenny but I will admit she looks good in the clothes. Tbh I sometimes wonder if part of why other members aren't dressed as well is because they want the Chanel outfits to stand out. 
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  6. Cpta added a post in a topic Unpopular Opinions (K-POP Edition)   

    IT's the lighting and pose. The first one and the third one are not different. IN the first one she is pulling her rib cage in a bit while pushing her pelvis forward and the light is bright so you cant see her ribs as much. IN the third one she is pushing her ribs out and her hips back so the ribs stick out more. Plus the lighting has more contrast. Using photos like these are not a good example.
    Lisa is BMI 16-17. I did not say that everyone in asian is like that and she is definitely an outlier. I am also the same BMI. I range from 110-120 at 5'10". My point is that she's fine. You can't perform like that while not eating. I forget her name but there is a professional ballerina that vlogged about this issue. She did diet and had a period of dieting but soon realized she couldnt perform like that. Lisa is not a professional ballerina but her training, rehearsal and performance schedule is probably similarly strenuous. I also know from my personal habits when i was dancing that there was no way i could get through it if i wasn't eating. To me it's pretty obvious she lost weight because she was touring and not because she was on a diet.
    And yes having the same body type does not mean that you look the same. I am also talking about skeletal build not just body type. You can have a narrow skeletal build with a small rib cage and small hips and still gain weight int he hips and thighs so you would be a pear. However compared to a pear with a more robust skeletal build the person with a narrow skeleton will still be healthy at a smaller size compared to the person with the wider skeleton.
    Personally i also hope LIsa will get some rest and gain back the weight a little but i think trying to call her out for dieting or being unhealthy is being unkind.
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  7. Cpta added a post in a topic Blackpink (formerly Jennie Kim thread)   

    I'm with you on most of your points. I naturally have Lisa's body type at 5'10 and 115 lbs from my mid teens until my mid twenties. Of course give or take 5 lbs for fluctuations so usually 110-120. The problem is that people with our build are not as common. I'm talking about skeletal build where the ribs and hips are narrow compared to our height. Of course it's possible for people like us to gain weight but it's usually in a really unhealthy manner like eating entire boxes of ice cream bars in one night or entire packages of cookies. Obviously that's unhealthy so why would we try to gain weight like that just to make other ppl more comfortable.
    I don't think people are necessarily jealous but they are simply misinformed and uncomfortable with something they aren't used to. Depending on where people live, most people are used to heavier people. In the U.S. 65-70% of adults are overweight or obese. That's huge. Very few people are on a lower weight range so because people aren't used to seeing smaller bodies they feel shocked. Of course due to the huge portion sizes and unhealthy eating habits of western cultures, many people who have slimmer skeletal builds will still be larger.
    I'll also point out that for people who have been athletic/active throughout their lives, that type of lifestyle really impacts how your body looks compared to someone who doesn't have that lifestyle. The body is leaner and more muscular with less fat so even if they're the same weight and height as someone who doesn't exercise they will look a lot smaller. My friend is very soft and has only started exercising (running and some weights) recently because she wants to be slimmer. She complains and says that i was born with my body type and she would never look like me...but girl.....i've been taking dance classes since i was 13. I've had 6+ hr rehearsals. Full days of performances. 10 mile bike rides for fun on weekends. I've worked years (unintentionally) for this body and it's not something you get by going to the gym twice a week for 4 months and then eat out every other day.
    I do find it very difficult to deal with so many people online saying that my body type is unnatural. It's rare for me to come across anyone else who agrees with me so i'm glad to see you speaking up. I don't think you are going to really get most ppl to accept that it's ok for people like Lisa and Rose to look the way they do without dieting because most people feel like they have to work so hard to not even look close to how these girls look.
    In regards to couture.....I get what you mean. TWICE's concept is to appeal to the masses and the masses is not couture. I agree that BP does fit couture but to most people couture just means pretty clothes and not high concept so i can see why people think well TWICE is pretty and popular so of course they can be couture spokespeople. Twice is cutesy with a young image which is very non-couture. For those who don't know couture is made to order. Everything is made by hand to the dimensions of the customer so the prices can go up quite high. It;s cheaper if you fit runway sizes and you can buy the runway pieces. The image of couture is a strong personality who owns themselves. Obviously TWICE members can wear couture if they wish but tbh they don;t look chic and the group's concept is to be friendly and cute. They are pretty and sunny and charismatic. The closest TWICE member to being chic is Jeongyeon. It's not her height. It's her personality. She seems cool. Tzuyu is very elegant but every time i see her she seems so unsure of herself and acts like she's a bit scared and unsure that she can't pull of chic. Let's be honest. in BP Jenny and Lisa are both chic girls with different flavors. (Lisa is chic on stage but a goofball off)
    That said, Jenny photoshops. It's obvious. I think she has a great body either way but it's her own comfort zone that she's fighting with. I don't know her but i do think that she get's special treatment. She isn't especially talented compared to the other members (in fact she seems like the member who can do everything pretty well but not the best). I do like her in BP but i wished she cared more. It's obvious she doesn't because as someone else said, it's odd that she seems to be uninterested or sick only when she's doing BP events but is in a great mood to promote her solo stages. Personally i don't think her SOLO performances were amazing because the choreo was really uninteresting but she is charismatic.
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  8. Cpta added a post in a topic Unpopular Opinions (K-POP Edition)   

    She definitely lost a little weight but at most she lost 5 lbs. I don't know how well versed most people on this forum are with what is considered healthy for Asian body types vs other ethnicities but there is a difference and in recent years there has been more data and research on the subject. Basically due to differences in body composition Asians should be utilizing a separate BMI chart. Generally if you have someone who is of African descent or black, someone who is Caucasian and someone who is Asian of the same weight the black person will have more muscle and the Asian will be fattier. Due to the fact that Asian body types are fattier across BMIs the cutoff for obesity is actually 25 compared to 30 for a non Asian subject. The cutoff for being overweight and underweight is likewise lower and as a result Asians are healthier at a lower BMI than non Asians are.
    Here is a study for South Asian children in the Netherlands. THey conducted this study out of concern for childrens health issues arising from obesity. While i know LIsa is no longer a child she is only 22 years old and the cutoff age for the study was 20yo so i still think it applies to her. 
    Personally i have the same body type as Lisa. Long narrow skeleton with wider shoulders and small hips. I am just as skinny and i never dieted or even paid attention to what i ate until i stopped working out (i used to dance) and i got soft and realized i should get back into shape. After that i realized i should eat more protein and noticed a result of building more muscle ( i dont get bulky i just get lean and toned) Because i danced and i have the same body type i know for sure she doesnt diet because it's not possible with such a busy schedule. I agree she lost weight and i dont think she looks good right now but i think it's a result of being overworked and not because she's trying to be unhealthy. I don't like my body type...ie...i prefer if i had more of a butt because yes my body looks like the recent video of Lisa. The only way i can get it is by targeted weight excercises to build muscle there while eating a lot of meat ( imean a lot....it wasn't easy to eat that volume) which is what i realized three years ago when i actually tried to build a butt. I'v'e since lost what i built because life issues means no exercise.
    Anyway my point is if you don't have the same body type you will think she's being unhealthy on purpose. 
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  9. Cpta added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    i recently lost a friend because  she couldn't accept that i could have body image issues while being skinny because i "literally have the body type that everyone wants". Skinny isn't a body type. She ghosted me and honestly even though it upsets me i feel like she has a lot of growing up to do and this might be for the best. Skinny girls aren't allowed to complain about skinny shaming because they're just so lucky to be skinny. Unless you have another skinny friend (and that's rare in the states since 60-70% of people are overweight) there is no one to commiserate with when all the "REAL WOMEN" campaigns surround you and you really wish you had boobs and butt. (i gain in my waist. My boobs and butt gain much less when i gain any weight. My sister has a similar body type so i know what i would look like if i do gain weight)
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  10. Cpta added a post in a topic The Got7 Twins (Ana and Alex)   

    If you compare their skin tone to the really pale white women around them you can tell they;re a light medium shade. Most likely they're a pale olive complexion and no where near the pale ghostly color they like to pretend to be.
    Does anyone know what they were wearing to the show in NY. I was there on the 19th and i think i saw them but i'm unsure because i wasn't thinking about them. 
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  11. Cpta added a post in a topic sacheu/Sarah Cheung   

    I agreeagree it's not a catfish butbut I can see the nose is clearly different
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  12. Cpta added a post in a topic Unpopular Opinions (K-POP Edition)   

    To be fair there are other cultures with braided hair including Tibetan culture. Braids are not limited to black culture.  There are multiple small tribes in China bordering Russia with multiple braids as traditional hairstyles.
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  13. Cpta added a post in a topic Michelle Choi   

    Middle class is a huge range. Income ranges from 40,500 to 122,000 for a single person but the experience at the opposites ends of middle class is completely different.
    Someone making 40,500 will have about 28,000-30,000 after taxes depending on their job since freelancers and business owners pay a higher percentage in tax. That means that they will have about 2,333-2,410 each month. Considering the average single bedroom apt in NY is 2000+ they will have to have a roommate or SO to help with cost or live in the boonies which means at least an hour travel from the heart of the city. Of course there are deals and etc like apts that are only 1,700 but even still i would have to consider savings and other living expenses. Electricity, gas, internet, phone etc.
    Someone who makes 122,000 will have about 85,400 or so after taxes. Each month they will have 7,200. That's a far cry from 2,400. So even if Michelle is upper middle to put it off as well she's not wealthy she's just middle class isn't quite right. She is wealthy. No one buys two chanel bags if they aren't. I'm mid middle class and still would never buy even a single chanel bag because the cost is too extravagant and yes i grew up and still live in NY. Also consider being a parent at the lower end of middle class. I grew up lower middle class and we went without a lot of what actual middle class Americans consider common place simply because the wage gap is that large in the middle income bracket.
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  14. Cpta added a post in a topic "Who is this?" Thread   

    Cong he. 
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  15. Cpta added a post in a topic sacheu/Sarah Cheung   

    She's sitting down in the first pic which squishes the hip out a bit so it looks thicker. SHe's standing in the second picture. while she could have only gained fat in her hips the asian body type doesn't do that usually. The hip to waist ratio would be surprising even in a non- asian so i do suspect she had BBL. It really looks odd even without knowing what her ethnicity is. Like the extra wide hip and the relatively slim thighs are a bit odd.
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