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  1. sugarx added a post in a topic Wrinkles...   

    im 22 and have begun to notice fine lines around my eyes, smile lines and a semi-deep small wrinkle on my forehead. Ive been using Rose hip oil. eh? dunno. i use it twice a day, morning and night. ive heard people say it helps, im not sure if my skin would be much worse without it. Using it alongside with moisturiser makes my skin feel really soft.
    Drink lots of water everyday. Get a good under eye cream and be careful with that delicate skin, stay out of the sun and wear sunglasses.
    If you can, steer clear of sugar, dairy, alcohol and cigarettes. Exercise; try for at least 30 mins a day. 
    Face masks, serums, derma rolling.
    Im trying Retin A currently. its sort of... weird. Apparently its the only product on the market that actually helps with anti ageing. (who knows if thats actually true) It makes you really, really dry, wrinkly (?) and peely at first but eventually this goes away and it helps your skin turnover. ive been using it for a few months and have not noticed much difference except that i have a really dry, sensitive and red face. Hopefully it gets better.
    Also im quite sure losing weight makes the skin on your face droop.
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  2. sugarx added a post in a topic Splenda Daddy   

    he sounds like ernie from sesame street
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  3. sugarx added a post in a topic Splenda Daddy   

    but does anyone actually know how old he is? he is always looking so exhausted of yumi when shes recording, like a 49 year old man. 
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  4. sugarx added a post in a topic Splenda Daddy   

    i actually dont really see anything wrong with the relationship, yumi is a smart little woman who doesnt want to be alone (it really is not safe to be asian in america with racialised misogyny and fetish porn portraying them as easy targets) and just wants to be happy and feel safe and financially stable with a family and a husband. this seems a bit old fashioned with her being in america, but i think family is really important in chinese culture and yumi finds it important. my only suspicion is that there is an age gap and that splenda daddy might be an asian porn fetish pedo weirdo. 
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  5. sugarx added a post in a topic Taylors cheeks   

  6. sugarx added a topic in Skincare   

    hyaluronic acid
    I just bought a small bottle of hyaluronic acid from the ordinary and Ive been using it for a week by cleansing and then applying 2 drops to damp skin. Ive read that using a moisturiser on top can be counter effective because it keeps moisture from getting in but my skin feels really dry without.. will it eventually start to become more hydrated as i keep using it? can i use oils with it or will that just dissolve the hyaluronic acid and be a waste of product? Basically I dont know anything about hyaluronic acid or how to use it. If anyone has the time to provide advice I would be really thankful! 
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  7. sugarx added a post in a topic Taylors cheeks   

    does this video still exist? 
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  8. sugarx added a post in a topic How do y'all lose weight?   

    the less you eat and the more you exercise the more weight you will lose.
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  9. sugarx added a post in a topic Taylors cheeks   

    lol. the baby face look is chipmunky but thats why its cute. i would consider the surgery if i knew for sure taylor had it done
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  10. sugarx added a post in a topic Taylors cheeks   

    i wish she would make a video on her surgery because imo it actually looks good and took like ten years off her
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  11. sugarx added a post in a topic Taylors cheeks   

    yes because how could she be so skinny yet have such a chubby face
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  12. sugarx added a topic in Taylor R   

    Taylors cheeks
    Does anyone know how Taylor R got her cheeks? & Micaela has them too what the hell... Is it plastic surgery?

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  13. sugarx added a post in a topic Yumi is 30 not 26   

    sorry guys cant find the videos. anyways, im going to always think of her as a 30 year old now, at least that way the relationship with that big ape man doesnt seem as creepy. 
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  14. sugarx added a post in a topic Taylor R - Model work   

    shes so pretty in those old model pics aw
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  15. sugarx added a post in a topic Fuller cheeks without having to put on weight   

    thanks for the reply @puggles. im going to work on my diet and try find a serum...  
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