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  1. ChocoBunny added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna/Cozykitsune [Thread 6]   

    Kenka pls explain to me:
    why is just that one streak of your hair on the right leaving a bright orange shadow on your cheek that doesn't match any other shadows? Did you forget to blend your bright orange blush THAT much but in just one single straight line?
    Speaking of your hair, it looks an awful lot like it's totally touching your neck/back. Thought you just had to cut it because of how much sensory distress it caused you?
    Why is it that the lines of the boards behind you aren't straight there on the left? If it's due to the boards not being straight, then why does it look fine/straight everywhere else?
    How come your head is so large - or why is your body so... small? Your hand look like a toddler's hand in comparison. 
    And lastly, why do you have to blend you skin so much? It just makes the photo look out of focus. It's fine to have normal skin.
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  2. ChocoBunny added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna/Cozykitsune [Thread 6]   

    This makes me so mad, literally all she does for autism is spread misinformation to make herself seem special... she's never faced any problems from being autistic because she isn't autistic.
    Even in this poem it seems clear that her apparent "autistic" issue is "people think I'm weird/quirky". Hey Kenk. That's because... you are weird and quirky. Literally every person on earth has their own quirks though. It doesn't make you autistic or special. 
    And that's like... the smallest issue you could have. Oh but of course she also has to wear her socks inside out!! Poor her!!! 
    Has she ever even interacted with a real autistic person? I honestly believe she hasn't.
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  3. ChocoBunny added a post in a topic mikan.mandarin   

    (this wasn't aimed at me but I'm responding to the Yasu parts)
    So the reason people think Vina isn't over her ex Hiro:
    1. HE dumped her, the relationship didn't just "grow platonic". She still had feelings for him.
    2. Vina posted things like "I will get over him" suggesting she wasn't over him yet
    3. Then she very quickly got a new boyfriend after being dumped. That's what's called a "rebound", when a person latches on to a new person right after ending a relationship because the old one left a hole that they immediately want to fill (This sort of relationship basically never works out)
    4. She posted a lot about Hiro after the breakup, way more than before. It was clear that he was on her mind a lot (and still saying the "will" get over him stuff at the same time)
    5. She got upset at fans when she posted about Hiro and people thought/asked if he was still her bf or they were back together
    6. She's now "showing off" Yasu in a way pretty much everyone agrees is childish and immature. She never did that with Hiro, which makes it seem like she's now forcing it to prove something
    And even more proof that Yasu is a rebound is the fact that there are a lot of red flags around him that we know Vina is ignoring. She literally just confirmed a minor rumour that was only ever posted on this site so we know she reads here and know all the bad stuff about him. I believe if she actually was in a stable & healthy mindset around dating she'd notice the red flags and get out of it, but when you're heartbroken you get desperate for validation.
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  4. ChocoBunny added a post in a topic Rant Thread   

    Unfortunately, since he is in a risk group he does know that (although I think he thinks he wouldn't actually die from it since he is still pretty young).
    I mean isn't this legit how neo nazis start??? Like he thinks the "weaker/flawed" people are a burden on society and might as well die for the people who are more worthy of living. He's already doing mental gymnastics to justify it because he wants to believe that. Total assholery.
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  5. ChocoBunny added a post in a topic Rant Thread   

    My dumbass "friend" is seriously arguing that we should let all old people (and people in the risk zone even though he IS one) die of corona because what we're doing now (trying to save them, not spread the virus and so on) will make all young people jobless and depressed in the future (= commit suicide) due to the collapsed economy "just to save some 80 y o who will die in a few years anyway". He's saying we are literally killing young people *but in the future* - to save these old people which is just not true like istfg this bitchassboy is so dumb

    Even after I stopped replying to his dumbass backwards arguments he kept sending a bunch of arguments for why people "don't have equal value"
    Since fucking when has lumping people into groups of "deserving to live/not deserving to live" ever ended even somewhat well for the world? Never. Literally fucking never. I can't deal with this dumbass.
    If anyone is feeling not tired af like I am right now and is up to writing some actually sane arguments I could throw back at him I'd gladly take it, although I'm sure he won't listen and I might never speak to him again.
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  6. ChocoBunny added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna/Cozykitsune [Thread 6]   

    And don't forget to add some more candid profile pics of her:

    I think a big part of it is also that she makes her chin/jaw look much smaller than it really is, it completely changes the face
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  7. ChocoBunny added a post in a topic Kenna's personality and autism   

    Okay time to update this thread with Kenna's latest autism "sensory overload" stuff:

    Kenna replied to an instagram comment saying she might "have to" cut her hair short (but she confirms being in the process of growing her hair out) because her hair causes her "a lot of sensory distress when her hair lays on her neck/back"

    What I belive was the very next day she posted this "sensory overload said YEET" picture with her cut off hair in the sink:

    Sensory overload is generally a form of panic from the brain receiving too much information/stimulation to be able to process it. It's not exclusive to autism, it for example also affects people with ADHD, PTSD and severe anxiety disorders. It usually causes "meltdowns" and panic attacks.
    In the first picture she does say "sensory distress" (rather than overload) and that I can sort of accept because it is likely that she does find her hair touching her neck a bit annoying. But even then it's clear she only calls it "sensory distress" to seem more autistic and vulnerable, and that I do take issue with. 
    The second picture where she calls her mild annoyance of her hair "sensory overload" is honestly just straight up offensive to anyone who experiences real sensory overload. Also how she writes "says YEET" like it's a quirky joke just makes it such much worse in my opinion. She literally thinks this IS a quirky joke. Also if she knows she gets "sensory overload" from long hair, then why would she even consider growing it out in the first place? Then implying she just HAD to cut it off even though she's the one who was growing it out? Doesn't make sense.
    But let's giver her the benefit of the doubt, because we aren't here to spread hate for no reason (like I'm sure she thinks we are). Let's actually look at if she's consistently been avoiding having things touch her neck because it distresses her too much. I mean surely IF this is the case and having long hair causes her actual sensory distress, we would at least see hints of it? Like she would most likely avoid scarves, necklaces, itchy fabrics and maybe wear shirts with lower cuts to avoid them touching her neck too much.

    I am actually trying, but it's honestly really hard to find pictures where she doesn't have something touch her neck/back. These are ALL of the pics on her instagram I could find where she has a bare neck:

    1 is in underwear, 2(or 3) she's wearing really big earrings, 1 is cosplay, and the last 2 (more recent) her hair looks like it's touching her neck. (I bet I probably missed 1 or 2 more, but there's really not a lot of bare neck photos)
    In EVERY other picture of her she's wearing something around her neck, be it a necklace, polo/turtleneck shirt, scarf, choker, high-collar jacket... there's at least one thing in every other picture of her. And even more importantly they're all of very different materials: soft and stiff fabrics, plastic, metal, textured clothes like knitted scarfes/shirts... doesn't seem like any of it is bothering her?

    But of course she does spcecifically state it's HAIR that bothers her.
    But... we also have lots of pics of her with longer hair touching her neck, and it sure seems like it wasn't a sensory problem until now:

    So in conclusion I think it's fair to say this was yet another attempt at seeing more autistic while it's actually 500% BS and lies.
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  8. ChocoBunny added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna/Cozykitsune [Thread 6]   

    Is she seriously calling being slightly annoyed by her hair... sensory overload? This is seriously just offensive.
    Sesnory overload is a form of panicing due to not being able to process an abundance of information/stimulation, not just being slightly inconvenienced by something ffs

    How come there are 5000 pics and videos of her online with longer hair where she's perfectly fucking fine with her hair touching her neck, but now suddenly her sensory overload magically appeared overnight so she can be quirky and cut it off for ~autism points uwu~
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  9. ChocoBunny added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna/Cozykitsune [Thread 6]   

    This thread is turning into the Mikan thread with all the animal crossing talk... so I guess I'll have to say this here too: 
    Animal crossing is a super popular game. It's not surprising that people want to play it, it wouldn't be surprising at all if Kenk (or anyone else) genuinely loved it because it's literally one of the most popular game series ever.
    It just honestly gets really boring to read about animal crossing over and over here on pull.
    The fact that throwing away her money on a new switch + game is nothing but pocket change for our budget kween is one thing we can actually fairly criticize.
    But Kenk wanting to try a new popular game? It's literally no big deal. I mean I dislike her as much as the rest of you, but at least she'll be trying something new for once.
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  10. ChocoBunny added a post in a topic mikan.mandarin   

    That's expected of someone who lies a lot  and uses people as tools to get what they want... but still yikes.
    You don't happen to have screenshots/proof? At this point I kind of want him to get exposed for the awful person he is haha 
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  11. ChocoBunny added a post in a topic mikan.mandarin   

    Out of curiosity, did Yasu ever tell you about other exes/friends who were "toxic" in any way?
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  12. ChocoBunny added a post in a topic Sakimichan   

    Is it just me or are her drawings turning into inflation-porn??? Like the characters look straight up fat to me, not just "sexy curvy thicc", but actually overweight? (Not that fat people can't be attractive, I'm chub myself)
    I wonder if she's gained weight herself and is using her own body as reference...?
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  13. ChocoBunny added a post in a topic Rant Thread   

    As someone who's been chubby and ugly-ish my whole life all of the
    "oh don't compare yourself to Instagram girls, it's all facetune and photoshop and plastic surgery!! All fake!!" 
    makes me sort of annoyed?? I grew up never once comparing myself to fake pictures, I compared myself to the real people in front of me. There was literally nothing fake about them, they were just naturally skinny and pretty. Acting like I don't have to worry because ~they're all totally fake~ is such a lie. There are actual good looking people in the world ffs
    Obviously I know comparing yourself to others isn't a great thing to do, but I just can't help it??? Like when I'm the chubbiest and society in general pushes that fat is bad then of course I'm gonna get insecure about it???
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  14. ChocoBunny added a post in a topic mikan.mandarin   

    Like no shade, but the fact that Mikan happens to like animal crossing, which is a super popular game series, isn't that weird and it's just super boring to read it over and over
    (I know she has been posting a lot about it, but it doesn't mean we have to mention it here too evey time she does...)
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  15. ChocoBunny added a post in a topic Kenna's personality and autism   

    A lot of people ARE misinformed. That why we gotta try to clean up after people like Kenna who spread all that misinformation even further.
    (Heck, even professionals get things wrong sometimes... )

    But I bet the second Kenna learns that many autistic people can use/understand sarcasm she's gonna be like "oh yeah that's why I've been sarcastic all along!!!" and pretend she didn't even act like she ever only "took things literally" and all that. Until she's tired of the label she's going to bend and strech it out to fit herself and her agenda.
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