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  1. busan added a post in a topic Coco Lee / Rilaccoco   

    just say its a typical instagram thing, white influencers do these things too (gucci belt supreme) no need to make it only pertain to a certain ethnicity comes off as generalizing
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  2. busan added a post in a topic @annhxy (instagram) @asiandevine (twitter)   

    this is late sorry but https://twitter.com/chvngsub/status/859589398056361985
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  3. busan added a post in a topic Aikuros / Hyoon / Sockgyu / Floaromaa   

    thats fine to do that at least she has a target audience and if thats what they want she can do it. honestly genius. but i hate how she doesnt want to seem that way and states that she 'draws' 'games' etc when all she does on stream is just sit there
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  4. busan added a post in a topic Aikuros / Hyoon / Sockgyu / Floaromaa   

    tbh i dont mind this at least shes trying something new....shes so boring this was slightly refreshing
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  5. busan added a post in a topic @annhxy (instagram) @asiandevine (twitter)   

    i go by my ethnic name on twitter because i wanted locals not find me so perhaps it stemmed from that and it stuck? i dont find her using her ethnic name as well as anna a problem but shes such a hypocrite
    also question are her proportions really like that irl? +
    this reminds me of the princess diaries but modern with the power of makeup and photoshop

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  6. busan added a post in a topic joy/sehunismyreligion   

    whats her new @?
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  7. busan added a post in a topic @annhxy (instagram) @asiandevine (twitter)   

    how ptosis look like typically on asians:

    its very natural and is simply correcting of the lids. people get them when they have triple lids, or there eyes r heavily uneven. the crease after is soft, not harsh like anna's.
    On the other hand Anna's is a clear harsh crease, just like double eyelid surgery.
    ex. of double eyelid surgery

    it looks the same.
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  8. busan added a post in a topic @annhxy (instagram) @asiandevine (twitter)   

    uh oh what coincidental timing..

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  9. busan added a post in a topic @annhxy (instagram) @asiandevine (twitter)   

    Yes oops sorry if i didnt make that clear! I know double eyelids are common in asians, but monolids are an asian trait that many Asians grow up (esp in America) hating and getting made fun of for having (being called *chinky*) and the reason i followed initially was bc i loved seeing someone with monolids owning it. just feels hypocritical to say embrace asian features but get rid of a feature thats only seen on asians on ur own face...but i think that also if she wants surgery there is nothing wrong with it, i just wish she could just give an explanation or something esp since her target audience is asian girls who might follow suit and think that since this "asian intersectional feminist" got double-eyelid surgery, they should too, esp since she got it so young
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  10. busan added a topic in Online Personalities   

    @annhxy (instagram) @asiandevine (twitter)
    *warning: I'm sorry I don't know how to make hidden contents bare with me :(*
    Anna Yoon, or Yoon Haeun, is a Korean-Canadian instagram model and twitter intersectional activist. 
    Around 17-19 years old?very into asian and intersectional rightsowns an Asian-focused fashion twitter account, used to be stan account (lavishjimin) but got into beef(?dont take my word?)dab collarbone meme girlDOUBLE EYELID SURGERY
    very obvious double-eyelid surgery after trip to korea (or eyelid tape but tape does not give the same effect shown here without being obvious), but has never addressed it and avoids the question in her instagram livesBEFORE AND AFTER
    Surgery is an individual choice and it is up to someone to do it our not, its not anyone else's business. But as a girl who preaches about accepting asian features and not giving into white beauty standards (her twitter bio is literally: "You are brainwashed into thinking European features are the epitome of beauty."   it comes off hypocritical. she has deleted all her photos with monolids, but if u search her name on google, these images from before still pop up...the internet is a scary place anna. As an asian girl with monolids I thought she was so refreshing and made me feel happy about my eyes but after seeing her get the lid surgery and look more and more different, it rlly disappointed meEDITING
    all instagram girls edit, its a common fact. but the way she edits her body sometimes reminds me of photoshop gangnam beautiesie: esp the first pic something just feels off...she makes her face extremely small in comparison to her bodyATTITUDE
    don't really have screenshots but the way she comes off in her answers to instagram questions and hate on twitter in the past is quite rude. pls supply more, it could just be mefriends with problematic people on instagramgot mad a korean girl for speaking in....koreanfriends with the racist https://www.instagram.com/h.yojeong/ which is hypocritical bc shes....supposedly against racismpls add more!
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  11. busan added a post in a topic hyulari   

    it just proves to me that she only uses kpop for when it benefits her but when its 'uncool' she makes fun of it. she knows her audience is primarily koreaboos, or people with interest in asian pop culture/kbeauty so she goes to kcon without knowing groups, bc she gets paid for it and it will get her views. she does idol makeup, korean makeup/fashion, but tries to seem detached from it but not too detached or else she'll lose her kpop fanbase. its fine to not to like kpop but its annoying how she uses it only when its cool to but will ditch it immediately when its not
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  12. busan added a post in a topic hyulari   

    is it just me or is this unnecessarily rude lol just unfollow or mute ur the one who followed those people...she turned off comments too so how can ppl leave their twitter accounts...plus the photo is so scary

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  13. busan added a post in a topic hyulari   

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  14. busan added a post in a topic Joankeem / Joanday   

    Joan needs to reevaluate what she should be spending time on. Instead of hunting after every piece Jennie has worn study what brands you are working with! Consider what implications it will have on your audience, instead of just agreeing to any brand that will pay you money! Considering a vast chunk of her audience are South-East asian, and all Asian countries have huge issues with colorism, Joan still clearly has no clue about any of these issues.
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  15. busan added a post in a topic Aikuros / Hyoon / Sockgyu / Floaromaa   

    I guess they're official!

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