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  1. Toxicbetty added a post in a topic Sheena Duquette   

    Can we call them out? It seems they only login to make sure the damage they done isn't reversed.
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  2. Toxicbetty added a post in a topic General Kanadajin3 thread   

    Just checked and yeah. She gotta be using the most expensive plane with first class because a round trip was as little over $1000. $600-$800 one way. Now if that was a round trip from America to Japan and back then the number isn't too off but she's in Canada so the currency is stronger so she's got no excuse.
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  3. Toxicbetty added a post in a topic The worst thing a ex has done to you   

    Had a kidney stone that was lodged in a ureter that cause an infection. Was in extreme pain for two days. Went to work after my weekend and my boss (a nurse)  drove me to the hospital. Doctor said I wouldn't have live through my shift if I wasn't forced to go. Had to transfer to another hospital in a different city due needing a specialist because I was in critical condition. Opted to not take an ambulance to save money. My ex refused to take me so I had call my mom at 1 in the morning for transportation. After my surgery I was placed on bed rest for over a week. I couldn't lift more than ten pounds and had a stint my urethra due to swelling. My ex took time off to care for me but only made messes and played video games. My mom came over one day and saw me cleaning and doing laundry. Angered she yelled at him and helped me move out that very day. My name wasn't on the lease to our apartment but I was the one paying all the bills except internet. So he was evicted and haven't heard from him since.
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  4. Toxicbetty added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    The beauty gurus have completely run out of ideas and either copy a small but actually creative makeup artists work or just sticking with the basics but using different colors. Now I just watch r/, memes, commentaries, or nail techs doing art on someone's nails. With the occasional documentary.
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  5. Toxicbetty added a post in a topic UGLY SWAN? Late bloomers?   

    I was ugly before I hit 21. Like, all her friends look better than her type of girl. I was bullied and had a hard time building friendship with others because of constant abandonment from former friends who didn't want the ugly girl to ruin their reputation. I did gain friends that I still am close to this day but I always envied them for being pretty. Though I didn't show it.  After high school and transferring to another college after my associate's with a friend I hit 21 and my transformation seemed like overnight. Guys were paying attention to me and at first I thought it was because I was ugly but it was the opposite. My friend did get jealous that guys weren't going for her first anymore and we kinda made new friends separately and that was who hung around with most. We are still friends but we are now two very different people. She was they prettiest of my friends and now she struggles to keep relationships and get them. I haven't struggled much at all and even her favorite ex admitted that he should of gone after me instead. I'm just awkward with people hitting on me and I am in a committed relationship and plan to stay that way till we die. (Marryed) Last successful relationship she had, she scared him away because she demanded two boyfriends but they couldn't sleep with anyone else but her. He wanted to stay exclusive with her only but want the same in return. 
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  6. Toxicbetty added a post in a topic Skin Care Routine please? + Tips   

    I can totally help you! So if you don't have any sensitivity to most ingredients I am giving you some routines that might help.
    Cerave foaming cleanser for normal to oily skin. This brand you'll see nurses use in hospitals but this cleanser is not only cheap (14.99 to 15.99) but also effective.  Use twice a day.
    Benefit Smooth it off! exfoliator. Gentle but a general skin type exfoliant. Has mainly jojoba which is considered the closest to natural sebum (skin oil). Also jojoba beads are considered one of the best exfoliants. Use once or twice a week. Anymore can make the skin sensitive and irritated unless a dermatologist recommends more frequently. 
    Thayers rose petal and witch hazel toner. I recommend this for almost everyone. Rose has a soothing property and witch hazel is a gentle cleaser. Perfect for this who want more natural ingredients. Use after every cleansing process.
    Murad environmenta shield essential c moisture spf 30/ PA+++. Now this is expensive. It's $65.00 but it is an award winning brand created by an award winning dermatologist. I've recommended it to clients that came to me as their last hope before a dermatologist and had amazing results. One had there dermatologist praised me for helping their patient that had chronically skin for using this product. Plus it has vitamin c which helps protects and brightens dark spots on the skin. Also it's a sunscreen so both UVA and UVB rays will have a hard time causing further damage and premature aging. Though it says day I recommend twice a day but a very small amount. Only because it is a more concentrated moisturizer.
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  7. Toxicbetty added a post in a topic James Charles   

    Maybe it's just me but as an esthetician that specializes in brows his kinda make me want fix the with my scissors and some wax. 
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  8. Toxicbetty added a post in a topic Violet Verdandi   

    Those girls perceive any attractive and young (or just attractive) as a threat. Then try to attack the other girls’ character with lies to make themselves look better.
    For real. If it was happening, they are criminals. I’m pretty sure they could replace her and make her go “missing” if she refused to stop popping off about being with the mafia.
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  9. Toxicbetty added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    That’s bigotry and if you use that here, maybe you should get off of PULL. We aren’t Reddit and we will call you out on that horrid inferiority complex. 
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  10. Toxicbetty added a post in a topic Sharla in Japan   

    To be matter of fact we all knew from the beginning her marriage was doomed to fail. Now it’s sad it happens but when her relationship ended I was far from surprised. I was more surprised it lasted as long as it did.
    I am friends and related to people like Sharla. What I mean is that who they are with the rush into marriage hoping it works. All my friends that have done that are already divorced and cousins as well. She wants companionship which everyone wants, but she shouldn’t look for it on an app or jump into it. 
    Now for the in law bit. She was with her ex for three or four years. Met the in-laws a few but she couldn’t communicate with them because she didn’t know Korean. In the time she was with her ex she barely learned a simple sentence and couldn’t give anything more than one or two word answers which is considered rude in in a rebellious teen way. Earlier in her videos she did state that they were very friendly towards her but couldn’t communicate unless her ex was around to translate back and forth. They gave her food to take home, gave her small gifts, etc. Honestly I truly think they tried and the thought that all Asian in-laws hate foreign spouses is from what I see very outdated and basically getting harder and harder to find. Sharia was gung-ho at first about Korea but quickly lost interest when she moved their and that included the language. Besides the in-law thing is a bias all over the world and mine and some others I see tend to be very welcoming. 
    Now the child thing. The time thing is still kinda a thing in the medical world and having kids older have been proven to cause health issues. Mostly minor defects such as asthma, stunted growth and so on. I worked for years in the medical field and both of my parents were medical professionals higher then nursing. And I am a child that was birthed later and my comprised immunity has been linked to such. So I can understand it but it is far from a deadline. She might be one of those who want kids as a duty more than a true want. She might think she would have give up things she spends on herself and that might deter her from having them. 
    Anyway I hope the best for her.
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  11. Toxicbetty added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    As a former model I have some input that might be interesting. 
    I have a friend who is younger than me and we met through the agency I used to work for. She was sixteen and I was twenty and we both did a bikini shoot for a company that sold , well, swimwear. I was more toned so I did more of a surfer look while she was slender and had a different focus. Then another girl who is 23 now but under 18 at the time did a nude shoot for a perfume ad. It was the artistic black and white no showing nips kind of thing and if you didn’t know you’d think she was at least 18. 
    In the modeling world it’s not uncommon for underage girls to do these shoots. The only thing that is a no no is lingerie and porn of coarse. Also most athletic models are 25 and older because of the fact people look better tone older which is weird but whatever. 
    Though I don’t agree with it agency’s all over still prefer underage girls for some categories because of their youthful appearance but are willing to take 18 and older if you look younger than you actually are. Runway is especially notorious for this.
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  12. Toxicbetty added a post in a topic cardi b   

    I thought it was not even her thing but Laganjia’s thing. I could be wrong because I don’t listen to hip hop so I’m not always in the know but I remember hearing Laganjia say it before I even knew Cardi existed.
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  13. Toxicbetty added a post in a topic sayathefox   

    Old news but her claim to an orthodontist doing her nose is hilarious. Anyone with access to google will quickly that they are dentists that straightened jaws and teeth. Not noses.
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  14. Toxicbetty added a post in a topic Jeffree Star   

    Oh god. She’s one of those warped moms you see on Dr. Phil. She makes vegans look bad and crazy.
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  15. Toxicbetty added a post in a topic Simply Nailogical   

    She doesn’t do nail tutorials much anymore? I’ve been away out of the loop for too long. 
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