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  1. BananaGun added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    It's still so very odd for her to invest in something she particularly never was popular for, or had any deep interests in. It might sell out for the time being, but consistency is the key here and I don't know if its a great idea that makes the investment worth it to last for years. I don't know if girls would only have to save money just for her makeup when theres sooo many more out there thats worth it  for your money.
    Couldn't she at least have made a gamer pallete design at least? at least make it relative to your shtick. Like a gameboy, arcade packaging/pixel art pallete, anything! so you at least stand out and show what you're known for... honestly that itself would have been a really good gimmick that promoters would have jumped for. Poki take notes....
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  2. BananaGun added a post in a topic Emiru (Dyrus' GF/"Not Another Gamer Girl!")   

    Well I can see what your point is, and I agree to some of it. But for the most part she isn't as milky before and stayed quiet because she doesn't know how to communicate as much without sounding off putting so not much people can talk anything about her. I also just wanted to add that this is also an open discussion and not just a forum or critiquing her so people at least put forth objective replies. Which to me is odd because she was still raging despite all the good things people have said.
    The one thing that annoyed me about her unlike most egirls (and what people haven't mentioned yet) is how seriously she takes gossip. She actually was a serial sperger/wk in her threads. She did it more in lolcow just because she can go anon, but it was crazy. She's the last one to post in her thread too over there despite it not being able to get bumped or searched easily, so she lurks religiously. And mind you, no one was posting there at all but she had to make the last comment just to say that lol. And on top of that having her alleged friends come over here and whiteknight/revive the thread multiple times. That tells me more of what type of person she is. If she could she would keep doing it again and again, but being attached to their username reveals who they are so they would rather go anon and sperg at lolcow. Even poki didn't go ape shit even tho she def has more followers and whiteknights, I haven't seen any of her friends personally just go in a thread and freak out.
    The problem here is shes narcissistic to begin with and being popular in social media helps encourage and nourish it until she gets clapped back.  So it's harder for her to change herself when so many people enable it online. But tbh, we have given her a bunch of good tips and she pretty much dodged a bullet at the time we were calling her a hypocrite when she use to wear pushup bras and have her cleavage out on stream all the time. It was just in time for that whole controversy about titty streaming that scarra and poki put up online? or a video like it I forget, but it happened right after she started cutting down on super revealing clothing and push up bras, so she wasn't lumped in with other titty streamers who sexualized themselves
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  3. BananaGun added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    yeah I agree that everyone can look diff in many photos and thats because everyone is changing and imperfect always,  so there is bound to be goofy shots. Snowflakes are just under more scrutiny because almost all of them deny showing that side of imperfection and state how they look like that always when it's pretty impossible. Actually a lot of snowflakes do a lot of weird things that most ppl do but are judged twice as harsh
    People rely more on candids when it comes with comparisons because it is simply more closer to the truth than someone who's taking advantage of selfie angles, filters or lighting even tho candids can bedeceiving.Also remember there are some insanely photogenic ppl too but dont live up to it in RL. Hell i know some ppl exactly likethis.  For this reason I never truly judge someone from their pics until I really meet them in person and nothing can be hidden
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  4. BananaGun added a post in a topic Using Filipino as an insult?   

    Ive been meaning to post this thread because it does bring up a lot of real issues with Filipinos. Being a filipina myself, I'm pretty ashamed of some beauty standards when it comes to the Philippines. 
    And it irritates me to the core when all the celebrities and people who represent the Philippines don't even LOOK like Filipinos AT ALL. They look either east asian, hispanic or white. When the majority of the country is pretty tan and we have our distinct features. LIke I get it, it's nice to look hot and have light skin but most of the time people with darker skin are underrepresented. As much as I love Liza Soberano and love how humble she is, its still part of the problem when it comes to appraising people in our nationality to look westernized. (It's not her fault but still, a big problem) Anyways, it's a shame for a country to seem like they're so prideful about themselves, but want to change how they look so much.
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  5. BananaGun added a post in a topic Sarah McDaniel   

    yeah omfg I hate it when people say this. Money doesn't buy you happiness, but it buys you basic NEEDS for you to live. And yeah its such a privileged thing to say when there are lots of people dying in the world barely surviving or affording healthcare or medicine to stay alive. Fake deep is too perfect when describing her.....
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  6. BananaGun added a post in a topic Emiru (Dyrus' GF/"Not Another Gamer Girl!")   

     Man, sometimes you can predict about the stuff shes about to say. She goes on about it being for fun, but she ends up stating how "IM A GOLD PLAYER WITH THIS PING LOLOLOL" against a bunch of bronzies. Why even say such a thing to them? Its already bad enough to be bronze but man.... Way to humble brag about yourself and make everyone else feel bad for both teams. Not like, she was boosted or anything out of low plat elo herself, so shes actually pretty close to gold levels of play. I really try to like her and see if shes actually changing, and to prove us wrong but there's always something she has to say or do that validates the criticism about her.
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  7. BananaGun added a post in a topic Twitch E-Girls (and E-Boys)   

    Yeah I've been thinking about that myself too. If i had enough time and money I'd be dressing cute as hell. Especially when you're making money off of your image. I personally like cutesy styles like larme, lolita or mori fashion, but these girls really cheap out on it and end up looking basic af. They just don't know how to style themselves properly enough, like lilypichu. A cute style can be achieved as there are many nice j-fashion styles, so it's not the style itself that's wrong, they just dont know how to put on a good outfit. Most of the time, they look like they bought the cheap outfits from ebay (those generic chinese wholesale clothes) Like liquidpyro's outfit from the last page. It just screams EBAY man
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  8. BananaGun added a post in a topic Emiru (Dyrus' GF/"Not Another Gamer Girl!")   

    Haven't really bothered to check much on emiru cause it's almost the same shit Everytime 
    but I agree. She was obviously boosted. You can play a 1000 games with a champ and lose almost all of the games, until you finally play certain champs and climb. I had the same situation before where I played exclusively adc for example, then eventually mained wukong and got to diamond with Wu even tho I played him the least. That streak that got her to win with those duos was what helped her climb outta the rut from her stats.  She climbed some hefty divisions in a short amount of time. Wouldn't even care if she duod but she just has to remind everyone about always soloing so 
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  9. BananaGun added a post in a topic sayathefox   

    I totally agree with the plastic surgery thing, and I also wouldnt mind if she photoshopped herself either it's just the fact that she lies about it. It's just poor character. For example, this is why people dont completely attack xiaxue even tho she can be a flake, she at least admits to photoshopping and making people understand that she isnt perfect. That takes a lot of honesty and strength to admit that, and people like that one trait about her to at least let her notorious shooping go. Most of the flakes who lie about these things are so attached to this image of themselves, that they can't live any other way. It's a low blow because they feel like shit, but also they make other people feel like shit by making beauty standards higher.  They're a slave to their ideals that they can't even be honest with themselves
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  10. BananaGun added a post in a topic Lily Maymac   

    Umm.. genetics can still play a role in your body weight, and depending on your family history it can affect your body disposition. Asians like what I mention is already very thin so it's no surprise why many people pass it on to further generations. Genes still play a role, but your lifestyle can still make a difference. The genes just help out with carrying certain dispositions. I'm not pulling this out my ass or being biased, you can google it for yourself.  If it weren't for my moms grandparents, gene, I wouldn't be so thin like they were.
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  11. BananaGun added a post in a topic Lily Maymac   

    This might be unpopular here, but as a Filipina born and raised in the Phillipines, many people there are actually really skinny there and stay that way. It was practically the same for my grandma, my mom, my aunt and me during our 20's that we stayed extremely skinny despite eating a lot. My mom and my grandma finally gained the weight in their 30s and after having kids, and would most likely happen the same with me.
     This is not common in the states, but in the Phillipines almost everyone is that way. Thats why there is the notion of people there being extremely tiny, and there are a looooooooooot of  people who  look like they are stuck in a kids body despite being old, not in a good way. Don't get me wrong, they aren't skinny or this way because of vanity or because they are bullimic, this has to do with the fact that the country is in poverty and many people are malnourished stunting proper growth. Studies in 2016 show that we've been having a terrible chronic malnourishment problem in the Phillipines that kids under 5 yrs are stunted and are undeveloped from lack of nutrients during the mothers pregnancy and when they were born. Also, look further into epigenitic inheritance and famine. There are multiple studies and cases that show how famine can affect the genetic line and later generations. Seeing that the country has always been struggling with poverty, food and illness, it's not far off why everyone there looks so small and thin. My cousins and relatives all are the same way except for a small amount who actually gain weight but almost all Filipinos I know, lived with seen are skinny.
    I'm not trying to White Knight Lily, she's an annoying b*tch and I personally think she isn't attractive at all either as it comes to being a Filipina (it confuses me how she's even Instagram famous, and glared over her many times before until I found this thread!) But I just wanted to address the issue as to why she might be skinny, and why Filipinos are naturally thin. You can see she's stricken with something of this case just cause you can see how her body looks a bit underdeveloped like a kids body, and it's similar to mines and many people in that country. 
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  12. BananaGun added a post in a topic General Nigri thread   

    wow if that's true that's terrible. 4chan had people leak the stuff she had planned before so chances are, it might be actually true...
    If it really happens, Id be more dissapointed with Nigri more than I ever did. Like how can she even State that she gone through puberty late wtf??!!! She grows about 3-4 cup sizes in her 20s???? Up to now she still wants to deny the tit job when it is so obviously fake. If she added that part in the documentary even tho there really was no need to, it just screams insecurity. her image is attached to her boobs so much that she can't bare the thought of people even thinking it's fake.... 
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  13. BananaGun added a post in a topic SSSniperWolf / Lia Shelesh   

    I completely agree, and it's not a stretch to even think she gets any help from sausage. If you've watched any other video of how she plays uploaded by other people, not sylvibot; you can see how bad she really is. There's a couple reaper vids that people have uploaded when she was supposedly top 500 and she played like a silver. It was incredible- Reaper is one of the easiest heroes to aim with and she failed his ult twice and can barely hit a target. This was just this year, and people were roasting her about it because she was also toxic as hell. The way sausage plays and how she plays on her free time is like night and day. You wouldn't even think that it was the same reaper who played her tracer or soldier in her montages. If she was on PC, she would barely survive gold. I play on PC with a controller and manage to get to diamond, but the way Lia plays she wouldn't even be able to handle gold-low plat if she bitches about people using mouse/keyboard in top 500 ON CONSOLE.
    It's funny because people who do use mouse and keyboard on console are actually subpar comparatively to your average-veteran pc players. On PC It's unreal the way people aim once you even get to mid diamond and above, and you encounter a lot of aimbots on top of it. And being good on console with overwatch is even easier. I can get to masters fast on console, but if I tried to pull that off on PC it's so damn difficult. This is why overwatch professional teams and competitive gaming revolve around PC because it's pretty much babies on consoles where insane human reaction speed times aren't common in top500 plays. Kind of off topic but this is why I think it's possible for another snowflake like berrytsukasa to have kind of reached masters (tho its still questionable) because it's much easier to get to that rank on console.
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  14. BananaGun added a post in a topic Emiru (Dyrus' GF/"Not Another Gamer Girl!")   

    ^^^ This thread is dead compartively to more popular flakes. It's pretty much dead and old milk when some people are just beating the same dead horse. There's nothing really new going on with her when she became more careful about how she's seen in social media, so there's actually not much to discuss about her at all. 
    That's why novasky's post just bumped this thread with more shit to talk about and it only just validated my suspicions before how her wks would bump the lolcow thread as well for stupid crap 
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  15. BananaGun added a post in a topic Emiru (Dyrus' GF/"Not Another Gamer Girl!")   


    this is a very inactive and short thread that barely anyone posts in???? You said so yourself that the last  was made what?? 2 days ago???? what prompted you to post here now so suddenly? And if emiru is not barely talking or caring about this thread, there would be no reason for you to be here. Hence my point earlier about why many  snowflakes don't have a lot of whiteknigts coming here when it's just pointless if they don't bother with.  She must be hurting and bitching to you about it that's why you had to come here and post about how she got to diamond 5 when no one was even aware of it lol.
    And fAce it, people like you or they don't. Emiru should take the advice you were preaching about  Earlier with focusing on the positives on her life than the negative.  she's so affected by people pointing out the shitty crap she said on twitter. She already has supportive friends and a mass of people, why  bother a selective group of people to change their opinions about you? Yeah alright she's a bitch at Twitter. Why even defend the fucked up shit she said, get over it. If she's a bitch, she's a bitch. I'd respect her more if she was just honest about that, and not pretend to be this honest, nice, supportive person to girls if she's saying all these things in the back lines. If she feels like she wants to change or whatever, then she can without having to kiss ass and get validation from people she apparently doesn't care about. If she goes on changing first rather than having people here try to convince us, then maybe we'd respect her more??? Having her white knights come here only does the opposite 
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