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  1. Purrfelt added a post in a topic YandereDev/ Evaxephon General Thread   

    That and various 505games e-mails detailing the fact that it might a TinyBuild replacement, detailing his eventual compensation and whatnot. I am cringing that a software publisher that is not a small company by any means iis clamoring to have this garbage person on their team, let alone publish on of his games.We're talking Abzu, Death Stranding, Assetto Corsa, Terraria just to cite some.
    He said that he made "stupid" changes to his code that were, eventually, just QoL.
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  2. Purrfelt added a post in a topic YandereDev/ Evaxephon General Thread   

    People will lump PULL/KF/4chan together because it's what they do no matter the circumstance and what every user base says about it. The attack was stupid and garnered nothing but ways for Alex to garner sympathy, a couple of e-mails and the game's messy code.
    I'm not disappointed anymore, it's just an edgy dude doing it for the lulz and creating more damage than anything else.
    Gonna just link Lovesick here, too.
    And really quick comment that yes, the code is just as bad as everyone describes and yes, Alex did "steal" $31,000 out of TinyBuild because of circumstances that were all dependent on him, from his awfully made code to the unmarketable state of the assets or merchandise due to copyright still being in place thanks to the non-derivative nature of the model he is using. He has not altered it in any way neither has improved upon it so it's doubtful he could ever sell merchandise of it.
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  3. Purrfelt added a post in a topic YandereDev/ Evaxephon General Thread   

    Do you want to stick around for 6 years more for a game that is barely out of the prototyping phase?
    I'm gonna make it really condensed to you but:
    The assets are nowhere near usable as they were not bought with the correct license.The code is poorly optimized and every one update breaks the other.It took him 6 years to implement the first rival of the game and she is still being teased instead of being simply added.It took him 6 years to keep tweaking Osana so that, as a first boss, she is nearly unkillable.The assets are stolen from various places over the internet and, therefore, impossible to use for a profit game.He plans to make his user base pay for the next rivals due to how "much time" he's spent on this.He spent most of the money he got from his Patreon to buy a 2nd Switch because he did not like his first island on AC:NH.Take a look at his debunk page and let the fact that he justified telling someone to kill themselves because he was a victim or how he refused to credit his own collaborators even if they did not ask for a payment.His game has no plot, no substance or a decent structure code. You're better off waiting for the better version of it that is being made by EpicMealDev.
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  4. Purrfelt added a post in a topic Creepshow Art   

    I'm going to be 100% and re-iterate that she is pretty much blocked into that weird Tumblr twilight state where everyone would express their passion to one of their friends by keymashing and hyperventilating about them. I think it's more that she never grew up of her phase and still behaves like a Tumblr girl.
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  5. Purrfelt added a post in a topic Cryaotic and the Late Night Crew   

    Sadly for Ocean, Snapchat only logs files and photos over a 14 days period of time for which, if any illegal things happen, they are to save and store the information logged until then for the user to move any court case. If the fact happened a large number of years ago, then it's more than possible they are forfeit unless he willingly saved them on his phone and kept them... for some reason. Since in his tweet he says he's "not going to show them" it means he either has them saved and screenshotted or there's no possibility of them ever being able to be retrieved again.
    Snapchat logs and keeps files in their servers only until their expiration (e.g. the moment they are read) or 30 days flat. Unless they are saved in memories but I believe they long deleted the feature an now snaps only stays if you screenshot them or manually save your own to your gallery.
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  6. Purrfelt added a post in a topic Cryaotic and the Late Night Crew   

    I'm not a native english speaker so I apologize if the phrase "throwing him under the bus" came off the wrong way (which might be why two people have been downvoting every post I've made in the thread even when I just posted a screenshot of Ziegs saying stuff to elaborate better on the LNC's position, lol) but yes, he totally deserves the public guillotine he is getting: he has been such a big part of many people's lives (some going as far as saying that they looked up to him and that his behavior helped them not commit suicide or self-harm, or that they discovered their identity thanks to him and such things) that he deserves to be put under public scrutiny and for his victims to be recognized as such.
    I never said I would excuse/condone/see as any less than the threat it is or look nicely towards at what Cry has done, neither that the victims need to forgive them or have no cause to behave in a certain way.
    I still believe the LNC should be held (the people who allowed this predatory behavior to slide) accountable for allowing this behavior to continue on: Ziegs might have send that post from her Tumblr but there is barely any recognition beyond that after she tossed a stone saying "at least two people knew of it".
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  7. Purrfelt added a post in a topic Cryaotic and the Late Night Crew   

    ProJared happened earlier last year? In 2019, just to give a hint and, then again, it started from his Tumblr and all.
    I was going to append to my OP but I found this out while scooping up the dramatic posts of tumblr:

    Apparently, Ziegs has commented on it. Which is weird all things considering. All Tumblr names are blacked out to avoid uncomfortable stuff happening albeit I believe the OP is 20+. Just being careful.
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  8. Purrfelt added a post in a topic Cryaotic and the Late Night Crew   

    I'm going to be 100% honest: I've never followed Cry neither really followed or understood what made him this figure that would spring girls of all ages to go all nuts-o on him - I'm talking "I want to fuck him" kinda talk between a plethora of Tumblr users that would apring up every now and then. Back when I was in the RPC too there were plentiful instances of underage people making Cry RP blogs and most (if not almost all of them) had a lot of vaguely to outright sexual content. It was pretty much like a cult and a honest fetishization of his persona while nobody really knew how he even looked like: it felt like it was everywhere.
    This said, the only thing I feel like saying and giving kudos to him for is that he didn't wait for the victims to post or start with screenshots of their grooming, he acknowledged it and, while he did not issue a formal apology in the video, he did say that he did it. We bypassed almost 3 to 4 months worth of quarrel (much like it happened to Slazo) by people being the bare minimum and saying "yes, this happened" and corroborating one's words.
    This said, there is one thing that perplexes me more than makes me dubious: everyone seems to be pretty much on board with throwing Cryaotic under the bus.Aside from his hand-holding net of die-hard fans, each and one of his friends have either attested against him or straight up publicly made known they believed the victims. It's a big step up but if we look behind to a not-so-old story of similar entity (a.k.a. the ProJared fiasco), some of his friends and recurring streaming buddies did support him for a period of time before everything eventually came crashing down.
    It feels jarring to see that fans are genuinely struggling to come to terms with what Cry had said and done and believing it (not talking about the firm deniers + the ones who want to apologize for the victims) and seemingly are more in touch with their social disconnection from him... and then we have his streaming team, where one of them literally plainfully said "me and him have not been friends for a long time" and apparently blindsiding half of the LNC followers with that statement alone and everyone jumping into the "well I knew he was doing this and that but-". Also weird that, if the LNC crew knew what he had been doing, they never really said much about it but now are hyper vocal and paladins of this fight.
    Some people are also doing some batshit name-hunting for him and threatening physical violence. It feels insane that such a sacred monster that everyone elevated to almost a small cult is crushing down like this.
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  9. Purrfelt added a post in a topic YandereDev/ Evaxephon General Thread   

    Some people were very skeptic that his cousin, someone who arguably could have found him a job much earlier, actually did and he is just doing it to further gaslight and blame the remaining fans that he's not getting enough Patreon slop from them anymore: I highly doubt someone as socially inept as Alex would be able to do a reasonably well paid job if it required him to be underneath someone else's lead, the man shown he is incapable of oing anything that requires him to follow orders.
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  10. Purrfelt added a post in a topic YandereDev/ Evaxephon General Thread   

    My issue with it is that the design of the model can't be changed and, for as many artistic intepretations, it's still Aoi from the character pack so Im not sure he'll be able to forever get away with it...
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  11. Purrfelt added a post in a topic YandereDev/ Evaxephon General Thread   

    Alex doesn't want to pitch off his horrible code to GitHub, it would make his excuses that his "decompiled leaked code" absolutely looks like everyone knows it looks like. He is a control freak and would never allow people to make pulls or forks of his own code even if it would benefit him in the long run. GitHub is a wonderful place if you're looking for people to improve and expand upon your own framework because it allows users for pull requests, it allows forks for projects if the coder allows it and it all around help people understand coding and makes coding accessible to the public, even new people.
    @CosplayQueen (quoted because I'm too lazy to go back a page) but it's preposterous he is asking money for this, it's preposterous he'd even consider a crowdfunding when he could have outsourced animations and model long ago, when he made $3,000 on his patreon but he did nothing. As of today, the assets cannot be sold (although he is illegally reselling merch with a face that doesn't belong to him), the school was half inserted and it's missing chunks of textures, the implementation of many things is messy an un-optimized... and he doesn't pay the only two people willing to clean up after his mess.
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  12. Purrfelt added a post in a topic YandereDev/ Evaxephon General Thread   

    I guess the... numerous Easter eggs were a thing to be counted into these features?
    Stop lying, you procrastinated and had issues with your crap code for 6 years and now that you've finally come to the spotlight for all the wrong reasons you're saying Osana is almost done? Right. (Also, six years and one rival will be finally pushed out - are you perhaps hinting we should wait a collection of 60 years to see the next 9 coded and complete?)
    I just like how he speaks in a singular tone when he has two more than capable coders to do the debugging, the same ones that did and created the save/load function. He legit always speaks as if he is the one doing everything while having people actively working on the project and his silly code for free.
    Then why overhaul it in the first place before actually putting in the finished artwork for it?
    Oh no. Is it going to kill framerates again?
    Remember kids: 'tis game has only 18 years old character depicted even if they're all going to high school - that way they can shop for silly frilly underwear... ugu?
    I was peeking through the comments and one struck me as really weird, though:
    I didn't know Alex was planning yet another Crowdfund for his wreck of a game: is he expecting people to fall for Osana's new release and forget he wants to implement ten more rivals? 
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  13. Purrfelt added a post in a topic Lillee Jean   

    Their tale is just jarring. I don't have words for it but I've been following it on the sidelines and god if these people are just... weird. There's a lot to say about them but I'd just stay away as far as possible to avoid being entangled into their idiocy.
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  14. Purrfelt added a post in a topic Creepshow Art   

    The artist has a whole thread on KF, iirc.
    Anyhow, about Shannon: I can't even listen to Shannon talk, her voice is annoying to me for some reason... and her art as a background is pretty much just like watching someone pull up the same headshot and redraw things on it. It reminds me of the Tumblr RP era of art drawings where everyone had big lips, prominent cheeks and long, exaggerated eyelashes. She just never moved away from it and every piece is just the same with color changes.
    But I do feel the comment made on needing to push out videos on everything: I feel like she's doing this because she has to and is not truly enjoying the topics she covers anymore.
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  15. Purrfelt added a post in a topic YandereDev/ Evaxephon General Thread   

    Oh, he has a more than capable programmer on his team: young but solid in his work, the same person who coded the Save/Load function... that YanSim managed to screw up himself when implementing it in his spaghetti code.
    Anything like that would be easy to code for his programmers - not so easy for them to shove it in the game and expect it work...
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