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  1. praefuro added a post in a topic Sissel AB   

    I think what she's always done is trying to be relatable to her 'fanbase' while not knowing what the hell she's saying.
    Paycheck to Paycheck doesn't mean "I splurged my 3 grand monthly paycheck and also paid for expenses" but "I paid for the expenses like taxes and the likes and now have barely any money for necessities", Sissel.
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  2. praefuro added a post in a topic Anisa Jomha/Raihnbowkidz [iDubbbz's Girlfriend]   

    Also, it's hilarious how he once would police Leafy about poking and mocking a minor and Pewdiepie had to go and point that out in his video.
    Ian is desperate and Anisa is trying to hush herself away from the chaos... that she created.
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  3. praefuro added a post in a topic Anisa Jomha/Raihnbowkidz [iDubbbz's Girlfriend]   

    That's my biggest gripe: I can't fathom what led her to such a decision but it's clear that she's doing it for the money for starter; that also implies she really didn't think the whole "it's going to be on your name forever" through since her family already disapproved to something as minimal as a titty streamer (which, in retrospective) is much, much tamer than what she ended up doing now.
    Oh, for sure. I am of the same idea: if you don't have all facts or are unwilling to pick what's uncomfortable to discuss and face it, don't make a video. But I guess both of them would have been forced to make such a statement at some point since both were affiliated with Ian at some point in time or expressed a certain like to his behavior.
    I remember a post somewhere in this thread that vaguely said that Anisa was basically living off Ian's money - that or a Discord screenshot where Anisa said something along the lines of leeching off of him; she's never stated in her clique that she was getting no money from him, does she? Don't they also live together? I don't think Ian is the cause or imputable responsible for how Anisa decided to go this way. She seems like the type of person that won't take a no for an answer and go spitefully about it so... 
    There's also to say in all time Anisa was leeching off Ian's money, she never really seemed to be seeking for a job herself and always restrained herself to do the things she knew she felt good at doing: titty streaming and then, later on, straight softcore porn. 
    Let me be clear of something: I don't think Anisa is really desperate for money but OF is the way to cash in in 2020 at this point. Everyone and their mom has it, people literally don't release on Patreon to release in a cheaper manner on OnlyFans.
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  4. praefuro added a post in a topic Anisa Jomha/Raihnbowkidz [iDubbbz's Girlfriend]   

    I mean, Critikal did a video of him because he got swarmed by fans on Twitch to comment about the current Idubbbz situation, it's no wonder Pewdiepie himself caught wind of it with the rounds the video's been doing due to the ex-fans calling Ian a simp and whatnot.
    At the same time all of these video boil down to them addressing the biggest chunk of the issue (aka people getting genuinely mad that their 'hero' has become some sort of a simp in their eyes) because they can't really go forward and bring up pics of Anisa shaming and accusing Ian in front of a Discord server of abusing and being in a certain way - that would be pushing the cauldron a way too much and they have to "distance" themselves from the drama because they don't really want it as much as the views it brings them (this goes for Critikal, Pewdiepie, whoever did this kind of ponderate video).
    I think, personally, YTbers are not highlighting what else is said in the comments about Anisa specifically because they don't want to go against Ian (Pewdiepie does highlight he respects him and has worked with him): the proof of what she has done is there but major content creators don't really want all the nastiness that comes from uncovering whether the comments saying stuff like that are true or not because it'd be a bigger, deeper rabbit hole they might not be able to weasel out from.
    It's also because targeting Anisa specifically doesn't seem like a good idea overall with all of the drama it'd bring over.
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  5. praefuro added a post in a topic Anisa Jomha/Raihnbowkidz [iDubbbz's Girlfriend]   

    I don't feel like everyone who has criticized IDubbz were people who "hate women" - I feel like it's genuinely something so jarring to see someone who's said worse and done worse, was the king of clout and drama and being unbothered by it starting to get cold feet when someone questions their own s/o's choices, namely when she is everything he's ever pointed a finger at.
    Then, of course, you still get the ones that would see a woman make an OF account and scream "my virgin eyes" and call her a s*ut but the majority all seem to be more or less picking at Ian's condition of being a cuck and a simp.
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  6. praefuro added a post in a topic Anisa Jomha/Raihnbowkidz [iDubbbz's Girlfriend]   

    The comment section is just precious.
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  7. praefuro added a post in a topic Anisa Jomha/Raihnbowkidz [iDubbbz's Girlfriend]   

    Unless you're 100% in the optic of accepting your future 'legacy' being one of nudes or softcore porn (like Nigri, Momokun and many others did), you're bound to find yourself with your life hanging upside down; think about it: her family already has disavowed what she was actively doing and now she took upon herself to slip into a career that is radically different than simple 'titty streamer'. 
    She's potentially jeopardizing her entire family's outlook on her for a few quick bucks.
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  8. praefuro added a post in a topic Pewdiepie   

    That's the thing though: if anyone bothered for a second to look at the video and not at the article... Pewdiepie overlaps the Japanese flag over whatever he says so it's entirely possible he wasn't even joking in a racially charged way towards Chinese people. That's what I meant. :^ He mentions specifically Japan and his visit there a number of times throughout the video and never speaks ill or even hints that Asian people are the cause of Corona.
    Plus, again, once more: I never meant racially charged jokes but the entire article you guys are reading and taking as gold says that "we shouldn't joke about Corona" in a very general way. I get wanting to find a reason for Felix to be cancelled, but I'm sure there are many and that article ain't helping anyone's case. 
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  9. praefuro added a post in a topic Pewdiepie   

    I can't. That entire article is so cherrypicking it hurts. There's so many things Felix can and should be held accountable for and none of that article does anything but "he said this thing I'm going to take out of context!"
    That and the whole "you can't joke about COVID!" because, as part of one of the most hit countries in the world as of now, I feel like I need some relief from what's happening and entering the second month of quarantine, without the huge viral memes about Corona, I'd probably start screaming my lungs out of my balcony.
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  10. praefuro added a post in a topic Dahvie Vanity (and BOTDF in general)   

    Dahvie has recently taken up a new moniker to use online and started trying to instill his presence once more - to which people started going ablaze for and they started to call him out before he could get famous again and potentially return to do such things to underage girls.
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  11. praefuro added a post in a topic Anisa Jomha/Raihnbowkidz [iDubbbz's Girlfriend]   

    With such a flat ass? She'd just be better off with a brazilian type of underwear since it'd at least give half the impression that she has an ass.
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  12. praefuro added a post in a topic Anisa Jomha/Raihnbowkidz [iDubbbz's Girlfriend]   

    I thought noodles was bad but this is a whole new level of "oof", not to mention the history of this person. I don't know why Ian still sticks with her but those shots... Girl, your panties. Girl your dirty feet (I know some are into it but ew) are not sexy. If you pulled those undies any up, you'd be doing a Urkel tribute.
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  13. praefuro added a post in a topic Onision   

    I am mentioning her in case related to Onision. This happened when Shiloh was still publishing 'with' Greg, so to speak.
    To be fair... which ones of their break ups? There have been many and all of them were prompted by something and followed by horrendous videos from both of them. I want to remind that Shiloh was 'captive' to a degree when living with Greg (he did not let her call her parents or access any means of social media that was not controlled by him - hence why her channels came to be roughly the same time she had become Greg's GF - and he was barring her from much of the outside world minus what he could control) so it isn't far fetched to say she acted in a certain way after being pushed to a limit (not excusing her but more explaining what could have happened (all speculation) and at that point acting on her own mental issues.
    The moment she truly did break up with him and broke free, with her mother finally going to fetch her and bring her away from Greg, her channels minus ShilohOfficial, disappeared. So there's a good, fat chance that whatever has happened was influenced (if not totally) partially by Greg himself counting that the first thing he did was post a whole video about how Shiloh "lied" to him and how he was a victim of the treacherous photo stealing. At the end of the day, we can't know for sure, but it was enough publicity to make Shiloh look awful in front of everyone and garner him cookie points from his hormonal fans.
    Going back on track with the last comments, though: of course he would. He's falling out of relevance, people don't make videos about him anymore, Repzion himself is not giving him anymore attention after the whole lawsuit ordeal so what else can he do but doing what he's always done? State a thing and then, after a short while, tweet the opposite because you're edgy and cool.
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  14. praefuro added a post in a topic Onision   

    I don't want to throw the stick too far away from the trail but overall and if I recall thing correctly: it was mostly Greg's own choice since she had no real free will in moderating or even uploading to her channel. He was monitoring her content and his as if they were one and only and it wouldn't be absolutely far fetched to simply say that it was his doing.
    That said, Shloh has always struck me as someone who has been extremely emotionally damaged by all she's been through thanks to him. Woudn't say sketchy.
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  15. praefuro added a post in a topic Aria Rose / Pixel Poyo   

     That's such an appealing look for her: the undies, the general facial expression... just yikes. She really doesn't work well with ahegao or ;P faes she tries to pull off. 
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