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  1. praefuro added a post in a topic General Nigri thread   

    I can't believe Nigri lost collectively 10 years of her age!
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  2. praefuro added a post in a topic General Nigri thread   

    If we count the following she still has and that still puckers up for every lie she has spun over the years? He would definitely be the one to lose everything. Which is a damn shame.
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  3. praefuro added a post in a topic General Nigri thread   

    I like my tea with biscuits, thanks, yay! I apologize if I sound suspicious or off about asking for proof, but if the claims are true, then her entire stepping stone would be corrupted to the very core. And it doesn't reflect well on IGN in any way shape or form - despite being the butt of the joke nowadays.
    Without going too much in the realm of whether she had her ex-fiancé buy a ticket to cosfame, I do believe she had an unfair advantage at large: Vann has literally made her fanbase jump from a couple K's followers to millions and even without 'handling' the contest, a good PR and a good presentation for her would have done the trick, to be fairly honest. A lot of the girls that presented themselves did not seem to have a "team" behind them, while Jessica had a one-man-army doing the job. Sell 'the product' well like he did on Instagram? There we go. IIRC there was the rumor that he was the one to suggest the Pikachu cosplay too. So the guy knew what to do.
    He seems to have largely disappeared from every social media on hand at the moment but I can't guess what would have made him sweep under the carpet such information. It's weird at the very least and maybe tied with how tea about her was being spilled all over in recent years. 
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  4. praefuro added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    I still don't get why people affirm things and don't provide proof for them. Wouldn't it be more productive to create drama and deliver some biscuits to go with that tea?
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  5. praefuro added a post in a topic General Nigri thread   

    I'd like some source on this, mostly because for the life of me I can't find anything: LolCow only has one message regarding Vann Childs and how he "collaborated" with Suda51 - but no proof of it), KiwiFarms has no actual discussion aside from the cheating scandal and, more importantly, googling him in any shape or form only results in a Twitter that hasn't seen any movement ever since 2017 and a FB page mostly privated... and his LinkedIn profile. Which bears no speech of ever working as a PR for Lollipop Chainsaw or being involved in any of it - you'd think someone would put it on their resume, though. I also cannot find any other hint of at him handling the PR for the event if not for your messages.
    I can't overlook them, but since I can't find proof of them, for me these are speculations and I'd hate to stomp on something and get mad at it if there's no tangible proof. Because if it were true and people knew of this (like you and that one user), then there's reason to be mad a whole bunch. 
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  6. praefuro added a post in a topic General Nigri thread   

    For how much I heavily dislike Nigri, it doesn't feel fair to place conjectures on how she won the contest: yes, her ex had a hand in it but there were other people involved in the judging and whatever have you so it feels highly improbable that everyone would have shut up and took money or a bribe just to see a nobody win in lieu of someone having a hand in the contest.
    Iirc and if I'm reading right from his LinkedIn profile, Vann worked only as an eSports Coverage and Social Media Manager during the timeframe Nigri became famous and while, yes the entire part of him micromanaging her medias to make her become famous through careful marketing is true, I don't think he had enough leverage to simply bribe everyone involved in deciding who Juliette was gonna be...
    And, to be perfectly honest: she was already leaps above most of the contestants; some did not present themselves with a fitted costume (only one, as far as I'm seeing), some were completely off-type from the character and, at the end of the games, Nigri's Juliette was almost the only viable one. (Introductory Video)
    You can pick and pull all of them apart and Nigri still remains the "best" made of them all. In short, no, I think the contest was won because of her overall presence, a decent costume and decent props. Let's also remember that prior to his employ in Marketing and Social Media Management, Vann was only a Paypal employee. 
    In any case, she scarcely deserved the fame that came after and she is slowly dwindling on time and patience to make her own pieces. She will slowly grow to be a being made 90% of plastic so that her following keeps up with the Patreon payments and so forth.
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  7. praefuro added a post in a topic Hyojin Choi/Squizxy   

    This child has just as many problems as Hyojin. I hope Pyro is not involved in all of this for his own sake, too since he's been already dragged into this.
    Yes, their behavior is the one of kids but I want to highlight that one of them made false rape accusation that could ruin someone's life at the age of 22 and another faked a suicide attempt elaborately with people covering for her (presumably all around her age too). It's as if these people can't understand the gravity of their actions and act as if it's just a lie like "my uncle has the SNES New Age but I can't show it to you". Alex is on a league of his own at this point in time and he's... dangerous in how he thinks.
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  8. praefuro added a post in a topic Hyojin Choi/Squizxy   

    This is... disgusting. Just terrifyingly disgusting.
    Imagine being such a self-center person to blindly support claims just to apparently smear someone's name. Imagine being such a self-centered, insensitive person to fake your own suicide attempt with the help of friends (who you can't even coordinate properly to tell a singular linear story) and then proceed to try and swish everything under the rug for the sake of not losing the following you have.
    Imagine being such an awful living being, a living being that would throw people with real claims of abuse and rape under the bus for her own personal gain. Her friends are no different and they should all get a dose of empathy because this entire mess is just plain disgusting to even read about.
    Hyojin and everyone complacent in this mess or that gave a hand should definitely just be brought down a notch and what scares me? Most of these people's age range from 18 to 24 at best and they're just going at each other's throats with issues that are so fundamental in 2019 YT's/Twitter's "culture" (please, pass me the term) like rape accusations, abuse statements and how big and hidden they most often are for a reason or the other (like the entire ProJared/Heidi/Holly debacle) and trivializing them to use in their little play-pretend fight because "this guy has more Patreons/Subs/Likes than me, how dare he".
    Extremely disappointing. I haven't read Pyro's thread on the website but at this point, he's far long removed from the person I remember listening to in the few guest appearances he did in Vinesauce's streams.
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  9. praefuro added a post in a topic Eugenia Cooney   

    Thank you for the clarification, someone mentioned her being alone but my post was a more vague "hey, if she feels like going alone, all for it".
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  10. praefuro added a post in a topic Eugenia Cooney   

    I can tell you that video is clickbait: she has not lost weight to fit in the Brandy Melville clothing, instead it's a rant about their USA one-size-fits all policy and how not everyone is skinny and how the poster girls and models are standard white girls, skinny and cute. That's pretty much the sum of it. It's merely an in-depth rant about Brandy Melville. It's the only post from the uploader so I wouldn't give it much thought but YT picking at words that have been said in the video and running the algorithm.
    I personally am all for her going out to Disneyland alone. Sometimes it's about the small things that make us feel better on rainy days and we are definitely no one to tell her that it's just sad to go alone to an amusement park (mostly because I do it as well, I even go to the movies alone when I feel sad because I need instant gratification and my friend is not always readily available to go places when I am having a hard time) or anywhere, really. For you it might be sad, for her it might be a way to combat the blues.
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  11. praefuro added a post in a topic George "Joji" Miller (@sushitrash)   

    I was watching Feast Mansion, the series he's done with Rich Brian and sponsored by "First We Feast". It was a total blast for the first season and Joji actually gave most of himself to avoid being awkward in videos as his own persona; he's grown that tiny bit just more confident in showing himself outside his own character that his humor came out more or less genuine and alongside Rich Brian, all season 1 felt like a total blast.
    Season 2 got immediately ruined by the random monkey noises. But aside from that, I like seeing Joji being comfortable with himself and while not every song is a total hit, he's still pretty dope. Breathe is actually something I find myself listening to more and more as of late. 
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  12. praefuro added a post in a topic Mariah Mallad / Momokun Cosplay   

    That's so big. Her head is pretty much the size of one of her boobs or the size of on her thighs in the Hooter's picture and I don't know if it's because she's photoshopped stuff up or because she's gotten out of hand. 
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  13. praefuro added a post in a topic George "Joji" Miller (@sushitrash)   

    I recall him being rather shy in some of his appearances, but he handles himself quite well when it comes to one-on-one guest stuff, like in the Hot Ones. I'm happy he's been enjoying what his passion brought him, good on him. 
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  14. praefuro added a post in a topic General Nigri thread   

    I like her shape shifting nose. It goes from one shape to another. Oh, Jessy.
    Also, have been out of the loop for a bit but did she get new fillers? Her lips definitely don't look like they did at the beginning of 2019.
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  15. praefuro added a post in a topic Fegalvao/Fe Galvão/Fer-Cosplay   

    I hate that her "cute girl" shoots are getting posted in FB groups about cute and adorable girls: Fae is heavily edited, looks nothing like the ideal of "cute" these people try to convey and yet she gets the same attention as someone who is actually pretty darn cute. Someone pointed out in a page that she shoops consistently and the page owner went "she's plenty cute in videos, it's just jealousy".
    She is nothing like she wants to appear yet gets plenty recognition for a fake sona. It's awful, mostly because is most definitely not an ugly girl: she's pretty cute in her own right and, fake cosplays aside, she still has a pretty nice body shape. But I guess being "the cutiest around" pays off?
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