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  1. praefuro added a post in a topic Sakimichan   

    I have never found Sakimichan too much problematic in my eyes but that is because I also stopped following her as soon as I found out that type of art was not really my cup of tea. This said... ooh boy. Choosing such cheery picked targets like the girls from BNHA to lewd-ify is disappointing, an eventually foreseen move but disappointing nonetheless. 
    There are people who would gladly pay to see pinups of Endeavor, Aizawa, hell even Mic. There's really no point to lewd the girls, there are way too many people already doing that and it's even more disgusting to think that the last picture posted is an attempted threesome between three under-aged characters that can't even deal with an actual crush.
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  2. praefuro added a post in a topic Mariah Mallad / Momokun Cosplay   

    I don't understand how people can be at the very least attracted enough to pledge for something so mediocre: I know of acquaintances that took off from Momo's example and made their own private "boudoir" shots through pledges that are way more thought out then the stuff Momokun pulls out and about. 
    Also can't, for the life of me, understand why people fall for the blatant photoshop in all of her shots and probably just use it as wank material when her RT videos just make her look totally and completely different. Good job at photoshopping those decadent butt cheeks, but posting a video of the "making of" in the same tier kinda ruins it, don't it.
    The video looks... so bad. Her face, her facial expressions, her gestures... I could realistically google a random cosplay on gelbooru and get better results while not spending $50 on it.
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  3. praefuro added a post in a topic Markiplier   

    We technically still have no right to judge what a person does to cope with the grief of losing a loved one. Sometimes people clam up in their shells, sometimes people are more open and overt about their pain.
    Again, we have no way of gauging Markiplier's intention of whether this video was genuine or fake because he made is genuinely to notify his fanbase that we will not be dishing out content for a while. He could have sugarcoated it, he could have lied but he preferred to be honest.
    Unless you can read Markiplier's mind or unless he immediately goes back to being his cheerful self, you have ideally no way to gauge his true feeling or put any weight on these accusation - because those are accusations.
    In my view - and I see the worst in everyone - Markiplier is someone that doles out content fairly often, has a tight schedule that he keeps up and he felt duly needed to notify whoever follows him and awaits his content that he won't be doing it due to this episode. You are also overly underestimating his fanbase when it comes to "be in the know" about what Markiplier does or doesn't: most of them are so dedicated that they wrote an entire TvTrope page about him that they keep up to date. Are you sure the death of his niece would have been a mystery to some very dedicated "fans"? 
    I doubt boopa was being anything but dubious about someone immediately jumping the gun about Markiplier doing this "for the sweet views".
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  4. praefuro added a post in a topic Markiplier   

    I think they don't "assume they're gay" - they just see a nice, attractive young man who is genuinely cheerful and caring with his community and immediately make him the target of their romantic dreams.
    Happens to famous people as well: if I recall correctly, Justin Bieber himself got under a storm of fire because he was  dating Selena Gomez and people were almost chanting "gut the binch" on every post he made featuring her. It is, quite literally, what tons of male/female fans do about their own idols. 
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  5. praefuro added a post in a topic General Nigri thread   

    Hold on. Hold on, those hair look way too perfect to be "just a wig". Look at the corner of the top rightmost lock of hair that would be "all there" but apparently isn't: it's missing a tiny chunk that makes it look completely irregular on the stark green background of the rainbow.
    I feel like the editor directly cropped and shopped her wig to look eerily similar to Tracer's real hair in the Overwatch Trailer ( https://i.ytimg.com/vi/QCJ0LveB4ng/maxresdefault.jpg ). It just looks too... too fake, even for a wig.
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  6. praefuro added a post in a topic Markiplier   

    I used to adore Markiplier, way back when Octodad was a thing, FNAF was still relevant and not being a cash grab for moneys and, you know, only better alternative and big name was PewDiePie and you didn't want to hear the dude scream every ten seconds.
    Nowadays I am more on streamers (Vinesauce crew with faves being Joel and Vinny) and moreowkey people (Caddicarus and Brutalmoose) but as far as it went, Markiplier was adorable, funny and a genuine guy that deeply cared about his fanbase.
    Except that his fanbase was full of people that didn't sit too well with me: due to how Markiplier had been so supportive of people going through bad phases of their lives and pondering suicide, most, if not all of the comment sections under his videos, had eventually developed in people literally asking the first bystander help for their attention needs or paranoia or whichever mental illness they suffered from to flat out leave pleas corroborated by many tears and heartfelt cries about how Markiplier just "had to help [them]" since he was already so supportive.
    It made me cringe and have a certain type of fear that I would've never liked having at any point in time.
    Nonetheless, he is still the same person, still very heartfelt, very open to his fans. I appreciate him.
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  7. praefuro added a post in a topic Leon Chiro   

    Blackface...? You mean the ridiculous fake tan that he has gotten? I have to quiver in fear and recoil for my social status and remain pale for eternity in fear that someone will accuse me of doing blackface simply because I'm going to get a tan?
    It reminds me of when people used to cosplay Homestuck and someone kept saying that if you were doing the bodypaint lighter or you were cosplaying without it, you were erasing troll culture. Sounds about as right as yelling "this fake tan that I got by going at the SPA is blackface!" when it's the same thing some people achieve with highlights and such.
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  8. praefuro added a post in a topic Leon Chiro   

    I wouldn't know: being hired by a PR team of [insert city] for both Riot and EA doesn't give you the right to call yourself "the official [insert character name]". His ego oversteps everything nice about him as it is seeping through everything he does. We're lucky he didn't claim to be an Official cmCree cosplayer because he hasn't gone to Blizzcon... yet.
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  9. praefuro added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    13 Reasons Why is a harmful representation of both bullism and depression and most people that watch now feel more illuminated and give tips on self-care to people who are clinically depressed.
    If you don't know anything about a person's mental health condition, don't call out the classic "meds are shit" and "you should just go out in the nature".
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  10. praefuro added a post in a topic Leon Chiro   

    Honestly the only thing he has way too much to is ego.
    Technically it's... Italian stuff: people from there are more touchy feely than others and most times it puts them in an uneasy manner - some of them don't understand that and might even denigrate others but others will take precautions to not overstep boundaries. Wouldn't know which type Leon is.
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  11. praefuro added a post in a topic General Nigri thread   

    For the "sexualized moe looking Japanese girl" fetish that Jessica has: it's pretty much what her "female fanbase" goes after as well - more relatable for the girls, less looking like she is riding only the "I'm doing this for the fap material" fanbase.
    I got a couple of FB friends that constantly say how sexy Nigri is and happen to share a fetish for Super Sonico. Go figure.
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  12. praefuro added a post in a topic General Nigri thread   

    I've defended the debate about her "showing off her intimate parts" because of pictures like that but I still stand by my point: this is no longer, in any way shape or form, cosplay for the sake of representing a character but it's cosplay for the sake of the softcore porn value it adds to it. It's literally softcore porn not because "it's showing skin" but because the picture is meant to be NSFW and, as people would say, gratuitous fap material.
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  13. praefuro added a post in a topic General Nigri thread   

    I wish I was making this up but apparently we've gone from Fakku Mascot to literally cosplaying as a NSFW picture of Shadbase. Shadbase. Of all people and artists who have ever happened to drawn NSFW pictures of Kylo Ren.
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  14. praefuro added a post in a topic Sarah Marie Karda/ Jude Karda   

    Using he/him even after dropping the T because of the effects that should be there is... eh. And meh at the same time. People are enabling them and they're driving off the fact that their family has a ton of questions (if you think about it, someone had to pay for that T and judging by who has paid everything for them, it might as well been their very own family - the much gated family) and doubts about them.
    I would have them too if my daughter/son started dipping into something that will change their body, back out of it as if disgusted by the change, dump their boyfriend and then immediately start blasting off how they still want to be referred to as he/him or they/them despite posing themselves a feminine presenting person. They feel comfortable enough sharing their old "female presenting" self enough to post old insta videos because "they are cute" in them - it sends off a vibe that I personally can't understand.
    It's too far for them to be faking but it's too far for them not to be faking or riding it for popularity purposes. Why label yourself as transsexual if you are, technically, not as you are not under any prescribed T treatment anymore, are unwilling to proceed as the changes seemingly disgust you? Just... why? You've shown disgust in proceeding with the radical changes a trans person wants to go through to be at ease of mind with their body so why still ride the label "transnb model"? Does that make you special?
    There are so many models in the industry that are androgynous looking - why not just be like them?
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  15. praefuro added a post in a topic Sarah Marie Karda/ Jude Karda   

    Prefacing: I'm going to use they/them to refer to Jude since I don't want to have any flame behind me and I want to be respectful. That said, I generically use the "they/them" format to keep my anonymity on the Internet, so I can understand people that think the usage of these pronouns is weird or shouldn't be outright used. I think it demeans and puts the being in front of you as if they were anonymous. I'm talking about someone who exists and is right in front of my eyes, I should be able to utilize a pronoun for them and not keep it as if they were in a limbo. But even then, I'm used to even go as far as using "xe/xir" with some people I used to associate myself with, so they/them is easy on me.
    I honestly don't understand why some people said that they were jealous of their make up skills: there are plenty more healthier (both in look and content wise) Make Up Artists and Make Up Guru on the Internet if you search well enough, people that at least don't utilize their "looks" to propagate a message like being pro-ana, at least.
    I believe it was clear from the first picture posted in this thread (that has specifically "pro (syringe emoji)" written in the caption) that Jude is very much pro-ana and doesn't apparently care that editing your pictures to look even more skinnier than you already are is going to be detrimental to your fans; we do live in an age where skinny people get bashed but this goes beyond "accepting yourself" as someone had pointed out in the first pages of this thread. This is pretty much lying through your teeth that you're "comfortable" with how you look and then try to delete those pesky little rolls everywhere - even if they're not there. 
    They are, strictly speaking, unhealthy in all kinds of way - both mentally and physically - and they don't seem to mind such in the least, mainly when you are acting like they did in the video of them going off on their sister: dead naming is a huge problem in the trans community as it is almost often used as a way to demean the choice of the person in front of you... just as purposefully misgendering them is. This said: their sister excused herself when she used "Sarah" as opposed to "Jude" and I can guarantee you that using they/them pronouns in real life, mainly the person in front of you is very obviously male or female presenting (such as Jude being extremely feminine in most cases), is real difficult. Using the correct pronouns for a trans person, however, isn't because a decent human being can adjust their speech to refer to someone as their preferred pronouns and not be an a-hole about it.
    I'm not going to contest the validity of them being "genderfluid" (despite me not having a real belief in such a term - and if you want to educate me, don't worry, I've been plenty "educated" by the thousand contradictory posts and wiki articles about what "genderfluid" means) but it's almost painfully obvious that they are heavily influenced by the the trend of the moment. As @meowcow has pointed out in a previous post: you don't generically plain stop taking hormones if you have made the decision of becoming trans and more masculine passing. That would only worsen a body dysphoria or a body image you are not going to be able to have anymore (I've known people struggle with such thing due to not being able to afford an hormone therapy) and would only make everything worse. This said, I just believe they're playing on the fact that they look androgynous in more than one shot and they just want to be relevant in 2018's culture.
    Enabling them might as well get them on a road that might just serve to push them in a wrong direction where they don't need to be to achieve at least a semblance of mental stability. And might further root them in their own ED.
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