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  1. Rocking Horse Fly added a post in a topic Unpopular Opinons (Anime Edition)   

    honestly I'm not even sure I want to watch AoT after the time skip
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  2. Rocking Horse Fly added a post in a topic Marzia Bisognin (CutiePieMarzia)   

    Tbh I always thought that Felix vomiting story was a non-issue. I can understand how from an outside perspective her behaviour comes off as childish and self-centered, but as someone with similar problems (anxiety, different kinds of severe phobia with apparently no traumatic background to blame), I can tell it's not something you can just overcome when someone suddenly needs your help.
    And you will feel extremely guilty for not being there for that person (or maybe even worsening the situation). So I can understand why she got defensive and wanted to explain herself when half of the internet told her she sucks as a human being because of that.
    People need to remember that they were both ill at the time, just in different ways. But mental health issues still get downplayed compared to physical illness.
    My problem with how she manages her mental health issues is that she apparently doesn't at all. I can't recall her going to therapy, but what seems to be the biggest problem: she never tries to challenge herself.
    These forms of presistent anxiety won't just go away by beating them once or even several times (as often suggested), but you can definitely train yourself to get more used to specific situations so you can handle them better. But this requires you to continually step out of your comfort zone, otherwise you're just isolating yourself more and more over time, and your fears will become even bigger roadblocks until your whole life will eventually be controlled by them.
    There will always be worse periods, obviously, and you're allowed to feel bad from time to time, but when you're at a handicap you have to learn how to deal with your life with that handicap. That's just good old reality for ya
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  3. Rocking Horse Fly added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna/cozykitsune [Thread 5]   

    It would be nice if her pics were less of an eyesore tbh, but what's exactly the purpose of this forum if people are already satisfied by a simple style change?
    I know some users here don't give two shits about whether she's personally improving or not, and are only here to see the trainwreck (I'm one of them), but I believe the majority, mostly former fans, truly want her to become a better person.
    But wtf would anyone here just want her to switch her aesthetic back to some fake woke boho bullshit and gain followers without actually changing the least bit??
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  4. Rocking Horse Fly added a post in a topic Nitpicking Thread   

    I don't know where you guys live, but where I do 25$ is enough for two people to dine at a pretty decent place. 17$ is expensive as fuck for a steak that's not even made of actual meat, but for a Big Mac with fries and a coke??
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  5. Rocking Horse Fly added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    An accurate representation of me when I see the word "sis" being used again:

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  6. Rocking Horse Fly added a post in a topic Unpopular Opinions (K-POP Edition)   

    Don't get me wrong, he had his place in EXO-M, but that doesn't contradict my point that EXO stayed a pretty well-rounded group even after his departure. His talent wouldn't have been able to shine through in ot12 or the current setup as much as it did in EXO-M.
    (I loved his part in Wolf though. A bit ironic but his solo songs don't seem to give his voice justice)
    @kagami232 yep, I just proved my own point lol
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  7. Rocking Horse Fly added a post in a topic Unpopular Opinions (K-POP Edition)   

    Right, but that was intentional:D I don't know if I miss him or not, I kinda liked him, but what did he really add to the group (besides the opportunity to ship him with Sehun) that another member wasn't already doing?
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  8. Rocking Horse Fly added a post in a topic Unpopular Opinions (K-POP Edition)   

    I wish companies would stick to putting ~5 members in their groups. I could never really connect with those that had significantly more.
    I don't miss Exo OT12, there was too much of everything. Kris and Tao were forgettable (I actually almost left out Tao while I was writing this lol), and while I love him I still believe that Xiumin never really filled in any gaps in the group. Same with Sehun, but at least he's finally catching up with his rapping and I don't hear that Mickey Mouse voice of his very often anymore. Lay was probably the only real loss. But I guess it doesn't really matter now with the enlisting and stuff.
    I also don't give two shits about coed groups

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  9. Rocking Horse Fly added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna/cozykitsune [Thread 5]   

    She would never. I'm not sure if I can dig up the screenshots, as it happenned earlier in her career, but she had some kind of beef with Acacia for - guess what? - copying her
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  10. Rocking Horse Fly added a post in a topic Nitpicking Thread   

    I despise how she wears those dangly statement earrings with every single outfit. They'd look good with something simpler, but with all those ill-fitting layers, neckscarves and other shit it's just extremely unflattering and looks out of place.
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  11. Rocking Horse Fly added a post in a topic Confessional   

    So I've never talked about this to anyone because I'm so ashamed of myself, but I used to stalk my first serious crush in 6th grade. He lived just across the school, so I memorised his schedule and followed him home just to see him. I even followed his mom and younger siblings to the nearby playground, maybe to get noticed, I honestly don't know at this point, and once left some cherries I picked in front of their door as some kind of gift.
    Even considering that I was only 11 or 12, it must have been creepy, and I'm so fucking embarassed everytime stalkers come up in threads here on PULL-_-
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  12. Rocking Horse Fly added a post in a topic General Venus Angelic Thread #3   

    From personal experience, it depends more on the individual than whether someone's mentally ill or not. People with mental health issues can be more understanding of certain feelings one might get that healthy people just won't be able to wrap their heads around, no matter if they're empathetic and accepting. Sometimes what you need the most is to be truly understood.
    On the other hand, obviously these kinds of frindships are often rollercoaster rides. And you can easily just trigger the other person when you need them the most, being unhealthy for both of you.
    What stands for both groups is that everyone has their own problems, and being constantly surrounded by someone else's is draining, and you can feel powerless in the situation, especially with a presistent issue like BPD.
    The ones who seem to be the most reliable are those who had to deal with a mentally ill person in their close surrounding. They tend to be more accepting of all the acting out behaviour, have an inner desire to help you as they can, and are less likely to just throw around things like "you should try yoga"
    The people in my life with whom I have the most stable relationships, and who stuck with me through all hell are either mentally ill themselves or have a family member with similar issues.
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  13. Rocking Horse Fly added a post in a topic Rant Thread   

    I'm currently in an extremely similar situation (mental health issues, only person to talk to is my boyfriend of 4 years, feeling like I never had it bad enough to have these kinds of problems, even the situation with my parents), so this post resonated with me a lot. While I'm not a professional (yet, it's my field of interest), I'm definitely here if you want to talk, and I'm not just saying this to be polite, so don't feel weird about taking up on the offer:) It would probably help me too. Other than that there are some platforms online where you can talk with both ordinary people and licensed professionals for free. It wasn't very appealing to me, personally, as I'm pretty socially anxious, but it helps a lot of people based on what I've heard.
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  14. Rocking Horse Fly added a post in a topic Unpopular Opinions (K-POP Edition)   

    A bit late on the topic, but for me it's not being legally adult that matters.
    If you're only 1 or 2 years older than the person you stan that's perfectly fine in my books. Where I live a lot of people only graduate high school at the age of 19-20 due to all kinds of reasons, so they could basically be classmates.
    On the other hand, I find it repulsive when fans in their late 20s or 30s stan 18 year old idols in a sexual manner just because it's legally okay.
    But I agree with the people above who said that publicly thirsting over an idol is weird regardless of age, and that stanning someone doesn't have to be sexual at all, you can just appreciate their talent and personality.
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  15. Rocking Horse Fly added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna/cozykitsune [Thread 5]   

    Can we please stop bringing back the narcissistic personality disorder issue over and over again?
    It doesn't even matter if it's correct or not, or whether you're attempting to diagnose someone or just suggesting a possible explanation for her behaviour. But it has been brought up SO MANY times already, and it's always the same list of things. I think everyone can make up their mind about what issues they believe Kenna has by now.
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