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  1. Rocking Horse Fly added a post in a topic Opinion on posts about minors   

    I'm confused. Every post of hers is intact up until February, regardless of importance, and then everything's gone save one random post from May 17 

    I guess the "flag as spam" function is a bit buggy and inconsistent, but I hope you can see why it looks like they've been removed manually, one by one.
    On an other note, I thought users are not allowed to get banned on request. Has there been a change to the rules?

    Generally speaking the "rules are subject to change without notice" thing is not the most constructive approach if you truly want to see improvement in board culture. You can't exactly expect people, especially long time users to check on the rules every few weeks in case they have changed. Putting a small notice in the announcement box at the top of the page shouldn't take more than 3 minutes, from my experience.
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  2. Rocking Horse Fly added a post in a topic Opinion on posts about minors   

    Oh hi, Biscuit!
    Congrats on becoming admin
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  3. Rocking Horse Fly added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    Hey hi, actually 2 out of the 3 people you've just tagged have been working hard on the new version of PULL since the beginning of January
    Which I know because I'd be an admin there, along with Pusheen who's been one of the two active mods on this site during the past year
    So thank you for your input, but we're aware of what it means to be a mod and what's going on behind the scenes (which, judging by your contradicting replies, you actually weren't)
    A draft version of the new site has been up for months. We've gathered a team, archived threads, contacted a web developer, were in the process of reworking forum rules and terms of use with the help of a lawyer (so the site actually complies with data protection guidelines, unlike this one), restructuring the overall layout and creating designs.
    Unfortunately covid made us lose our irl jobs one after the other, and while we were pretty much bending over backwards to still make the new forum happen, our financial situation made it impossible, and months' worth of time, energy and actual money went down the drain with it
    We were still ready to cooperate with Nyx (who admittedly wants out) and try to fix some of PULL's current issues in the meantime, but her habit of disappearing and her general behaviour made us give up on that.
    For anyone else interested: the site has been a disorganised garbage island for over a year now. Nyx and Rhea have disappeared for months at times, and the site went down regularly due to the server bill not being paid.
    Mods couldn't do their job as they had basically jackshit control over anything and weren't able to contact the admins either, so they slowly jumped ship along with many long-time users who got fed up with the poor management.
    People started calling out the admins both here and on the discord, asking them to transfer ownership if they can't look after PULL anymore for whatever reason. And after finding out some of us had started archiving threads and preparing for the site possibly shutting down, they've reached out to Pusheen to pass down the forum.
    Turns out the forum has been barely maintained for years now (our source being the one and only Biscuit here). Which means no account or even one single post can be deleted without the site crashing down. This means 1. paying hefty server bills for basically storing trash 2. the forum is currently operating illegally, as it goes against data protection laws, and anyone who ever had an account here could sue us on this basis. Nyx herself said that she has to deal with legal issues all the time, which means only slightly shady server hosts are willing to deal with PULL to begin with.
    So we figured the only reasonable thing to do at this point is to move the site to an entirely new platform, which has been in the making for months as I stated above, and we've made surprisingly good progress until the current pandemic decided to kick us in the figurative balls. So that's it, that's the story.
    Since Nyx refused to give us any kind of control over the site while she's the one paying, and we have no other means to scrape up the shit here, we haven't come to a conclusion, and we've all gradually lost interest in PULL cause it's just not enjoyable anymore. So yep, I guess we are leaving (some of us, like Lopunny and Cyrillic already did)
    Thanks, Rhea for offering your help though. If anyone has questions feel free to PM me here or on the discord. And yeah, we've saved all the progress we could, so in case we ever want to deal with managing a gossip forum in the future, we won't be starting from scratch.
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  4. Rocking Horse Fly added a post in a topic Melanie Martinez   

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  5. Rocking Horse Fly added a post in a topic mikan.mandarin   

    So. Damn. Forced.
    The more she posts these kind of things, the less I believe they have any genuine feelings for each other
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  6. Rocking Horse Fly added a post in a topic mikan.mandarin   

  7. Rocking Horse Fly added a post in a topic mikan.mandarin   

    Tbh I do agree with @Maimai that we've only seen snippets of the whole story, and we shouldn't jump to some extreme lengths.
    Yes, I entirely believe that Yasu was in an actual relationship with Sayo. I also believe that he was a coward and didn't break up with her properly before going after Mikan. And based on my previous "analysis" of her ig statement, I'm pretty sure that Mikan was aware of this entire situation. That makes them scummy enough in my eyes.
    But I'm writing this as a fellow person with BPD, and it can be pretty extreme and taxing on your surrounding, even if you try everything within your power to act "normal". 
    Most people generally don't know how to deal with someone who has BPD, especially when you express suicidal thoughts. Even if they tell you they'll be there for you, they're not your therapists and they're not prepared for these kinds of situations. And even an actual therapist can refuse to treat a patient after some suicide attempts, as it affects their own mental health - and they're not even interacting with you on a daily basis as a friend or a boyfriend does.
    This last screenshot reminds me a lot of how Manaki reacted to Venus doing the weight loss surgery, and most people understood that he was simply desperate to stop her. We don't see the actual context here. It could have been in the middle of an extreme depressive, suicidal episode. And we absolutely don't have an insight into their entire relationship.
    Again, I'm not trying to wk Yasu or Mikan, for the above mentioned reasons, and I definitely don't blame Sayo for her own illness (afterall she's the one suffering the most from it). All I'm trying to say is to try to take a step back, and take into consideration what's not there, instead of making a judgement solely based on screenshots taken out of context.
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  8. Rocking Horse Fly added a post in a topic mikan.mandarin   

    Yeah I was actually rooting for her. I thought she had the potential to become a good influencer/j-vlogger if she keeps her snowflakey traits under control, but while her numbers went up, her personal development just stagnated.
    She's only getting more confident with airing her dirty laundry, testing how much she can get away with, and I'm afraid she's going to entirely turn into Kenna soon.
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  9. Rocking Horse Fly added a post in a topic Michelle Moé   

    I kinda disagree here.
    I understand that in this specific situation, where actual haters came up to her booth to harrass her, any kind of criticism onwards would feel like even more hate.
    But even though I'm like the biggest mental health advocate on this site :') and a fellow person with social anxiety, the sad reality is that the world won't adjust to every single one of our problems. So even though we are the ones who suffer most from our own issues, and I encourage everyone to be as tolerant and helpful as possible when it comes to dealing with people with mental illness, we are all responsible for our own mental health, and if we ever want to be able to function within society, we have to learn how to cope with some situations.
    If you're not asking for criticism for your writing, that's fine, you're simply aware of your boundaries, but if you actually want to sell your products, you have to learn to differentiate between plain hate and constructive criticism, even when it's not sugarcoated (and this is PULL we're specifically here to not sugarcoat our opinions), and how to manage it all. Or it's simply not the right path for you.
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  10. Rocking Horse Fly added a post in a topic mikan.mandarin   

    Funnily enough I was also not entirely convinced by the evidence at first, but it was Mikan herself who tipped me to believe what Sayoshigure says with her statement 🙃
    She keeps contradicting herself on whether Yasu and Sayoshigure have been in a relationship or not (underlined these instances in green)*, and whether she even heard about Sayo before the rumours came out (underlined in blue)**

    * she's also comparing their situation to her serious relationship with Hiro, instead of a random hook-up (or hand holding level thing if she wants to stay PG) from the past
    ** if not, it's real weird you suddenly know you two have a bunch of mutuals, and contacted them all to talk about her in the span of a few days, Mikan. Especially since you "try not to get involved with the issue". I doubt that the mutuals were the ones contacting her, when the rumours haven't gained any traction yet outside PULL
    This also leads me to believe she's not just naive and eating up whatever Yasu's telling her, but was very much aware of the situation between Yasu and Sayoshigure
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  11. Rocking Horse Fly added a post in a topic General Venus Angelic Thread #3   

    Geez people, just because you have a specific idea or even personal experience regarding a mental illness it doesn't mean it's the same for everyone
    I'm saying this independently from the whole Venus situation
    But no:
    - just because you dress up unconventionally it doesn't mean you're not suffering from anxiety
    - just because you post online content it doesn't mean you're not suffering from anxiety
    - just because you travel to or even live in a foreign country doesn't mean you're not suffering from anxiety
    You have to realise that people find different situations triggering. For a lot of you with social anxiety these things may sound like a nightmare, but many people aren't affected by it or not to a level that they're unable to do it, and it does not reflect on how severe their anxiety is.
    Also I'm going to sound like Kenna here, but sometimes you simply know some situations would end in a disaster even without trying it. Would you tell these people to move abroad or make a public social media platform because "they have to try it first to really know they can't do it"?
    Of course you have to step out of your comfort zone from time to time, but being aware of your boundaries is not a bad thing at all.
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  12. Rocking Horse Fly added a post in a topic Marzia Bisognin (CutiePieMarzia)   

    It was actually the other way around lol:
    She posted on her blog (and maybe said something in a video too) that she had 2 nose jobs to fix her deviated septum, as she couldn't breathe properly. BUT both times she told the surgeon that she wanted her nose to look as close to the original as possible, and the reason she was unhappy with the result was because its shape did end up different 
    (The post is probably documented on GG if anyone's interested)
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  13. Rocking Horse Fly added a post in a topic Michelle Moé   

    Can we move on, please?
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  14. Rocking Horse Fly added a post in a topic Michelle Moé   

    We're talking about people going up to her booth in real life, pushing their opinions about her and her art in her face in a petty, passive aggressive manner, and trying to discourage people from buying her products. This whole thing in a situation she can't really escape.
    PULL has a rule not to contact the flakes, specifically for reasons like trying to provoke a reaction from them.
    The flakes here are not pressured to look at their thread and read anything that's written about them.
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  15. Rocking Horse Fly added a post in a topic Michelle Moé   

    Noone is immune to criticism, extreme hate or bullying. Sure, some people can tolerate more, and keep their chill at least in front of their audience, but no public figure is unaffected by these things. 
    I wouldn't even consider her opinions about BTS negative or controversial outside of rabid stan twitter, but even if they were, nothing justifies petty bullying. She chose to be a commentary youtuber, she's allowed to be one, she shouldn't have to worry about "playing it safe".
    It should be common decency to keep some boundaries and let these people live their personal lives, even if you disagree with their opinions or dislike them as a person.
    I'm actually glad that she's honest about these things, and shows how harmful this behaviour can be instead of just putting on a brave face and acting like it's a non-issue. Imagine all the young people watching her videos, thinking about making their own youtube channel or public instagram, isn't it beneficial to tell them about this aspect of being an influencer, and assure them that they're not alone and their feelings are valid?
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