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  1. asianprick added a post in a topic oanhdaqueen   

    Well i guess you can kinda attribute her smaller frame to her being asian, as asians in general tend to be smaller. I can see why people would assume that she has an eating disorder, though because she tends to overdo it on the editing department in some photos. 
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  2. asianprick added a post in a topic Alexis Ren   

    Lol I'm glad I wasn't the only one creeped out and semi-disgusted by the clips of her and her boyfriend. I skipped all those parts in her latest video because I was so uncomfortable. 
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  3. asianprick added a post in a topic JESSICA VU AKA JESSYLUXE   

    Wow she looks so traditionally Vietnamese here. You can literally go out on the streets of Vietnam and find 10 other girls who look exactly like her. She “westernizes” herself so much with her makeup and selfies lol
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  4. asianprick added a post in a topic hyulari   

    I dont know but I find her videos incredibly lack lustering and boring. She doesn’t seem to have any personality, and she lures me to sleep lmao. Like she’s pretty, but I get so bored whenever I watch her vlogs or makeup videos...
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  5. asianprick added a post in a topic iDubbbz   

    I genuinely think iDubbbz is as much of a coward as the people he makes fun of in his Content Cops. His go-to defense mechanism whenever someone points out his hypocrisy or get offended at his jokes and racial slurs is "iT'S mY chAracTER! YoU can't criticisE someThinG that'S nOt rEAl!!!"
    He is the reason why there are so many edgy 13-year olds on the internet actively spreading hateful messages and dumb offensive jokes and openly using racist slang. Unless he is black, what gives him the right to decide whether the N word is offensive or not? Unless he has been raped, what gives him the right to say that no one should get triggered when he makes rape jokes? Disregarding whether or not he is in character or not.
    I get that he's all about free speech, but don't hide behind an online character and make up some bullshit excuse about why people should not be offended over a racial slur because that gives it more power, or whatever, because it's not your right to decide! He never uploads any content that can be used against him- not because he is strategic or smart, it is because he is a coward. How come he gets to scrutinise others through the content they upload on youtube, when he himself does not upload "real" content in the first place? When people criticise the offensive shit he says in his videos, he deflects it by saying that it's a character and it's not his real self. That is why he is practically untouchable, alongside his legion of toxic reddit edge-lords that are ready to tear down anyone who even breathes in his direction. 
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  6. asianprick added a post in a topic Chau Bui/chaubui_   

    i did some research and turns out, she's actually 1m60 which is roughly about 5ft2.
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  7. asianprick added a post in a topic Chau Bui/chaubui_   

    as of recent, i’ve noticed a lot of weight related posts on her story (i didnt manage to get a screenshot of this but it was along the lines of “when i gain 2kg from a trip, give me a week and i’ll lose 3”) 
    she also said that her trainers practically begged her to take a day off, which is a huge red flag.. i think she might be suffering from an ED but refuses to acknowledge it because she believes that the thinner the better i guess? she’s not too noticeably thin but i think she’s down to 40kg-ish? 
    translation: gained 2kg but everyone keeps complimenting me.. weird!!!!! feels so good to be home, can’t wait to get back to working out
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  8. asianprick added a post in a topic Fruitypoppin   

    she’s actually followed a few “exposing” accounts.. hmm, could it be that she is scoping out for criticism or mentions of her?  

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  9. asianprick added a post in a topic Plaaastic/GG   

    This was tweeted onto one of GG’s friend’s twitter. I can only hope she’s okay..
    (edit: this has been posted before, sorry!)
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  10. asianprick added a post in a topic Plaaastic/GG   

    Ahh I see, I saw the posts above about her unfollowing a brand and assumed it was Nirvana Street Wear, sorry about that! 
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  11. asianprick added a post in a topic Fruitypoppin   

    Proof you don't have to be annoying or act dumb to receive attention as an asian on social media. 
    (This girl is super pretty, definitely hard to believe that waist isn't photoshopped though )
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  12. asianprick added a post in a topic Plaaastic/GG   

    Sorry to burst your bubble but apparently she is still working with Nirvana Street Wear. This pop-up store called 'The New District' in Vietnam (it's pretty popular) just posted this onto their IG.

    Caption reads: @plaaastic and @nirvanastreetwear is currently at The New District in Ha Noi. Come join us xx 
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  13. asianprick added a post in a topic Sofia Ramazanova   

    On the topic of non-korean idols, EXP Edition is another one (still not sure if its a social experiment or completely serious), I think the only real asian member they have is half Japanese? 

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  14. asianprick added a post in a topic Fruitypoppin   

  15. asianprick added a post in a topic Fruitypoppin   

    She is 17 years of AGE.
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