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  1. Peony added a post in a topic Sarah McDaniel   

    Sorry, but it's not that simple. It takes forever to heal and you certainly do not look normal after a week, even if you don't bruise a lot. The nose is swollen horrendously for the first few weeks and sensitive af. I've had a nose job in December and my nose is still super sensitive. (Can't even really wear makeup lol) It takes a long time to heal completely, especially the tip, which is what she shoops the most. It would take months after surgery for it to look small and cute like she wants it to be. But I guess she could easily shoop it as usual lol.
    I totally agree though. She should definitely get a nose job. 
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  2. Peony added a post in a topic Sarah McDaniel   

    Lmao the way her butt bends the floor boards
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  3. Peony added a post in a topic Kiki's Twitter/Instagram   

    Did she delete her Twitter?
    EDIT: nevermind, she just blocked me. For whatever reason. Didn't even interact or anything, lol
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  4. Peony added a post in a topic Kelly Eden   

    You can read about it here. The lolcow thread is a lot juicier.
    Someone on IG released her full name. I wonder if it was one of her 'friends' who created that account?
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  5. Peony added a post in a topic General Kiki Thread   

    That is her actual nose! I'm surprised by the lack of extreme Photoshop in all those  pictures (Dakota, take note). Is she finally coming to terms with her appearance? Would be nice.
    But the difference between her kawaii elf goddess shoops and the last photo is staggering.... Damn.
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  6. Peony added a post in a topic Kooter's IG (koti.rose)   

    Yaoi hands! 

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  7. Peony added a post in a topic General Kiki Thread   

  8. Peony added a post in a topic Lilou Vos   

    Man, I was so excited  that she made her Lilou Vos IG public again and today she blocked me on both accounts. : / I've been following her on IG for so long and only ever liked pictures of her? What's the matter with her blocking people randomly? 
    Should I feel honored that Kiki-Sama acknowledged my existence?  Anyways, I'm really looking forward to new stuff from her. 
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  9. Peony added a post in a topic General Kiki Thread   

    ✶✷✸ Kawaii Elf Goddess Vegan {。^◕‿◕^。} ❤ Empower Others ❤ ღღ Divine-desu ღღ Holier-Than-Though✸✷✶ 
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  10. Peony added a post in a topic General Kiki Thread   

    Apparently it's not just an ad! She will be in movies: 

    Well, she's perfect for the job, judging from the clip. She certainly got the lunatic part right. 
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  11. Peony added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos   

    Well here you go... She addressed the earthquake in her new vlog.
    Also lol @ "If I was doing the same thing every day I think I would go insane." (regarding Casey quitting) Because you never do the same stuff over and over again Taylor... 
    Anyways, I think she looked very pretty in this video. Love her hair like this. 
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  12. Peony added a post in a topic General Kiki Thread   

    Oh well...
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  13. Peony added a post in a topic General Kiki Thread   

    Lmao.  So positive. Such inspiration. Wow. 
    Maybe if she posts some more of these people will forget about how awful she really is?
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  14. Peony added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos   

    New video.
    Just started watching it but WTF is going on with her eyes

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  15. Peony added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos   

    The new video was so pointless?? I give her credit for trying to be funnier in her recent videos, but... It's just not working out. The sass just doesn't feel real. (Though I appreciate all those PULL shout-outs.) I wish she would just decide on one personality.
    And I don't think anyone wants to see how she organizes her frickin shelves?? There are people who could make funny content out of something so boring... but Taylor, you're not one of those people. Maybe just organize your new home and then make one decent video about it when it's done... Everything about this besides the recipe was just... a waste of time and cringy imo... The filming in IKEA was well-done though. Props to elbow-san. 
    I agree with vader-chan on the severe second hand embarrassement.  At this point I can't even watch her videos til the end. I just skip through them. 
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