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  1. rk618 added a post in a topic unpopular opinions (J-POP EDITION)   

    i listen to more jrock than jpop nowadays, but...
    -utada hikaru's recent stuff isn't as good as her music pre-hiatus (what a legend tho, the most sold artist in heisei era)
    -boa's music hasn't been good post 2010
    -amuro namie can't sing but her songs were good
    -hamasaki ayumi has the most annoying voice
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  2. rk618 added a post in a topic Ariana Grande   

    I'm not sure who it was directed toward but in exact quotes the tweet was
    "ppl are so lost. one day everybody that works at all them blogs will realize how unfulfilled they are and purposeless what they're doing is and hopefully shift their focus elsewhere.that's gonna be a beautiful ass day for them! i can't wait for them to feel lit inside"

    i think what she said was taken out of context but yeah she def doesnt think before she tweets
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  3. rk618 added a post in a topic Ex-Kpop Fan Discussion Thread   

    I was a huge fan of BoA (still like her tbh) but I think my first "real" obsession was 5 member DBSK when I was around 14 or so (banjun drama anyone? lol), followed by SNSD for a bit then I sort of lost interest in Kpop... had a second phase with 12 member EXO, then my fave member left so that was done....finally I had a short stint with BTS. Idk, for me I just feel like I'm too old to be associated with a crowd of screaming girls and overly obsessive fans. I do follow individual people from certain groups on instagram but not their Kpop activities. Back then SNS wasn't as big, but nowadays the toxic fans and "fanwars" really turn me off. I'll still listen to some songs/watch MVs here and there if I come across them, but other than that I'm not really into it.
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  4. rk618 added a post in a topic Michelle Choi   

    Not exactly related to Michelle, but I thought it was interesting regarding YT income. The YTer in question made $20 something K from 2 million views. Michelle's NY videos bore me tbh....she has a nice apartment and she's pretty but I'm not compelled to "follow her life" there.
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  5. rk618 added a post in a topic Unpopular Opinions (K-POP Edition)   

    Blackpink needs to release more music so their toxic fans have something better to do all day than scroll twitter for any random tweet about them.
    Lmao. I tell my friend on twitter to save money on an upcoming show because BP only has like 3 songs (I know they have 9..?) and some rando (a grown ass man) replies to me to "stfu and worry about my flops"   I'm not even into Kpop. Wild ..... I'm glad I got out of fandom eons ago. I don't even know if this belongs here, but I logged on just to post this.
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  6. rk618 added a post in a topic Ariana Grande   

    It was the Hollywood premiere. She was probably invited.
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  7. rk618 added a post in a topic Michelle Choi   

    I find her friendship with Coco questionable (do they even talk anymore?), but she generally seems like a nice person. Her videos popped up on my YT recs like a week ago so I watched a few of them and I honestly think most of her views are because she's pretty &/or "looks like __ kpop star". I don't doubt that she makes a good amount of money and saved up, but imo she did have help to be able to move to that apartment in NY. I think she's not being entirely honest about her circumstances (and she isn't obligated to be). To me, she is one of the most likeable Asian Americans on YT with a large following.
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  8. rk618 added a post in a topic Princessmei   

    Oh. I don't follow her social media, so I didn't know... I guess she is CF in terms of makeup/beauty and nothing else (feel free to correct me if I'm wrong) ... but yes I agree she does seem like a hypocrite.
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  9. rk618 added a post in a topic PONY MUA (In general and recent)   

    Bit shocked by her nose but if she likes it more power to her.
    A lot of people say she does the same looks all the time, but I went to one of her classes back in fall 2018 and if she can make all that makeup look not cakey and great in person I'm sure as hell going to continue watching her videos over other MUAs. She is not stick skinny like the typical Korean celebrity and she is not tall, but she rocks what she got and I admire that.
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  10. rk618 added a post in a topic Princessmei   

    Well in terms of CF/veganism, I'm pretty sure she dropped that eons ago, she just never openly announced it.
    I found some of the comments on her post hilarious ("Why does your pupil not get smaller even though it's in sunlight?" ) lmao
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  11. rk618 added a post in a topic Kooter's IG (koti.rose)   

    There is a quote from Dakota that says, "I had just recovered from acute leukemia two years ago, so there's no way I would do something to disrupt my health just to become cuter" (in reference to the plastic surgery accusations, which the article is about)
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  12. rk618 added a post in a topic Korean Beauty Youtubers   

    omg i am subscribed to her too and yet i forgot about her but i agree with your entire post. LMAO. i am so envious of her skin and i love how her eyebrows are not the typical straight line.
    she has lived abroad, but it's 5000% intentional. she does it to be quirky. i do agree it's unnecessary, but i don't watch her videos that much so i'm not too bothered by it.
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  13. rk618 added a post in a topic Korean Beauty Youtubers   

    i recognize her! i watch her makeup reviews sometimes and she seems like a sweet person.
    i'm a big fan of cococho https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvpD0KP2b7nVLbEAydjjNaQ
    - she's well known for her eyelash curling technique but her makeup skills are really nice and i don't think she's problematic
    //random but even though i'm a fan of risabae i don't watch many of her videos bc her voice annoys me lol
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  14. rk618 added a post in a topic Joankeem / Joanday   

    did joan learn her foundation "matching" from edward? i watched her video to see if she changed her makeup application habits but nope still the same, just bitchier. also i can't believe her fans had the gall to say her bare face is flawless/makeup looks great when we all know without that lighting it's far from the truth. generally i wouldn't criticize about these things because we all have flaws but she really needs a slice of humble pie.
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  15. rk618 added a post in a topic Prescription Circle Lenses   

    From what I've seen, lenses for astigmatism are usually limited in selection. I know pinkicon sells them but there is only like 2-3 brands. (I've ordered from them a bunch of times with prescription btw)
    If you are okay with regular non astigmatism lenses, I recommend the brand olens .. you can purchase directly on their site. They've recently released a circle lens version of the popular Spanish line ... the colors are visible and look like your eye but better. They also have other circle lenses which are really pretty.
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