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  1. Cocobell added a post in a topic mikan.mandarin   

    Honestly at this point Vina or whoever this loser is can burn. Though I think it could be Froggy that posts on here.
    Aww boohoo you obsessively read this thread. You think you are such a victim. Its funny you can call other people losers. When you are the bitch who failed and dropped out, has no real friends, nobody really fucking likes you Vina, apart from some fucking twat called Yasu who everyone else hates exept from one bitch. People actually rooted for you and wanted you to do well. I defended you multiple fucking times until I saw you for who you really were. Want proof check my past posts about you!! If anyone could be jealous of you it was when you actually had some goal in life not fucking now LOL.
    Nobody is envious of you we just wanted you to do better but after this? Lol burn IDC. Or whoever this stupid whiteknight is can take it to the DMs if they actually had the balls to fight on here. 
    I am sure Chocobunny has achieved a lot more that you ever fucking will. I know I definitely have achieved more. Unlike you, nobody brags about shit because we get on with our lives. Success doesn't mean leeching in fucking Japan you loser. Reviewing fast fashion trash isn't success. Oh and being an "influencer." You are a pretty shitty "influencer" at that lightening your skin, getting botched PS and trying to look Japanese and girl you are the one who is projecting. You want to take it out on other users because we are saying the truth.
    Honestly LC are the fucking ones who are stating to "obsess" over PULL. We don't fucking care over here I don't think anyone was trying to shit about Vina on LC until "suddenly". They are the worse "cyberbully" website and are absolutely savage lol. She or this stupid whiteknight wants to whine and moan about "boohoo shes getting cyberbullied I hate PULL losers"
    Crazy bitch go to circlejerk reddit cause LC isnt a place to fucking toast you egoistical ass bitch.
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  2. Cocobell added a post in a topic mikan.mandarin   

    Lol its actually funny how Vina is trying to stir up shit between LC and PULL by sockpuppeting. A lot on people on pull are users on lc so pretending they are two separate communities is so stupid. Honestly Vina just fuck off everyone can see your transparent bullshit that your trying to pull. You only started posting about yourself on there to suck your own dick, but like I said nobody gives a shit on there. And calling us PULLtards bitch everything about you is fake. You pretend to be this hardworking relatable nice girl when really you are needy and self hating weeaboo who only feels some sense of worth when your sucking Japanese dick. Girl keep lurking and sockpuppeting harder and lets see where this goes shall we??
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  3. Cocobell added a post in a topic mikan.mandarin   

    Im sure since lolcow users dont give a shit about Orange that they wouldn't care to get this info unless they lurked on this thread actively. I think this is Orange trying to get at us. And yes Vina stop trying to whitewash your photos you wannabe Japanese bitch.
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  4. Cocobell added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    Lol I am an ex-muslim from a very fundamentalist, devout Muslim background and I can be frank to say that I hate Islam. But im closeted in that sense that if I reveal myself to be not a Muslim anymore it has serious consequences. My best friend identifies as muslim (not very practicing though, she had bfs, alcohol, doesn't pray etc.) But I love her so much shes one of the most important things to me... how you perceive a religion does not and will not make you a "racist" or hate muslims. Only idiot SJWs have given us peer pressure to virtue signalling shit. I think we shouldn't be afraid to say what we think though. It took me a lot of self-reflection, analyzing before I felt that Islam was babaric and cruel as a religion imho and just because I didn't want to be a part of that doesn't bloody mean that I hate muslims, I respect them if they respect me.
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  5. Cocobell added a post in a topic mikan.mandarin   

    Yawn Orange and her froggy bf are so boring. Their posts on lolcow arent even entertaining milk. 
    If they really need to share "their side of the story" why not they come on in and post on here??
    Pfft. Cowards.
    Oh yeah and for your information FROGGY lolcow is much more brutal than PULL youre absolutely deluding yourself if you think you're gonna pull yourself an army against your ex on there. Asshole.
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  6. Cocobell added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    I hate clannad. Boring cheesy love show, ugly art style and Nagisa gets on my nerves. Its not emotional uwu its just depressing garbage.
    Ok come at me bro.
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  7. Cocobell added a post in a topic mikan.mandarin   

    Entertainment visa my ass.
    I think this girl is lying through her teeth especially how it was only one worded with a senseless emoticon with no explanation. This bitch likes to brag if she really had an entertainment visa we would have never heard the end of it especially with the fact that many people have speculated that shes going the spousal visa route. Anyway doesn't applying for an entertainment visa require a long process? She always tries to prove us wrong so if she actually was applying for an entertainment visa or has one we definitely would have known that. She could be just pretending to be on entertainment when in reality she could marry the frogface behind our back and press that shes on "entertainment 💓"
    Watch shes going to marry this frog during in this pandemic so she can get a spousal.
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  8. Cocobell added a post in a topic mikan.mandarin   

    The fact that she keeps trying to show how many Japanese friends she has is showing that shes really insecure and that really they aren't as close with her as shed like them to be. I have heard many stories about Japanese people take a while for actually open up to you and that many long term foreigners living in Japan complain that many of their relationships with Japanese is not very deep/superficial.
    She clearly has to always show that her life is perfect to the "hAt0rz". Thats what I dont like about her. The ones I respect the most are the ones that can actually just be frank when things are difficult. Ofc shes not obliged to give anyone details but saying things are difficult is okay! 
    Its not a bloody game Mikan. If you wanna be sad then be sad. Nobodies life is perfect and tbh its okay to have no friends or people you are close with. Maybe its better to not pretend your life is perfect all the time. Tbh you know your life is going to shit with moving with this random man stop living and giving a false pretense to everyone. 
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  9. Cocobell added a post in a topic mikan.mandarin   

    She wants people to think that she actually has friends when she really doesn't. 
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  10. Cocobell added a post in a topic mikan.mandarin   

    I didn't actually know this so thats cool. But you would think that as a middle eastern person, she would share her experience more about her experience in Japan as a middle eastern person as I am sure there are people who are from a similar background as her at least and look up to her. Shes not Japanese, shes a foreigner and I am sure that its good to represent all aspects your identity. 
    I still think she has seeths identity self-hate issues. She even got a nose job to make her nose less "ethnic", lightens her skin,  I think it sucks that her parents didn't teach her about her roots more as its important. Unfortunately there are racist people still out there and from experience no matter how you try, you will still face the rejection from some people telling you "you are not white. Go back to where you come from!!!" I don't know about her experience, but 2+ gen immigrant 'ethnic minorities' as we call them in europe kind of stick together in terms of the fact that we can relate to one another. Imo shes not representing herself enough. Knowing the black community... If she was a black person, im sure she would get A LOT more critism for what shes doing and people would quickly slam her calling her an "oreo" or "trying to be white". Obviously I think its problematic in itself but as an "influencer" she can't pretend that everything is hunky dory and pretend racism and colorism does not exist.
    And yeah she only refers herself as swedish as far as im concerned. And I doubt shes faced 0 racism in her life. Maybe this is a more interesting topic for her to discuss instead of shoving frog in our faces.
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  11. Cocobell added a post in a topic mikan.mandarin   

    Look im a second generation immigrant like her from europe too and I think its so fucking weird how she never mentions her middle eastern ethnicity or anything about being how its like being a middle eastern person living in Japan. (In case anyone didnt know she said her family were from Kurdistan, Kurds from Iraq.) Or how shes proud to be middle eastern. Shes not fucking white nor white passing. Shes considered POC af in the UK at least. And as someone who has many south asian friends who are actually 2nd generation immigrants or even their entire family including their parents were born in the UK, they seem to hang in their communities and are very vocal about their Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Indian background etc. Even black people in England specifically. They are proud to be British but they also acknowledge their ethnicity even if they know nothing about it. She tries so hard to portray herself as EUrOPeAn and white as fuck. Im not saying she can't identify with her nationality but she is clearly self hating and seems embarrassed to be middle eastern. I remember as a child I made a friend who was clearly middle eastern but identified as 'Swedish' only. She was so admant about that too. But as a kid it made me soo confused. Why does it seem like POC from Sweden hate their ethnicity and want to be like the blonde hair blue eyed indigenous people there???
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  12. Cocobell added a post in a topic mikan.mandarin   

    What a boring video. It was just horrendous singing and constant mumbling whilst frog face made the bed for 16 minutes. Her channel content is already going downhill with no direction other than 'foreigner just existing in Japan with her f boy boyfriend.'
    Is it just me or is oranges skin very white? I don't know about filming but is it the lighting or does she put filters on the video?
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  13. Cocobell added a post in a topic General Koreaboo Thread   

    I criticized Kaachi because of the lack of common sense when it came to creating the group and the fact they aren't very marketable in terms of their brand and the fact they don't have any appeal in terms of talent, charisma, appeal. I mentioned their appearance but only because I know that matters in the kpop industry. 
    But those kpop stans going on twitter and insulting them, drawing hate art, spewling how they are trash because one of the members ships themselves with BTS?? Seriously we know a lot of these jealous koreaboo hoes would do the exact same thing if they had the opportunity to be a part of a 'faux' kpop group. And the shipping thing? Don't these bitches have 'kpop selfie day' when they take a picture of themselves and put it beside the bias they 'stan'?? Is that not lowkey shipping in itself? The hypocrisy is deep and not ofc not all kpop fans are like this but they do hold the most insecure, bitter, toxic people I have ever come across in terms of the online world.
    Honestly I don't give a shit if I get hate for this but the kpop fandom is so vicious, toxic and disgusting. 
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  14. Cocobell added a post in a topic mikan.mandarin   

    Anytime before Oranges visa ends of course! Oh boy are we in for some good ol drama when this happens 
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  15. Cocobell added a post in a topic Kelly Morita (previously LoveLyzKelly)   

    Lol shes better than hAt0rZ because she moved to Japan ofc. Is a professional whinging moaning critical biatch who is a weak, feeble, 'everything makes me siCk :(((((' speshul snowflake. And she got the ultimate prize her JApOneeZe visa HUSBAND so she doesn't have to work as an English teacher anymore so she can sit on her lame ass can work full time as a professional whiny entitled biatch
    Its really not hard to be better than you Kelly. Keep telling your self that with your fake positive shit. We aren't exactly some loser who is trying to hard to make a living by be an expert on Japan when they don't even speak a lick or understand Japanese. You live in a country that you only want to complain about and you can't even speak the language even though you lived there so long. So you gonna rely on your Japanese husband prize for everything. Gonna be a 'housewife' who can only depend on her husband for everything? Money, stability, translator? Lol I feel bad for you, actually I pity you. 
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