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  1. Vanna added a post in a topic Elon Musk   

    he went from ugly and basic to evil villain 
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  2. Vanna added a post in a topic Lily Maymac   

    people really think being racist is cute smh. Asian girls like that are embarrassing.
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  3. Vanna added a post in a topic Jackie Aina   

    What's up with her recent tweets and post, she quitting Youtube ?
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  4. Vanna added a post in a topic Bubzbeauty / Lindy   

    why is this so accurate damn  
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  5. Vanna added a post in a topic Bubzbeauty / Lindy   

    do you guys think they'll ever split up, or they're just gonna stay miserable forever.
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  6. Vanna added a post in a topic Lily Maymac   

    she needs to start embracing the shape of her cupid bows and stop overlining to make them rounder. 
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  7. Vanna added a post in a topic Lily Maymac   

    I am never letting go at the fact that she never genuinely apologized for being racist. She has backtracked it with ~you're being so sensitive~ rather than actually owning up to her mistakes. 
    Some of us may think her Youtube career might not go far as she has no personality but there are Youtube vloggers with no personality but are still popular because they're pretty and/or people like their lifestyle, not always because the person is charming and interesting.
    But her racist past will always follow her, people don't forget especially the internet.
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  8. Vanna added a post in a topic KennieJD   

    First time posting here but am I the only one that notice she has very very tiny teeth and large gums. (Lala a black korean youtube vlogger also used to have gummy smile).
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  9. Vanna added a post in a topic Jbunzie /Jessica Vill   

    what the fuck 
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  10. Vanna added a post in a topic Buzzfeed   

    I think it's smart of them to divide and rename their channels
    I always saw buzzfeed as a group of people who aren't all the same (I always see comments of "i hate buzzfeed except for blah blah") and I never considered them as serious journalist cause they're known for their dumb quizzes. Harmless mildly entertaining content is what they're good at but ppl like Ryan put it up a notch by incorporated the crime and supernatural series in a digestible style. Steven's worth it is still very buzzfeed but it's still great. I don't know why it took so long for them to take a idea and make a series of it, because they have release a lot of dumb shit but they also have done stuff that could be a long series, and it'll make them avoid releasing too much pointless dumb short videos. I think every year buzzfeed have a new crew that actively post vids on buzzfeed and they become the new face of buzzfeed. The try guys are the only ones from 2014 buzzfeed that I still see a lot, most of the buzzfeed ppl I saw in 2014 already left or became inactive on Youtube.
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  11. Vanna added a post in a topic Jackie Aina   

    I really like it when she's straight to the point because she really helpful. Her hacks, tips videos are great. Nowadays, she accentuate her personality more (at times it does come across forceful and repetitive) but a lot of people seem to watch her for that, like a lot of big beauty gurus, their channel focused more on their personality than the actual review and products.
    She has gotten more vocal about social issues and I love that she's unapologetic about it. The beauty community definitely needed someone outspoken like her. 
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  12. Vanna added a post in a topic General "non Asians pretending to be Asian" thread   

    I noticed there's a lot of Eurasians here 
    you need better ppl around you if you're the token asian and you're always with racial fetishizing white dude. But if you're okay with it, do you I guess.
    Personally I think offensive racist humor is still harmful. 
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  13. Vanna added a post in a topic Eurasian Tiger and Persephone   

    Basically. That's it!
    I also notice these type of asian guys are often whitewashed Asians. Their childhood stories & upbringing are always very similar. It's always the story of feeling the pressure from everyone to be white and not be Asian, being disconnected from their Asian culture/roots because of their parents (usually cause of their Asian mom) and supposedly they have grown past it, but who are they lying to? because they're still like that. They're trying to cope with it and trying to convince themselves they're not self hating anymore. They're just as self hating and white worshiping as the Asian woman they insult daily, but Asian woman just have more chances to date/marry a white person because they're portrayed and perceived to be more desirable, and those Asian men hate woman of the same race as them that don't prefer them (which I do understand to a extent) AND! Because white woman don't pay attention to them. It comes from the feeling of rejection and misogyny, but they like to pretend or delude themselves into thinking they're doing it for community and are "woke" but really it's all for themselves because these ppl love to drown themselves to pity parties with other bitter misogynists. They stay in the same ass spot shitting on Asian woman, becoming increasingly bitter, ugly and toxic everyday.
    It's unfortunate this issue isn't being discussed as much as issues like yellow fever, and I think the Asian community either don't see the issue or/and they're embarrassed of the shameless white worshipping and internalized racism.
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  14. Vanna added a post in a topic Eurasian Tiger and Persephone   

    Asian women date and marry outside their race (specifically white men) much much more than Asian men do tbh, there are definitely a lot of self hating & white worshiping asian women but if these bitter, creepy & misogynistic Asian dudes get the chance to date white women, they immediately would asap. They believe they're doing shit for the asian community and are woke, when they're just a self serving group of misogynistic cowards that keep drowning themselves in pity and bitterness. They rarely venture off their safe place and when they do they always attack people even people who are actually willing to understand. It's like they actually enjoy the negativity and being the victim.
    They want to believe it's more worse than it actually is, as long as it can benefits them, and so they can continue throwing pity parties to feel better about themselves. They're always embarrassingly emotional, ugly and can't be civil to anyone that doesn't think the exact same way they do.
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  15. Vanna added a post in a topic General "non Asians pretending to be Asian" thread   

    right. i know asians with very large eyes, large double eyelid & even slightly deep set eyes and they look clearly asian because of their nose.
    Most half east asian & white mixed people look asian than white, and a lot of people can't tell their mixed and think they look full asian, but I can usually tell their mixed white because of their noses. The nose is what tend to differentiate them from full asians.
    The nose in all races are very distinct and unique from one another. 
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