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  1. Vanna added a post in a topic Anime Discussion   

    woah, I never heard of any of those "feel good anime". I'll check them out later tonight!
    do you have a favorite josei anime? 
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  2. Vanna added a post in a topic Anime Discussion   

    Do you guys know any good & recent 'feel-good' anime?  
    I grown out of shoujo, and oddly I'm not as nostalgic about it but I want to feel that way! I want to be feel fuzzy and shit. 
    I really wish there was more Josei anime ;( It seems like there isn't much seinen and josei anime because it's not as popular?
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  3. Vanna added a post in a topic Unpopular Opinions (K-POP Edition)   

    I'm hoping for the day when that gets called out. And I don't doubt most of those stans don't even care nor support lgbtq artists. To them, it's stan language while deluded themselves into thinking they're just being progressive.
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  4. Vanna added a post in a topic BTS / ARMY General Discussion   

    This thread has to be hidden/hard to find like LA forum but that's not possible because PULL is easy to find, OR it has to be a private group discussion. 
    For now, it's pretty safe. But again, people don't seem interested so the thread is really empty. For some reason, most people here are more invested in the topic when the person/people is a female.
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  5. Vanna added a post in a topic BTS / ARMY General Discussion   

    I think if this thread becomes really active and gain traction, their fans will find a way to stop it or doxxed people from commenting. They're everywhere and there's too many of them.
    It looks like many users in this site are armys as well. I don't think the self proclaimed sensible army can handle the criticisms as much as they believe they do. Frankly, people seem more investing in criticizing/hating women, and focused on what annoys them rather than serious matters regarding the online personality in question. I guess annoyance is naturally more bothersome while serious topics can be uncomfortable to most people. The thing people find annoying about bts is their fans, so a lot of the focus always goes back to their fans.
    Funny that my comment is also about the fans lol, see!
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  6. Vanna added a post in a topic Blackpink (formerly Jennie Kim thread)   

    it's like an open secret that kpop idols date secretly. I don't think the dating ban is actually real. I seen enough trainees and idols get outed for dating when they're supposed to be ban from dating, it's clear the ban isn't legit. Many long time fans even know their fav idol is dating, but still preferred the idol to pretend they're single and resume with fulfilling the fan's delusional fantasy.
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  7. Vanna added a post in a topic What's your Kibbe Body Type?   

    I don't take it too seriously either, but it's the only active kibbe community I know. Some of them act like david kibbe created human bodies, and they act as if he hasn't changed his own rules and contradicted himself. They categorize bodies in this black or white way of thinking. 
    Yeah you're right. They don't get the concept of vertical lines. What astounded me is how many of them refused to acknowledge body proportions. That is not something you'd ever expect from people that's into analyzing bodies.
    Kibbe in essence encouraged people to be accepting of their body but the community that's into Kibbe has an issue with policing people and scaring them off, it's kinda ironic. I think the idea of categorizing people based on set rules is what attracted them to Kibbe, maybe that's why they act the way they do. It's good that I already get the gist of Kibbe and no longer need to interact with them to understand Kibbe.
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  8. Vanna added a post in a topic What's your Kibbe Body Type?   

    Do you visit the kibbe subreddit? 
    for some reason a lot of kibbe enthusiasts are quite rigid and strict  
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  9. Vanna added a post in a topic General "non Asians pretending to be Asian" thread   

    they just look like a white person with slanted eyes, like Bella Hadid with her signature makeup and people don't think she look Asian. That person perception of Asian features is so surface level. At least other white people with slanted eyes also have hooded lids, but they have slanted eyes that's super Deep-set. It's a very unusual and rare feature for anyone to have.
    I don't even think slanted eyes are common among asians. It simply appear slanted to people because of the surrounding skin around the eyes. And the bone structure is what distinguished the races apart, especially the nose! The nose is the usually the give-away..in my opinion. 
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  10. Vanna added a post in a topic JESSICA VU AKA JESSYLUXE   

    Anyone else also thought she's not going to last long as a youtuber. I always thought her content would get old and she's not particularly innovative too, so there isn't much she offers for her viewers to keep sticking around, and she's quite rigid on what already works for her so she isn't the type to try new things (which would make her content more interesting). It just seem like she's just nice to look at but how long could that work? She doesn't really show personality, isn't charismatic nor educational and innovative with makeup.
    I agree she's a perfectionist, but It's possible she's losing passion for makeup and/or maybe she's at a point where she has fallen out of her makeup phase, maybe it's dawning on her that it's not what she's truly passionate at? Personally always thought people who are truly passionate at a creative artform like makeup are more flexible, but she's like the complete opposite so I wouldn't be surprised if it's not her true passion. She seems more keened on the editing rather than the makeup. Not to mention..during quarantine, many people have gotten the chance to self reflect on themselves and their lifes. I'm sure she been self reflecting too.
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  11. Vanna added a post in a topic Blackpink (formerly Jennie Kim thread)   

    Lee Hi? really? you mean that short former-YG artist who sounds like Norah Jones. I never heard of any rumors about her sleeping around. Perhaps you mistaken her for different Lee, like Lee Hyori or something?
    IU is not surprising though.
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  12. Vanna added a post in a topic Michelle Choi   

    I noticed this too!
    I initially noticed this on English speaking Kpop idol. I thought it's just a Korean and English language issue. But I noticed it on non-Korean bilinguals. I know people in real life who has a similar issue. I think it's much more common than people think!
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  13. Vanna added a post in a topic What's your Kibbe Body Type?   

    That's completely fine, I know it's kinda overwhelming and confusing. 
    Maybe this test would be better:
    If not, I would suggest you break it down. First, you need to start off with your height. Are you tall, average or short? 
    If you are tall and look tall, You're likely a type of Dramatic or Flamboyant Natural (usually above 5'7ft/170cm)If you are average height and look average height, You're likely a type of Classic or Soft Natural (usually 5'7/170cm to 5'2/158cm)If you are average to short, and look short, You're likely a type of Gamine, a type of Romantic or Soft Natural (usually 5'5/165cm and under)People usually look like their height. It's rare for someone to look 4+inches taller or shorter than their height. Most people look their height, or only 2inches taller or shorter than their height. 
    But If you want to figure out how tall you look and If you actually look like your height, Look at the size of your head in proportioned to your body.
    Those who have less than 7 heads look shorter, and Those who have more than 7 heads look taller:

    This is just an extreme example but it's shows the proportions of a baby to an adult with a small head 

    This isn't following the actual test. I'm just trying to make it simpler but the most noticeable type of shoulders are: 
    the angular and broad the narrow and taperedAre your shoulders angular and broad?(If they are, You're likely a Natural, Soft Natural or Flamboyant Natural depending on your height) 

    Do they tapered? Notice how the shoulders above are pointy and the shoulders below slope down? (Gamines or Romantics shoulders)

    The other 2 shoulders are the
    Moderate & Even (shoulders that isn't too angular or tapered, nothing stand out)
    Sharp & Narrow (shoulders that are narrow, angular but not broad)
    My 3rd suggestion is figure out which stereotype/archetype do you fit the most?
    Dramatics- Statuesque & RegalNaturals- Broad Shoulders & Girl Next Door / Effortlessly SexyClassics- Balanced & Plain Jane/Elegant !Gamines- Youthful & CompactRomantics- FemininityLastly, try wearing the clothes of the kibbe types that look most like your body. See which ones look the most harmonious to you.
    To put it simply,
    Dramatics- Clothes that showcase a long body & tall height, so long pieces and one color-tone outfits. Plus structured pieces and dramatic clothes.Naturals- Flowy and Unconstructed pieces. Infamously look the best in Bohemian style.Classics- Refined, Simple and Fitted Gamines- High Neck-Line, Cropped/tapered ends and Color Block outfits.Romantics- Light Fabric and Waist definition.
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  14. Vanna added a post in a topic Eat Your Kimchi (Simon and Martina)   

    Even those who had a captivating personality that attracted views couldn't stay afloat once they left Asia. They're fortunate to have a stronger fanbase that can help them stay afloat but that'll will keep diminishing, that's the most likely scenario...Unless they get lucky, find a new niche/content and audience that doesn't have to do with asia and traveling. 
    when did their brand became outdated or lose traction? I personally stop paying attention to them around late 2016-2017. Are they leaving japan soon or are they leaving next year?
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  15. Vanna added a post in a topic Eat Your Kimchi (Simon and Martina)   

    I'm curious about that too. I think either they will try to vlog their life in Canada, and in addition maybe stretch out content they can make about Japan or anything japanese/korean-related they can do without being in Asia.
    If they choose to continue being youtubers in Canada, they'll either fall off shortly after and quit youtube all together, or they luckily prolonged their youtuber career by finding a new type of content and audience while vlogging in Canada and that might work for some time, it could possibly last them several years.. until they lose steam again and finally quit. I could still see them being active youtubers in 5-6yrs, but 10 more years..i'm not sure.
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